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Mysterious Thing, Time Chapter 1: Old Chap, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
The future is lost, so to save it, both Harry and Dumbledore go back the moment it all began - that Halloween night. Of course, things do not go exactly as they had expected. Unspeakables, Wild Magic, Time Travel, Vampires, Bonds, Goblins.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Site:FFNET  Words:150k-200K  Character:HarryPotter  Status:WIP  Character:AlbusDumbledore  Time:HP:PreYear1  Genre:Time-Travel 
10 weeks ago by Mieeka
Remembering Chapter 1, a doctor who fanfic | FanFiction
Some secrets only come out years later. Some promises are hard to keep. Wilfred Mott and Sylvia Noble have kept theirs for most of their lives. A Journey's End Fix-it
Site:FFNET  Status:WIP  Fandom:DoctorWho  Words:50k-75k  Character:10  Character:DonnaNoble  Character:WilfNoble  Time:DW:4 
10 weeks ago by Mieeka
All I Have, All I Need Chapter 1: Prologue, a Harry Potter + Avengers Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
AU. EWE. MoD!Darkish!Harry. Who would have thought that everything would go wrong? It was a hollow victory. Without anything else to live for, Harry chooses death. He is reborn in the planet Zen-Whoberi, green-skinned and drowning. [MCU] Still In-Progress
Fandom:HarryPotter  Fandom:Marvel  Site:FFNET  Status:WIP  Time:HP:PostHogwarts  Character:TonyStark/Ironman  Character:HarryPotter  Character:HarleyKeener  Character:Thanos  Character:Gamora  Character:Nebula  Time:Marvel:Ironman2  Words:25k-50k 
10 weeks ago by Mieeka
Finding Skywalker, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
After his miserable defeat at the battle of Yavin, Vader senses that he has reached a crossroads. A crashed TIE and a damaged suit put him in a peculiar situation.
Words:10k-25k  Fandom:StarWars  Site:FFNET  Time:SW:PostANH  Status:WIP  Character:DarthVader  Character:AhsokaTano 
10 weeks ago by Mieeka
Force Distortion Chapter 1, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
Toward the end of the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker and company get a visitor from the future in the form of an older version of his former Padawan, Ahsoka Tano. That fact is strange enough, but her arrival sets off a chain of events that change the current trajectory of the future and begin to indicate that she's a lot more than she's telling them. AU.
Site:FFNET  Fandom:StarWars  Status:WIP  Genre:Time-Travel  Words:25k-50k  Time:SW:CloneWars  Character:AhsokaTano  Character:AnakinSkywalker  Character:Padme  Character:Obi-wanKenobi 
10 weeks ago by Mieeka
Castle of Glass Chapter One, a Star Wars + Star Wars Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
AU. In the wake of the events on Mortis, Anakin Skywalker is sent more than three millennia into the past with no idea how to get home. The only clue he has is in the mission given to him by the Force itself, a mission that he can't understand. While memories of a future he isn't supposed to remember haunt his dreams, Anakin must fight the growing darkness within him even as he is drawn into a quest with a group of unlikely allies to defeat the Sith, one of whom may hold the key to discovering more than just a way back to his own time.
Site:FFNET  Fandom:KOTOR  Fandom:StarWars  Time:SW:KOTOR  Words:50k-75k  Genre:Time-Travel  Status:WIP  Character:AnakinSkywalker  Character:LukeSkywalker  Character:Revan/?M  Character:BastilaShan 
10 weeks ago by Mieeka
Sonderweg Chapter 1, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
Often we tell ourselves we would have done things differently. But can one really expect reality to change for them when they themselves often will not? It is difficult to change the past, when one already has a preconceived expectation of it. Perhaps it is for the better that Darth Vader has traveled to the past without his memories. Or perhaps it is worse. Only time can tell.
Site:FFNET  Words:25k-50k  Fandom:StarWars  Status:WIP  Genre:Time-Travel  Character:DarthVader 
10 weeks ago by Mieeka
The Secret Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Only two people knew of the secret Lily carried to her grave. When the truth finally comes out 14 years later, father and son refuse to believe it. What will it take for the two stubborn Snape's to finally accept the truth? And how will Harry's friends and Voldemort react once the news is out? Severitus.
