New C.I.A. Deputy Director, Gina Haspel, Had Leading Role in Torture - The New York Times
I'm guessing Trump heard that she tortured people and that was good enough for him.
CIA  Torture  Bush  Trump 
3 days ago
Airbnb and the Unintended Consequences of Disruption - The Atlantic
Personally, I'd be okay with AirBnB being shut down in NYC. New Yorkers need places to live more than tourists need a faux “NYC living” experience.
AirBnB  Housing  Rental  Hospitality 
25 days ago
White House Let Rob Porter Keep Job Even After Receiving Final F.B.I. Report - The New York Times
They also let Flynn stay on as National Security Advisor despite concerns about him lying to the FBI about contacts with Russia. They don't care. These clowns think the rules don't apply to them.
Trump  Porter  Abuse  Violence  Lies 
4 weeks ago
Porter was up for promotion despite abuse allegations - CNNPolitics
“…FBI Director Christopher Wray contradicted days of shifting explanations from the administration…”
Trump  Porter  Abuse  Violence  Lies 
4 weeks ago
Rob Porter Is the Illumination Flare of Trumpist Rot – Talking Points Memo
“Porter’s exposure is like a brief but sustained flash of light amidst the moral darkness and squalor of [the] Trump White House, briefly illuminating all the dreck and rot of the rough beast of Trumpism.”
Trump  Porter  Abuse  Violence  Incompetence 
4 weeks ago
Is Organic Really Better? 4 Food Myths Debunked By Science
It is very disappointing to me how many otherwise intelligent people believe all the garbage about organic food. They don't realize how much of it is lifestyle marketing.
Food  Organic  Nutrition  Health  Pesticide  Science 
5 weeks ago
The Men Who Cost Clinton the Election - The New York Times
“This moment isn’t about a nation of confused men. It’s about a minority of men who choose to treat women alternately as walking sex objects or bothersome and potentially devious nags.”
Gender  Politics  Media  Journalism  Clinton  Trump  Sexism  Misogyny 
december 2017
Richest Americans Benefit Most from The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – ITEP
"Even when measured as a percentage of income, the richest one percent receive a larger average tax break in 2018 and 2027 than any other income group."
GOP  Republicans  Trump  Income  Taxes 
november 2017
Seattle families used to get govt check, then the divorces came -
Another sign of just how extreme today's Republican party has become.
UBI  Income  Poverty  Nixon  GOP 
october 2017
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