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New C.I.A. Deputy Director, Gina Haspel, Had Leading Role in Torture - The New York Times
I'm guessing Trump heard that she tortured people and that was good enough for him.
CIA  Torture  Bush  Trump 
march 2018 by Membranophonist
Sorry. Iraq Wasn't a Good Faith Mistake. It Was Based on Lies.
Jeb and the rest can try to whitewash history, but the war was the result of a concerted campaign of deception by George W. Bush and his administration.
Iraq  WMD  Lies  Bush  Rumsfeld  Cheney 
may 2015 by Membranophonist
Gary Hart: Dare We Call It Oligarchy? | TIME
"We have created what came to be known in late 17th and 18th century England as a division between the Court and the Country."
Politics  Oligarchy  Corruption  Lobbying  Clinton  Bush 
april 2015 by Membranophonist
Why the upcoming battle over the Senate torture report is such a big deal - The Washington Post
"The cynicism necessary to attempt to blame the blowback from their torture program on those who want it exposed is truly a wonder." The right has a bottomless well of cynicism.
Torture  CIA  Terrorism  Conservatives  Bush  Cheney  GOP  Republicans 
december 2014 by Membranophonist
To Ousted Boss, Arms Watchdog Was Seen as an Obstacle in Iraq -
John Bolton and the Bush administration didn't want anyone telling them Iraq didn't have WMD.
Bush  Bolton  Iraq  WMD 
october 2013 by Membranophonist
Bruce Bartlett: The Bush Tax-Cut Failure -
The solution is another round of tax cuts for the rich and corporations.
Taxes  Bush  Failure  Economy 
may 2013 by Membranophonist
Ashcroft can be sued over arrests, appeals court rules --
"Members of the panel, all appointees of Republican presidents, characterized Ashcroft's detention policy as 'repugnant to the Constitution, and a painful reminder of some of the most ignominious chapters of our national history.'" What are principles and laws when they go out the window when we're scared?
Bush  Ashcroft  DoJ  Law  Constitution 
september 2009 by Membranophonist
Feds Urge Dismissal of High-Profile Spy Case | Threat Level |
"The Obama administration is urging a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit weighing whether a sitting U.S. president may lawfully create a spying program to eavesdrop on Americans’ electronic communications without warrants or congressional authorization."
Obama  Bush  DoJ  NSA  Surveillance  Privacy  Rights  Law  FISA 
august 2009 by Membranophonist
Council for Secular Humanism: A French Revelation, or The Burning Bush
Bush tried to convince Chirac to join his holy war, saying that "The biblical prophecies are being fulfilled…. This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins.”
Bush  Chirac  Iraq  Religion  Christianity 
august 2009 by Membranophonist
Administration Reluctantly Moves Toward Revisiting Bush Anti-Terror Policies -
If we find out all about the immoral and illegal things that were done, we won't be able to do them anymore. Good argument, conservatives.
Torture  CIA  Bush  Cheney  Addington  Yoo  Surveillance 
july 2009 by Membranophonist
CIA Stance On Torture Tape Docs Suggests Obama's New Open Government Era Won't Materialize | TPMMuckraker
"…open-government advocates are reluctantly acknowledging that, despite Obama's campaign promises, his approach to secrecy on issues of national security will likely not depart significantly from that of George Bush."
Obama  Bush  Secrecy  CIA  Torture 
june 2009 by Membranophonist
Jobs Still Elude Some Bush Ex-Officials -
"The jobless rate is hanging high -- for many of the roughly 3,000 political appointees who served President George W. Bush. Finding work has proved a far tougher task than those appointees expected." I guess failure doesn't look good on your resume.
Incompetence  Failure  Bush  Employment  Republicans  Schadenfreude 
february 2009 by Membranophonist
Harper’s Index: A retrospective of the Bush era (Harper's Magazine)
"Rank of Bush among U.S. presidents with the highest disapproval rating: 1" Goodbye, Failure.