Site:FFNET  Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Severitus  Words:25k-50k  Character:HarryPotter  Status:WIP  Character:SeverusSnape  Time:hp:year5 
10 weeks ago by Mieeka
Powers of Dawn and Dusk Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Gen AU, twoshot. With her family mostly dead, exiled, or in prison, Walburga Black sees the end of the Black line approaching. But when she calls out to the other powers that exist in the world, powers neither of Dark nor Light, there is another choice: to shed her human form and raise Harry Potter to continue the House of Black. COMPLETE.
Status:Completed  Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:10k-25k  Site:FFNET  Time:HP:PreYear1  Character:HarryPotter  Character:WalbergaBlack 
10 weeks ago by Mieeka
Atonement Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry received some useful advice before the third task. The butterfly effect will be going full-speed. Not everyone is happy with the changes. Enjoy
Time:HP:Year4  Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:25k-50k  Status:Completed  Site:FFNET  Character:HarryPotter  Character:HermioneGranger  Pairing;Harry/Hermione 
10 weeks ago by Mieeka
To Love and Protect Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
The night Voldemort attacked, Lily Potter had found a way to enhance an ancient magic that would protect her son as well as the caster from the killing curse. Almost 15 years later, after being rescued from the Dursley's by Snape, Harry comes across a letter and necklace that will change everything. AU, OOC...
Fandom:HarryPotter  Site:FFNET  Status:WIP  Character:HarryPotter  Words:100k-150k  Time:hp:year5  Character:Lily  Character:SeverusSnape 
april 2019 by Mieeka
To live a life Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry's been feeling like something was being kept from him for a while... he just didn't expect the goblins to be the ones to rescue him from the Dursleys and explain. Bad Dumbledore, good Snape, slightly manipulated but still good Weasley's.
Words:200K+  Fandom:HarryPotter  Site:FFNET  Character:HarryPotter  Status:WIP  Time:HP:Year2  Character:SiriusBlack  Character:SeverusSnape 
march 2019 by Mieeka
The true heir of Slytherin Chapter 1: A change of fate (Prologue), a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Salazar Slytherin has finally enough. He can't watch the downfall of the wizard kind lead by Albus Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort any longer, so he decides it is time to intervene. But how is he supposed to change things, when people don't even know he is alive? And what is his connection to the Boy-Who-Lived? Slytherin!Harry, Dark!Harry, Powerful!Harry, Dumbledore bashing, AU
Fandom:HarryPotter  Status:WIP  Site:FFNET  Words:200K+  Character:HarryPotter  Time:HP:PreYear1  Character:SalazarSlytherin 
march 2019 by Mieeka
Laughing All the Way to London Chapter 1: Gesundheit, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry is a single father trying to raise his godson, Teddy. Unable to ensure his son's safety in the wizarding world he goes into hiding in the muggle one. But one trip to London will undo all of his precautions. Thrown back to the past, Harry will take up the DADA position and fall into the arms of a woman who once spared his life. No time paradox, Light/Badass Harry. T/M rated.
Site:FFNET  Fandom:HarryPotter  Character:HarryPotter  Words:10k-25k  Status:WIP  Time:HP:PreYear1  Character:NarcissaMalfoy  Character:TeddyLupin  Genre:Time-Travel 
march 2019 by Mieeka
Found in the Ashes Chapter 1: From the Ashes, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
What happens when Harry Potter at age 29 is transported back in time with his family by a meddling phoenix? Well, when four of his kids are metamorphmagus, his better half is Andromeda Black and his sister-in-law, Narcissa Malfoy is on their side; the Wizarding World will not know what hit them. Begins in Prisoner of Azkaban, the start of book 3.
Time:HP:Year3  Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Time-Travel  Site:FFNET  Status:WIP  Words:75k-100K  Character:HarryPotter  Character:AndromedaTonks  Character:NarcissaMalfoy  Character:TeddyLupin  Character:LunaLovegood 
march 2019 by Mieeka
The First Vampire Chapter 1: Prologue, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction
Breaking Dawn AU, What if Jasper was vastly older than what the Cullens believed? With the threat of the Volturi hanging over Bella's still human head, Jasper decides it is well past time to take control of the situation in order to protect one of the few people he knew was worth fighting for.
