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thingswithwings: The Parent Trap
Silly fusion/crossover fic! The prompt was: "if Gina Rodriguez the Uber Driver of B99's dad was also Rogelio de la Vega, he'd be a complete PFLAG parent in the best way and I can't figure out who in the precinct would be happiest." So imagine this happening in a weird Jane the Virgin AU where Rogelio's daughter still looks like Gina Rodriguez but is in fact a lesbian Uber driver named Alicia.
AO3  fandom:brooklyn-99  !femslash  rating:G  character:Rosa_Dias  pairing:Alicia/Rosa  genre:humor  author:thingswithwings 
9 weeks ago by Miscella
seventhswan: see me now
“Hey, it’s Science Barbie!” some guy in a baseball cap and a tank called, loud enough to carry over the excited hum of three hundred little girls packed into the auditorium.

[Ten moments in the life of Honey Lemon]
fandom:bighero6  rating:PG13  pairing:gogo_tomago/honey_lemon  !femslash  short  warning:sexism  AO3  author:seventhswan 
10 weeks ago by Miscella
leupagus: The Vicar of Erebor
“Gandalf,” said the captain, doffing his hat as he stepped within. “I thought you said this place would be easy to find. I was obliged to ask direction — twice.”
rating:NC-17  fandom:thehobbit  !het  !femslash  pairing:bilbo/thorin  pairing:kili/tauriel  pairing:fili/sigrid  AU  au!thehobbit  trope:regency  transgender  wip  AO3  author:leupagus 
10 weeks ago by Miscella
dirgewithoutmusic: the small
Bandits came for Lalasa’s family and burned the whole farm out, except for her, because she had been at the river washing clothes. Lalasa did not miss her father or her brothers for all the long years of her life, which should tell you something about her.

She cried for them anyway, and that should tell you something too.


Retelling of Page and Squire from Lalasa's POV.
author:dirgewithoutmusic  AO3  fandom:protectorofthesmall  !femslash  genre:gen  trope:characterstudy  warning:rape_discussion  warning:incest  pairing:lalasa/tianine  character:lalasa 
10 weeks ago by Miscella
towardsmorning: She laughs like God, her mind's like a diamond
"When Sherlock Holmes is eight years old, she burns three dresses."

Sherlock Holmes grows up, encounters Joan Watson, discovers the frailty of genius and meets her match, in that order. (Pre-canon through The Great Game)
In which both Sherlock and John are women, and a lot changes. A lot stays the same, mind you.
series  AO3  ace!sherlock  rating:pg-13  trope:rule63  Pairing:Sherlock/John  AU  au!sherlock  fandom:Sherlock  !femslash  author:towardsmorning  pre-cannon  warning:drug_use 
10 weeks ago by Miscella
Dialux: if you try to break me, you will bleed
It had been a slash across her chest from a White Walker’s sword that finally ended her life. Sansa’d landed in a puddle of her own blood, and she’d died quickly, quietly.

