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Request: J2, abo AU, omega!Jensen, omega!Jared, “homo”phobia
Omegas have been fighting for decades for equal rights and recognition, and they’ve come a long way. At least omegas are now recognized as more than property and in fact can hold jobs and own property themselves. Their bodies are their own and no longer genitally modified at the whim of their Alpha. And they now have the right to say “no” rather than being expected to bend over for every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s knots.

But one area that still is behind is the idea of omega/omega relationships. The idea of omega on omega sex might be a titillating subject in pornography. But that an omega might be able to enjoy sex without being knotted, everyone knows that an omega’s dick doesn’t get big enough or hard enough for penetration. Or they would never be satisfied in a long term relationship without having children since omegas cannot procreate with each other. And without children to complete them, they would never be fulfilled.

Jensen and Jared though are two omegas that defy the norm and make it work with each other.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  alpha/beta/omega  au  omega!Jensen  omega!Jared  homophobia 
january 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Jared/Jensen, AU, kidfic, homophobia
Jensen's kids hate the guy that turned their father gay and destroyed their family, they hate the idea of sharing the same house.

Jared loves Jensen but he can't deal with this anymore so he breaks up with Jensen.

Happy ending please.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  au  kidfic  homophobia 
january 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Jared/Jensen, abuse, hurt!jensen
Jensen was 12 when he told his best friend Jared 13 that he was gay. Jared, who's dad was very homophobic, freaked out and told Jensen he didn't want to be friends anymore. Jensen's dad, who is even more homophobic, overheard the fight and was livid and beat Jensen. 4 years later Jared is in the school bathroom when he sees Jensen cleaning himself up after another beating. He feels guilty because of how things went down when they were kids, but never said anything because he was afraid he'd be beaten for associating with 'the fag'. But after watching his once best friend stitching up a cut on his own leg, he decides he is going to save Jensen before he winds up dead. That night he steals all the cash from his dads wallet and all his moms jewelry, takes Jensen and leaves.
:spn  underage  pairing:jared/jensen  homophobia  hurt/comfort  hurt!Jensen  abuse 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Castiel Wing!kink, mating, transformation, homophobia, xenophobia, ostracizing
Angels and humans live together in, relative, harmony but sex between species is considered a taboo by both sides. Because of the magic within angels, if they have unprotected sex with a human, their is a 10% chance human can be turned into an angel.

Dean had always been attracted to angels and struggles to have any sort of meaningful relationship with his fellow humans. He goes to underground clubs where he can be with an angel even if it is for a short time.

He meets Castiel a starts falling for the odd little dork with the intense blue eyes and deep gravely voice. They start dating and meet up every few days.

Castiel is just as taken with Dean and wants to claim the human as his mate, but it is forbidden due to societal restrictions. He is content to have Dean when they can, as he doesn't want to ruin Dean's life.

The one time while they have sex, the condom breaks but neither of them really notice. Dean begins to slowly transform into an angel. Neither of them realize there is a problem at first, until the wings start growing.

As the changes become noticeable Dean is ostracized from human society. Even his loving brother, Sam, is horrified that Dean would be so careless.

Happy Ending would be nice.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  wing  mating  transformation  homophobia  xenophobia  au 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
REPROMPT: Dean/Castiel (poss Sam/Castiel), female!Cas, homophobia, whump!Cas (eventual bottom!Cas)

Castiel's vessel is transformed into a female - he still looks like Jimmy, same dark ruffled hair, same eye color, skin color, but in a female version.

Dean is instantly attracted to her physically, and since he has always been emotionally invested in Castiel, this transformation spurs him onto taking a leap and becoming physically intimate with Cas.

Cas is naive and doesn't realize that Dean's change in attitude has to do with him now being in a female vessel. He thinks it's just Dean finally admitting his feelings and he couldn't be happier - this is something he's wanted but didn't think his feelings were returned. Sam understands what's happening and warns Dean against actually crossing that line between friends and lovers because the spell is temporary and he'll end up hurting Cas.

But Dean doesn't listen. They do have sex. Dean takes Castiel's virginity and everything is well for a few days, but then the spell fades away and Cas' body reverts back to his male form.

Dean shuts him out, pretends their time together never happened, and tells Cas that they can't be together because he's "not gay" and he's disgusted even thinking about the two of them like that.

The original poster was open to a happy ending for Dean and Cas. I'm open to an unhappy ending for them, as a result of Dean's inability to get over his internalized homophobia. Or at least looooooads of angst. Bonus points for the entire affair leading a frustrated Sam to realize his own feelings for Cas, which aren't tied to/limited by his gender, and eventual requited or unrequited Sam/Cas.
:spn  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:sam/castiel  homophobia  girl!Castiel  hurt/comfort  genderswap  virgin  virgin!Castiel  fps 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Sam/Obese!Dean, obesity, body mod, feminization, homophobia

Despite being in a monogamous relationship with his brother for most of his adult life, Dean Winchester hasn't fought his most obvious demons. He refuses to let Sam top, won't let Sam call him his 'partner' - or even touch him in public - despite their relationship being an open secret even in hunting circles, spends hours working out to make sure he looks intimidating and carefully selects clothes to compliment his super masculine image.

So on a hunt for a particularly nasty demon it wasn't unsurprising that Dean decided it would be an excellent idea to insult the being as they ganked her, though Sam figured his choice of words, calling the blobby creature a 'fat ...." was way overboard. Unfortunately, the words come back to haunt Dean, literally, as the explosion casts them back so hard into him that they infuse his soul

From that moment on Dean begins to change. He begins eating madly, unable to stop until he is too full to move. He begins fattening up rapidly, growing a fat belly that soon rivals a nine month pregnant woman's and this is joined by a round, fat rear and hips and breasts that soon slap together as he waddles around and eventually require a bra.

Dean begins being attracted to the feminine and expresses his desires despite himself. He begins by selecting stretchy clothes that emphasize his fat body and this is soon followed by more and more girly choices, like lounging around in a robe and slippers and eventually wearing loud, feminine muu muus. Sam adores this super sized, uninhibited version of his brother and encourages Dean to over indulge non stop, resulting in whats left of Dean's willpower dissolving, and Dean's body fattening by the day until he's so fat he can't sit up without help and the idea of reaching around his own fat belly is impossible.

As Dean closes in on 800 pounds he's finding mobility more and more challenging and discovering food doesn't seem to be filling him anymore. Instead, the boys discover that Dean's penis is shrinking into his fat body until its a mere two inch flap of skin and Dean's hole is aching non stop, desperate for attention.

