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Why American conservatism failed
“The fundamental flaw of modern conservatism is that it is unsure whether America today is a fallen republic or an astonishing success story.” Whatever keeps the rubes voting for an oligarchy of corporate interests.
Conservatives  GOP  Republicans  Conservatism 
july 2019 by Membranophonist
How the Party of Palin Became the Party of Trump -- NYMag
You built a party around racism and resentment, now you're surprised the candidate who plays to those feelings is your leader?
Palin  Trump  GOP  Republicans  Conservatives 
june 2016 by Membranophonist
Koch network spent nearly $400M in 2015 | TheHill
Charles Koch is really worried about America's direction toward a two-tiered society. The obvious answer is cutting the taxes of the rich and eliminating social safety net programs.
Wealth  Conservatives  Koch  Douchebaggery 
january 2016 by Membranophonist
Today's Dumbest Chart, Presented in Chart Form | Mother Jones
"This is so phenomenally stupid that I figured it had to be a joke of some kind." Conservative denial of climate change would be endless fun if their idiocy didn't have real consequences.
Climate  Chart  Idiocy  Conservatives 
december 2015 by Membranophonist
Why the upcoming battle over the Senate torture report is such a big deal - The Washington Post
"The cynicism necessary to attempt to blame the blowback from their torture program on those who want it exposed is truly a wonder." The right has a bottomless well of cynicism.
Torture  CIA  Terrorism  Conservatives  Bush  Cheney  GOP  Republicans 
december 2014 by Membranophonist
Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity plans $125 million spending spree - Print View
“…we consistently see that Americans in general are concerned that free-market policy — and its advocates — benefit the rich and powerful more than the most vulnerable of society. …We must correct this misconception.” Misconception. Right.
Conservatives  Koch  Politics  Oligarchy  Regulation  Elections 
may 2014 by Membranophonist
The Definitive Guide To What Bundy's Biggest Supporters Are Saying Now
But he's still totally awesome for cheating the government out of grazing fees.
Conservatives  Idiocy  Racism 
april 2014 by Membranophonist
Bill Viewed as Anti-Gay Is Passed in Arizona -
"Our right to be small-minded bigots must be enforced by the government!"
Arizona  Conservatives  Douchebaggery  Bigotry 
february 2014 by Membranophonist
Eastern Washington: Feeding from — and biting — government’s hand - Strange Bedfellows — Politics News
Big Government is evil, unless it's subsidizing your crops, irrigation, highways, and is your major employer.
Washington  Conservatives  Hypocrisy 
february 2014 by Membranophonist
Public’s Views on Human Evolution | Pew Research Center's Religion & Public Life Project
"In 2009, 54% of Republicans and 64% of Democrats said humans have evolved over time, a difference of 10 percentage points. Today, 43% of Republicans and 67% of Democrats say humans have evolved, a 24-point gap." It's just a theory!
Evolution  Science  Ideology  Conservatives 
december 2013 by Membranophonist
Tweet of the Day
David Frum: "Pro tip: If you want to express your love of US Army & its monuments … leave the Confederate flag at home. " Dipshits.
Conservatives  Confederacy  Idiocy 
october 2013 by Membranophonist
Politicians Should Learn Bigger Lessons From Their Pet Causes | Mother Jones
Disinterest toward problems until they personally affect you is a sad trait of conservatives. See Dick Cheney and gay rights or Duke Cunningham and prison reform.
Conservatives  Medicaid 
january 2013 by Membranophonist
Wealthcare | The New Republic
There is nothing as maddening as meeting 20somethings who have found an excuse for their selfishness and lack of empathy in Ayn Rand.
Objectivism  Rand  Conservatives  Economics 
september 2009 by Membranophonist
Quit Doling Out That Bad-Economy Line -
Donald Luskin's year-ago bid to take Doug Feith's "World's Dumbest Man" title.
Luskin  Conservatives  Economy  Idiocy 
september 2009 by Membranophonist
Twenty-six Lies About H.R. 3200 |
"A notorious analysis of the House health care bill contains 48 claims. Twenty-six of them are false and the rest mostly misleading. Only four are true."
