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toffeecape: Oddbodies
Will is an off-brand sentinel. Hannibal is a reputable guide. What could go wrong?
AO3  fandom:hannibal  !slash  author:toffeecape  AU  au!hannibal  Fandom:Sentinel  long  genre:drama  rating:NC-17  warning:dubcon  pairing:hannibal/will 
june 2016 by Miscella
Icka M Chif (mischif): Rumour Has It
When the rumours of a bonded Sentinel/Guide pair on the Burners team begins to circulate, everyone thinks they know exactly who it is.

Fill for the Sentinel Universe Prompt on the Kinkmeme
trope:friendship  author:icka_m_chif  genre:gen  au!motorcity  fandom:motorcity  Fandom:Sentinel  character:chuck  character:mike_chilton  AO3  !slash 
august 2012 by Miscella
velvet-mace: Chameleon
In a world filled with Sentinels with heightened senses, strength and endurance, and Guides, with seductive empathy, who knew that seeming "ordinary" could be John's greatest strength.
postpairing:mycroft/anthea  postpairing:harry/clarra  warning:coersion  warning:imprisonment  warning:rape  warning:abuse  genre:angst  rating:R  pairing:sherlock/john  fandom:sherlock  crossover  Fandom:Sentinel  au!sherlock  au  wip  author:velvet-mace  !slash 
january 2012 by Miscella

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