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Request: Dean/Sam*,a/b/o, OPTIONAL: turning, castration, h/c
A/b/o world.
Generally, there is only one alpha child per family, because the alpha sibling (usually the older one) turns his younger; often before the younger boy even presents formally. Sam always considered himself lucky in that respect because when he’d come home in tears because his (current) best friend had been withdrawn from school on account of being turned into an omega by his older brother, and asked Dean if the same thing was going to happen to him, his brother had promised him that Dean would never do that to him. ... so though they fought and argued and got on each-other’s nerves, they were both secure in the knowledge that no one was getting turned.

In their teenage, people often ridiculed Dean for being ‘weak’ (because what other reason could there be for Sam presenting as ‘alpha’?) and on a memorable occasion, some boys even ganged up on the older Winchester, intending to turn him. Sam found out about it later when people started giving him a wide berth: Dean had put the four boys in their place and since he couldn’t turn Sam, then Sam was obviously super-strong, right?

Eventually all their deference started going to Sam’s head and he challenged Dean to a private match- they weren’t going to actually turn anyone, just see who was the stronger one between them. ... Sam got a rude shock when Dean put him on his back in less than ten minutes, not even breathing hard. And though he tried to ignore it, Sam couldn’t stop wondering what it would feel like to actually be the omega for such a powerful alpha.
Sam gets caught by the cops and given his records, they don’t want to lose him once again, so instead of a cell, they take him straight to a processing room where he’s anesthetised (optional) and castrated. (When someone is ‘turned’ as punishment, they are castrated to make the transition irreversible- no amount of hormone supplements and reconstructive therapy/surgery can return an alpha’s knot; in normal turnings, its the alpha’s choice whether the omega keeps his genitals intact or modified). Optional cruelty- the cops wait for Sam to become lucid before making him watch as his surgically removed dick and balls are put in an incinerator.

Dean rescues him before he is sent for ‘training’ (and files the paperwork to claim him –false name, obviously- before he can become the property of some other alpha). Cue healing and h/c as Sam comes to term with his new body, eventually figuring he hadn’t been wrong on that long ago summer when his brother had pinned him: Dean was a worthy alpha to serve.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  turning  castration  hurt/comfort 
october 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Sam A/B/O Dynamics
Ending Season 4/Beginning of Season 5

Alpha Sam just killed Lilith and just found out Ruby was using him to free Lucifer, and what's worse, when he tried to vanquish Ruby. He couldn't because he was in immense pain

She had laugh and said too late- not enough Juice and his body is definitely changing too- Sam looks up at her confused, she leans down and whisper to him- all that demon blood you been sucking down like a heroin addicted to suppose unlock you powers, you never needed the blood Sam (I know changing the words- you never needed the magic feather to fly)....

Here is where she reveals to him....Lucifer is an alpha and he needed Sam to be turned to an Omega. SO that would not have the strength to say no to LUcifer but easily submit to the Alpha Archangel......So the demon blood Sam been consuming has been slowly turning him.... it doesn't make sense wouldn't Lucifer then become an omega taking over Sam new omega body...and here is the because once you say "yes" to Lucifer, the he can change your body back to that of an Alpha after he jumps in Sam's body....

So now the temptation is even greater for Sam to say yes to Lucifer..unless an Alpha Claims him before Sam says Yes to Lucifer.

Alpha Dean finds out this information from Castiel after they were both rescue form the Church and spending time at Bobby's..They had too, Sam was just starting the first stage of his first heat ever. They almost had a problems at custom (after disembarking the plane they were on). But after that Fiasco Dean hightailed to Bobby's and once again they put him in the panic room this time for Sam's protection-Dean almost did not make it that last mile of the journey.

Bobby is a beta so Sam's heat does not affect him, he can smell it but it does not affect him like it does single alphas...After Castiel's news to them (Bobby and Dean). He is against it- he will not have some stranger claim Sammy, Castiel explains to them actually it has to be Sam's soulmate in order for Sam not to be able to be posses by Lucifer....Dean is thinking Jessica, but Cas tells him its him...This is troubling to Dean (and it makes sense why he could not resist Sam' scent either-sibling can) and he's never seen Sam as other than his little brother.

Dean wants to wait until Sam Heat abates (last day) and let him know all of this- he wants Sam right frame of mind to be able to make a clear choice.....Sam only wants to do what Dean wants-because secretly he wouldn't mind- because secretly Sam develop a crush on his big bother when Sam 14, was again rescue from bullies by Dean...but he doesn't want to force Dean in a Mate-ship, He would love Dean to Free--willing chose him....
:spn  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!Sam  alpha!Dean  turning  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  omega!Sam  heat 
october 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Cas, forced transformation, abo, season 4, denial of feelings
In season four the angels are quickly done with Dean's attitude and unwillingness to fall in line. Their (Zach and Michael's mainly) is to turn Dean into an omega. Human's are regular old humans and have never heard of such a thing, abo is an angel thing. Most seraphs and arch angels are alpha, with the exception of Raphael) The power to change someone genetically is something only an arch angel has so when Cas finds out and though he sympathizes with Dean's freak out there isn't anything that he can do. The angels assumed that with Dean's new submissive instincts, especially toward alphas, that they'd get him to fall in line easily. But, Dean's stubbornness is unparalleled. Cas does his best to respect Dean's wishes though he is still on the fence of doubt, he doesn't try to push Dean one way or the other. But, between Cas' mark on Dean and Dean's new biology Cas is having a hard time not thinking of Dean as his.

Confrontation with a bunch of angels, lost of alpha posturing and trying to force Dean to submit. Cas standing behind the other angels but when Dean's will breaks against his new instincts Cas covers him and fights off the others declaring Dean as his.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  transformation  alpha/beta/omega  season:4  turning  omega!Dean 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: John/Dean/Sam, a/b/o, consensual turning
Sam has been asking to be his daddy and Dean's omega since he was five. Now that he's finally popped his knot he's at the perfect hormonal point for a turning, but he won't be for long. John and Dean spend days fucking him and pumping cum up his ass and down his throat before the slit of his new pussy finally opens up. They take him to a doctor who verifies that everything's appearing to come in correctly and advises them to keep fucking Sam but to avoid his pussy until it's fully developed. But once they get they go ahead, they're supposed to knot his cunt every day for the next six months to a year to ensure his uterus and ovaries finish developing and he's fertile.