And then she’d awoken with a gasp, trembling, in a bed that had burned under Theon’s betrayal.
author:Dialux  AO3  AU  au!got  fandom:gameofhrones  rating:R  trope:politics  epic_fic  long  !het  !femslash  genre:action/adventure  pairing:jon/sansa  trope:time_travel 
july 2018 by Miscella
A.M. Dellamonica: The Cage
The eerie thing about Paige Adolpha wasn’t just that she turned up right when I was reading about her in the paper. It wasn’t her fame as the star witness in the big local werewolf trial. What brought on the gooseflesh, first time I saw her, was that she was the spitting image of her murdered sister. Identical twins, you know?
genre:supernatural  !femslash  trope:family  trope:friendship  trope:kidfic  original  originalfics  tor  author:  A.M._Dellamonica  trope:werewolves  1stPOV 
february 2017 by Miscella
binz, shiplizard: Rivers Abroad
Harry's not the only one who gets propositioned by great supernatural powers.
PC Peter Grant arrives in Chicago to interview the local river goddess on March 17th, unaware of the local St. Patrick's Day traditions. He'll be finding how they do Irish in Chicago soon enough.
fandom:dresden_files  !femslash  warning:severe_awesome  author:binz  author:shiplizard  AO3  series  character:karin_murphy  pairing:karin/oc  character:OC  genre:supernatural  fandom:rivers_of_london  character:Anastasia_Luccio  character:Peter_Grant  rating:R  crossover 
november 2016 by Miscella
Netgirl_y2k: Living Arrangements
Angie almost says, I think Peggy and me are basically married, and I don't think she's noticed, just to see the look on Jarvis's face.
AO3  fandom:agent_carter  pairing:angie/peggy  !femslash  rating:PG13  genre:romance  genre:gen  author:Netgirl_y2k 
november 2016 by Miscella
centreoftheselights: The Swift
Some people make a lot of fuss about their marks. Ginny doesn't see the point. Things will work themselves out, right?
trope:soulmates  trope:soulnames  genre:gen  rating:PG  pairing:ginny/luna  !femslash  fandom:harry_potter  au!harrypotter  AU  author:centreoftheselights  genre:fluff  AO3 
november 2016 by Miscella
Goodluckdetective (scorpiontales): Other Constants
Dragon Spirits don’t trust just anyone.

McCree never expected for them to ever trust him.

Or how McCree gained some trust, won a shootout, almost caught the flu, and proceeded to be the most handsome damsel in distress Overwatch has ever seen.

Lena Oxton has all the time in the world. But never where it counted.

A break in her accelerator might change that.
author:scorpiontales  author:Goodluckdetective  AO3  !slash  !femslash  series  fandom:overwatch  pairing:jesse/hanzo  pairing:amelie/lena  genre:romance  trope:brainwashing  trope:characterstudy 
november 2016 by Miscella
hesterbyrde: Whither Must I Wander
Will vaguely remembered falling. Or maybe it just felt that way. For a span all he could recall was plummeting into the darkness and cold. So maybe he had just imagined it. He’d slipped into unconsciousness so many times over the years, and each instance had been possessed of its own sensation. Freezing. Sinking. Being swallowed. Burning alive. But this had definitely felt like falling, with the unmistakable bone-rending crush of icy cold water at the bottom.

So maybe they had fallen together over that eroding cliff into the arms of the Atlantic.

The cliff.

They… he and Hannibal...
author:hesterbyrde  AO3  fandom:hannibal  kink:blood  pairing:alana/margot  pairing:hannibal/will  !slash  !femslash  character:jack_crawford  long  rating:NC-17  warning:death  genre:tragedy  kink:surgery  trope:futurefic 
july 2016 by Miscella
oathkeeper-of-tarth: Tension
She’s never before seen Pearl take to a human custom so quickly and so eagerly.

Rose covers her mouth as a giggle bubbles up in her throat – fond, pleased amusement at the sight greeting her; an overwhelming burst of relief and joy at the unlikely reality of their shared existence and continued survival, even though it’s been millennia since… then; a wild, heady mixture of things, suddenly set off by the endlessly devoted Gem before her fervently immersing herself in a newly found way of expressing and understanding her own feelings.
fandom:steven_universe  tumblr  author:oath  keeper-of-tarth  pairing:pearl/rose  !femslash  rating:PG 
july 2016 by Miscella
ofgeography: Ourselves We Find In The Sea
On the island of Kallsoy there is a story. The story says that once upon a time, there was a woman of the sea who fell so in love with a fisherman that she shed her skin and walked on new legs out of the waves to be his wife. She bore him many children, and never again turned her gaze to the sea.

The story says: you can make a human out of what is not. The story says: this new human will even love you for it.