Cue Dean completely giving into his urges and becoming a glutton, delighting in a burstingly full stomach and being taken care of by Sam no matter the audience...
:spn  chubby  chubby!Dean  bodymodification  feminization  homophobia  pairing:sam/dean  fps 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Dean/Cas, Jimmy - dub con, voyeurism
Vessel!fic from an angry, angry Jimmy's POV. Like during 4x20, Jimmy gave Dean a talking to about how slutting it up all over the place and butt sex is wrong, and how Dean and Cas need to not share feelings for each other because it's a sin against God.

And Dean is all, whatever, bro, the actual angel doesn't think that, so you crazy, man. So when Cas gets back, Dean is all, hey friend, let's have butt sex. And Jimmy is all, "Nooooooo!" And Cas probably hears this, but maybe Cas is like, "wtf? You think this is wrong? I'm the goddamned comet, here." And then there is butt sex.
pairing:dean/castiel  kink:voyeur!jimmy  dubcon  :spn  voyeur  homophobia 
july 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Castiel, past Dean/Sam, Angst
Additional Kinks: AU-not hunters, bottom!Cas, bottom!Sam, incest, high school, foster family, underage, homophobia, sexual abuse.

Dean, Sam, and Castiel live in a small town. Everyone knows that Dean, the oldest Winchester brother, is on the sex offender registry for molesting his younger brother Sam as a child. It was a huge scandal and now that Sam is older (high school age) Dean is trying to make amends. Castiel is the youngest son of a super religious family and Sam's friend. When Dean tries to come back into Sam's life, Castiel feels a great deal of compassion for him and is drawn to him despite his reputation. Sam is reluctant to reconnect with Dean, even though he can't really remember being molested by him. Castiel comes from an outwardly homophobic family, but is secretly being abused and molested by a male relative, who claims to be doing it for Castiel's own good. His family forbids him to see Dean, because, according to them, he is a pedophile and a pervert. But Castiel can't help himself, even when Dean tells him to stay away for his own sake. Cas and Sam should be 15 or 16. Dean should be in his mid 20's.

Cas and a very reluctant Dean eventually have a consensual relationship. It is up to fill if Dean actually had sex with Sam as a child or if it was a misunderstanding. No graphic depictions of noncon, rape, or abuse, feel free to heavily imply, just not exsessive detail. If they did have sex, Dean never wanted to hurt Sam, in his mind they were in love. Dean should initially resist Castiel's attempts at friendship. Maybe he even tries to threaten Cas to scare him off--all to protect the kid's reputation. ENORMOUS BONUS if the person molesting Cas confronts Dean and Dean beats the shit out of him. Angsty or happy endings welcome. No character death.
underage  !tofill  au  fps  season:preseries  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:sam/dean  :spn  homophobia 
may 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Jensen/Jared, a bad first impression
When Jared and Jensen first meet it's not the best circumstance. Jared is trying to rob him - well 'borrow' food from his kitchen actually. Jensen is a wealthy rancher who leads a good life has been raised a true Texas gentleman, Jensen is unruffled and even a bit amused by Jared's panicked expression. Jared will do *anything* to avoid the police is already kneeling for god sake, so Jensen offers a truce. No police but Jared will stay the night (no NOT like that Jared) and in the morning help out to pay off his theft. There's something about Jared that raises all sorts of questions for Jensen, and he IS a gentleman, he's not an idiot, and gets a friend to run a background check on Jared. It's not...pleasant. So Jensen comes up with a better deal: Jensen needs a hand with running his huge ranch, so Jared lives with Jensen for free and helps at the ranch in return They of course fall for each other but no one's past lets go easily. Bottom!Jared only please. Please don't repost with alterations.
!filled  rps  au  agedifference  homophobia  fluff  angst  kink:safe-sex  bottom!Jared  hurt/comfort  rimming  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  top!Jensen  hurt!Jared 
may 2016 by Mayalaen
Request : Crowley/Casiel or Alastair/Castiel or Gordon/Castiel, Bully in love with his victim
High School AU : Bully!Crowley (or bully!Alastair or bully!Gordon) has been the plague of Cas'life for many years. The real reason ? He's massively attracted to him (and maybe even in love) and either he doesn't want to admit it because Cas is very low on the social food chain (poor, nerdy, strange) or he doesn't want to admit it because of internal homophobia. He tooks every occasion to be close to Cas, to touch him under the disguise of roughing him up.

Take the story where you want from there. But if you choose to have the reformed-bully be with Cas in the end, don't let him of the hook too easily and shows that he's really sorry. You can also go the darker way with the bully not being to control himself anymore and raping Cas. I'd like to see both points of view : the bully's and Cas's. Bottom!Cas only.
!tofill  fps  underage  :spn  homophobia 
april 2016 by Mayalaen

Dean is a tough as nails war vet who suffers from PTSD. His condition is so bad that it interferes with his work and he lives with his younger, more successful brother Sam, who was too young to join the war effort and resents it. One day and old army buddy, Castiel, turns up looking for a job. Dean is disturbed by his presence, because he and Castiel carried on an affair while he was in the service. Dean is torn between turning Castiel away and picking up where they left off. Dean and Sam's father was incredibly homophobic and abusive. Sam is homophobic, but I'd prefer it if he wasn't homophobic to the point of violence like John. He doesn't understand it and thinks it is unnatural, but wouldn't assault someone for being homosexual. John would have. Maybe John even beat Sam because he suspected he might be homosexual and Dean protected him. Eventually, Sam discovers Dean and Castiel together and reacts poorly.

Sam can come around in the end if you'd like, but I'd rather there be a lot of angst and hurtful things said when he first finds out. Maybe Dean is even afraid that Sam will turn him and Cas over to the authorities.

**Bonus points if Dean reminds Sam of all the times he protected him as a child.

offsite fill here:
pairing:dean/castiel  kink:ptsd  jerk!Sam  kink:smoking  WIP  alcohol  au  pairing:sam/jess  :spn  historical  homophobia  hurt!Dean  jealousy 
september 2015 by Mayalaen
Request: Cockles, j/D, Jensen's accent kink
Jensen's having a bit of trouble losing his daddy weight and the show is demanding that he get trim for the new season. Danneel tells him she is hiring a trainer to help him out. Next thing he knows Misha is at his door in a ridiculous outfit talking in a Russian accent and introducing himself as Sergei Sergonovic. Misha justifies it by saying that Jensen would never take him seriously with his training if it was his best friend. Jensen doesn't think he's ever going to take Misha seriously ever again. He also learns that when Sergei starts giving orders and making demands that the fans were right - he really does have an accent kink. And apparently a crush on one of his best friends.