Healthcare  Conservatives  Lies 
september 2009 by Membranophonist
Rick Perlstein -- Birthers, Health Care Hecklers and the Rise of Right-Wing Rage
"Good thing our leaders weren't so cowardly in 1964, or we would never have passed a civil rights bill -- because of complaints over the provisions in it that would enslave whites."
Conservatives  Insanity  Lies  ODS  Media  Journalism 
august 2009 by Membranophonist Editorials, Political Cartoons, and Polls from Investor's Business Daily -- How House Bill Runs Over Grandma
"This version corrects the original editorial which implied that physicist Stephen Hawking, a professor at the University of Cambridge, did not live in the UK." You mean where you idiots wrote "People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn't have a chance in the U.K., where the National Health Service would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless."
Healthcare  Conservatives  Hawking  NHS  Idiocy 
august 2009 by Membranophonist
Beyond Beltway, Health Debate Turns Hostile -
"On Thursday, the talk show host Rush Limbaugh said the administration’s health care logo was itself similar to a Nazi symbol." This is the quality of conservative leadership in America.
Healthcare  Conservatives  Insanity  ODS 
august 2009 by Membranophonist
Shepard Smith Calls Out "More and More Frightening" Fox E-mailers | TPMTV
Right-wingers all angry about The Negro in the White House. Props to Shepard Smith for calling them what they are: lunatics.
Racism  Conservatives  Media  FNC 
june 2009 by Membranophonist
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » You’ll Never Get This 21 Minutes Of Your Life Back
"I really don’t understand how bipartisanship is ever going to work when one of the parties is insane. Imagine trying to negotiate an agreement on dinner plans with your date, and you suggest Italian and she states her preference would be a meal of tire rims and anthrax."
Republicans  Conservatives  Economy  Idiocy  Wingnuts 
february 2009 by Membranophonist
Social conservatives fight for control of Republican Party - Los Angeles Times
I wholeheartedly encourage the GOP to choose bigotry and demonization as their platform of the future! Make your support base even smaller and crazier!
Conservatives  GOP  Republicans  RNC  Bigotry  Homophobia 
october 2008 by Membranophonist
TBogg » Invasion of the Obama Snatchers
Hilarious post, many hilarious comments. "Obama has brainwashed everyone! YOU MUST BELIEVE ME!"
Obama  Conservatives  Hysteria  Republicans  GOP 
october 2008 by Membranophonist
Political Punch: In Philly, Conservative Talk Radio Host Backs Obama
"For the first time since registering as a Republican 28 years ago, I’m voting for a Democrat for president." I wonder how many death threats he'll get from the Right Wing Kool-Aid Brigade.
Obama  Smerconish  Conservatives 
october 2008 by Membranophonist
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Great Moments In Right-Wing Punditry
"No matter how well the economy performs, Krugman’s bitter vendetta against the Bush administration requires him to hunt for the black lining in a sky full of silvery clouds."
Hinderaker  Idiocy  Asshat  Conservatives  Economy  Housing 
october 2008 by Membranophonist
McCain Denounces Pitchfork-Wavers - Swampland - TIME
"I'm scared of Barack Obama... he's an Arab..." Pass it on! (Corrected still idiotic quote.)
McCain  Obama  Ignorance  Idiocy  Asshat  Republicans  Conservatives  Bigotry  Xenophobia 
october 2008 by Membranophonist
The GOP Blames the Victim -
"Most of the mistakes for which we are paying now, Mr. Black told me, were actually made 'by four entities that under conservative economic theory should have exercised effective market discipline -- the appraisers, the originators of the mortgages, the rating agencies, and the investment banking firms that packaged the subprime mortgage-backed securities.'"
Economics  Economy  Housing  Mortgages  GOP  Republicans  Conservatives  Congress 
october 2008 by Membranophonist
ABC News: Maverick to Candidate: Evolution of the New John McCain
"The old McCain was a champion of financial deregulation, playing a key role in the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, the Depression-era law that strictly limited what banks, investment banks and mortgage lenders could and could not do. The Arizona senator enthusiastically supported the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which further dismantled the old regulatory structure. And he backed the 2000 move by his former colleague -- and key economic adviser -- former Sen. Phil Gram to prohibit federal agencies from regulating the financial derivative markets, which went completely haywire and are now in total crisis, dragging the world's financial system into chaos."