This is not that story.
via:sevenses  originalfics  short  !femslash  !het  trope:pregnancy  trope:fairytales  genre:fantasy  rating:PG13  warning:torture  warning:death  tumblr  author:ofgeography  author:molly_hall 
july 2016 by Miscella
furiroad: untitled
three hours until sunset. the shell of cheedo’s current project lies prone in front of her, and her hands are covered in grime. oil sticks, thick and unpleasant underneath of her fingernails. she wipes her cheek, hands tacky on her tired skin, and revels in the feeling of being filthy.
tumblr  short  character:cheedo  fandom:mad_max  pairing:cheedo/dag  !femslash  rating:PG  trope:characterstudy  genre:gen 
june 2016 by Miscella
idiopathicsmile: Curse benefits
“So what you’re saying is that, until that one specific date, I am effectively immortal?”

“Technically yes, but then–” the King stammered.

“Wow,” said the princess, who was sixteen and did not possess amazing impulse control. “I’m gonna go teach myself how to juggle chainsaws while hang gliding over shark-infested waters, catch you chuckleheads later.”
genre:fluff  short  trope:fairytales  genre:fantasy  !femslash  tumblr  rating:G  author:idiopathicsmile  character:OC 
may 2016 by Miscella
seventhswan: see me now - Big Hero 6 (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
“Hey, it’s Science Barbie!” some guy in a baseball cap and a tank called, loud enough to carry over the excited hum of three hundred little girls packed into the auditorium.

[Ten moments in the life of Honey Lemon]
Fandom:BigHero6  Pairing:Gogo/Honey  AO3  author:seventhswan  via:sevenses  !femslash 
may 2016 by Miscella
magdaliny: I'll build a house inside of you
Natalia is stacking blocks very carefully when the adults come into the room. None of them look at her, because they're all looking at her father. He's wearing combat gear, and the hair on the left side of his head is slicked back with blood. He smells like smoke and something unnameable, sweet and dark and a little sickly in her nose.

Father is saying, “Don't be ridiculous. The only thing children are good at is disobeying.”
trope:family  character:Natasha_Romanov  character:steve_rogers  character:bucky  character:OC  AU  au!avengers  au!marvel  trope:kidfic  rating:PG13  author:magdaliny  character:kate_bishop  pairing:natasha/kate  genre:h/c  AO3  !femslash 
may 2016 by Miscella
Alicorn: Double, Double
"There's something I have to tell you... I really should have told you before," she said, wringing her hands. "It's... it's about the baby."

"What about her?" he asked.

"Well - well, when I was a girl -"

This was backwards. Completely backwards. Forget dramatic timing. I opened the door and swept in.

"Witch!" the father exclaimed.