I would really like for Jensen to be freaked out about these discoveries, not all internalised homophobia but more what the hell is wrong with him, he's married and Mish is his best friend after Jared. How the hell is he supposed to act when he's starting to fantasise about him?
!tofill  rps  :spn  homophobia 
september 2015 by Mayalaen
J2, Mpreg!Jared, hurt/confort, heatstroke, homophobia
Newly wed actors couple Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are expecting their first child. Jared is 4 months along when they start filming Supernatural season 6 after Summer hiatus, so many things are changed on set and the most important is that they have a new director. Mr. XXX (his name is up to the writer) is a very good and professional director, but he is also a bastard, bigoted homophobic and he really can't stand the choice of life the two actors made...especially since one of them is pregnant (of course every one on set is aware of Jared's pregnancy), he thinks that's just unnatural. He wouldn't ever pick the work if it wasn't so prestigious and if he didn't really needed it.
Director XXX takes every chance he has to press Jared as much as he can, especially if Jensen is not around. About 3 weeks after the begins of shooting he is filming a scene with Jared and a random actress while Jensen is filming a minor scene with Misha in another location; it's a really hot and sunny August day...Jared is desperately trying to get is line while making a minor stunt scene (something theoretically suitable with the pregnancy, like a little run or something) but the heat, the upcoming headache and his fuzzy pregnancy brain aren't helping at all. The director keeps snort, cut the scene and make them repeat it all over again, while Jared is sweating really badly; the actress that is filming with him detects his distress and asks politely for a break...that's when the director goes crazy: curses and shouts that they are not in a fucking Kindergarden, that they are fucking professionist, not babies and they need to finish this scene before fucking midnight.
The two embarrassed actors start to act again, but after a few more minutes it's too much for Jared, and he falls to the ground, unconscious. Then everything happens in a blur, somebody calls the 911, somebody else Jensen that arrives just in time to ride to the hospital in the ambulance with Jared.
Needless to say Jensen is worried sick about Jared and the baby, and as soon as Jared is stolen from him to be checked out, he wants to know what the fuck exactly happened. Jensen talks to the actress that was filming with his husband and when he finds out what the director did…he is not mad, he is not angry, he is FURIOUS!!!
Jensen's reaction and what happen to the director is up to the writer.
In the end Jensen is reassured by the doctor that Jared just had a heatstroke and that he and the baby are going to be all right, they just need to rest for a couple of days.
After a few hours of observation, just to be sure, Jared is released from the hospital and Jensen takes him home and mother hen him to death for the next few days.
kink:pregnant!jared  kink:non-au  kink:protectiveness  kink:protective!jensen  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  bullying  caretaking  hurt/comfort  mpreg  :spn  homophobia  hurt!Jared 
august 2015 by Mayalaen
A Passion Most Pure
Despite his reputation as being a manwhore, Dean is actually sweet sixteen and never been kissed.

Up to you if he's got a plan to change that or if he intends to remain pure. Up to you if he ends up kissing/making out with/fooling around with someone and who.
pairing:dean/castiel  kink:religion  kink:no-sex  underage  masturbation  :spn  virgin  dreams  homophobia 
may 2015 by Mayalaen
This is weird but bear with me. I want Dean in therapy recalling all of the sick things John's done to him. Touched him, emotionally and physically abused him, forced him to turn himself out to other men. I don't really want him to joke about it, it's one of the only things he can't make light of no matter how uncomfortable it makes him feel.

I'd prefer it if Dean were in a one on one setting but he could be telling this in a group therapy setting as well. As long as someone he trusts isn't apalled by the things they hear John did to Dean, but aroused. They meet up with Dean under the guise of helping him through his issues but instead they turn around and rape him, bringing back all the memories and calling him things John called him.

What Dean does after this is up to you.

My only stipulations are that Dean doesn't do anything at all to Sam. Not even a thought. If Sam is somehow the one who turns on him I'm fine with that. If you go for the single therapist I prefer it be Alastair but if you go for the group setting it can be one or multiple people.

Things that are offlimits: vore, gore, necrophilia, bestiality(if you want Dean to mention any of these that's fine but please don't go into detail)

Things that are ok: rape(obviously), humiliation, depravity, bodily fluids and functions(all of them)

Things I love: bed wetting, crying, self harm

[Taggers note: there is now an added epilogue]
pairing:dean/alastair  kink:vomiting  noncon  underage  :spn  pairing:dean/john  watersports  homophobia 
april 2015 by Mayalaen
And Baby Makes...
AU or non-au Jensen is a male carrier or omega. He finds himself pregnant. Up to the author as to who, my favorites are Jensen/Jared and Jensen/Misha, but I'm not too particular so it could be an OMC or anyone else.

It's a world where men CAN get pregnant, but not everyone thinks they should, but homophobia still exists (though not by any means universal) and there are those who believe it's unnatural for a man to carry a child. Now that he is pregnant, it is visible proof that he is gay, or at least bi.

Up to the author how those close to Jensen react, whether or not they knew he slept with men, but I'd like if they at least are eventually supportive of him and help him throughout the pregnancy.
WIP  rps  angst  mpreg  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  homophobia 
january 2015 by Mayalaen
Take Me Home
Jensen hits on the wrong guy in a bar, he gets dragged into a back alley and gets the holy hell beat out of him. He is left, broken and bloody, barely conscious. Eventually found by a stranger (Jared) who cleans him up and takes care of him.

Bonus points for Jensen initially seeing the very tall Jared, and assuming things are only going to get worse for him.

I'm good with any kinks (preferably anything between Jensen and Jared is consensual). I'm also good with any kind of AU, including A/B/O, werecreatures, mafia AU, cop!Jared etc.