Words:Under10k  Site:FFNET  Fandom:Twilight  Character:Jasper  Character:Bella  Status:WIP  Time:TS:BreakingDawnPt1 
march 2019 by Mieeka
We're In This Together Chapter 1: Introduction and Author Note, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
After the Chamber of Secrets, two unlikely allies bond over their similar backgrounds. Their plans for freedom take them on a different path through Harry's adventures and will bring them together in unexpected ways. HarryxPansy Proactive/Cynical/Independent/Morally Grey Harry
Fandom:HarryPotter  Status:WIP  Words:200K+  Site:FFNET  Time:HP:Year3  Character:HarryPotter  Character:PansyParkinson  Pairing:Harry/Pansy  Character:Dobby  Character:Harry!Political 
march 2019 by Mieeka
false step, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
Many a false step has been made by standing still. (Luke has nothing to do but stand still.) Or: Luke Lars is Darth Vader's mechanic. And, maybe, something more. He can overhaul ships, blow up the Death Star, and, hell, even fix up Vader. But he can't do any of that for himself. (Part two of three two one boom. Sequel to six hours.)
Site:FFNET  Words:Under10k  Fandom:StarWars  Status:WIP  Time:SW:PreANH  Character:LukeSkywalker  Character:DarthVader 
march 2019 by Mieeka
A Sith in Jedi Robes Chapter 1, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
Sith Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Charon, wakes aboard a ship headed for Tatooine only to be called Padawan by a man he knows to be dead. Just what is the Force doing?
Time:SW:TPM  Fandom:StarWars  Character:Obi-wan!Sith  Character:Obi-wanKenobi  Words:10k-25k  Status:WIP  Site:FFNET  Character:Padme  Character:AnakinSkywalker  Character:Yoda 
march 2019 by Mieeka
Melody of Fire Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
When Newt is called in to remove a creature from a local tribe's sacred grounds, he had no idea that he will come across the most extraordinary creature he would ever encounter. There's just one catch...the dragon he finds is none other than a witch from well over sixty years in the future. Can he mend her broken heart from all the pain she ran away from? Fem Harry/Newt
Time:HP:FantasticBeasts  Status:WIP  Character:NewtScamander  Fandom:HarryPotter  Character:HarryPotter  Genre:Time-Travel  Site:FFNET  Words:25k-50k 
march 2019 by Mieeka
The Tainted Blood of the Father Chapter 1: Break Away, a Harry Potter + Supernatural Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Harry has broken away from his chains after the Dursleys go too far. A simple desire to make a withdrawal from Gringotts leads to something much larger and exposes more than he ever knew about himself. A rushed, impulsive trip to America changes his entire life as he might have just found himself a true family to call his own.
Words:75k-100K  Fandom:HarryPotter  Fandom:Supernatural  Time:HP:Year4  Time:spn:preseason1  Status:WIP  Site:FFNET  Character:JohnWinchester  Character:SamWinchester  Character:DeanWinchester  Character:HarryPotter  Genre:AlternateParent(s) 
march 2019 by Mieeka
Powerful Magical Artifact, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
The Goblet of Fire is a powerful magical artifact. Powerful enough to lock four powerful magicals to a binding magical contract even when one is unwilling. What else can it do to fulfill a contract? Pull someone to fulfill a contract from a distance? Reach across space and time? Summon the dead?
Site:FFNET  Fandom:HarryPotter  Status:WIP  Character:HarryPotter  Words:10k-25k  Time:HP:Year4  Character:RonWeasley 
march 2019 by Mieeka
At Mos Bina Chapter 1: all we have is our bones and our secrets, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
The Empire makes an example of Alderaan earlier. The sands of Tatooine shift and a storm begins to grow, spreading with the wind. Did you hear about what happened? There, at Mos Bina? There was no other way forward.
Words:10k-25k  Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Time:SW:PreANH  Fandom:StarWars  Character:LukeSkywalker  Character:LeiaOrgana  Character:DarthVader  Character:Obi-wanKenobi 
march 2019 by Mieeka
six hours Chapter 1: abrasion, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
Darth Vader crash-lands on Tatooine, is not allowed to die, and the rest is history. or: It doesn't take much to turn Vader's life around. A few nuts and bolts will do the trick. It takes a lot more for his son. (4/4, complete, part of one out of the "three two one boom" series.)