Cum hungry Sam desperate to be an omega, ideally getting pregnant pretty young. Sam should be between 10 and 12 when the process starts.
:spn  underage  pairing:sam/dean/john  alpha/beta/omega  turning  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  au  omega!Sam  alpha!Sam  alpha!Dean  alpha!John 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Bobby/Winchesters, abo, noncon, turning, mpreg
AlphaBobby can't stand letting good hunter stock go to waste, so the next time John and the boys visit, he puts alpha cum in their food, to start things changing and make them compliant. Once they're properly affected, he knots all three, and leaves John and Dean secured to breeding benches for later. He ties Sam to his bed for a morning treat.
:spn  underage  fps  pairing:sam/bobby  pairing:dean/bobby  pairing:bobby/john  mpreg  turning  noncon  alpha/beta/omega  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega) 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: J3M, abo, turning, dubcon, knotting, training
Despite the low success rate in making an omega, Jared is chosen as a young teenager and sent to live with his prospective alpha's Jensen, JDM and Misha. They face fuck him every night and train him to be their perfect obedient omega. When Jared presents as an alpha, they take turns knotting him, using bigger and bigger plugs in between, to keep all the cum in him. Then they wait to see if it worked.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen/misha/jdm  knotting  kink:training  dubcon  turning  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  alpha/beta/omega  au 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: John/Dean, John/Sam, abo, dubcon, mpreg
John's actions in season 1 had nothing to do with Yellow Eyes, and everything with getting Sam and Dean to a state where claiming (turning?) and breeding both of them was legal.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/john  pairing:sam/john  alpha/beta/omega  dubcon  mpreg  au  turning  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  season:1 
july 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: J2, abo, turning, knotting
With Alphas vastly outnumbering omegas, a law is passed requiring each family to have at least one omega each generation, even if it means turning an Alpha. Of course, there are loop holes.
The Ackles buy/adopt young Jared, planning to make sure he becomes an omega.
:spn  underage  pairing:jared/jensen  alpha/beta/omega  knotting  turning  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega) 
may 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Jared/many,Jared/dogs, abo, turning, dubcon, beast
The village sacrifices Jared's Alphahood to the gods of field by turning him omega. They sacrifice his personhood to the god of livestock by giving his first heat to the temple hounds.
Priest Jensen takes in his gods new bitch.
:spn  underage  rps  pairing:jared/omc(s)  pairing:jared/omd  alpha/beta/omega  turning  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  dubcon  bestiality 
may 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: MC/Dean, a/b/o, omega turning, castration, non-con, sexual dysfunction
16-year-old beta Dean is subjected to an omega turning when John leaves him and alpha Sam alone in a traditional town. Because betas (who are only ever male) are always sterile, traditional communities believe it’s cruel to leave them that way when their sterility can be “cured” by being turned into an omega. When a teacher at school brings it to the local sheriff’s attention that one of the new kids in town is a beta at 16 years old, and that his father leaves the kids alone with hardly anything to eat and not enough cash to buy any food for long stretches, and notes that Dean and Sam have been taken away from John and put into care once before, he figures John is a cruel/neglectful parent and has Dean and Sam removed from their dad’s custody permanently. The brothers are separated, with Sam going to a local foster home for young alphas while Dean is taken to be turned before he'll be placed in a foster home for young omegas until he's old enough to be mated

The problem with the turning process is that, while it does restore fertility, it comes at the cost of sexual functionality/pleasure, which is why most modern betas don’t choose to go through with it and betas from traditionalist regions have to be forced through it at a young age (as the people there believe fertility is more important than the turned omega’s ability to feel pleasure). When a natural omega presents, his balls retract back up inside him (and stop producing masculinizing hormones) and his sac shrinks and flattens out until it’s gone, making it look like he doesn’t have any balls, but their continued presence in his body is necessary for him to maintain the functionality of his penis and experience penile pleasure, which aids in the production of slick necessary for comfortable and pleasurable penetrative sex. In order for a beta’s body to turn, he has to be castrated because his balls won’t stop producing masculinizing hormones the way a natural omega’s do. As a result, a turned omega’s penis shrinks and becomes much smaller than a natural omega’s small dick and is completely impotent, which also impairs his ability to produce slick naturally.

The sheriff takes Dean to the local hospital and has him castrated to kick-start the turning process, then takes him to his home to finish the process, as he's a licensed omega turner, and he completely disregards Dean's lack of pleasure (and possible pain) because everyone knows turned omegas aren't able to feel good from sex. Later, when Dean is fully turned and gets some alone time at his foster home, he tries to explore his turned body to see if anything feels good anymore, and is miserable when he realizes he really is impotent now. Up to anon how he copes with not only that, but also with his foster parents' setting him up with a "nice local alpha" to court him until he's old enough to mate at 18.

Kinks: a/b/o, beta-to-omega turning, castration, non-con, sexual dysfunction, forced courting/threats of future forced mating, possible mpreg (if anon wants to continue writing up through Dean being mated). Other kinks are welcome.

Up to anon who the sheriff is and who Dean's possible future suitor is, but I'd prefer either Castiel, Gabriel, Michael, Crowley, Bobby, or Alastair. Don't reprompt with character roles changed.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/omc(s)  alpha/beta/omega  turning  castration  noncon  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  au 
may 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: J2 Alpha Jensen/ Alpha Jared turned omega
There is a Threat between the peace co-existing with ABO's and Humans...A radical lone Alpha has been attacking human towns that has ABO's living there. He has captured ABO"S and had them join in his crusade (ABO's are better than humans and should rule) and has killed humans...The President Elect has met with the Elders of the 4 large Packs of ABO's and gave them one warning- Deal with it or this peace ends and they will deal with it themselves.

The Ackles and the Padaleckies are the largest packs but divided (hate each other)But Alan is wise, calm and an excellent strategist and sees the danger and need for their packs to united. He purposes a peace treaty with the Padaleckies.

Gerald agrees on the condition of a union between the packs through a mating ceremony. Alan protest at first thinking his daughter is too young. But Gerald shocks him when he tells him "No a mating between their sons"- (Both are alphas) he tells Alan this is to ensure loyalty and merging the packs permanently will end the feud and their packs will be the largest making them more powerful and the Lead pack for all the packs across the North American continent.

Alan sees thru Gerald’s plan- He knows in order to mate one Alpha will be turn omega, then one who becomes omega that whole pack will be under the new Lead Alpha. Alan wants to advise against this because he knows this will end badly not for his son but for Gerald son who is a strong powerful alpha who does not deserve to be a pawn in his father quest for vengeance and power hungry. But he knows Gerald won’t listen to reason-so if this is the only way to ensure the human and ABO Peace treaty- so be it.

After the dust settle:

Jared is newly transformed omega, after his fight with alpha Jensen.

Everyone was so shocked to see that Jared is the one who lost and turned omega.

Gerald his father doesn't acknowledge him anymore, and Jared has no one to turn to except his new mate, Jensen which he hates for (killing his close family relative in a past war between their packs) how they Deal with their marriage and fall in love despite what happened, and how Jared deals with his position as Jensen mate and also his second in command (Jensen reminds Gerald omegas are highly intelligent, quick and cunning- obvious choice for Jensen). All in the middle of a threat to their newly joined packs.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  turning  alpha/beta/omega  au 
april 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/anyone, abo, turning, knot, mating
Someone (up to the writer who) is obsessed with Dean and decides to turn the Alpha in his/her Omega.
So he/she slowly feeds Dean his/her Alpha cum and puts Omega's stimulants in his food.
Dean doesn't notice the subtle changes until it's too late and he is knotted and claimed.

It would be great if you could focus on the turning and the knotting.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/any  alpha/beta/omega  turning  knotting  mating 
march 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/OMC, Werewolves, turning, breeding
In a post apocalyptic world, Dean has lost contact with Sam. Werewolves of a more wolf like nature (less human heart eating, more pack like wolf behavior) are thriving in this new world. Dean finds himself saving a group of humans, but there isn't anywhere safe to take them unless...