This doesn't need to lead to sex, I'm mainly looking for hurt!Jensen, and savior!Jared, if it does, I have no preference for who tops, bottoms, or if there is switching.

now with sequel
pairing:jared/omc(s)  kink:non-con(attempted)  kink:rescue  kink:protective!jensen  kink:violence  sequel  rps  abuse  abuse(verbal)  angst  hurt/comfort  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  homophobia  hurt!Jared 
january 2015 by Mayalaen
Tribulation Nation
I once read a fic where J2 were considered lesbians by the were society. I'd like something similar only with dean/cas where both Dean and cas are male omegas who are in a committed relationship. I'd like the story to focus on the trials that the couple must face,how their own families mis-treat them. The story could also deal with them struggling to have kids or not being able to have their own. I'm not too fussy about the details. However, please DON'T involve an alpha in their relationship in any way.
pairing:dean/castiel  kink:omega!castiel  kink:omega!dean  WIP  alpha/beta/omega  :spn  homophobia 
january 2015 by Mayalaen
“Maybe you're just jealous!”
Dean and Sam are in high school. Dean is a senior on the verge of dropping out and Sam is a freshmen.

Sam is growing increasingly disillusioned about the family business and doesn't see any way out until he meets a passionate young teacher who inspires him to pursue his dream of a normal life. He and the teacher grow closer over the course of the semester and at one point they kiss. Dean, who is coming to pick Sam up, sees the kiss and loses it, attacking the teacher for trying to take advantage of his baby brother. Sam and Dean are forced to flee the scene of the assault, lest their unusual lifestyle be exposed.When they get back to the house they've been squatting in the two brothers have it out. Sam is angry that Dean attacked the teacher and tells Dean that he initiated the kiss, but Dean won't hear it. He insists that Sam is too young to understand and the teacher was taking advantage, but Sam points out that he could have easily taken the teacher in a fight and wanted to get fucked. Dean is incensed and accuses Sam of being a little whore, to which Sam insists Dean's just jealous because he's a sick fuck who fantasizes about fucking teenaged boys but is too much of a pussy to act on his desires. The two come to blows ending with Dean fucking Sam.

Make the sex quick and brutal, but no gore or excessive blood please. Dub-con is okay, but no non-con. Both Dean and Sam get off during the experience. Ideally Dean tops taking Sam from behind.
pairing:sam/dean  pairing:sam/omc(s)  kink:wrestling  anger  bottom!Sam  angrysex  dubcon  firsttime  underage  rimming  :spn  fighting  homophobia  jealousy 
november 2014 by Mayalaen
REQUEST: Benny/Cas, Dean/both UST, virgin!Cas
Benny always thought the reason Dean doesn't respond to his flirting (or well, he responds, but it never gets past the banter) is because he is in love with the angel he is so desperately looking for. However, when they find Cas, and once he is able to see past the jealous rivalry, Benny realises that hugging is the most Dean and Cas have ever done, and Cas is just as distraught about this as Benny.

So instead, Benny and Cas bond over their love for/attraction to Dean and eventually end up having sex. (Ideally, Cas has never been with anyone before and is somewhat clumsy/insecure. Not naive, though, please.) Up to you why Dean has never slept with either of them despite the chemistry (denial, repression, homophobia, having been raped before...) and how you want to him to react if he finds out.
!tofill  fps  :spn  homophobia 
august 2014 by Mayalaen
Beating Heart
Based on 'In the Flesh'
There was a zombie apocalypse, everyone who died in 2009 rose from the grave. (it's not infectuous, if you get bitten you don't turn)

Scientists found a treatment for the zombies, to bring back their original personalities. Their bodies are still deadish, but other than not needing to either eat or drink and not feeling any pain, and only being able to die if their brains are destroyed, they're for the most part just people.

Jensen died, committing suicide, and now he's back in his home town, where people already couldn't stand him because he was gay. His parents took him back in, but they and his siblings have a hard time dealing with his suicide.

People in town don't like the ideas of the zombies coming back home. There are laws protecting the partially deceased, but not everyone obeys them.

Jared was a classmate of Jensen and part of the militia that used to fight the zombies.

He's shocked to see Jensen. And he has a hard time dealing with the fact that Jensen is ... different, but he still loves him. And learns to realize that people like Jensen aren't evil.

Would love a romance, just no graphic sex pretty please.
kink:zombie  kink:romance  kink:suicide  kink:violence  WIP:finished  rps  bullying  characterdeath  noncon  hurt/comfort  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  homophobia 
july 2014 by Mayalaen
Request: Sam/Dean, first time, reluctant bottoming turning to schmoop
Sam and Dean are in the early, tentative stages of a relationship. Dean mistakenly believes that anal sex is painful, based on a past experience with a girl who asked to try it, but didn’t like it. Dean, being a gentlemen, bailed out immediately and has never tried again. Also, he might have some old-fashioned internalized homophobia about the person ‘taking it.’ So, he insists that he be the one to receive, not Sammy, since he can’t bear to see his brother hurt or degraded. (Obviously, that’s not what he tells a surprised Sam when he announces that he wants to bottom).

Please have Dean bracing himself, expecting it to be awful and demeaning but planning to tough it out for Sam’s enjoyment. Possibly he believes Sam will leave him if they can’t have sex.
Sam detects his anxiety and is so tender and careful throughout, that Dean finds himself loving being taken care of like this. Should end with both of them agreeing that there will be enthusiastic switching from now on.
!tofill  fps  :spn  homophobia 
june 2014 by Mayalaen
Makes You Hard by kraellyk - Request: Dean/Others, cursed cock, helpless arousal, non or dubcon
So there's this curse that was put on Dean years ago they never figured out how to break. When anyone, anyone at all touches him there he goes instantly, desperately hard and has to get off.

What I would like to read are those moments when he's groped without consent...say by a police officer, a dirty old man, a bartender, anyone you can think of that very presumptuously grabs Dean's crotch and gets an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Up to nonnie if once he gets off the spell is broken or if he needs to submit otherwise.
noncon  dubcon  crying  season:0-4  virgin  fucking  blowjob  spitroast  underage  !filled  author:kraellyk  begging  hell  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:dean/ofc(s)  curse/spell  cursed!Dean  forcedorgasm  cominginpants  frottage  orgasmdenial  threesome  :spn  pairing:dean/john  gangbang  pairing:dean/omc(s)  homophobia 
may 2014 by Mayalaen
When The Sun Goes Down
There's a scene in the novel Middlesex where the protagonist and her** love interest are sleeping, and she starts kissing on the other girl (or something, I can't quite remember and I don't have the book with me to quote). The other girl pretends to be asleep, but the protagonist knows she's not because she lifts her hips to help when the protagonist goes to pull her panties off. The narrator says something like, lifting her hips was "her only contribution" to the experience.

