Talk to Transformer
Play with a neural network
4 days ago
Hoaxy® by OSoMe
Visualize the spread of fake news.
politics  twitter  tools 
4 days ago
dolphin from atlantis quixno - Google Search
Searching for the psychic/medium who does some weird thing communicating with a dolphin psychically??? Goes to conventions and does…something?
psychics  lol 
4 weeks ago
Origami Kawasaki Rose Bud – Origami Tutorials
Super cool amazing wonderful paper folding thing that I like but don’t really have the patience for nevertheless I don’t want to lose this
origami  crafts 
4 weeks ago
Watch My Best Fiend (1999) Full Movie Free Streaming Online | Tubi
Werner Herzog and his weird feud/friendship with Klaus Kinski, who he tried to kill at least once. (?!)
wtf  movies 
4 weeks ago
free ebooks, public domain
ebooks  literature 
4 weeks ago
Vines, Wines and Lines: A Life Uncelebrated, a Death Unannounced: Mary Kornbluth, 1920-2007
This is actually really weird. Some kind of drama going on here about C. M. Kornbluth and Frederik Pohl.
scifi  history 
6 weeks ago
Collection of research, fish morphology
data  science 
8 weeks ago
Short Stories and Classic Literature
The American Literature Library has thousands of FREE short stories and classic books
literature  shortstory 
10 weeks ago
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