There's a well to do werewolf community nearby. Dean wouldn't normally think of encouraging humans to become monsters, but it's probably what is best.

The head alpha has been turning away lots of humans looking for the bite. But he likes the potential he sees in Dean. He agrees to welcome the humans into his pack on the condition that Dean agrees to be turned as well, even though he would never have considered it before.

Dean reluctantly agrees, and the alpha makes sure he gets turned into a bitch. Dean can't help his new nature, and eagerly lets the alpha claim and breed him. Happily birthing werewolf babies and being a good bitch to his mate and mommy to their pups.

Knotting, feminization, submissiveness, and the like are all welcome.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/omc(s)  werewolves  turning  breeding 
march 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Sam, ABO, cum-feeding, forced turning
AU: Sam and Dean are not related. Omega are like second-citizen in some ways but still highly treasured.
There is a law that says it’s strictly forbidden for an Alpha to turn another Alpha into an Omega. If one is found guilty of attempting a turning, the criminal will go to prison or be turned into an Omega by the State.
However, since the Omegas are rare, Alphas who claim newly turned Omegas(or are able to turn an Alpha without being caught) are not persecuted.

Sam Campbell is a “Serial Omega-Turner”: a con-man and professional criminal specialized in turning Alphas into Omegas. He loves to secretly cum-feed his victims and control them for days as they are slowly turned.
Usually he finishes the turning by knotting them but he doesn’t claim them, leaving the newly Omegas as they are about to have their first heat.
By the time he is gone and the authorities reach the scenes some good Alpha has already claimed the Omega.

Sam gets even “jobs” from people who pay for this kind of service.

Most Alpha police officers don’t really try to catch him/they sabotage the investigation, so there isn’t much on him (not even his identikit). They are traditionalists and think Sam is doing a favor to the society by increasing the number of Omegas.

FBI Special Agent Dean Winchester isn’t like them and he is working hard to catch the criminal.
Sam notices the gorgeous Fed on his tracks and decides to turn the Alpha into his Omega.

Up to anon how but Sam approaches Dean and uses all his tricks to turn him.

Sam loves the thrill of it and he gets hard each time Dean unconsciously eats his cum.

Focus on how Sam hides it in his food or spikes his drinks, how Sam manipulates Dean during the process, and the turning in itself.

When Dean is finally ready to be knotted, Sam takes him into Dean’s motel room and push him on the bed to finish the process.

Up to anon how things goes:
Ending 1:
Dean tries to fight but he can’t escape. Sam, while he is prepping him, tells Dean how perfect he is and what a beautiful omega he will be. Dean can’t fight the assault on his ass, how hard he is and then the pleasure that overwhelms him as Sam knots and claims him. Sam use Dean’s first heat to make sure the omega is properly trained to accept him as his Alpha and do as he says.


Ending 2:
Dean fights back and ask why he is doing it, Sam tells him all he had done while he restricts Dean under him. Dean smiles telling him he is under arrest and a couple of agents (including his senior partner Bobby) break into the room and handcuff Sam.
Dean was the bait and now they have hard evidence of his attempt.
Sam is sentenced to be turned into an Omega and be claimed by a rigorous Alpha.
Sam hopes it will be Dean to claim him, but the federal agent doesn’t seem interested. Senior agent John Winchester instead is eager to claim and properly train Sam.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  comeeating  turning  au 
february 2017 by Mayalaen
Repost: Jared/Jensen, a/b/o dynamics, breeding, mpreg

Jared and Jensen are both a species of aliens that are initially hermaphroditic and have both penis/testicles and vaginas. When members of their species are mature enough to seek a mate, they engage in a mating ritual that involves wrestling/penis fencing until one partner is able to successfully pin the other down and penetrate them. Once they ejaculate inside their partner, a mating bond seals between them, at which point their bodies alter to fit their reproductive role in their mating pair (the winner becomes an alpha/fully male, his vagina sealing shut while also developing a knot. The loser becomes an omega/more feminine, his penis shrinking and his balls reabsorbing back into the body while the vagina expands and breasts develop).

Jared and Jensen have both finally reached their maturity and think that the other would make a good mate, and so they enter the mating ritual with one another. They both put up a good fight, but Jared comes out the victor, securing his alphahood while claiming Jensen as his omega mate.

Would Like: omega/bottom!Jensen, alpha/top!Jared, semi-violent mating ritual, the end results of their mating (body changes, Jensen getting pregnant/giving birth, Jensen nursing/caring for their offspring), Jared becoming more dominant after the mating while Jensen accepts his role and becomes more submissive.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  alpha/beta/omega  breeding  mpreg  au  anatomy  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  turning 
january 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: John/Sam, abo, turning, oral knotting, noncon
Alpha John gets hurt in the groin area, and the doctor recommends immediate castration and turning rather than attempt reconstruction and risk infection/etc. As the closest adult, Dean is asked to make a decision, and possibly assist in the turning. Conflicted, he returns to John's hospital room, to find 14-17 Sam facefucking John, close to knotting his mouth.
:spn  underage  pairing:sam/john  alpha/beta/omega  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  alpha!John  omega!John  knotting  noncon  turning  fps 
january 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Jensen/omcs, J2, non-con, turning, abo
Jared's father is a crime boss. He's pissed off with Jensen's father, a high ranking FBI agent. When he finds out that Agent Ackles has a son who's only recently displayed as an Alpha, he conspires to have the boy kidnapped.

Jensen is 14, and deeply loves his family, he's terrified when he ends up pulled into a dark van after school. His kidnappers tear down his pants and rape him over and over, using both his mouth and ass. It takes three days, but eventually his body adapts, and he turns Omega.

After this, the kidnappers throw Jensen out on the street, knowing he'll probably end up in the hands of some pimp, or worse.

Jared finds out what his father has done, and he sets out to find the boy. When he does, he considers bringing him back home, but Jensen is terrified, feeling broken, filthy and ruined after what happened to him.

Jared takes him in, and tries to help him, slowly falling in love with the newly made Omega, and determined to take down his father for what he did to the young boy.

I'd prefer it if Jensen's family is loving and would never belittle him for what happened to him, Jensen's fears come mostly from what his kidnappers told him would happen to him, when his father finds out how disgraced he is now.
With Jared eventually taking Jensen home, and gently courting the boy.
:spn  underage  pairing:jensen/omc(s)  pairing:jared/jensen  noncon  turning  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!Jensen  omega!Jensen  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega) 
january 2017 by Mayalaen
Repost:Demon!Dean/Sam, A/B/O, bottom!Sam, Forced Turning, knotting

Alphas can be turned to Omegas, Beta's with a great deal of effort can turn to Omega but it's often not successful and damages the person so it's rarely tried and Omegas can never change.

Sam is a Beta and his Dean, his Alpha brother has always lusted after him wishing Sam had presented as an Omega.

