The amazing plunge in IRS audits of rich people and large companies - The Washington Post
Rich people and corporations want a Republican Congress so the IRS is permanently underfunded.
IRS  Taxes  Fraud  GOP  Republicans  Wealth  Corporations 
5 weeks ago
GOP Bill Would Let Your Boss Demand to See Your Genes
Safeway didn't save big bucks and the Republicans don't give a shit about employee rights.
Health  Healthcare  Privacy  GINA  Discrimination  GOP  Republicans 
6 weeks ago
Democrats Demand Inquiry of Russian Role in U.S. Affairs; G.O.P. Concern Grows - The New York Times
A bit of an understatement from Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC): “I know we would be upset as Republicans if the Obama administration had done this.”
Trump  Putin  Russia  Flynn 
10 weeks ago
'Mystery Shoppers' Help U.S. Regulators Fight Racial Discrimination At Banks : NPR
This is the agency the Republicans rabidly opposed, then tried to prevent from functioning.
Banking  Regulation  Discrimination  CFPB 
august 2016
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