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[1803.04189] Noise2Noise: Learning Image Restoration without Clean Data

The paper and math is beyond me right now but this seems amazing. Will want to revisit paper once I know more.
Denoiser  NeuralNetwork 
august 2018 by MemoryStomp
Gradient Estimation for Real-Time Adaptive Temporal Filtering

Building on the "Spatiotemporal variance-guided filter" and making it be adaptive.

(this stuff is improving so fast...)
HPG18  temporal  denoiser 
august 2018 by MemoryStomp
Denoising with Kernel Prediction and Asymmetric Loss Functions
Watched the video. Another paper I'm pinboarding even though it's way beyond me :/
Siggraph18  NeuralNetwork  Denoising  Denoiser 
august 2018 by MemoryStomp

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