When Sam tries to cure Dean, the demon inside of him latches onto the idea of forcing a turn so he captures Sam. Turning requires weeks of keeping a Beta helpless, weak and dependent on the Alpha, Omega hormone injections, stretching and training their hole to accept an Alpha's knot and a lot of cum from the Alpha wishing to turn the Beta.

It could work, it could fail, maybe Dean is cured before he can mate Sam and is forced to finish turning him as a human again or he could be cured mated for life to Sam.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  demon!Dean  alpha/beta/omega  bottom!Sam  turning  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  knotting  au 
november 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost; Reprompt: J2, A/B/O, dubcon, turning, Jared!Pov, knotting

Alphas were supposed to be confidant and in control, omegas were supposed to be nervous and in need of supervision. Jared and Jensen are both alphas, however, Jensen is significantly more alpha. When Jared commits a crime that puts himself in danger, or does something that risks his welfare and can't confidently defend himself to authorities, it is ruled he should be turned into an omega. He is scared, when they take him to the hospital to do it, but is okay because Jensen will turn him.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  alpha/beta/omega  dubcon  turning  knotting  au 
november 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Sam, werewolves, non-related, noncon, turning, body mod, mpreg
Can make it Dean/Cas (or other way around) if anon wants.

Dean is an alpha werewolf whose pack was killed by John and his gang of hunters. Dean escaped and began stalking John to exact his revenge, which is how he finds out John has a young son, between 10 and 13. Dean decides the best punishment for John is for him to be forced to kill his only child, so the night before the full moon, so there's no time to search for the cure, Dean decides he'll bite and turn Sam. But once he has the young boy alone he ends up holding him down and raping him, either deciding to be even more vicious and cruel as he's overcome with vengeance, or the boy's smell is intoxicating and makes him lose control of his arousal. Dean gives Sam the turning bite just as he comes inside him.

Afterward, looking down at the crying boy, Dean realizes his need for revenge took him too far and he shouldn't have involved such a young child. And Sam is special now, he can't allow John to kill him, so he takes the kid deep into the woods. There, he explains to Sam about John and how he shouldn't have tried to get John to kill Sam as well, but he was so sad and angry about losing his family it made him do awful things. He tells Sam that Sam will become a werewolf, but more importantly, because he took alpha werewolf come inside him while he got bit, he will have a special transformation. After he transforms for the first time, he'll have a womb and a little pussy behind his balls. Dean wants Sam to help him rebuild his family. The first time Dean fucks him after the transformation it's slow and gentle and he makes Sam come multiple times, apologizing all the while that Sam didn't get the first time he should have.

A few years later and there are lots of pups running around, and their pack as grown large. Lots of lone wolves have drifted in, searching for the promise of family and following an instinct to protect the pups and young male carrier. John finally tracks them down and finds Sam (still young, no older than 15-16) suckling a small pup, preferably while cuddling into Dean, maybe even with Dean lazily fingering him or sitting him on his dick. However the confrontation goes down, Sam is happy with his new family and doesn't want to leave, and the wolves won't let John even think about touching him, especially Dean.

Feel free to add other kinks, but while Dean and Sam's relationship starts off rough and non consensual, I'd like for them to end up loving and happy. It can take a while for Sam to fully trust Dean, but by the time John finds him there's nowhere else he'd rather be.
:spn  underage  pairing:sam/dean  werewolves  notrelated  noncon  turning  bodymodification  mpreg  fps 
november 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Jensen/Jared, non-con turning, stockholm syndrome

As society moved on from a time when Alphas ruled the world, and Omegas were treated as submissive breeders, it's become common for Alphas and Omegas to use scent neutralizers when going out in public. Jared meets Jensen at work, and is instantly fascinated by him, falling in love with him, the more he gets to know him. Considering how shy and gentle Jensen is, he's pretty sure that Jensen has to be an Omega, even if he doesn't dress like one.

Only one day, Jensen for some reason has to take a shower at work, removing his scent neutralizer long enough for Jared to be able to figure out his designation. To Jared's disappointment, it turns out that Jensen is actually a fellow Alpha, instead of the Omega he was hoping for.

At first, Jared tries to put himself over it, he figures he loves Jensen enough, that his gender shouldn't make a difference. Only no matter how hard he tries to push his body, it won't work.

Finally it makes Jared so miserable that he can't take it anymore, and then his (very traditional) grandfather dies and inherits all his possessions, including a house in the country. Jared goes to investigate it and finds the man's diary. Which includes a description of an old ritual that has become illegal over the course of time.

There used to be a method to turn an adult Alpha into an Omega. Though it's still common to turn excess preteen Alphas into Omegas, especially when they're pretty, but to do so to an adult is seen as cruel, and often leads to death and/or suicide. The only times it works right, is when the person is seen as an 'intended Omega', in those rare cases, the person should have been turned as a child, and never was, and thus doing so is seen as liberating them and legal as a response.

Jared figures it's the only choice he's got. If it doesn't work, he'll just kill them both, and put them both out of his misery.

He invites Jensen to help him clear out his grandfather's place to get him there for at least a week. And then drugs him and starts the turning process.

Jensen to his horror finds out that his body adapts perfectly, and that even mentally he's more and more adjusting to an Omega mindset. That part of him to his even greater horror, is more and more attached to Jared.

Would love to see stockholm syndrome setting in. And whether Jensen eventually stays with Jared, or ends up rebelling and getting away from him.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  noncon  turning  kink:stockholm-syndrome 
november 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Jared/Jensen, Alphas, alpha-to-omega turning
Jared and Jensen were both cast to film Supernatural together. But both of them are Alphas. This leads to lots of arguements and pettiness, and loads of tension. The mere smell of the other is enough to put them on edge, and it makes filming almost unbearable.

Kripke has had enough. He tells his stars to go and sort it out, and locks them in a trailer until they work out their differences. They agree that there isn't enough room on set for two Alphas, and bring their fight to a head in order to move past it. It turns into a fight for dominance, each hunk trying to knot the other to turn them into an Omega and preserve their own status as Alpha. There can only be one!!
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  alpha!Jared  alpha!Jensen  turning 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Sam, Sam/others, a/b/o, gang-rape, dub/non-con, alpha to omega!Sam, trauma ,h/c
During case Sam and Dean goes undercover to prison (Dean as jailer, Sam as prisoner) but while there, something went wrong and Sam found himself at the mercy of group alpha prisoners who wants turned him (literally) into their omega bitch. Sam aren't going to give up easily and he tries to fight with alphas every time when their fucking him, but after a few days, when he goes into first heat Sam is forced begging for their knots...

I'd like very protective Dean who rescued Sam and takes care of him afterwards, helps Sam recovery after rape, helps him adjust to his new status/omega body and during his heat, Dean claiming (fully consensual) Sam as his omega.

kinks: graphic gang-rape, humiliation and dirty talk, painful and rough!sex, knotting, heat, self-lubrication, crying and humiliated!Sam, alpha top!Dean, mostly Sam!POV, big bonus points for:
-graphic castration (as omega he has only serve his alphas as hole and he don't need use of his cock and balls) or after turning Sam's cock and balls, stares shrink and finally disappear all
-some outside!POV
-Dean (and Sam) get bloody revenge on the alphas.
:spn  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:sam/omc(s)  alpha/beta/omega  gangrape  dubcon  noncon  turning  omega!Sam  alpha!Sam  hurt/comfort  fps 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/OMCs, Dean/John, abo, turning, pagan gods
Alpha John moves his family to a small town in the middle of nowhere because it seems to have everything- great schools, cheap cost of living, great weather, central location for 'the family business', near a bunch of his hunting buddies for help/back up on hunts, etc. Sort of a too good to be true kind of place. The town is prosperous and welcoming to strangers. John is able to get a great job that is super flexible if he needs to be gone for a week or two. Nerd Sam finds a group of friends right away.