That scene always stuck with me, and I would really like something with Dean and Cas like this. They can be anywhere from 14-18, and maybe they live together (no incest though), maybe they’re neighbors who sleep over a lot, whatever author wants to do. Anyway, they’re sleeping in the same bed one night and Cas is overcome with his feelings and attraction toward Dean. He slowly and gently starts to touch him, and Dean does something (like raise his hips for Cas or something) to indicate that he’s awake, but otherwise pretends to be sleeping. Cas explores.

They both pretend it didn’t happen the next day, but more and more Dean finds ways for he and Cas to be sleeping in the same bed. Cas always explores Dean’s body, with his hands and mouth (maybe eventually even fucking Dean or fucking himself on Dean? Either or both are good). Cas knows Dean’s awake, and Dean knows Cas knows, but they both keep pretending because they know Dean isn’t ready to deal with his sexuality. (Maybe he was raised in a really homophobic household? Maybe it’s sometime in the past when homosexuality was much more taboo? Doesn’t matter, but he’s really not okay with being gay).

Bonus points for Dean accidentally doing little things that give him away, like moaning softly or gently moving his hips. I want it all to be very tender and sweet stuff between them please. (Sorry, I’m a sap). Whether or not they actually address the situation in the cold light of day is up to the author, though I’d kind of like it if they did somehow.

**I say “her” because the character calls himself a female at that time in the story. I’m not trying to misgender anyone or be insensitive to trans* issues in any way, so I’m sorry if I used the wrong phrasing

Sorry for the massive prompt. Jesus, I’m long-winded.

tl;dr Cas touches Dean in bed. Dean pretends to be sleeping but they both know he’s not.
pairing:dean/castiel  angst  crying  fingering  underage  somnophilia  :spn  homophobia 
march 2014 by Mayalaen
Lonely No More
Jensen has been in love with Jared ever since he was younger but never confess because Jared is a grade A asshole homophobic. Now that they attend the same college and together as room mate. After one night of drunk partying, they have a wild night of sex. In the morning, Jensen thought his dream finally come true and and that Jared has feeling for him but unexpectedly get rejected and harshly judged by Jared. Humiliation flooded Jensen and he is heartbroken, they barely talked with each other after that, trying to forget it. That was until Jensen found out he is pregnant. He dropped out from the college they attend and disappear from Jared and his friend/family.

Fast forward to 4 years later when Jared accidentally find Jensen on a business trip when he's on a date with Jeff. Cues all sort of angst and unforgettable feeling pop up. Jared is also regretful of what he did 4 yrs ago because he finally realize that he missed and love Jensen and now he's jealous of the relationship Jensen found with others (OMC or Jeff, I don't care). Trying to woo Jensen back Jared realize that he has not appreciate Jensen's smile, the closeness they have before because Jensen is giving the cold shoulder. That all change when Jared found out about his son (from a new friend/colleague) of Jensen. Now Jared have to try to woo Jensen and bond with his son and feeling the angst that he has not been with Jensen that whole time and witness the first few years with his son.

Wooo! That was a long prompt, but technically, I just want them to be happy in the end after all that trials and errors. Bottom!Jensen is a must, please don't make Jensen forgiving Jared like 5 seconds after they meet. Thanks, I want it to be hard and painful for Jared to win back what he loss too.
WIP  pairing:jensen/jdm  rps  angst  au  bottom!Jensen  firsttime  mpreg  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  homophobia  jealousy  kidfic 
february 2014 by Mayalaen
abused Sam, Dean gets revenge
Dean drops by for a surpise weekend visit while Sam's at Stanford. He's never liked Sam's boyfriend - it's not homophobia since Dean is bi himself and was in a relationship with Sam before he went to Stanford, but the boyfriend sets Dean on edge. When he discovers the boyfriend is abusing Sam, all hell breaks loose, and Dean is determiend to teach the boyfriend *no one* hurts his Sammy.
abuse  !tofill  pairing:sam/omc(s)  :spn  homophobia 
january 2014 by Mayalaen
Right Kind of Right
Jared and Jensen as fuck buddies. Nothing more. Except Jared's in love with Jensen (and was long before they started fucking). Jensen should know this, but how he knows it is up to you (and the finding out should probably come after they start fucking out of convenience - because it's hard as hell to forge relationships with the hours they work). But they've got a good thing going he thinks and Jared swears he can keep his feelings out of it.

When they fuck it's never facing each other. There's no kissing. And Jensen tops. Always. Maybe there's some internalized homophobia? Not enough to keep him from fucking another guy, but enough to keep him from bottoming. I don't want Jensen cruel by any means. He just sees it as a way to blow off steam and he's oblivious to how much it hurts Jared to be so close to having what he wants yet so far away at the same time.

And maybe one day Jared breaks and tries to kiss Jensen. Jensen, of course, pushes him away. Kind of a 'wtf, dude?' response but not really mean or cruel. Jared isn't really mad at Jensen because he sees it as his own fault for not being able to keep things on a friends with benefits level. So he goes out looking for something to get his mind off Jensen.

Jensen gets worried when he's not home later that night (this should be while they're living together) and he goes out to find him (it's not hard because Jared has a favorite bar or something – however you want to make it easier on him). And when he does, Jared's flirting with some random guy. Which makes Jensen jealous as fuck. If it were a girl, he could handle it. They're supposed to find women to settle down with and have a buttload of kids. But if Jared wants a guy, he has Jensen and he shouldn't be out looking for anyone else.

Cue Jensen dragging Jared out of the bar and home. And somewhere along the way he realizes that if he didn't have feelings for Jared or some sort, that he wouldn't be so jealous. And that's when everything should change.

I'd like for Jensen to go from kinda of cold take-what-we-need in the bedroom toppy no feelings guy to let-me-give-you-what-you-need because maybe it's also kind of what we both want bottomy guy.

I don’t want Jensen to suddenly be all in love. But maybe he could admit to himself and to Jared that he could fall in love with him, if he'd just let himself. And he promises to stop putting up walls to keep Jared out and see what happens.

