Retrobatch, from Flying Meat
Split out images from animated GIFs, PNGs, multipage TIFF files, PDF pages, and ICNS files into individual images.
image  processing  batch  production  node 
june 2018
I made this website to collect hack spots all over the world from friends and friends of friends (the spreadsheet is wide open, so you can add some, too!). It’s using sheetsee to power the table, map and other elements of the page. Its source is in this repo, with just a gh-pages branch. To create an instance of this site for yourself all you need to do:
data  visualisation  javascript  js  libraries 
april 2018
No.4 Pingyuanli to No.4 Tianqiaobeili
Ma Qiusha
No.4  Pingyuanli  to  Tianqiaobeili  Ma  Qiusha  Art  Video  China 
february 2018
This Is Our Favorite Lav Mic System | Fstoppers
We currently own four sets of Sennheiser G3s. They aren't cheap, but they are way cheaper than some other units in the market. This kit is built like a tank and no matter how much abuse we put the transmitter, receiver, and included lav mic through, they keep on working. The problem is that the included mic is pretty big and the accessories available for it are horrible. If your only shooting in the studio with a single mic, this mic will be fine, but we're always using two mics on our talent and filming outside in incredibly windy environments. Because of that, the accessories that can hold the lav mic in place or cut wind noise are extremely important to us. 
lav  mic  audio  equipment  recommendations 
january 2018
Plain Text, Papers, Pandoc
I don’t write fiction, but I can imagine that a lot of fiction writing can be done without any reference materials whatsoever. Similarly, a lot of editorials and opinion pieces are remarkably fact-free; these also can spring directly from the writer’s head. But the type of writing I typically do—mostly for work, but also here—is loaded with facts. I am constantly referring to photographs, drawings, experimental test results, calculations, reports written by others, textbooks, journal articles, and so on. These are not distractions; they are essential to the writing process.
Writing  Tools  Typesetting  Academia  Pandoc  LaTex  XeLaTex 
october 2017
Why Chinese Is So Damn Hard
The beauty of the characters is indisputable, but as the Chinese people began to realize the importance of universal literacy, it became clear that these ideograms were sort of like bound feet -- some fetishists may have liked the way they looked, but they weren't too practical for daily use.
Chinese  Language  Learning 
september 2017
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