What John doesn't know is the cause of the town's almost eerie prosperity- there's a pagan god in the local woods and the townspeople have made a sacrifice pact with it. It's not too hard for them to keep up. Once a year, they have to take a young Alpha just before his knot pops for the first time and turn him into an Omega in a special rite that involves every Alpha in the town fucking the sacrificial teen Alpha and filling his hole with come. It's all done on an altar they set up in the town square, with the sacrifice tied to the altar. The culmination of the rite is the pagan god coming out of the woods and knotting the now turned Omega.

Just before the year's sacrifice, John is told about it (every Alpha in town must participate for the pact to be fulfilled). He's torn- on one hand, killing pagan gods is kind of his thing, on the other, it doesn't seem a huge sacrifice for a lot of prosperity and easy life. Like most Alphas, he truly believes that weaker young Alphas should be turned into Omegas and has participated in a group turning several times before. So he shows up at the town square along with everyone else.

What he didn't expect to see is Dean tied up on that altar, struggling mightily against his bonds, but it is already too late. By the time John gets to his side, Dean has already been fucked several times and had several loads of come put down his throat- for all intents and purposes, he's already Omega. All John can do is make sure the town Alphas aren't too rough on Dean (they tend not to be too careful because the turning process heals up the new Omega quickly). He has to take his turn too, then last, the god has his turn with Dean.

Dean, like every years Omega, ends up pregnant. It's considered an honor and the official father of the child is the god of the woods (regardless of who the baby actually ends up looking like). Dean, to his surprise, doesn't hate being an Omega. Ok, so the means of getting there really, really sucked, but he's actually pretty happy now, with a round, full belly and a settled home. If you like, John can mate Dean afterwards or Dean can sort of be considered the town's Omega and they all take care of him and his needs.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/omc(s)  pairing:dean/john  alpha/beta/omega  turning  underage  mperg  gangbang  bottom!Dean  bondage  transformation 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Dean/Cain, ABO, Balls, Turning Alpha-To-Omega, Consensual Body Modification, medical kink
In an ABO world where hunting is known and an accepted trade. Cain is an immortal legend and monster slayer with his biblical troubled past. Since then he'd worked hard to do the right thing and he's not usually rewarded.

When John runs off and leaves Dean to work by himself Cain picks the talented young hunter up. He's lonely and he likes the mouthy, tough beta. Dean slowly falls in love with Cain, but knows Cain (An uber-Alpha) isn't attracted to Betas despite the fact that he's obviously deeply attracted to Dean emotionally he doesn't do it for Cain physically.

Dean doesn't handle *talking about it* well, but Cain's more capable so he talks to Dean about considering being turned. Dean's terrified by the idea because John did a lousy job of sex-ed. He's never even met a male Omega because they don't hunt and he's heard everything from them being castrated to fat. Cain explains that all of that's bull. Omegas keep their balls and testicle size actually relates to how well Omegas breed Alpha offspring since they need extra testosterone in the womb. If anything he was hoping Dean would agree to testicular augmentation to be sure most of their kids would be Alphas.

Dean agrees, happy to be wanted, but is a bit nervous. When they go to a clinic Dean's happy to see it's all about consent and everything's outlined on forms in clear English. The self-lubricating hole, heats, slightly smaller dick, and other things freak him out a little but getting bigger (he's thinking porn star) balls does not. He signs everything and gets the shots and he and Cain have sex at the clinic and the knotting's great. He goes home to sleep through the changes themselves.

He's not prepared to wake up shivering with a wet, needy hole and a scrotum the size of a grapefruit! He was thinking of maybe losing an inch on his cock and he's looking at a two inch, fat little dick that's about three inches when erect! It doesn't help that he's so needy for Cain's not immediately and Cain's treating his big balls like boobs (playing with them, squeezing them even though they're sore, and giving his little dick humiliating nicknames) and Dean can't help but be turned on by all of it and beg for more!

Dean should be distressed but learn to adapt even though it's embarrassing to have everyone whistle at the big curve in the front of his pants while Cain smirks and palms his Omega's ripe curves in public.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/cain  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!Dean  alpha!Cain  turning  omega!Dean  bodymodification  medicalplay 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost:Dean/Sam, Sam/John, ABO Turning, bottom!Sam, Noncon

S1, John knows what the demon wants, he knows how to stop the demon but the choice isn't easy for him to make. Sending Dean out for the dead man's blood, John decides that this would be his best chance to stop the demon's plan for his youngest alpha.

I would really like to see Dean walking in to find John knotting Sam and the rage that he just can pull John off his baby brother.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:sam/john  alpha/beta/omega  turning  bottom!Sam  noncon 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/John, (mention of Dean/mc), ritual sex and turning
John knows that in order to get certain texts,information or weapons that he needs to defeat the demon that killed his wife that he occasionally requires very specific kinds of payment.

So when the witch who claims to know the yellow eyed demon's real name, requests for him to bring his eldest son who's on the cusp of displaying as an Alpha, it's easy to figure out what's up.

Turns out he's right, the witch demands John to turn his own son into an Omega, the energy coming from such a turning can power up any kind of magic, and they want it. And sure, the witch would agree with someone else doing the job as well, they're not that picky, but they figure that John would prefer to do the job himself, over handing over his son to a stranger who might try and claim the boy afterwards.

John in response gets Dean out of the car, he had Dean gagged and tied up, hands and feet chained, to keep him from trying to run, since he had a good guess what the witch would want his son for. Dean keeps begging for his father to stop, but the man won't do so.

It takes a full day, during which the witches servants bring in food and water for both John and Dean, including a drug in John's drink to keep him going for longer than he'd be able to do otherwise, so he wouldn't have to rest in between knottings.

By the end, Dean is covered in a mixture of sweat and come, utterly debauched and a weeping mess. He's also an Omega.

John just throws him some clean clothes (Omega style ones) and tells him to clean up and quick, he had another deal waiting for them right after.
(after all, once Dean's an Omega, he's useless as a hunter, and if a certain hunter, arms dealer, ... is willing to give John what he wants in exchange for a newly turned Omega, then hell, it'd be a bargain, who knows the guy might even start offering John some extras, once Dean starts giving birth to the man's children.)
:spn  underage  fps  pairing:dean/john  pairing:dean/omc(s)  turning  bottom!Dean  top!John 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Sam/Dean, alpha/alpha, claiming, mating bites
Sam and Dean, both Alphas, are destined to be mates. They know that from the way they smell as they reach maturity. But for them to be a couple, one has to claim the other by biting them at the junction between neck and shoulder. Whoever administers the claiming bite becomes the dominant partner. Neither Alpha will give in without a fight.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  claiming  biting  alpha!Dean  alpha!Sam  turning 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Dean/Sam, ABO Turning, Noncon, Humiliation
The boys are caught by others that hold a grudge against them, hunters, people they scammed or monsters, writers choice really.

