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sam_storyteller: Iron Men
When a second Tony Stark slips through from an alternate universe, Steve suddenly finds his hands very full.
author:sam-storyteller  dw  rating:R  pairing:Steve/Tony  pairing:steve/tony/tony  AU  au!marvel  fandom:Marvel  character:peter_parker  genre:gen  !slash 
april 2014 by Miscella
Copperbadge: Three Step
"How many times a week can a couple have a threesome with the same guy before it becomes some sort of three-way relationship?"
via:Carnadosa  character:bucky  character:steve_rogers  character:Natasha_Romanov  character:tonystark  pairing:natasha/steve/bucky  rating:R  AO3  author:copperbadge  author:sam-storyteller  genre:h/c  threesome  !poly  !slash  !het 
march 2014 by Miscella
Copperbadge: Solarium
Warnings: Violence, gore, extreme dysfunctional codependence, murder
Summary: If people would just stop making problems for Director Stark, Captain Rogers wouldn’t have to beat them to death.
tumblr  warning:death  rating:PG13  au!marvel  AU  pairing:Steve/Tony  author:copperbadge  author:sam-storyteller  !slash 
january 2014 by Miscella
sam-storyteller: Jeffrey Nullier's "Man With Fedora:
A routine investigation into an art theft turns up Neal's fingerprints on a stolen painting. Neal swears he's never stolen a Nullier painting, but that's only half the truth...
author:sam-storyteller  pairing:peter/elizabeth  character:neal  rating:PG13  genre:drama  genre:mystery  genre:angst  epic_fic  genre:gen  dw  long    !het 
january 2013 by Miscella
sam_storyteller: Avengers: Homefront
Steve Rogers is a capable leader, a kind and cheerful man, a good friend, a strong role model, and a loyal soldier. He's also teetering on the edge of suicide.
character:rhodey  character:pepper_potts  long  genre:angst  character:clint_barton  character:bruce_banner  character:thor  character:Natasha_Romanov  character:phil_coulson  epic_fic  dw  pairing:steve/tony  fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  author:sam-storyteller  !slash 
may 2012 by Miscella
sam-storyteller : Rematch
Neal and Sherlock's rematch in London was the high point of the International Law Enforcement Conference -- until Neal's tracker went dark.
Sequel to Paper Chase
fandom:sherlock  author:sam-storyteller  rating:PG13  fandom:white_collar  epic_fic  character:johnwatson  character:sherlock  character:neal  postpairing:peter/elizabeth  crossover  character:peterburke 
june 2011 by Miscella
sam_storyteller: Lab Book
"The likelihood of finding a cab on Christmas Eve is fast approaching nil." "So was the likelihood of you kissing me in the middle of the pavement, and yet."
fanfic  pairing:sherlock/john  fandom:sherlock  rating:R  genre:romance  author:sam-storyteller  !slash 
may 2011 by Miscella
sam_storyteller: It's Not The Violin
 Somewhere between Alejandro and the fistfight, John Watson became someone Sherlock Holmes would kill for.
author:sam-storyteller  sherlock  sherlock/john  fandom:sherlock  fanfic  genre:romance  gaga!violin  trope:characterstudy  rating:R  pairing:sherlock/john  sherlock!bbc 
april 2011 by Miscella

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!het  !no_pairing  !poly  !slash  AO3  au  au!avengers  au!marvel  au!whitecollar  author:copperbadge  author:sam-storyteller  character:betty_ross  character:bruce_banner  character:bucky  character:carrot_ironfoundersson  character:clint_barton  character:gabe_jones  character:happy  character:havelock_vetinari  character:howard_stark  character:hulk  character:johnwatson  character:king_ironfoundersson  character:loki  character:mozzie  character:Natasha_Romanov  character:neal  character:nick_fury  character:oc  character:peggy_carter  character:pepper_potts  character:peterburke  character:peter_parker  character:phil_coulson  character:rhodey  character:samuel_vimes  character:sherlock  character:steve_rogers  character:sybil_ramkin  character:thor  character:tonystark  crossover  dw  epic_fic  fandom:avengers  fandom:captain_america  fandom:discworld  fandom:goodomens  fandom:marvel  fandom:sherlock  fandom:white_collar  fanfic  gaga!violin  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:drama  genre:gen  genre:h/c  genre:humor  genre:mystery  genre:romance  genre:supernatural  has:warning  kink:threesome  lj  long  pairing:bruce/betty  pairing:clint/coulson  pairing:natasha/steve/bucky  pairing:neal/kate  pairing:neal/peter/elizabeth  pairing:Peggy_Carter/Gabe_Jones  pairing:peter/elizabeth  pairing:sherlock/john  pairing:steve/tony  pairing:steve/tony/tony  pairing:tony/pepper  postpairing:clint/coulson  postpairing:howard/maria  postpairing:peggy/howard  postpairing:peter/elizabeth  postpairing:steve/other  postpairing:steve/peggy  postpairing:tony/obadiah  postpairing:tony/other  postpairing:tony/rhodey  rating:g  rating:PG  rating:PG13  rating:r  sherlock  sherlock!bbc  sherlock/john  short  threesome  trope:characterstudy  trope:competition  trope:family  trope:futurefic  trope:kidfic  trope:meta  trope:pregnancy  trope:rule63  tumblr  via:Carnadosa  via:paradox22122  warning:death  warning:severe_awesome  warning:violence   

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