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Petronia: Black Swan
“Don’t say Hannibal,” said Beverly.

“I’m saying Hannibal,” Will said. Beverly slumped back in the passenger seat, throwing up her hands.

“Swans defend territory, Will! They don’t travel! We’re not talking Garrett Jacob Hobbs killing girls in five states, here!”

Pretty weird
crack!fic  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  !slash  AU  au!hannibal  genre:fantasy  rating:PG13  AO3  author:Petronia 
november 2016 by Miscella
Petronia: Here
Hannibal wanted to cook again. He wanted to ply Will with more than hot drinks and canned vegetables and fish. He wanted to make fine dishes, kingly extravagances from Carême or Escoffier, and watch the involuntary pleasure in Will’s face and body as he ate. He wanted, too, to take Will’s hands between his, and sometimes he did, but it was not enough -- he wanted to be able to sate Will, to fill him a little too much, to match the way Hannibal felt when he looked at him.
rating:NC-17  genre:gen  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  trope:futurefic  AO3  author:Petronia  !slash 
june 2016 by Miscella
Petronia: Amourette
"I don't understand," Will said, "how a Yogi ended up in this way. You'd think the enlightened wouldn't be rude."
AO3  fandom:hannibal  trope:accidental_sex  rating:NC-17  author:Petronia  series  genre:romance  !slash  pairing:hannibal/will 
june 2016 by Miscella

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