"...That's not my witch," said the mother.
author:alicorn  originalfics  original  trope:family  trope:kidfic  genre:fantasy  trope:fairytales  rating:PG  !femslash 
april 2016 by Miscella
LullabyKnell: Back From The Dead, Red?
Portgas D. Rouge stole from a god to save her son's life. After she died, she made a dangerous bet with the angry god for the chance to come back. Against all odds, she won. The only issue is that she comes back ten years later, because gods can't lose with grace for some reason, and she has absolutely no idea what Garp did with her kid.
AO3  postpairing:portgas/roger  fandom:onepiece  character:OC  trope:characterstudy  character:luffy  character:ace  series  wip  rating:PG13  !het  !femslash 
march 2016 by Miscella
renaroo: Drabble
It had become a bit of a tradition for them. They scrounged up money – or rather, Steph scrounged up money that would end up not being used when Cass pulled out the Wayne family bucks from her belt – and met over the rooftops by the Gotham U library.
tumblr  Fandom:DC  fandom:batman  pairing:cass/steph  character:stephanie_brown  character:cassandra_cain  rating:PG  short  !femslash 
january 2016 by Miscella
seanan-mcguire: Velveteen Vs. Series
The trials of a formerly retired superheroine are destined never to be done.
author:seanan-mcguire  lj  original  originalfics  series  rating:PG13  rating:R  genre:fantasy  genre:superhero  !het  !femslash 
january 2016 by Miscella
Gehayi: Love Like a Djelibeybian
Ptraci doesn't mind a political marriage for the sake of Djelibeybi's succession, but she doesn't understand why everyone seems to balk at the idea of the queen taking handmaidens to bed; after all, no one minded the *king* doing it, and she's doing the same job.
AO3  genre:gen  fandom:discworld  author:Gehayi  pairing:ptraci/oc  character:koomi  character:teppic  character:chidder  character:OC  warning:severe_awesome  trope:politics  !femslash 
december 2013 by Miscella
Lucy Sussex: My Lady Tongue
I was minding my own business, thinking of Honey, but cat curious I followed the groups of womyn drifting towards the clamour. It was only when I was in the main square that I realised the offence was mine. Ah well, I’d brazen it out—I’m nothing if not brazen.
author:lady_sussex  original  genre:sci-fi  genre:romance  rating:R  warning:dubcon  warning:underage  !het  !femslash 
november 2013 by Miscella
Meda Kahn: Difference of Opinion
Problem is Keiya's brain never told her to paste her lips upright if she wants people to be nice. It's the IQ machine. She's been told she'd make a very good robot, all things considered.
author:Meda_Kahn  genre:sci-fi  rating:PG13  original  originalfics  not_NT  !femslash 
november 2013 by Miscella
shukyou (主教): This Story Is Full of Scorpions: Seriously, Dude, Don't Read It
According to Multiverse Theory, you, in an infinite number of universes, right now, are fucking Rick Santorum.
lj  s2b2  rating:NC-17  genre:supernatural  author:shukyou  original  originalfics  crack!fic  genre:humor  !slash  !het  !femslash 
november 2013 by Miscella
Eleanor Arnason: The Grammarian's Five Daughters
Once there was a grammarian who lived in a great city that no longer exists, so we don't have to name it. Although she was learned and industrious and had a house full of books, she did not prosper. To make the situation worse, she had five daughters. Her husband, a diligent scholar with no head for business, died soon after the fifth daughter was born, and the grammarian had to raise them alone. It was a struggle, but she managed to give each an adequate education, though a dowry -- essential in the grammarian's culture -- was impossible. There was no way for her daughters to marry. They would become old maids, eking (their mother thought) a miserable living as scribes in the city market. The grammarian fretted and worried, until the oldest daughter was fifteen years old.
epic_fic  genre:fantasy  original  originalfics  trope:fairytales  trope:language  rating:G  via:bookwyrm  author:eleanor_arnason  !het  !femslash  !no_pairing 
november 2013 by Miscella
golden_d: frame the halves
Five things that aren’t in Brooke Banner’s SHIELD file, five things that are, and one thing she’s never told anyone.
author:golden_d  AO3  postpairing:bruce/betty  short  trope:rule63  trope:characterstudy  genre:angst  warning:child_abuse  !femslash  !no_pairing 
november 2013 by Miscella
summerlightning: problem solved
Set during the end of and just after Sky Witch. But I’m sure you all knew that.
fandom:adventure_time  author:summer  lightning  tumblr  pairing:bonnibel/marceline  genre:h/c  genre:fluff  rating:PG  !femslash 
october 2013 by Miscella
mistyzeo: Strength in Humility - Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle [Archive of Our Own]
I laughed. "1890," I said, amazed. "You don't mean to tell me you don't—"

"Nearly ten years," he said. "As to the second, seven years, six months, twenty four days."

I blinked. He wasn't the sort of man to remember birthdays or bank holidays. I hadn't expected him to know the length of our affair down to the day. Then again, who knew what sort of information he deemed important for his lumber room of a brain. Apparently that counted. I blushed.