Dean is forced to watch as Sam is turned, they don't do it fast, they fill Sam with an inflatable knot, pumping it slowly as force cum down Sam's throat. It's painful for Sam, his body fighting the change, humiliating for him to have Dean watch as his body accepts the knot and he begins to want a real one.

Dean eventually breaks free but it's too late to stop the process, he can either finish it quickly or let Sam live in a state that's neither alpha or omega until they find another alpha to claim Sam and finish it.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  turning  noncon  humiliation 
september 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Castiel/Dean, a/b/o, omega turning, feminization, castration, slight gore/cannibalism
Primitive Hunter/Gatherer a/b/o AU. Kind of a long prompt, but there's a TL;DR near the bottom.

Within human clans, men are alphas and hunters while women are omegas and gatherers. Young children are considered "betas" (aka pre-omegas and pre-alphas) until they go through their rite of passage.

When John dies before Dean is old enough to be taught how to hunt, their family is in a terrible position. Mary saves herself by giving herself to another man as his second mate, but most alphas won't take in another alpha's offspring, and Mary's new mate is no different. Desperate to save her sons, Mary goes to the clan elder/healer who reveals that if a boy hasn't gone through the male rite of passage yet, it's possible for him to go through the female one instead. He has to give up his "male spirit" through castration and allow his intended alpha mate to consume it, allowing his alpha mate to take on what would have been his male strength/power. The blood flow from the castration is considered the boy's first "moon blood" and signals his passage from child to omega, after which his body will heal and become feminine. The healer even offers one of her alpha sons, Castiel, to be Dean's alpha mate who'll participate in the ritual (since it will make Castiel stronger than other alphas).

Dean agrees to go through with it on the condition that Castiel agrees to look out for Sam, teach him how to hunt, and take Sam on his first mammoth hunt (an alpha's rite of passage). Castiel agrees to those terms and they go through with the ritual. Dean becomes an omega and after his body completes its change, Castiel is quick to consummate their union and claim Dean as his mate. Up to anon if you want to include Dean getting pregnant with Castiel's offspring.

Thigs I'd like: voluntary castration of cock and balls (the more descriptive the better), omega turning, slight gore/cannibalism (since Cas has to consume Dean's genitals in the ritual), feminization, bottom!Dean, mpreg

Do not want: non-con, forced castration/body mods, top!Dean, scat, incest, bestiality

TL;DR: Primitive a/b/o clan society, boys can be turned into omegas through ritual castration. Dean agrees to do it in order to save him and Sam from dying in the winter after their alpha sire dies and their mother leaves them to save herself (alphas usually won't take in another alpha's offspring). Castiel agrees to become Dean's alpha and promises to look out for Sam. He helps Dean through the ritual castration/omega turning (by having to consume Dean's castrated genitals to absorb his "male power/spirit") and the two mate after Dean's body completes the change.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/castiel  alpha/beta/omega  turning  feminization  castration  gore  cannibal  au  agedifference 
september 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost:Dean/Sam, a/b/o, bestiality, fuck or die, dub-con, h/c, crying!Sam, public!sex, Charlie!POV
Dean, Sam and Charlie get kidnapped by members of werewolf pack and turned into werewolves. When Sam goes into his first heat, Dean is forced public claiming and knotting his brother (in wolf and human form),I'd like protective Dean, who tries comfort and calm Sam during and after sex. Charlie is forced to watch...

Feel free to change Charlie to any female character
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  bestiality  fuckordie  dubcon  hurt/comfort  crying!Sam  crying  publicsex  kidnapping  turning  werewolves  heat  claiming  knotting  kink:protective!dean  voyeur  voyeur!Charlie 
august 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost: alpha Jensen/omega Jared; claiming, dub-con, knotting, bottom!Jared

Jensen is the future king, his father orders him to claim an omega or turn a boy into an omega. Because that is the only way to insure that the children will be alpha too. Jensen wants to meet his future mate before claiming/turning him.

Jared is a young boy around 15/16. He hasn´t present yet and his father offers him to the crown prince to be turned. Jared and Jensen become friends but then one day the king orders Jensen to finally turn his friend and chosen mate.
underage  :spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  omega!Jared  alpha!Jensen  claiming  dubcon  knotting  historical  au  turning  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  alpha!Jared 
august 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: John/Dean, alpha/omega, omega turning, mating, mpreg
Alpha/Omega AU, Mary dies when Dean/Sam are a bit older. Older Sam, younger Dean.

When Mary dies, John loses his mate and the family loses their only omega. Normally, if the only omega in a family dies, one of the pups will change into an omega and rapidly mature to compensate for the loss and to take their place as the head alpha's mate. 18-year-old Sam is already a fully-matured alpha, but 14-year-old Dean is still in the midst of puberty, which means he's still young enough for his alpha-puberty to change courses and for him to become the family omega. Dean's newly-popped knot and balls are the first to go, atrophying until they're gone completely. Then his penis shrinks until it's barely an inch, a vagina forms where his balls used to be, and he develops small breasts (like, no more than an A cup). Dean's body quickly changes and matures so that he's fertile and ready to be the head alpha's mate and bear his pups and John doesn't waste any time making that happen.

Bonus: Dean starts out upset/depressed that he's becoming an omega, especially when he loses his balls/knot and his dick shrinks, but John comforts him by reminding him that it's natural for a young teenage alpha in his family situation to make the change into an omega.

Kinks: alpha/omega, top!John, bottom!Dean, omega turning, claiming sex, knotting, mpreg, vaginal birth, Dean nursing his pups, emasculation, feminization.
underage  fps  :spn  pairing:dean/john  alpha/beta/omega  agedifference  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  alpha!Dean  alpha!Sam  alpha!John  omega!Dean  turning  mating  mpreg  claiming  knotting  feminization  season:preseries 
august 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Alpha!Kate Milligain/Omega!John Winchester mpreg, dub-con,body horror
Alphas can be turned into Omegas, not all of the time but it happens. Which is why Alpha/Alpha pairings are considered taboo. There is a 20% chance that a rutting alpha could transform an alpha they are having sex with if they aren't triggered into rut as well.

Alpha John rescues Alpha Kate from a horrible monster. She is very pretty and very grateful. Kate goes into Rut while they are having sex. John doesn't realize it until he wakes up after what he thinks is a few hours and finds himself being boned by her alpha cock in his newly formed Omega hole. He had passed out from the hormone shock and woke up more than a day later.

Kate in her Rut clouded mind saw him as an excellent breeder and took his lack of protest as consent and made it her business to make sure he was well and truly transformed and pregnant.

The towns folk are happy that Kate finally managed to bag an omega, no matter how it happened and will not allow John to leave or call anyone. He begs them to let him go, that he has two boys that need him.

