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Sorry. Iraq Wasn't a Good Faith Mistake. It Was Based on Lies.
Jeb and the rest can try to whitewash history, but the war was the result of a concerted campaign of deception by George W. Bush and his administration.
Iraq  WMD  Lies  Bush  Rumsfeld  Cheney 
may 2015 by Membranophonist
Iraq war 'caused slowdown in the US' | The Australian
"The former World Bank vice-president yesterday said the war had, so far, cost the US something like $US3trillion ($3.3 trillion) compared with the $US50-$US60-billion predicted in 2003." Super.
Economics  Iraq  Bush  Rumsfeld  Failure  Incompetence 
march 2008 by Membranophonist
The Daily Dish: "Verschrfte Vernehmung"
"Enhanced interrogation techniques" such as sleep deprivation and cold soaking were used by the Nazis. They were deemed torture and punishable by death. The Bush administration has used the same term and techniques. But it's okay 'cause we're The Good Guy
Torture  Nazis  Bush  Rumsfeld  Cheney 
june 2007 by Membranophonist
Dan Froomkin - Where's the Leak? -
"…further evidence that what Bush and his aides tell each other bears little relation to what they tell the people they represent." Whaaat?
Bush  Rumsfeld  Iraq  Leaks  Media 
december 2006 by Membranophonist
Secretary Rumsfeld stepping down - Politics -
Don't let the door hit you on your sorry, incompetent, lying ass.
DoD  Pentagon  Rumsfeld  Iraq  FUBAR  Incompetence  Failure 
november 2006 by Membranophonist
Eustis chief: Iraq post-war plan muzzled
Rumsfeld threatened those who wanted to plan for the post-invasion period. How does that asshat still have a job?
Iraq  FUBAR  Rumsfeld  Incompetence  Failure 
september 2006 by Membranophonist
Think Progress ‽ Rumsfeld: ‘I Have Never Painted A Rosy Picture’ About Iraq
Like the "man" who is nominally his boss, Rumsfeld is dangerously incompetent and a liar.
Rumsfeld  Senate  Iraq  FUBAR 
august 2006 by Membranophonist How Doctors Got Into the Torture Business -- Page 1
"After a while, you get numb reading these stories. They read like accounts of a South American dictatorship, not an American presidency."
Torture  Medicine  Rumsfeld  Bush 
june 2006 by Membranophonist
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Rumsfeld faces Iraq letters row
His not signing condolence letters is part of his military modernization plan!
Iraq  Politics  Rumsfeld 
march 2006 by Membranophonist
Exclusive: CIA Commander: We Let bin Laden Slip Away - Newsweek Periscope -
…the CIA field commander for the agency's Jawbreaker team at Tora Bora, Gary Berntsen, says he and other U.S. commanders did know that bin Laden was among the hundreds of fleeing Qaeda and Taliban members.
Politics  Terrorism  CIA  Afghanistan  Bush  Rumsfeld  Incompetence 
march 2006 by Membranophonist

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