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Request: AU Unrelated Wincest....Sam & Dean
AU. Dean is a hunter. Sam is a Seer. In a world where the supernatural preys on humans on a regular basis, hunters are regarded as the warriors of the world. Seers are born blind. Most families have their "seer" children taken away at birth by the government. A few families avoid having their children born in the hospital and if they have a "seer" baby they try to hide them. The government raises the children to use their abilities and match them up with hunters. Basically Seers are hunter's slaves. Most hunters are not known for their compassion. Seers tend to have a short life span, being mistreated, or used as bait or just getting killed by the thing that they are hunting.

Sam was lucky not to be born in a hospital and as a child he was home schooled. His family moved around a lot to stay off the grid. Once he was an adult, he managed to get with an underground organization that helps keep seers from being caught. Dean is a hunter who recently lost his seer to a demon attack. As much as Dean would like to go solo, he can't, he needs a seer to keep up with the amount of evil out there. Dean doesn't have the time or energy to deal with the Government to get a new seer. He has contact who works with an organization that hides seers. His contact has been talking about "Sam" and how gifted he is. After agreeing on a $$$ amount, the contact gives Dean an address on where he can find "Sam". Dean goes to the address and easily overpowers the folks with Sam and abducts him. The first thing Dean does is goes down to a government agency and claims Sam for his own.

Anyway, lots of angst between Sam trying to fight Dean but ending up depending on him. Dean isn't a horrible owner but he fully expects Sam to fall in line and do what he was born to do which is help seek out evil so that Dean can kill it. Kinks...Unrelated wincest. blindness, domination/submissiveness
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december 2014 by Mayalaen

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