Feel free to adjust this as you see fit because I know it's a lot. This is basically what I'm looking for:

-Not cruel Jensen, but kind of unfeeling and oblivious.
-A friends with benefits to lovers shift
-Some sort of catalyst to cause the shift
-Two sex scenes (though the first can be short as you want) so that we see how things change after said catalyst.
-No schmoopy ending with tears and declarations of undying love. But a realistic one with Jensen still having some hang ups but promising to try and work through them and Jared being understanding but hopeful.
kink:no-lube  kink:pining  kink:switch-hitting  rps  bottom!Jared  confession  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  top!Jensen  friendswithbenefits  homophobia 
january 2014 by Mayalaen
Her Turn by mayalaen - Request: Dean/Charlie, Dean!MtF, femslash, identity issues, homophobia, internalized homophobia
Dean has always known she was female but after revealing it to John and receiving a bad reaction (from scolding to beating, it's up to writer), Dean decided to hide it deep inside. She is attracted to girls anyway, so it's not a big deal right? Only it is, because he hates his dick and his tiny chest. After being rebuilt by Castiel as a man after his time in hell, Dean feels even more ashamed of himself, because obviously even God/Angels think he should be male.

Then comes Charlie, who notices something is off. Eventually, she figures it out, and her mission is to help 'Dee' transition (the level of transition is up to writer) and love herself. Along the way, Charlie discovers she starts to have feelings for Dee. Dee is oblivious, because she thought that Charlie was only a lesbian for cis!females (or 'real women' as Dee thinks because she's not as knowledge about that 'gender stuff'). The girls start to date and have smexytimes.

10 Bonus points for including Rhonda Hurley and the pink panties
20 Bonus points for Castiel offering to help Dee physically transition (whether she does or not, up to writer)
100 Bonus points for Sam not being as understanding as he should (like accusing Dean of only pretending so he could fuck Charlie, not understanding that Dee can be a transwoman and lesbian, or just being a dick)
+Infinity Bonus points for Charlie becoming pregnant and both excited to become mommies

Alt Links
homophobia  transgender:mtf  virgin  fucking  toys  genderswap  blowjob  spanking  injury  altlink  fps  author:mayalaen  !filled  pegging  casefic  cunnilingus  season:9  rimming  pairing:dean/charlie  kink:pegging  kink:strap-on  kink:transphobia  kink:transitioning  kink:sex-change  bareback  crossdressing  D/s  fingering  oralsex  :spn  dildo  girl!Dean  transgender  fingerfucking  genderroles 
december 2013 by Mayalaen
The Right Angle
Jensen is a married, closeted actor who has struggled with his feelings for men for his whole life. He has tried so hard to be straight, even married a woman. One night, he's at a bar and meets Jared, who's a male prostitute. Jared convinces Jensen to take him to a hotel, to just try sex with a man once and see how he feels. Cue angsty sex.
rps  angst  bottom!Jensen  cheating  rimming  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  homophobia  prostitution 
november 2013 by Mayalaen

SHORT VERSION: Preacher’s son Castiel (14) being all judgmental about the high school slut!Dean (16) and having a verbal fight that ends with them fucking.

LONGER VERSION: Cas and Dean both attend a Catholic school. Cas is one of the most popular students because he’s the preacher’s son and is the picture perfect image of morality: He doesn't have sex, do drugs, drink, skip school; all the teachers love him, he has a lot of friends, and he speaks out against "sinners" and students not following the rules. Dean on the other hand is the complete opposite: He comes from a broken home, rumor has it his father gets drunk and beats him; the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as Dean too is rumored to drink a lot and get violent; he has a lot of sex, with boys and girls. He's called the school slut and people throw slurs at him like "whore" and "faggot" on a daily basis. Dean has gotten suspended so many times from school he's flunked two grade levels. Now a few weeks shy of turning 17, Dean is ready to just quit school and leave. But one day after school Cas catches Dean making out with a random boy and proceeds to lecture him about moral behavior. The argument turns heated, and Dean ends up calling Cas on HIS weird behavior like all the staring he does at Dean. Maybe Cas is just jealous that Dean is fucking everyone but him; maybe Cas is gay too and just too afraid to come out of the closet. This ends up with sex.

Bottom!Cas only for sex, please. :)
pairing:dean/castiel  abuse  alcoholism  bottom!Castiel  firsttime  fingering  oralsex  underage  drugs  roughsex  :spn  domesticviolence  virgin  voyeur  homophobia 
september 2013 by Mayalaen
Show Me
High School AU. But both being 18 (so taking place towards the end of school) Jared as a big jerk jock. Jensen as a cheerleader. Not your classic Jock/Cheerleader cliche fic. Jensen is a cheerleader but also really smart and is in the drama club, he’s also mostly closet gay. Somehow it got out at his school and everyone assumes he is, even though he’s never confirmed it. Jared is smart but concentrates more on whatever sport he’s playing that season. He also is completely straight *wink wink* He is either aware of his crush on Jensen or he doesn’t know, but either way Jensen rubs him the wrong way and he picks on him, a lot.
One night after a winning game there is a party, and Jared and his buddies get it in their heads to take the bullying of Jensen further, and think its a good idea to trick him into sleeping with Jared.
Jared spins a tale of how much he has admired Jensen and loves him, that he was hiding it with the bullying and he gets Jensen to sleep with him. I want Jensen being very hesitant (he’s a virgin) and only giving in because he believes Jared loves him (and he’s had a huge crush on Jared for a long time)
Afterwards though there is a group of people outside the room and it leads to Jensen basically taking a walk of shame. Would love to see Jensen’s struggle with it and the teasing/bullying for it at school later. And for Jensen to go to a dark place (waiting for the end of the school year) and only Jared can bring him out of it. Jared being regretful from the moment Jensen opens the door after their first time. And he tries to make up for it afterwards, coming out himself and trying to get together with Jensen for real. Something like ‘Can Jared win him back before Jensen leaves for college after graduation’
would like happy ending but maybe only after a long while, Jared having to prove to Jensen his sincerity
kink:school  rps  au  bullying  dubcon  firsttime  humiliation  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  homophobia 
september 2013 by Mayalaen
Hope Is A Dangerous Thing To Lose
Anything with shy, bullied Jared with a stutter, being coaxed out of his shell by Jensen <3

[Formerly titled: Be Brave, Be You]
pairing:none  kink:shy!jared  kink:suicide  WIP:finished  rps  au  bullying  characterdeath  :spn  homophobia 
september 2013 by Mayalaen
Wanton Boys (Splintered Heart)
Cas (15-17) gets humilated in front of the school by his boyfriend Dean after an argument for . Upset and angry he walks out and ends up walking through the streets until older MC stops him and propositions him. Deciding it'll be a nice fuck you to Dean Cas goes home with MC(at least mid 30's) and they have nice, angry sex. But at the end Cas can't bring himself to leave and ends up venting to MC and they agree to meet again and end up starting an arrangement where MC teaches Cas about different kinks and Cas offers him something other than loneliness. Where this goes from there is up to you- does Cas family and friends find out? Does the relationship last? Is there jealous Dean?