Time:SW:PreANH  Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Fandom:StarWars  Words:10k-25k  Character:LukeSkywalker  Character:DarthVader 
march 2019 by Mieeka
The Christmas Caper Chapter 1: Boyfriend Wanted, a labyrinth fanfic | FanFiction
Boyfriend wanted. What do you do when you need a fake date to get your well meaning family off your back at Christmas? Place an ad on Craigslist. What do you do when the girl who ate the peach gives you the perfect opening? Seize it of course. The Goblin King is coming for Christmas. Glitter, goblins, gambits, and a generous dollop of groping ensues. **rating increased**
Time:PostMovie  Fandom:Labyrinth  Words:25k-50k  Status:Completed  Site:FFNET  Character:Jareth  Character:Sarah 
march 2019 by Mieeka
The Christmas Caper Chapter 1: Boyfriend Wanted, a labyrinth fanfic | FanFiction
Boyfriend wanted. What do you do when you need a fake date to get your well meaning family off your back at Christmas? Place an ad on Craigslist. What do you do when the girl who ate the peach give...
Site:FFNET  Fandom:Labyrinth  Words:25k-50k  Status:WIP  Time:PostMovie  Character:Sarah  Character:Jareth  Character:Toby 
january 2019 by Mieeka
Irreversible Destiny Chapter 1: The Hero Returns, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
AU. HPLV. Dark!Harry. Severitus. Can someone's destiny really be set in stone? It's time for change, time for revolution and time for truths to be revealed. Freedom comes in many forms and Cyriacus Snape is about to usher in a new unexpected future.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Status:Completed  Words:200K+  Site:FFNET  Character:HarryPotter  Character:TomRiddle/Voldemort  Genre:Severitus  Time:HP:Year7  Character:SeverusSnape 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Bungle in the Jungle: A Harry Potter Adventure Chapter 1: Five Minutes to Live, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
If you read just one fiction tonight make it this one. Go inside the mind of Harry Potter as he deals with betrayals, secrets and wild adventures. Not your usual fanfic.
Character:HarryPotter  Time:HP:Year6  Status:Completed  Words:150k-200K  Fandom:HarryPotter  Site:FFNET  Character:LunaLovegood 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Beyond Boundaries Chapter 1: What was, what is, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry held a secret his entire life. Being framed for murder in his fifth year, he escapes. Returning, he’s another, and now Voldemort has a surprise for him. Now he must come to terms with his past, present, and future, if he wants to survive.
Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Words:100k-150k  Fandom:HarryPotter  Time:hp:year5  Character:HarryPotter  Character:HermioneGranger 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Betrayed Chapter 1: The Prisoner, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
In his fifth year Harry Potter was framed for murder and sentenced to Azkaban. Ten years later his innocence is proven. What will Harry do? Written PreOotP. COMPLETE!
Time:hp:year5  Fandom:HarryPotter  Status:Completed  Site:FFNET  Words:100k-150k  Genre:AzkabanFic  Character:HarryPotter 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Abyss Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Hermione takes in a serpent familiar that turns into a man by night. Kidnapping, deception, and unsaid words. Very long time in coming: HermioneVoldemort. Some one-sided HermioneWormtail as well. A lot of three dimensional Death Eater action, too. Dark.
Time:HP:Year7  Fandom:HarryPotter  Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Words:100k-150k  Character:TomRiddle/Voldemort  Pairing:Hermione/Voldemort  POV.Hermione  Character:HermioneGranger 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Second Chance at Life Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
When Voldemort’s assassins find him Harry flees seeking a place to prepare for the battle. Bloodmagic, wandlessmagic, necromancy, fae, a thunderbird, demons, vampires. Harry finds the strength & allies to win a war. Singularly unique fic.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:200K+  Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Character:HarryPotter  Time:HP:Year7  Character:RonWeasley  Character:HermioneGranger 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Stranger in an Unholy Land Chapter 1: A Change of State, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
PART I: Days before his 6th year, Harry Potter is sucked into another universe by forces not of this world. Dazed and confused, Harry finds himself in a world where his parents are alive, where Voldemort has never fallen and he is Voldemort's key enforcer
Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:200K+  Site:FFNET  Time:HP:Year6  Status:Completed  Character:HarryPotter  Character:Lily  Character:JamesPotter  Character:TomRiddle/Voldemort 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Hogwarts Nytdmare Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Sequel to A Witch, A Wolf, and A Serpent. The Mistress of the Healing Arts must return to Hogwarts sooner than she'd planned, and now has to face Lupin and Snape. Part Two of the Wandless Magic Trilogy.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:200K+  Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Character:SeverusSnape  Character:RemusLupin  Character:OC  Time:HP:Year6 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Witch, A Wolf, and A Serpent Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
A new younger witch is filling in for Madame Pomfrey. What happens when she meets Lupin and Snape? Part One of the Wandless Magic Trilogy
Fandom:HarryPotter  Character:OC  Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Words:75k-100K  Time:hp:year5  Character:SeverusSnape  Character:RemusLupin 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Life of Lies Chapter 1: The Mission, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Post OotP! Severitus Challange. Snape is sent to the Dursley's in disguise and makes a very unpleasent discovery. Rated for some language, Future Violence and Abuse.