The sheriff takes him to find his boys, but they are gone, picked up by either Pastor Jim or Bobby Singer. The hotel they had been at was burned to the ground, evidence that several people died in the fire including children devastates John. Thinking that his boys are dead, he loses his will to fight and goes back to be with Kate.

Up to the author if Adam is their only child or the first of many.
:spn  fps  au  pairing:john/kate  mpreg  dubcon  bodyhorror  omega!John  turning  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega) 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Jared/others, J2, abo, noncon turning
Jared isn't too worried when his named comes up in the omega lottery, after all, less that half named are deemed suitable and actually turned. Just a few days at the examination facillity, and better than even odds of going straight home.

Jensen is thrilled when his name is drawn in the Alpha lottery, it's his chance to not only participate in creating a new omega, but also, maybe claim it as his own. A/b/o, non con, gangbang, knotting, noncon body modification
pairing:jared/omc(s)  pairing:jared/jensen  au  noncon  turning  gangbang  knotting  bodymodification  rps  !tofill  alpha/beta/omega 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Repost:alpha!Jensen/alpha!Jared, dub-con, d/s, dub-con, bottom!Jared, alpha to omega

Werewolf au - Jared is alpha, but then a mistake made him not only leave his pack behind, but also his status. When he meets another Alpha (Jensen), with a totally different upbringing two worlds collide and instinct takes over and Jared become Jensen's omega.
kinks: knotting, non/dub-con, d/s, claiming, first heat, h/c, physical transformation, self-lubrication.
au  dubcon  turning  knotting  heat  bonding  alpha/beta/omega  D/s  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  transformation 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
request: J2, non-con turning
Alpha Jensen comes from a progressive country that holds strict laws defending the rights of all its citizens, alphas, betas and omegas.
Betas and Omegas have long since gained equal rights, and turning an Alpha into an Omega without their consent is strictly illegal.

His friends convince him to go visit a more traditional country, none of them thinking there will be any problems. They're heading to a tourist area, and they're all Alphas, so they aren't really worried about it.

He catches the eye of Jared who's either a local rich business man, member of the royal family, or political leader (whatever the writer prefers), or a mix of any of the previous.

In Jared's country it's perfectly legal for an alpha to forcefully turn another Alpha. If they succeed in doing so, it's seen as the other Alpha not being strong enough to be an Alpha in the first place. In their tradition, Omegas who used to be Alphas are seen as giving birth to stronger Alpha children.

Omegas are seen as precious and to be protected, but have few to no rights. And if you turn an Alpha, that new Omega becomes your responsibility to claim and take care of, not doing so, is the only way an Alpha could end up punished for what they've done.

Jared felt that Jensen was too pretty to be an Alpha, and thinks he's doing him a favor by bringing out his true nature.

When Jensen's family tries to fight to get Jensen back, Jared is surprised cause most families in his country would denounce anyone who'd allow themselves to be turned.

Either way, he's not going to give his Omega back, he'll just have to make sure that Jensen learns to 'be happy' with his new life

Anyway, would love lots of angst, non- and dub-con are both awesome
rps  turning  au  noncon  !tofill  alpha/beta/omega  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Sam/Dean, Alpha/Alpha, trapped, fuck or die
Two alpha males, Sam and Dean, go on a hunt after a notorious sex-obsessed witch. When they kill her, she curses them as she dies, and they awake to find themselves trapped in a room with no door. They discover that the door will only appear when they smear the walls with Omega slick. The boys understand - one of them has to become an omega for them to escape, and the only way to become an omega is to be fucked by another alpha.

They both refuse, neither able to stomach the idea of submitting themselves sexually to another. They stay like that for quite some time, both still refusing to bottom. But then a full moon comes, and both brothers are hit with their Alpha rut amd the need to breed. An epic fight takes place in which the room is absolutely destroyed. It's a close thing, and both brothers come dangerously close to being penetrated. Eventually, one of them (up to you) manages to succeed, and the loser is turned into an omega. After recovering, they take a bit of the new omega's slick, and smear it on the walls, allowing them to escape - both a little traumatised by what they did to survive.
fuckordie  turning  au  !tofill  fps  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  curse/spell  :spn 
june 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Sam/Dean, blood drinking, Omega-turned-Alpha
(Men are either Alphas or Betas depending on whether they have alpha or beta cells in their brain. Alpha cells make Alphasin, a chemical in the blood which makes a man all things dominant: muscled, aggressive, virile, with a big, knotted penis. Beta cells make Betasin, which makes a man perfectly submissive - pretty and smooth, eager to please, and with an ass that'll rock your world.)

Dean is an Alpha. Sam is an Omega. They have a great relationship together, and are madly in love. But Sam develops an addiction to Dean's demon blood, and keeps drinking more and more of it.

This means that Dean's Alphasin-rich blood is now running in Sam's veins. The Alphasin is in such high amounts that it gradually overwhelms Sam's Betasin, and Sam turns into an Alpha.

Over the next few weeks, Dean notices that his brother is getting wilder and more dominating. Tension is building, but Dean resists doing anything because he doesn't want to hurt his brother. But the final straw comes when Sam refuses to submit and be fucked, which results in an epic clash for dominance - both trying equally hard to penetrate the other on their knot and make them submit.

What will happen? Can Dean beat his brother and bring him under control? Or will Sam show his brother who the new Alpha is?
au  turning  knotting  fps  !tofill  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  :spn  bloodplay 
june 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: John/Dean, a/b/o, omega turning, voluntary castration
Over the last century, alpha overpopulation has grown into an alarming problem, with an alpha to omega birthrate ratio of around 7:1. As a result, the government passes a bill offering financial incentives to any families that volunteer to have one or more of their sons turned into an omega. With their family suffering from huge debts after Mary's death, John can't pass up this opportunity that will save them from the poorhouse. Dean has just turned 11 when the bill is passed, and John knows that he's nearing the cutoff age for a successful turning, so he has to sit his boys down and decide which of them to turn. Dean knows that Sam, with his attitude, would make a piss poor omega and John seems to agree with him that between the two of them Dean would not only adjust better to it but would likely be happier for it. With that as well as the chance to save his family in mind, Dean volunteers to be turned. Up to anon what the omega turning process is like, but it should include Dean being voluntarily castrated.

-Major bonus points if Dean is kept awake during his castration, with John holding his hand to comfort him while the doctor works.
-After Dean is turned, John takes him as his new mate.

Filled Here -
fps  au  turning  castration  underage  !filled  medicalplay  genderswap  bodymodification  toys  bondage  noncon  drugs  somnophilia  fever  fucking  knotting  gangbang  comeplay  rimming  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:none  kink:omega!dean  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  alpha!Dean  alpha!John  alpha!Sam  alpha/beta/omega  dubcon  :spn  pairing:dean/john  pairing:dean/omc(s) 
june 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Dean/Sam, Sam/John, ABO Turning, Noncon
S1, John knows what the demon wants, he knows how to stop the demon but the choice isn't easy for him to make. Sending Dean out for the dead man's blood, John decides that this would be his best chance to stop the demon's plan for his youngest alpha.