Bonus Points for-
MC being lonely and very aware he's an old pervert
Being gentle and understanding when showing Cas new things like bondage or painplay
At one point MC plugs Cas up so he has his come inside him all day at school
pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:castiel/omc(s)  kink:teaching  WIP  agedifference  angst  D/s  underage  :spn  homophobia  jealousy 
september 2013 by Mayalaen
Anna Milton (16) is the most popular cheerleader in school. She's part of the Varsity team and seems to drive the boys wild. Her younger sister Jessica (15) is equally popular. Both girls have boys lined up for miles wanting to date them, problem is their father has put on a strict policy in the family. The girls cannot date unless Castiel, Anna's twin brother, is also dating.

But Castiel is basically a social pariah. He's labeled as a school rejected, called fag, and made fun by almost everyone. No one wants to date Castiel.

The Winchester brothers are well-liked in the school, and when Adam falls for Anna, and Sam for Jessica, they know something has to be done about Castiel. Their older brother Dean (18) who is only two credits shy of graduating could care less about his reputation. He also happens to be gay. But will he want to date a reject 16 year old?

$500 says he will. That's how much Adam and Sam gather up to pay Dean and he accepts. Three dates and then he's out is the deal.

- Dean falls in love with Cas slowly; but Cas has known who Dean is for a while and has been pining for him from a far
-Would like to see Cas going through a lot of bullying and harassment
-major feelings of betrayal when Cas finds out Dean is only with him for the money
- inexperienced, virgin!Cas
- bottom!cas only
WIP  pairing:dean/castiel  au  bottom!Castiel  bullying  underage  :spn  virgin  homophobia 
june 2013 by Mayalaen
Lovers in the Backseat
Dean picks up Castiel who's hitch-hiking.

Castiel is clearly underage (would prefer around 14) but it becomes clear Cas is running away from something bad so Dean decides he'll take the kid where he wants to go.

Cas is surprised Dean is so nice, since he's been hitch-hiking for a while and some people have demanded sex from Cas in exchange for a ride. Cas has always got out of the car when someone's asked him for sex so he's still a virgin.

As Cas and Dean travel together, they fall in love despite their age difference, and eventually end up having sex in the back seat of Dean's car. Could be a complete AU or Dean hunting on his own during Sam's Stanford years.
pairing:dean/castiel  WIP:finished  abuse(past)  carsex  underage  masturbation  :spn  homophobia 
may 2013 by Mayalaen
A Woodland Tale
REQUEST: wood elf!jensen/unicorn!jared bestiality

Jensen is a wood elf (human size). He has always been fascinated with the magical unicorns. One day he meets one who gets a little frisky in his presence. Jensen realises his fascination is more than just platonic and soon finds himself finding pleasure with the magical beast.
rps  bestiality  blowjob  bottom!Jensen  cominguntouched  fisting  fingering  oralsex  creature!Jared  creature!Jensen  masturbation  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  dildo  facial  top!Jared  transformation  publicsex  homophobia  selflubrication 
may 2013 by Mayalaen
It's Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) by john-n-dean
Jeff and Jensen spent one Christmas together ten years ago. They've been looking for each other ever since.

Prompt fill: Sorta Pretty Woman. Jeff's in town on business. He's never done this before but he picks up a pretty boy, takes him back to his fancy hotel. Jensen has been kicked out because he came out to his parents and Jeff pulls up, so Jensen plays prostitute.

Jeff is a gentleman. They share some strawberries and champagne. It isn't until he starts undressing the boy that he realizes Jensen is trembling and trying to be brave about it/Jensen's never done this before. He spends the night wrapped around Jensen, horrified by what he almost did and trying to make the kid feel safe - which he does.

They spend the holiday weekend together locked in Jeff's hotel room. Their last night together Jensen gives himself to Jeff voluntarily and with no reservations. When Jeff leaves he books the room for another week and pays for it so Jensen will have a place to stay. Jensen finds this out the next morning after Jeff has left. He also finds an envelope on the pillow next to him with a cashiers check for twenty thousand dollars telling him to follow his dreams.

Jump forward 5 or 10 years when they cross paths again. Jensen is a successful (insert profession here) and that spark that igngited between them is still there. This time they're both in a better place and on equal footing. Bonus if Jared is the one that brings them together - either accidentally or on purpose.
rps  au  prostitution  homophobia  :spn  pairing:jensen/jdm 
may 2013 by Mayalaen
One Lifetime is Not Enough
Not sure if anyone is familiar with The Year of the Cat ( series but I would love a J2 fic with this premise.

J1 new to the school, J2 pretty much the "king" of the school and J1 doesn't know why but suddenly the perfect J2 is starring in his dreams and there's a connection there that he can't explain and he starts to think that the dreams might be more than just dreams.

After awhile J1 starts to notice changes in himself, quicker reflexes, speed and agility and no need for the glasses he has always worn.

J2 should somehow show what he is (panther shapeshifter) and reveal that J1 is as well, that's why they have a connection. To the surprise of everyone at school J2 and J1 start to date and J2 sees no reason to hide their relationship so open PDA at school.

While the book series made shapeshifters into something bad, I would love a fic where they are...well, they might still be brutal but then I would want both of them to be so. So, happy ending with J2 together and being awesome please.

Long prompt is long. Mix it up, do as you please, or ask one million questions about details. Either way is fine with me as long as it ends with boys as panthers!
kink:shapeshifter  kink:violence  WIP  kink:were!animals  kink:wet-dreams  rps  alpha!Jared  beta!Jensen  blowjob  characterdeath(minor)  claiming  oralsex  underage  heat  rimming  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  homophobia 
april 2013 by Mayalaen
Rumour Has It
Dean Winchester has just turned 18 and is entering his senior year of high school. The only worry he expects to have is 2nd period Calculus. However all that quickly changes when rumors start circulating in the school about a 15 year old freshman "twink" who is driving all the boys crazy with his after school blow jobs.

Although Dean realized early on he was gay, he kept it hidden. Coming from a very small town and growing up with a homophobic father, Dean resigned to spend his youth in the closet.

Dean tries to ignore the rumors at first but then one day he comes head to head with the school "slut" and finds himself joining the long list of boys wanting to bang this kid.


