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J2 - cooking!disaster!Jensen, sweet!comforting!Jared, comfort sex, humor!disaster, schmoop
Jensen is a disaster in the kitchen, and Jared loves him anyway.

The mental image I keep seeing is Jensen in the kitchen surrounded by pots boiling over, getting more and more panicked. It started out so good, so careful and optimistic with no idea where or how he went wrong! lol Very haphazard cooking skills despite the best research, the highest of hopes and Jensen’s very ambitious doesn’t go to plan. Panicking!overwhelmed!careful!Jensen. Sweet!Jared loves food but he loves Jensen more. Schmoop follows.

NOT!special-dinner-to-impress-Jared. Prefer holidaycooking!Jensen or cooking-channel-inspired!Jensen. I want complete overestimation of cooking ability with innocently!ambitious!overconfident!Jensen and an amused but comforting sweet!Jared ending in comfort sex. (god, I’m demanding!) kitchen sex is optional

After cooking this thanksgiving and in general holiday cooking, I just have to see this now. And yes, I am a kitchen klutz: I stick to very basic cooking. Most of the time.
kink:sweet-sex  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  hurt/comfort  :spn  fluff  kitchensex 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
J2 - bodypaint, blowjob, kitchen sex
Jared and Jensen are enjoying a quiet dinner and will later enjoy a special dessert that involves some whip cream and chocolate fudge.
rps  pairing:jared/jensen  blowjob  bodypaint  oralsex  :spn  foodplay  kitchensex 
february 2016 by Mayalaen
J2, Schmoop, kidfic, chairsex...
Jensen's taking his kid trick-or-treating and his son falls and skins his knees just before they get to the next house. He's crying when they go to the door--Jared answers. Jensen asks for a bandaid or two, but Jared ushers them in and insists on cleaning the scrapes and bandaging them up. Jensen's son is supershy and withdrawn (maybe he has a small disability or has had some sort of trauma?), but is completely besotted and totally responds to Jared's goofy, wacky personality. Seeing Jared actually manage to engage his son...well, Jensen falls a bit in love. ;-)

The next day, Jensen shows up again with 'thank you cookies' (obviously just an excuse to see Jared again) and when he goes inside, he ends up finding way more dirty ways to thank him. I'm thinking they end up having chair sex in the kitchen with Jensen riding Jared's cock, using his legs (on either side of the chair and Jared's thighs) to move himself up and down.
kink:shyness  chairsex  kink:riding  theme:halloween  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  bottom!Jensen  :spn  top!Jared  fluff  kidfic  kitchensex 
june 2015 by Mayalaen
Season1 Dean/Sam, voyeurism, kitchen sex, (possible: 3some, mpreg, naughty talk)
Back to the pilot of Season one.

Dean comes to pick up Sam so they can search for their dad.
He sneaks into the apartment at night and Sam finds him in the kitchen.
They get wind up in the little fight they had (Sam mistaking Dean for a burglar) and end up on the kitchen floor.

Though this time, when Sam makes Dean end up on his back in order to prove he's still well trained, Dean returns the favor so Sam ends up on his back again.
Bodies so close to each other they realize what they have missed and end up in some hot kitchen sex.

After a while Jess walks in and is surprised of Sam enjoying being fucked in the ass, but she likes the idea a lot and secretly continues watching them.

Not a must, but a wow:
- Dean hitting on Jess once he's through with Sammy and notices her
- Jess hinting on Sam being much naughtier than Dean would have thought
- Dean and Jess ending up sharing Sam for some hot hot sex
- Jess pointing out the boys didn't use protection
- preggy Sam (being taken care of by Jess and Dean)
pairing:sam/dean  :spn  voyeur  kitchensex 
january 2012 by Mayalaen
J2, love potion, kitchen!sex
Anyone remember that Sarah Michelle Gellar movie Simply Irresistible? This prompt is inspired by that concept.

Jensen is a down on his luck chef whose magic creations provoke emotional reactions in the consumers. The food is so delicious it lures in the unwitting, namely Jared. After the first taste, he becomes a little addicted to the tasty menu and smitten with the cook. What they don't realize (or maybe Jensen realizes his power? IDK. It can go either way, thought it would be cute if he didn't realize what the food was doing to Jared) is that each dish Jensen prepares is more emotionally extreme - infatuation, then desire, passion, raw animal lust...

...that all culminates with them fucking on the kitchen floor. Go nuts!

If all else fails, I might end up writing this myself. Hrm
kink:sex-pollen  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  curse/spell  :spn  kitchensex 
january 2012 by Mayalaen
Jared/Jensen, Kitchen Sex
Jensen arrives home to find Jared cooking dinner. He's super horny and takes Jared quick and hard over the kitchen counter with olive oil for lube!!
rps  pairing:jared/jensen  :spn  kitchensex 
january 2012 by Mayalaen

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