[[Sherlock Holmes, Watson/Holmes and a bit of Mary/OFC. A charming little story of various scenes from their lives together. Romantic and adorable, and with the tone of original canon. I particularly liked the idea of Mary's girlfriend.]]
via:doverecs  author:mistyzeo  AO3  fandom:sherlock_holmes  Pairing:Sherlock/John  rating:PG13  postpairing:mary/oc  genre:gen  !slash  !femslash 
september 2013 by Miscella
Kim Chee (沈菜): 嬰櫻 (Little Cherry Blossom)
After a month's absence, Lieutenant-General Liu was back again that evening to celebrate another major victory, but one thing had changed: he was no longer a Lieutenant-General, but a full-fledged General. Word of Liu Yang's courage and intelligence on the battlefield quickly spread. When Ying-Ying wasn't afraid for his life, she worried that he might begin to choose the fancier diner over their modest wineshop due to his newfound fame. Most of the high-ranking officers chose not to mingle with the juniors and soldiers at mealtime.
lj  trope:crossdressing  original  rating:R  trope:first!time  warning:rape  genre:gen  author:kim_chee  !femslash 
august 2013 by Miscella
shukyou: War Bonds, Part One (主教)
It was the war's fault that she was there, in dungarees and with all her wavy red hair tied back in a kerchief, her hands grubby in the crevices of her knuckles and palms, holding pneumatic tools she hadn't known had existed two weeks before, wearing a gold locket with Tom's picture in it the way his letters promised he kept what few pictures he had of her wedged in the crevices of the metal that held his bunk to the wall. The war was responsible for how the nails she'd always kept so nice were ragged at the tips and cuticles, and rimmed around and beneath with heavy black-brown grease; the war was why she came home to an empty house and cooked supper for one and jumped in the middle of the night at every unexplained noise and sometimes stayed awake until dawn, hugging Tom's pillow to her chest and telling herself it was going to be all right.
genre:romance  trope:war  trope:WWII  lj  rating:R  artist:serenity_winner  warning:severe_awesome  kink  original  author:shukyou  s2b2    !poly  !het  !femslash 
august 2013 by Miscella
coricidinForte: Arabesque
There's no such thing as love; not in Deluxe, not in Motorcity, and especially not during a rebellion.
author:coricidinForte  AO3  pairing:claire/julie  fandom:motorcity  short  genre:tragedy  genre:angst  rating:PG13  !femslash 
july 2013 by Miscella
Interrobam: Nails or Two to Tangle (The Iron and Ashes Remix)
Tiana had been slaving over a hot stove since her father had lifted her in his arms and allowed her to stir a pot of gumbo on her fifth birthday. By the sunset of her teenage years she could cook more or less on instinct, could substitute in her sleep. She knew exactly what to put in the begneits to balance out the bitter almond smell of cyanide.
AO3  fandom:princess&thefrog  fandom:disney  pairing:tiana/charolette  rating:PG13  author:Interrobam  warning:racism  warning:child_abuse  !femslash 
june 2013 by Miscella
afterandalasia: Magic Words
Jasmine turns down every suiter that come her way, not because they were all snobby, self centered, or rude, but because they were men.
Aladdin is really a girl who is captured by Jasmines beauty the first time she sees her in the market. Aladdin then wishes to become a 'prince' so she can be with Jasmine but keeps her female body.
rating:PG13  trope:first!time  pairing:aladdin/jasmine  author:afterandalasia  lj  fandom:aladdin  fandom:disney  genre:gen  !femslash 
june 2013 by Miscella
ashen_key: Congratulations on Your Birthday
Between an ordinary little Russian girl living with her parents and an ex-Soviet assassin-turned-Avenger living in America are thirty-one birthdays, each celebrated (or not) a different way.
postpairing:natasha/oc  pairing:clint/natasha  AO3  trope:characterstudy  genre:h/c  genre:gen  author:ashen_key  warning:sexual_assault  warning:rape  rating:PG13  character:clint_barton  character:OC  character:Natasha_Romanov  Natasha!POV  trope:friendship  !het  !femslash 
june 2013 by Miscella
zvi: Whore (Standard's Not My Native Tongue Megamix)
Gaila does not have enough time to deal with this nonsense…She knows that Jensen is trying to insult her, but Gaila was raised to be a Knife of the Syndicate.
author:zvi  fandom  AO3  pairing:gaila/sulu  character:uhura  character:spock  character:OC  trope:language  trope:culture_gap  via:waitingforrain  !het  !femslash  !no_pairing 
april 2013 by Miscella
raja815: Two-Step (Gaila/Uhura)
900 words | G | It seems Uhura knows a few things about Orions.

