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Republicans abandoning Bush - Politics -
It only took flagrant, proud incompetence and unconstitutional activity to make it happen. Dear Congressional Dems: Suck less.
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june 2007 by Membranophonist
Bush Signaling Shift in Stance on Immigration - New York Times
King Nothing gets his flip-flops out of the (totally manly) closet.
Politics  Bush  Immigration  Cowardice 
july 2006 by Membranophonist
ABC News: Bush Wants Newcomers to Learn English
A reasonable request, assuming Bush is also willing to learn English.
Politics  Bush  Immigration  Language 
may 2006 by Membranophonist
Jonathan Chait: The right discovers Bush's 'honesty' - Los Angeles Times
But… but… I thought he was the most straight-shootin', straight-talkin' leader Merikuh has ever seen?!
Politics  Bush  Conservatives  Immigration 
may 2006 by Membranophonist
Hard-Core Republicans Are Fleeing President
"Disaffection over spending and immigration have caused conservatives to take flight from President Bush and the Republican Congress…" Incompetent and corrupt.
Politics  Polls  Bush  GOP  Congress  Incompetence  Corruption  Taxes  Immigration  Iraq 
may 2006 by Membranophonist

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