Time:HP:Year6  Fandom:HarryPotter  Status:WIP  Site:FFNET  Words:150k-200K  Character:SeverusSnape  Genre:Severitus  Character:HarryPotter 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Different World Book 3 Chapter 01 Draco's Escape, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Ch. 15 and 16 UP! The twins Third year at Hogwarts, my version of COS, read inside to know why. Will be HPHG, DMGW, TROC. The kids are in for one hell of an interesting year.Rating may go up since I want to stay here.
Time:HP:Year3  Fandom:HarryPotter  Status:Completed  Site:FFNET  Series  Character:HarryPotter  Words:75k-100K  Character:GinnyWeasley  Character:OC  Character:TomRiddle/Voldemort  House:SlytherinHarry 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Chance at Normal Chapter 1: Save Me, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Severitus Challenge-Harry is rescued from certain death only to have his life turned upside down. Is there a chance to have what he was always wanted. story begins 3 weeks before Harry's birthday.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Time:hp:year5  Site:FFNET  Genre:Severitus  Character:HarryPotter  Words:50k-75k  Status:WIP  Character:SeverusSnape 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Better Man Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Vernon changed in the beginning to be a better man, thanks to a wish. How will this affect Harry, and the entire Wizarding World? Now complete! Please R&R. AU, HPGW, RWHG, RLNT
Time:HP:PreYear1  Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:150k-200K  Status:Completed  Site:FFNET  Character:HarryPotter  Character:VernonDursley  Character:GinnyWeasley 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Change in History: The Philosopher's Stone Chapter 1: The Letter, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
AU: Sequel to ACiH. Harry, Blaise, Theo and Draco are finally off to Hogwarts. However, not everything is as it seems. By the end of the year Harry will lose someone close to him, fight his own battles and realize just what it means to be the Dark Heir.
Series  Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:25k-50k  Site:FFNET  Status:WIP  Time:HP:PreYear1  Character:HarryPotter  Character:DracoMalfoy  Character:TheoNott  Character:BlaiseZambini  Character:TomRiddle/Voldemort 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Change of Fate Chapter 1: The Fate of a Child, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Sirius wasn't sent to Azkaban. Harry receives a pet snake that is more than it seems, and adopts Severus as his Father. Torture and Torment ensue for the Gryffindors. There is a new Dark Lord in town, and his name is Harry.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:75k-100K  Time:HP:PreYear1  Site:FFNET  Status:WIP  Character:HarryPotter  Character:SeverusSnape 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Different Life Chapter 1: Drunk Caretaker and Beatings, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry was sent to the orphanage by the Dursley. How will a different life affect his character and perspective of things? and who is this mysterious 'uncle' looking for him?
Words:25k-50k  Status:WIP  Fandom:HarryPotter  Time:HP:PreYear1  Site:FFNET  Character:HarryPotter 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Deadly Nightshade Chapter 1, a Batman + Harry Potter Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Lily and James weren't Harry's parents. They were his aunt and uncle. Petunia decides she shouldn't have to raise her nephew when his mother is perfectly capable of doing it herself. She tracks down her wayward sister who enjoys attacking people with giant plants, and quickly washes her hands of the entire situation. Now, Gotham and Batman have a new young villain to deal with.
Time:HP:PreYear1  Fandom:HarryPotter  Fandon:DC  Words:50k-75k  Site:FFNET  Status:WIP  Character:HarryPotter  Genre:AlternateParent(s)  Character:BruceWayne/Batman  Character:PamelaIsley/PoisonIvy 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Hope Chapter 1, a stargate: sg-1 fanfic | FanFiction
A little more trust is built between Sam and Jolinar before the Ashrak attacks. Jolinar is declared dead but her body remains within Sam. Nothing changes until SG-1 are caught by a Goa'uld, one that feels very familiar to her.