Written for a prompt that requested a TOS-version of the reboot character Gaila. Episode tag(ish) that follows Whom Gods Destroy.
short  rating:g  author:raja815  AO3  fandom:stxi  pairing:gaila/uhura  character:uhura  character:gaila  character:kirk  character:spock  genre:gen  via:kudostest  !femslash 
april 2013 by Miscella
diemarysues: Jewels in Her Hair - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

For Dwarves, braids can carry many meanings depending on their number, style, and position. Bilbo is obviously ignorant of such things, which ends up working well for Thorin. What Bilbo doesn't know won't hurt her, after all.

That doesn't mean that Bilbo won't be out to hurt someone (Thorin) when she finds out.
fandom:Tolkien  author:diemarysues  trope:rule63  character:fili  character:kili  character:bofus  AO3  pairing:bilbo/thorin  trope:culture_gap  via:paradox22122  genre:romance  !femslash 
march 2013 by Miscella
Anon: Julie/Claire, scars
Julie get's a few scars (on places where people don't generally see) as a Burner. Claire is kinda fascinated by them.
author:anon  pairing:claire/julie  fandom:motorcity  rating:PG13  dw  short  genre:fluff  genre:h/c  !femslash 
february 2013 by Miscella
TheArcher: A Wedding of Errors
Allison is a successful wedding planner, working her way up to partner. Lydia is a hardworking doctor, slowly taking over. When they collide, they instantly connect but when Allison is hired to plan Lydia's wedding, the two women are caught between Shakespeare in the park and the plans they had for the rest of their lives. With the clock to the wedding counting down, they must choose between what they know they should do and what (and who) they really want.
author:TheArcher  AO3  character:Lydia_Martin  character:allison_argent  character:Scott_McCall  character:isaac_lahey  character:Stiles_Stilinski  pairing:allison/lydia  postpairing:lydia/jackson  postpairing:isaac/scott/stiles  rating:PG13  genre:angst  genre:romance  fandom:TeenWolf  AU  au!TeenWolf  trope:marriage  postpairin:danny/jackson  !slash  !femslash 
february 2013 by Miscella
gyzym: the true story of what was [snow white/sleeping beauty]
It is a tale with many names—you may have heard it once or twice. They speak of Snow White and the dwarves that loved her well; they speak of Snow White and the huntsman who could not bear to kill her; they speak of Snow White and the Evil Queen, and expect you to nod along. Snow White, that paragon of virtue, that beautiful, beautiful girl, felled by an apple and saved by a man (and oh, isn’t than an old story).
tumblr  author:gyzym  genre:fantasy  trope:fairytales  rating:pg13  pairing:snow_white/sleeping_beauty  fandom:fairytales  !femslash 
november 2012 by Miscella
gyzym: i just happen to like apples (i am not afraid of snakes)
Written for the following prompt: "Someone write me Crowley the bitter lesbian who only gave Eve the apple because she thought feminism should be there from day one." As such, please be warned that this story contains some fairly radical reinterpretations of Biblical stories and themes; if that sort of thing is not for you, please give this tale a pass.
pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  author:gyzym  genre:gen  trope:fairytales  rating:pg13  AO3  trope:rule63  fandom:good_omens  fandom:fairytales  fandom:bible  !femslash 
november 2012 by Miscella
gyzym: Show You What That Howl Is For [Beauty/The Beast, R]
A retelling of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast, now with more lesbians, fae legends, and, uh, violence. Please be warned; this is, for all intents and purposes, a horror story, and contains mentions of murder, suicide attempts, suicidal tendencies, sexual and non-sexual power play, whipping, and general madness.
warning:death  lj  rating:pg13  pairing:belle/beast  fandom:beauty_and_the_beast  original  trope:fairytales  genre:tragedy  genre:horror  author:gyzym  fandom:fairytales  !femslash 
november 2012 by Miscella
Hinata Yamimoto: The Care and Breeding of Metal Flowers
"It is simply a specialized form of massage, which stimulates a controlled seizure in women."