McCain  Economics  Policy  Senate  Regulation  GOP  Republicans  Conservatives 
september 2008 by Membranophonist
Op-Ed Columnist - McCain’s Radical Agenda - Op-Ed -
"For starters, the McCain health plan would treat employer-paid health benefits as income that employees would have to pay taxes on."
McCain  Healthcare  Economics  Insurance  Conservatives 
september 2008 by Membranophonist
No, Actually, It's that the Economy is Falling Apart - Swampland - TIME
"They are trying to sell a big lie--that the election is about the social issues of the 1960s, or Barack Obama's patriotism or his eloquence, or the 'angry left,' when it's really about turning toward a more moderate path after the ideological radicalism and malfeasance of the past eight years." Less failure, please.
McCain  Schmidt  Palin  GOP  Republicans  Media  Conservatives  Economy 
september 2008 by Membranophonist
Workers' Religious Freedom vs. Patients' Rights
A dishonest attempt to redefine abortion to allow right-wingers in health-care to impose their judgement on patients.
Health  Medicine  HHS  Conservatives 
august 2008 by Membranophonist
Media Matters - Limbaugh: Service members who support U.S. withdrawal are "phony soldiers"
Not like the real tough guys who do radio shows and fight off addiction to hillbilly heroin.
Limbaugh  Asshat  Conservatives  GOP  Iraq 
september 2007 by Membranophonist
Talking Points Memo | Coming around on gay marriage
"The key to social change in this country seems fairly straightforward: wait for conservatives to have more life experience." Many conservatives can't empathize until an issue affects them personally.
Conservatives  Rights 
september 2007 by Membranophonist
Impeach Vice President Cheney. - By Bruce Fein - Slate Magazine
"Cheney is impeachable for his overweening power and his sneering contempt of the Constitution and the rule of law." Fein must be a dirty liberal who hates freedom and/or puppies.
Cheney  Bush  Constitution  Law  Torture  Impeachment  Conservatives 
august 2007 by Membranophonist
Vitter Escort: Palfrey Ran Prostitution Ring
More whoreable days ahead for Vitter. Will this be the bit that makes his wife snap and carry out her threat to cut off his dangler?
Vitter  Prostitution  Hypocrisy  Republicans  GOP  Conservatives  Senate  Louisiana 
august 2007 by Membranophonist
Why Bush Is A Loser -
David Corn's rebuttal to Bill "Blood on My Hands" Kristol's WaPo editorial proclaiming George W. Bush to be super duper.
Bush  Failure  Incompetence  Iraq  Kristol  Conservatives 
july 2007 by Membranophonist
Is Karl Rove An Atheist? | TPMCafe
All that matters to Turd Blossom is power. Everything else is just a means to that end.
Rove  Religion  GOP  Conservatives 
may 2007 by Membranophonist
The Blog | Tom Tomorrow: What They Said | The Huffington Post
Classic Iraq-related quotes from media idiots and conservative liars (oftentimes one and the same).
Media  Pundits  Conservatives  Iraq  Idiocy 
may 2007 by Membranophonist
Political Appointees No Longer to Pick Justice Interns -
Ashcroft's program of packing the DoJ with conservative interns is (supposedly) no more.
DoJ  Law  Conservatives  GOP  Corruption 
april 2007 by Membranophonist
Rightist Indignation -
"GOP Insider Vic Gold Launches a Broadside at the State of Party"
GOP  Republicans  Conservatives  Bush  Failure  Incompetence 
april 2007 by Membranophonist
NPR : Peace Department Proposal Rattles Small Town
A Department of Peace will obviously make us all lesbian communist vegetarian yoga instructors. Terrifying.
Republicans  GOP  Minnesota  Conservatives  Morons 
march 2007 by Membranophonist
Republican Party loyalty in decline since 2002 - Los Angeles Times
I'm guessing it has to do with the lying, corruption, heartlessness, and incompetence.
Republicans  GOP  Conservatives  Corruption  Incompetence  Failure 
march 2007 by Membranophonist
YouTube - CPAC 2007: The Unauthorized Documentary
Why wouldn't Malkin sign the concentration camp picture? I thought she was a big fan!
CPAC  Conservatives  GOP  Bigotry  Homophobia 
march 2007 by Membranophonist
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