Bush  Failure  Incompetence  Idiocy  Statistics 
january 2009 by Membranophonist
The Case of the Gonzales Notes
"The Justice Department is investigating whether former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales created a set of fictitious notes so that President Bush would have a rationale for reauthorizing his warrantless eavesdropping program, according to sources close to the investigation."
Gonzales  Bush  DoJ  Surveillance  NSA  Constitution  Privacy  Ethics 
october 2008 by Membranophonist
AP: Attacks, praise stretch truth at GOP convention
"George W. Bush, a conservative Republican, has been president for nearly eight years. And until last year, Republicans controlled Congress." And they were corrupt and incompetent the whole time.
Bush  McCain  GOP  Republicans  Failure  Incompetence  Corruption 
september 2008 by Membranophonist
ABC News: Bush Hits New Low: Ties Carter Approval
"Bush approval peaks among Republicans, at 65 percent…" Amazing.
Politics  Polls  Bush  Failure  Incompetence 
july 2008 by Membranophonist
Iraq war 'caused slowdown in the US' | The Australian
"The former World Bank vice-president yesterday said the war had, so far, cost the US something like $US3trillion ($3.3 trillion) compared with the $US50-$US60-billion predicted in 2003." Super.
Economics  Iraq  Bush  Rumsfeld  Failure  Incompetence 
march 2008 by Membranophonist
Bush asserts authority to bypass defense act - The Boston Globe
"I can do whatever I want." Less than a year left of the criminal administration.
Bush  Congress  Constitution  Law 
february 2008 by Membranophonist
Bush Requests $46 Billion for Wars - New York Times
No additional money for health care for children, lots of money for war.
Iraq  Bush  Failure 
october 2007 by Membranophonist
Bush's EPA Is Pursuing Fewer Polluters -
Polluting the planet? Just cough up some money! All is forgiven.
Bush  GOP  Republicans  EPA  DoJ  Law  Pollution  Environment 
october 2007 by Membranophonist
Nation & World | Ordinary? Residents describe life in Baghdad as miserable | Seattle Times Newspaper
"Bush, he [Ali Mohammed, 30] said, 'is speaking the opposite of what's going on on the ground.'" Stay the course!
Iraq  Baghdad  FUBAR  Bush  Failure  Propaganda 
september 2007 by Membranophonist
"Broken Government" | Salon Books
"I never thought that the GOP posed a threat to the well-being of our nation. But these days, I no longer recognize my old party." –John Dean
GOP  Republicans  Government  Authoritarianism  Bush  Congress  Law 
september 2007 by Membranophonist
ABC News: Poll: Public Doubts Petraeus Iraq Report
"More than half of Americans think the Petraeus report will try to sugar-coat the real situation there, and two-thirds don't believe it will influence George W. Bush's war policy anyway."
Iraq  FUBAR  Bush  Failure  Polls 
september 2007 by Membranophonist
Bush knew Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction |
"On Sept. 18, 2002, CIA director George Tenet briefed President Bush in the Oval Office on top-secret intelligence that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction…" Bush is a war criminal.
Iraq  Intelligence  WMD  CIA  Bush  Tenet 
september 2007 by Membranophonist
Iraqi civilian deaths climb again - Los Angeles Times
"War-related fatalities rose in August, the second month in a row, suggesting that the U.S. troop increase has had little effect."
Iraq  FUBAR  Bush  Failure  Statistics 
september 2007 by Membranophonist
Matthew Yglesias (September 02, 2007) - Strange Progress (Foreign Policy)
"Maybe Bush can change his line to the idea that if we just keep staying the course for 4 or 5 more years, casualties will drop massively because everyone will already be dead or displaced." Brilliant!
Bush  Iraq  FUBAR  Failure  Propaganda 
september 2007 by Membranophonist
White House Acts to Limit Health Plan for Children - New York Times
The Bush administration does not believe in providing health coverage for all children. Insurance company profits are more important.