Victorian robots and lesbians.
genre:sci-fi  lj  trope:regency  genre:fluff  genre:romance  rating:NC-17  original  author:hinata_yamimoto  s2b2  warning:severe_awesome  !femslash 
november 2012 by Miscella
thankyouturtle: Day in the Life
Having detention on the first day of school isn't a great start to the year. Luckily, Steph's not the only one who does.
Ted's going out with Barbara Gordon, and Mike can only think of one way to get him to stop.
Jaime doesn't know Tim that well - just that he's smart, and cool. And, apparently, kind of weird.
Rose hates Cassie. She hates Cassie so fucking much.
Cass Cain is the newest member of the Wayne family - but not all of the changes in her life are easy.
series  author:thankyouturtle  pairing:cassie/rose  character:rose_wilson  character:cassie_sandsmark  character:bart_allen  character:milagro_reyes  character:jaime_reyes  character:ted_kord  character:michael_carter  character:jason_todd  character:barbara_gordon  character:dick_grayson  character:tim  character:steph  character:cass  character:bruce_wayne  trope:family  trope:highschool  fandom:dcu  au!dc  au  Pairing:Ted/Booster  pairing:ted/  pairing:barbara/dick  AO3  !slash  !het  !femslash 
june 2012 by Miscella
littlesleepfic: The Great Winter
It's the Little Ice Age. OR. The Great Winter, when the Pendragon's are forced to bed down for a month under furs until the weather is warm again. Arthur's only seen the Great Winter in babyhood. Now, he must find a proper Royal Bedwarmer to share his Winter's rest with. It's a little plotty and a little silly, which is sort of my goto style in this fandom.
rating:R  postpairing:gwen/morgana  character:uther  character:gwen  character:morgana  genre:pwp  author:littlesleepfic  lj  pairing:merlin/arthur  fandom:merlin  long  !slash  !femslash  genre:romance 
march 2012 by Miscella
cat_13145: Lying is easy
It would be easier if she could go through that again. But she can't.

Prompt: Sarah Rogers, As a widowed mother in the Great Depression, it would be easier for her son and herself if she could make herself pretend to fall in love with a man again. But she can't.
short  warning:severe_awesome  author:cat_131145  rating:PG13  genre:angst  postpairing:steve/arnie  character:arnie  character:sarah_rogers  character:steve_rogers  fandom:marvel  lj  !femslash  !no_pairing 
march 2012 by Miscella
tsukinofaerii : This Woman's War
Stevie Rogers, the only known survivor of Operation Rebirth, has spent four years masquerading as Captain America, the hyper-masculine symbol of America. When she wakes up in a strange military hospital, surrounded by people who insist on the impossible, Stevie assumes what any right-thinking person would—that it's a secret Nazi base. All that's left is to break out and find her way back to the war. After all, she's got a promise to keep to the girl waiting on her back stateside.
AO3  long  comics  author:tsukinofaerii  au!marvel  au  epic_fic  fandom:marvel  series  trope:crossdressing  pairing:steve/gail  fandom:avengers  character:thor  avengers  character:bucky  character:steve_rogers  trope:conspiracy  genre:gen  rating:NC-17  marvel  trope:rule63  !femslash 
august 2011 by Miscella
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