I would really like to see Dean walking in to find John knotting Sam and the rage that he just can pull John off his baby brother.
turning  au  noncon  fps  !tofill  season:1  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  :spn  pairing:sam/john 
june 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Cas, Cas/other, abo, noncon turning
Dean and Cas are both alphas and despite that there is something between them that neither talks about. Then Castiel is taken, fucked on both ends until he's turned into an omega and going through his first heat.

Dean and Sam rescue him but the damage is already done. Dean is super protective and caring of Cas while Cas recovers from everything but it's weird to him because Dean could never think of Cas as weak. Cas is resentful of the fact that he craves all the attention and touches Dean gives him and a dark thought festers that Dean planned the attack.

When Cas finally attacks him, accusing him of such he might as well have driven the Angel blade into his heart. Tears and uncomfortable confessions to mates while Cas deals with urges he isn't uncomfortable with. (He's kind of a knot and cum whore but doesn't want to acknowledge it)
fps  au  noncon  turning  !tofill  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:castiel/omc(s)  alpha/beta/omega  :spn 
june 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Male Character, alpha/omega, coerced turning, castration, forced marriage, dub-con
AU alpha/omega society setting

John dies on a hunt and Dean and Sam end up in foster care. Both are young enough that they haven't presented yet as either alpha or omega, though it's rare for a boy to present as an omega unless steps are taken to force his body to present that way. Dean is around 11-12 and probably close to presenting when a wealthy alpha comes to the group foster home looking for a new omega bride and chooses him. It's normal for wealthy alphas to have multiple omega wives and for them to purchase their secondary wives from social services, who have no qualms about accepting bribe money or forcefully turning a boy into an omega and selling him into marriage if it gets him out of their overcrowded group homes.

The alpha brings Dean to a private doctor's practice to begin the turning process right away in a safe environment, since turning a boy into an omega is a medical process that takes a couple of days. Every couple of hours, Dean has to be force fed his alpha's fresh semen and given another dosage of omega hormones to encourage his body change. Once the process is complete, the alpha has the doctor castrate Dean for cosmetic reasons, since he doesn't like the look of balls on an omega. (He could also have Dean's penis removed. Up to anon, but I'd be cool with it.)(I'm also totally fine with feminized omegas, if that's what anon's writing muse wants.)

After everything is done, the alpha takes Dean home to become his newest omega wife (either the alpha's fifth or sixth wife), bedding and breeding him right away and coercing Dean's cooperating with the promise that he'll take in Sam (without turning him) once Dean proves his worth by successfully carrying his husband's offspring to term.

Possible alphas: Castiel, Alistair, Crowley (I'm not too picky, pretty much as long as it's not Bobby)

Please no scat, water works, incest, or piercings/tattoos. Any other kinks are perfectly fine.

Bottom Dean only, please don't repost with characters/positions changed.
!tofill  underage  turning  au  castration  forcedmarriage  dubcon  alpha/beta/omega  :spn  pairing:dean/omc(s) 
may 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Sam/Dean, abo, noncon, omega turning, top!Sam, bottom!Dean
Sam is coming of age: a time when his secondary gender is decided based on who they first have sex with. John wants alpha!Dean to fuck Sam to turn him omega which will strip Sam's independence, basically relegating him to a homemaker, and prevent him from leaving.

Sam is desperate to leave the hunting life and when he overhears John and Dean he comes up with the only plan to prevent this: fucking an alpha to become an alpha himself, and turning the other alpha into an omega. He ambushes Dean when they are left alone and rapes his brother, becoming an alpha and gaining his independence, but at a terrible price.

Sam should be aged from the beginning of puberty to around 17.
!tofill  fps  underage  au  noncon  turning  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  :spn 
may 2016 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Dean/Sam, Sam/John, ABO Turning, Noncon, h/c
John or Dean or if they are still hunting together, get a phone call one night, Sam's been attacked at his school and is now being held at the Omega Center in Palo Alto. The call doesn't give details but requests a meeting with an alpha of the family.

It's a confusing call because Sam's an alpha, why would they be calling from the center and wanting to speak to another alpha. When John or Dean arrives it turns out Sam was trying to defend a beta from a pack of alphas and managed to beat many of them before they simply overwhelmed him with numbers alone. By the time help arrived they had already started the turning process.

Now the center needs to know if someone from the family wishes to complete the turn, claim the new omega or surrender him to the state or let Sam live in limbo, partially turned and a cast out of society for being too weak to defend himself.

Any other kinks welcome, any pairing welcome.
fps  !tofill  turning  noncon  au  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  :spn  pairing:sam/john 
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Request: Dean/Sam, top!Dean, bottom!Sam, knotting, alpha-to-omega turning, alpha!Dean
After teen-aged alpha!Sam hits his growth spurt after popping his knot, he becomes temperamental and rebellious of the family order. He fights against all of John's rules and hates the way that Dean is so willing to fall in line. When the Winchester's move to a town that openly encourages the turning of young alphas to omegas (against the law in many other places), Sam's friends encourage him to try turning his older brother, and Sam becomes obsessed with the idea.

Dean, of course, notices the websites and pamphlets about turning Sam has been trying to read on the sly, has overheard Sam's conversations with his friends, and has caught every bit of food that Sam has tried to sneak his reeking alpha come in. John's always been clear that he needs both his boys to stay alpha to help with hunting, and Dean and Sam had always agreed that they'd never do to each other. Dean tries to warn Sam off the idea, but it only makes the younger Winchester more determined.

Sam ends up calling Dean out at school in front of a huge group of alphas. Dean gets pissed because by issuing the challenge around so many has basically screwed them both over. Dean can't walk away without it being a sign of weakness, and likely get turned by the group of alphas. Plus, he's heard rumors that the alphas at this school have a habit of gangbanging both the loser and winner of such competitions. They take the victor after the knotting, when he's too wiped to fight anymore. Sam's "friends" basically goaded him into a challenge so they would have a chance to fuck and turn the new outsiders.

Dean tries to give Sam a clue so they can fight their way out together, but Sam won't listen. Dean knows he can't fight the crowd and Sam too. He puts Sam down hard and tries to put on enough of a show that no one will want to mess with him. He tries to take Sam out to "knot" him in private after the fight but the crowd won't let him go. He knots Sam, and tries to think of a way to get them out without getting gangbanged. He starts talking dirty to the crowd, promising them Sam's ass and telling the how good it's going to be. He gets them them horny and riled. As soon as he finishes and the other alphas are about to pounce, he attacks and break through the crowd, towing Sam along with him.

They flee the town, but Sam's getting sick from only being partially turned. Dean gets somewhere safe, and either finishes turning Sam or has help from someone (John, Bobby, etc.). Final reactions are up to writer, but I would imagine that no one is particularly happy about how things went down.

tl;dr: Some buttmunch alphas at Sam's new school convince Sam to try to turn Dean into an omega, so they can take advantage of the fight and turn both Winchesters. Dean wins the challenge, knots Sam, and then manages to get them both of of dodge. Sam gets turned omega, angst and guilt all around.

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!tofill  knotting  turning  fps  au  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  :spn 
may 2016 by Mayalaen

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