Time:Sg1:Season2  Fandom:Stargate  Words:10k-25k  Status:WIP  Site:FFNET  Character:SamCarter  Character:Jolinar  Character:Martouf/Lantash  Character:JackONeill  Genre:Resurection 
october 2018 by Mieeka
House of Black, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
When James was unable to produce an heir, Lily Potter approached Sirius Black. Then on Hallowe'en of 1981, the Potters were murdered, Sirius was imprisoned for life... and Harry 'Potter? Well, Petunia left him at an orphanage. Features a Dark!Harry.
Character:HarryPotter  Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:Under10k  Site:FFNET  Status:WIP  Time:HP:PreYear1  Character:DracoMalfoy  Character:TheoNott  Character:AlbusDumbledore  Genre:AlternateParent(s) 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Set it Alight Chapter 1, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
It is better that one man falls to darkness than an entire Galaxy. It turns out the price of the future is a certain man's soul. Was it worth it? AKA What if Ventress had actually understood the subtle, if despicable, art of breaking a man? Rated 'M' to be on the safe side-rated for torture and some violence.
Time:SW:CloneWars  Fandom:StarWars  Words:100k-150k  Site:FFNET  Status:WIP  Character:Obi-wanKenobi  Character:AsajiVentress  Character:YanDooku/DarthTyranus  Character:Obi-wan!Dark  Character:AnakinSkywalker 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Suspect Allegiance Chapter 1, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
Disappearing to continue his training Command could accept, they needed their only Jedi, refusing to speak of the battle at Bespin had them more wary. Why would Commander Skywalker remain silent on the duel and why his hand had been lost? Why was Vader so obsessed with him? Was it possible he was a spy?
Words:25k-50k  Site:FFNET  Status:WIP  Fandom:StarWars  Time:SW:ESB  Character:LukeSkywalker  Character:DarthVader  Character:LeiaOrgana  Character:Rex 
october 2018 by Mieeka
The Harry Potter Conundrum Chapter 1: The boy out of nowhere, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Death always had a strange sense of humour, so when his Master was hit by the killing curse curtesy of his "best friends" he brought him back through time to the one he loved but who had been ripped from him during the war. Though is he the only one? Full summary inside. MoD!Harry, Dark!Harry, Sane!Voldemort, time travel, HP/SS/TMR(LV), bottom!Harry
Fandom:HarryPotter  Genre:Time-Travel  Time:HP:1970's  Site:FFNET  Status:WIP  Words:25k-50k  Character:HarryPotter  Character:TomRiddle/Voldemort  Character:SeverusSnape  Pairing:Harry/Severus/Voldemort 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Iron Maiden Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Avengers Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Being a father isn't easy. Especially when you don't know you are one. Tony gets a rather big surprise when Pepper's new protege turns out to be his kid. Jazz Evans has her own demons to battle, which isn't easy when you're a glorified babysitter for someone like Tony Stark. And what's with the secret glances between Jazz and Rhodey? What are they hiding?
Character:HarryPotter  Character:Harry!Female  Site:FFNET  Words:25k-50k  Fandom:HarryPotter  Fandom:Marvel  Time:HP:PostHogwarts  Time:Marvel:PreIronman  Status:WIP  Character:TonyStark/Ironman  Genre:AlternateParent(s) 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Immortal Guardian, a Harry Potter + Final Fantasy X Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Harry has watched, frozen in time, as the world around him has changed. His only relief is to sleep, hidden away from everything and everyone. This time he wakes to find the world suffering from the actions of an old friend. Can he help stop Sin for good? And what of the boy brought from the Dream Zanarkand?
Time:FFX  Fandom:HarryPotter  Site:FFNET  Character:HarryPotter  Status:WIP  Fandom:FinalFantasy  Words:Under10k  Character:Yuna  Character:Tidus 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Only the Guilty Feel Remorse and I Feel None, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Haley Potter woke up in her cupboard underneath the stairs feeling very little surprise at her position. Her friends had threatened her with the prospect of doing everything they could to save her soul, it just ended up time travel was part of the deal much to her chagrin. Ah well, time to slay the multi-headed dick hydra that was her life and make it something worth living for.