*dub-con: I'd like Castiel to have some kind of a reason for selling himself although I don't want it to get too melodramatic but maybe his uncle pimps him out, or maybe he's a junkie, or perhaps he was bullied/coerced into it by someone at long as Cas doesn't want to do it but feels he has to the reason should be fine...

*homophobia: Would like to see Dean struggling with this issue; maybe even mistreat Cas after they start sleeping together because he views Cas as a "queer" and a "slut" and blames him for seducing him

*bottom!Cas, top!Dean

*Bullying: would like to see some bullying of Cas (mild or severe, your choice)

*non-con: I would like to have Cas reject one of his regular "Johns" at school and that not go to well. It can be full no rape or maybe just abuse (forced blow job, ect)
pairing:dean/castiel  WIP  au  bottom!Castiel  bullying  dubcon  noncon  underage  :spn  homophobia 
march 2013 by Mayalaen
There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See
Reposted from here:

Someone showed interest in this prompt, but unfortunately it was never filled. Here it is:

Anybody else in a really crappy mood today?

I'm looking for a story where Jared and Jensen are in highschool (18+ please) or college and are best friends, maybe even roommates. Jared is a playboy alpha and Jensen is an omega, but he hasn't told his friend that. Jensen is in love with Jared, but Jared is as straight as they come. When Jensen tries to confess his feelings to the other boy, Jared calls him every name in the book. Maybe throw in a few comments about how he didn't know how he could be friends with a 'gay boy' for so long. Cue heartbroken Jensen, who turns to Misha for help. While with Misha, he goes into heat and Jared realizes that Jen is his true mate. Lovey-dovey make-up sex, followed by heartwrenching Jensen fearing that Jared doesn't really love him and Jared realing what a jerk he's been.

If someone would write this, it would really make my day :)
WIP  rps  heat  knotting  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  homophobia  selflubrication 
march 2013 by Mayalaen
The Space Between the Bullets in Our Firefight by embroiderama
Reverse bigbang fic. Jensen’s an FBI agent who doesn’t want to let things like love and family get in the way of his ambitions. It takes getting what he wants to figure what he’s been needing all along.
rps  homophobia  au  bigbang  :spn  pairing:jensen/jdm 
november 2011 by Mayalaen
Red Tail by morrezela
A sorta retelling of The Little Mermaid J2 style, but only in some plot points. Jensen gets banished from his home when they realize he likes the mermen more than the mermaids. While he's out, fisherman!Jared catches him. The two get closer over the year Jensen's banished, but he goes home. He's sad and his brother, grandfather and an herbalist help him with a potion he takes regularly to have legs, so he goes back to Jared and they live happily ever after. Very cute fic!
anatomy  au  rps  fucking  blowjob  frottage  homophobia  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  transformation  mermaids 
november 2011 by Mayalaen
The Lie That Keeps You Warm by aerithqoc
Jensen is a Hollywood actor who's quickly fading out of the spotlight. To create a new buzz, his agent suggests a tabloid shocker; Jensen Ackles is getting married to a guy. His agent picks Jared Padalecki as Jensen's groom-to-be, who is the once dorky kid he used to bully in high school. Despite claiming otherwise, Jared hasn't forgotten about what Jensen did to him in high school and he just can't let it go.
bullying  crying  fucking  homophobia  pretendcouple  marriage  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen 
october 2011 by Mayalaen
Monster by redrum669 Master Post
Jensen (26) lives a reclusive life, but begins tutoring Jared (22) in math. Jensen doesn't talk much about his past, but lets Jared in slowly. It all breaks open when Jared gets pregnant and everyone learns that Jensen had been in prison, is on parole for being accused of child molestation because his last boyfriend was a homophobic asshole (Chris) and Chris' little brother made it all up.
homophobia  mpreg  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen 
october 2011 by Mayalaen

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!filled  !tofill  :spn  abuse  abuse(past)  abuse(verbal)  agedifference  alcohol  alcoholism  alpha!Jared  alpha/beta/omega  altlink  anatomy  anger  angrysex  angst  au  author:kraellyk  author:mayalaen  bareback  begging  bestiality  beta!Jensen  bigbang  blowjob  bodymodification  bottom!Castiel  bottom!Jared  bottom!Jensen  bottom!Sam  bullying  caretaking  carsex  casefic  characterdeath  characterdeath(minor)  cheating  chubby  chubby!Dean  claiming  cominginpants  cominguntouched  confession  creature!Jared  creature!Jensen  crossdressing  crying  cunnilingus  curse/spell  cursed!Dean  D/s  dildo  domesticviolence  dreams  drugs  dubcon  facial  feminization  fighting  fingerfucking  fingering  firsttime  fisting  fluff  forcedorgasm  fps  friendswithbenefits  frottage  fucking  gangbang  genderroles  genderswap  girl!Castiel  girl!Dean  heat  hell  historical  homophobia  humiliation  hurt!Dean  hurt!Jared  hurt!Jensen  hurt/comfort  injury  jealousy  jerk!Sam  kidfic  kink:no-lube  kink:no-sex  kink:non-au  kink:non-con(attempted)  kink:omega!castiel  kink:omega!dean  kink:pegging  kink:pining  kink:pregnant!jared  kink:protective!jensen  kink:protectiveness  kink:ptsd  kink:religion  kink:rescue  kink:romance  kink:safe-sex  kink:school  kink:sex-change  kink:shapeshifter  kink:shy!jared  kink:smoking  kink:strap-on  kink:suicide  kink:switch-hitting  kink:teaching  kink:transitioning  kink:transphobia  kink:violence  kink:vomiting  kink:voyeur!jimmy  kink:were!animals  kink:wet-dreams  kink:wrestling  kink:zombie  knotting  marriage  masturbation  mating  mermaids  mpreg  noncon  omega!Jared  omega!Jensen  oralsex  orgasmdenial  pairing:castiel/omc(s)  pairing:dean/alastair  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:dean/charlie  pairing:dean/john  pairing:dean/ofc(s)  pairing:dean/omc(s)  pairing:jared/jensen  pairing:jared/omc(s)  pairing:jensen/jdm  pairing:none  pairing:sam/castiel  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:sam/jess  pairing:sam/omc(s)  pegging  pretendcouple  prostitution  publicsex  rimming  roughsex  rps  season:0-4  season:9  season:preseries  selflubrication  sequel  somnophilia  spanking  spitroast  threesome  top!Jared  top!Jensen  toys  transformation  transgender  transgender:mtf  underage  virgin  virgin!Castiel  voyeur  watersports  wing  WIP  WIP:finished  xenophobia 

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