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Nutrient Data : Home
The US Department of Agriculture's nutrient database - used by most nutrition tracking resources - is searchable online, or downloadable into databases, spreadsheets, or the USDA's own Windows programs.
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august 2013 by Michael.Massing
Nutrition facts, calories in food, labels, nutritional information and analysis – NutritionData.com
Much as I dislike the tone of this site, and silly as some of its good/bad comments (presumably automated) can be, it's the user-friendliest version of the USDA nutrition database I know.—DMM
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july 2011 by Michael.Massing
FrenchDiet, a nutrition software
This quirky old Mac program is the one I used for most of my dietary tracking when I put myself into remission from diabetes type 2 in 2003. The English version is no longer updated. Try for free.
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february 2007 by Michael.Massing

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