Status:WIP  Words:Under10k  Fandom:HarryPotter  Site:FFNET  Time:HP:PreYear1  Character:Harry!Female  Character:HermioneGranger  Character:SiriusBlack  Character:HarryPotter 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Harry Potter and the Stargate Chapter 1: Through the Wormhole, a Stargate: SG-1 + Harry Potter Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
What if Remus was not... quite... as fast as he needed to be to catch Harry before he tried to get to Sirius in front of the Veil of Death. And what if the Veil was not what the magicals believed it to be? Oops! AU HP/LL Bash!AD/RW/GW (as my usual). 24 Chaps, 210k words.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:150k-200K  Status:WIP  Time:hp:year5  Site:FFNET  Character:HarryPotter  Pairing:Harry/Luna  Character:LunaLovegood  Character:SiriusBlack 
october 2018 by Mieeka
A Black Comedy Chapter 1: PROLOGUE, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
COMPLETE. Two years after defeating Voldemort, Harry falls into an alternate dimension with his godfather. Together, they embark on a new life filled with drunken debauchery, thievery, and generally antagonizing all their old family, friends, and enemies
Site:FFNET  Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:10k-25k  Status:Completed  Time:HP:PostHogwarts  Character:HarryPotter  Character:SiriusBlack 
june 2018 by Mieeka
Altered Destinies Chapter 1: Grief, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
DONE! Harry has defeated Voldemort, but it was a costly victory. Aberforth Dumbledore presents a plan to go back and kill the infant Riddle, but Harry will have to stay there 10 years. Can Harry alter the wizarding world's destiny? WWII and Grindelwald
Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:200K+  Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Time:HP:1940's  Character:HarryPotter  Character:TomRiddle/Voldemort  Genre:Time-Travel 
june 2018 by Mieeka
After the Dawn: The First Years Chapter 1: Take It To London, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
AUHarry raised by Sirius Voldemort has fallen, the wizarding world is celebrating. But little Harry Potter, their hero, has disappeared after he was taken to his aunt and uncle, and Sirius Black was never caught …
Fandom:HarryPotter  Time:HP:PreYear1  Site:FFNET  Character:HarryPotter  Words:25k-50k  Status:Completed  Character:SiriusBlack 
june 2018 by Mieeka
After the Dawn: The Philosopher's Stone Chapter 1: Birthday Boy, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Part two of the After the Dawn Saga, showing Harry's first year in Hogwarts after being raised by his godfather instead of the Dursley's. Read After the Dawn: The First Years first! Making friends, new and old, learning lessons somewhat differently
Words:100k-150k  Fandom:HarryPotter  Status:Completed  Site:FFNET  Time:HP:Year1  Character:HarryPotter  Character:SiriusBlack 
june 2018 by Mieeka
A Life Alone Chapter 1: An Unbelievable Tale, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry learns of the prophecy from Petunia at the age of eight and escapes to the streets when the house is attacked. Trying to hide his true identity, can he live on his own? Full summary inside. Alternate Universe, Independant!Harry
Time:HP:PreYear1  Fandom:HarryPotter  Site:FFNET  Character:HarryPotter  Words:150k-200K  Status:Completed  Character:TomRiddle/Voldemort 
june 2018 by Mieeka
A Surreal Tale Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
AU. Slytherin!Harry. What happens to the Wizarding World when Bellatrix and others discover the news of her inability to bear magical children? An enraged Dark Lord falls, and a small boy becomes missing: Harry. COMPLETE.
Time:HP:Year1  Words:150k-200K  Site:FFNET  House:SlytherinHarry  Fandom:HarryPotter  Status:Completed  Character:BellatrixLestrange  Character:HarryPotter 
june 2018 by Mieeka
A Mistaken Fate Chapter 1: The First Problem, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
When a certain discovery sends shock waves throughout wizarding Britain, Antares becomes increasingly hemmed in by circumstances he does not understand, and driven to actions he will regret. AU, Slytherin!Harry. Sequel to A SURREAL TALE.
Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Fandom:HarryPotter  Character:HarryPotter  Time:HP:Year2  House:SlytherinHarry  Character:BellatrixLestrange  Words:100k-150k 
june 2018 by Mieeka
A Different World Book 1 Chapter 01 ­ The Children who Lived, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
UPDATED & FINISHED! CH12 Pottertwins first year at Hogwarts, as Slytherins, Ginny is in their class too. I hate summaries, too difficult Will be HPHG, DMGW, TROC
Fandom:HarryPotter  Time:HP:Year1  toread  Words:25k-50k  Status:Completed  Site:FFNET  Character:HarryPotter  Genre:HarryWithATwin  Character:OC  Character:HermioneGranger  Character:GinnyWeasley 
june 2018 by Mieeka
Green Eyes Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
After Voldemort finally acquires a new body, Violetta Potter manages to catch his attention in a way no one ever had. DarkFem!Harry/Tom Riddle
Time:HP:Year4  Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:Under10k  Site:FFNET  Status:WIP  Character:HarryPotter  Character:Harry!Female  Character:TomRiddle/Voldemort 
june 2018 by Mieeka
Answering Prayers Chapter 1, a supernatural fanfic | FanFiction
Gabriel gets a phone after he was freed from Hell. He uses it to answer prayers. And keep in contact with Sam. But mainly, he answers random prayers he catches.
