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GDC Vault - The Visual Effects Technology of 'Destiny'

First part of talk was a lot about their sequencer, template engine (graphs, but not “black box” so really powerful). Some stuff on their editor, expressions, and lots of other powerful tools. Different “channels” (filters) for game object types, sequence types, etc

Second part is grab bag of techniques:
1. Faking AA or dof or motion blur by just increasing size and reducing opacity is good. For detecting sub-pixel particles and making them bigger it is neat
2. Jittered near fade for better fade off and
3. Thinning out particles due to gpu perf and how to detect gpu perf
4. Particle collision by detecting if it was in front of depth in previous and current frame (parity check) and other ways to stop or slide collided particles
5. Attractor/repulse based on shapes instead of just points
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june 2018 by MemoryStomp
The Destiny Particle Architecture
Similar bytecode setup as say, bitsquid, but compile to individual compute shaders.
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september 2017 by MemoryStomp
Rendering of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Activision Community
"Multi-resolution" vfx sounds great. Last-gen trick (MSAA alias of the full screen) updated so it still works.
DigitalDragons  EngineOverview  vfx  vfxLighting  VolumetricFog  volumetric  LightProbes  downsample 
july 2017 by MemoryStomp
Rendering of Shadow Warrior 2
PCG levels (randomly selected and rotated large blocks of levels)
>then runtime local env maps created

LevelGeneration  EngineOverview  pcg  lightprobes  environment  maps  gore 
june 2017 by MemoryStomp

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