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maldoror_gw : Franky
Franky and his views on family


Franky was not only Super!, he knew what family was all about, unlike some other idiots on Water 7 who thought it had something to do with stupid 'genetics'.

Family wasn't some dame who'd squeezed you out and eventually dropped you overboard. Nah, family was a grinning Kokoro hitting him over the head with the ladle for filching food before it was cooked; it was Tom-san's humongous belly-laugh as another Battle Franky merrily exploded; it was Bakaburg kicking his ass for making off with the number ten wrench while the older apprentice was stuck under a ship's engine and patting the empty floor for it making puzzled 'nmaa?' sounds that were hilarious.

Family wasn't the respect his dismantler crew gave him. Naaaah. It was the way they threw up on his brightly coloured shirts when they couldn't handle their booze; it was the way Sodom had chomped down on him by mistake when Franky had tried to give the King Bull a large sea-king steak; it was the way his lil' sisters always echoed his every gesture - making him look like a total idiot when in fact that had not been a super move he'd try to make back there, but only an accidental stumble down the stairs.

So...when the Straw Hats threatened to beat him up repeatedly before fighting by his side, when they filched his beloved speedos, stuffed him into a cannon, badgered his naked ass over half of Water 7, did his head in with stupid, heart-wrenching arguments and eventually grabbed him by the stones and damn well hauled him aboard to sail away on his life's endeavour...

The writing was on the wall, right? SUPER!
trope:characterstudy  trope:family  rating:PG  fandom:onepiece  short  fanfic  genre:gen  genre:humor  nakama  author:maldoror_gw  group:Frankyhouse  group:strawhats 
april 2011 by Miscella
maldoror_gw : Hot Seat
"POSITION AVAILABLE. To head important Cipher Pol agency. Qualifications: firm attitude, leadership skills. No references required. Excellent salary and full benefits include health, dental and life insurance. Start date: Immediate. Refer all résumés to the new provisional government in Mariejoie."
fanfic  kaku  author:maldoror_gw  genre:humor  rating:PG  lucci  character:kaku  character:lucci  group:cp9  fandom:onepiece  favorite  character:blueno  character:captainTbone  character:fukurou  character:jyabura   
april 2011 by Miscella
maldoror_gw : Diplomatic Relations
Set several years after the Ataksuki attack, Lee goes to Sand in a diplomatic post. There, he finds Gaara, and they strike up an unusual . . . 'friendship' might not be the right word
fanfic  pairing:lee/gaara  awesome_gaara  warning:severe_awesome  epic_fic  long  author:maldoror_gw  rating:NC-17  trope:first!time  politics  fandom:naruto  character:lee  character:gaara  LeePOV  genre:romance  genre:angst    !slash  trope:worldbuilding 
april 2011 by Miscella
maldoror_gw: Ofic: Outlands, link to all chapters
A Japanese businessman stumbles into another dimension and meets an Assyrian warrior. Adventure and romance ensue. Nice worldbuilding, interesting non-cliche characterization, and lots of culture clash. The completed first arc works as a complete story.
original  lj  Outlands  Sons_of_the_Path  trope:culture_gap  epic_fic  long  warning:severe_awesome  genre:romance  genre:action/adventure  author:maldoror_gw    trope:politics  !slash 
april 2011 by Miscella

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