Genre:Crack  Fandom:Supernatural  Words:Under10k  Character:Gabriel  Time:Spn:Season13  Status:WIP  Site:FFNET 
june 2018 by Mieeka
A Second Chance at Life Chapter 2, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
When Voldemort’s assassins find him Harry flees seeking a place to prepare for the battle. Bloodmagic, wandlessmagic, necromancy, fae, a thunderbird, demons, vampires. Harry finds the strength & allies to win a war. Singularly unique fic.
Time:HP:Year6  Fandom:HarryPotter  Words:200K+  Status:Completed  Site:FFNET  Character:HarryPotter  Series  Genre:OtherSchool 
june 2018 by Mieeka
Fusion Chapter 1, a X-Men + Harry Potter Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Harry discovers that his family history isn't quite as straightforward as he had thought when his grandfathers past catches up with him. Response to lady stormrider's challenge on the Caer Azkaban Yahoo group.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Fandom:XMen  Site:FFNET  Words:25k-50k  Character:HarryPotter  Character:Logan/Wolverine  Time:hp:year5  Status:WIP 
june 2018 by Mieeka
Guardian Chapter 1: Prologue: Manchu Sabin Norard, a Stargate: SG-1 + Harry Potter Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
AU. SG1HP. Harry is taken that night by an Ascended Ancient and becomes a Guardian, a task that shall shape not only his protectees, but the universe.
Time:HP:PreYear1  Fandom:HarryPotter  Fandom:Stargate  Site:FFNET  Words:150k-200K  Status:Completed  Character:HarryPotter  Character:JackONeill 
may 2018 by Mieeka
Better Be Slytherin! Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
YEAR ONE COMPLETED! As a first year, Harry is sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor, and no one is more surprised than his new Head of House. Snape mentors Harry fic.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Time:HP:Year1  House:SlytherinHarry  Site:FFNET  Words:150k-200K  Character:HarryPotter  Status:Completed  Series  Character:SeverusSnape 
may 2018 by Mieeka
A Different Road IV: The Outsider Amidst Turmoil Chapter 1: Guilty Conscious, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
AU. It’s Harry’s fourth year as a Slytherin; the Triwizard Tournament is returning. Events take a bad turn when Harry is chosen as an unwilling champion. At the end of the final task, he will have to choose a side, but which will it be--light or dark?
Status:WIP  Time:HP:Year4  House:SlytherinHarry  Words:75k-100K  Site:FFNET  Fandom:HarryPotter  Character:HarryPotter  Character:TomRiddle/Voldemort  Series 
may 2018 by Mieeka
A Champion's New Hope Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Beginning during the Goblet of Fire, Harry looks to different friends for support after both Ron and Hermione refuse to believe that he did not put his name in the Goblet. Including one unexpected friend: Daphne Greengrass.
Fandom:HarryPotter  Time:HP:Year4  Site:FFNET  Words:200K+  Character:HarryPotter  Status:Completed  Pairing:Daphne/Harry  Character:DaphneGreengrass 
may 2018 by Mieeka
All Was Not Well Chapter 1: All Was Not Well, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry was massively disappointed in how things were going after the final battle. Nothing had changed, it only looked like it on the outside. So he decides to change the past to prevent certain things from happening. Being the Master of Death has its perks. Time-travel, Harry / OC
Fandom:HarryPotter  Time:HP:PreYear1  Genre:Time-Travel  Words:25k-50k  Status:Completed  Site:FFNET  Character:HarryPotter  Character:Harry!MasterOfDeath  Character:OC 
may 2018 by Mieeka
Better in the Dark Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry is struggling after the loss of Sirius but discovering that he isn't a Potter pushes him over. Now that he knows the truth what should he fight for?
Fandom:HarryPotter  Site:FFNET  Status:Completed  Time:HP:Year6  Words:100k-150k  Character:DracoMalfoy  Pairing:Draco/Harry  Character:HarryPotter  Character:LuciusMalfoy  Character:CharlieWeasley  Character:SeverusSnape 
may 2018 by Mieeka
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