Health  Insurance  CHIP  Congress  Bush 
august 2007 by Membranophonist
House Approves Changes in Eavesdropping - New York Times
Way to cave, Dems. "Oh noes! GWB will say we are terrorist huggers if we don't let him spy on whoever he wants without judicial oversight!" They are going to smear you anyway.
FISA  Congress  Intelligence  Surveillance  Law  Bush  Gonzales  DoJ 
august 2007 by Membranophonist
Impeach Vice President Cheney. - By Bruce Fein - Slate Magazine
"Cheney is impeachable for his overweening power and his sneering contempt of the Constitution and the rule of law." Fein must be a dirty liberal who hates freedom and/or puppies.
Cheney  Bush  Constitution  Law  Torture  Impeachment  Conservatives 
august 2007 by Membranophonist
Broader Privilege Claimed In Firings -
The Bush administration believes itself to be above the law. Impeachment of Bush and Cheney seems like a better and better option.
Bush  Congress  USAttorneys  Law 
july 2007 by Membranophonist
Why Bush Is A Loser -
David Corn's rebuttal to Bill "Blood on My Hands" Kristol's WaPo editorial proclaiming George W. Bush to be super duper.
Bush  Failure  Incompetence  Iraq  Kristol  Conservatives 
july 2007 by Membranophonist
Nation & World | White House Rebuffs Congress on Tillman Papers | Seattle Times Newspaper
The Bushies don't want the country seeing just how they decided to use Tillman's death as a propaganda tool.
Tillman  Pentagon  DoD  Bush  Congress  Oversight 
july 2007 by Membranophonist
Political Wire: Bush Approval Sinks to Nixon Levels
I knew Commander Codpiece could do it. Fail on, failure!
Bush  Nixon  Failure  Incompetence  Polls 
july 2007 by Membranophonist
Why Winston Wouldn't Stand For W -
"…the more you understand the historical record, the more the parallels leap out -- but they're between Bush and Chamberlain, not Bush and Churchill."
History  Churchill  Chamberlain  Bush  Iraq  Incompetence 
july 2007 by Membranophonist
Bush commutes Libby prison sentence - Yahoo! News
Despicable as usual. Prison is only for the little people.
Libby  Plame  Bush  Law 
july 2007 by Membranophonist
NEWSWEEK Poll: June 21, 2007 - Newsweek National News -
Bush has now beaten Carter's all-time low and is in spitting distance of Tricky Dick! You can do it, Duhbya!
Polls  Bush  Failure  Incompetence  Iraq  FUBAR 
june 2007 by Membranophonist
Republicans abandoning Bush - Politics -
It only took flagrant, proud incompetence and unconstitutional activity to make it happen. Dear Congressional Dems: Suck less.
Politics  Polls  Bush  Democrats  Congress  Immigration 
june 2007 by Membranophonist
The Daily Dish: "Verschrfte Vernehmung"
"Enhanced interrogation techniques" such as sleep deprivation and cold soaking were used by the Nazis. They were deemed torture and punishable by death. The Bush administration has used the same term and techniques. But it's okay 'cause we're The Good Guy
Torture  Nazis  Bush  Rumsfeld  Cheney 
june 2007 by Membranophonist
ABQjournal: Domenici Sought Iglesias Ouster
Bush told Gonzales to fire Iglesias because he wouldn't bring a politically motivated indictment in time to help a Republican.
GOP  Republicans  Bush  Domenici  Gonzales  Iglesias  DoJ  USAttorneys  Corruption 
april 2007 by Membranophonist
ABC News: Insider: Missteps Soured Iraqis on U.S.
"rank amateurism and swaggering arrogance" The Bush administration in five words.
Iraq  FUBAR  CPA  Bremer  Bush  Failure  Incompetence 
april 2007 by Membranophonist
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