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Jared/Jensen: size-kink, spanking
Jared told Jensen that he should really stay away from the cursed item in props. After the last incident with a cursed object on set, he thought Jensen would have learned. But no, he just had to touch it and get shrunk to the size of a barbie doll. To make matters worse Jensen doesn't even accept its his own fault, instead its the prop managers fault, then the poor PA's fault, and finally Jared's fault. Jared is fed up. He's always thought Jensen's attitude could be improved by a spanking (maybe by snapping his bottom with a rubber band or something?), so Jared gags Jensen, puts him in his pocket and takes him home to teach him a lesson.

Bonus points for Jared being turned on by Jensen's red little bottom and plays with him afterward with appropriately sized objects like string to tie him up, q-tips or pens to fuck him, and other stuff like that.
rps  spanking  sizekink  pairing:jared/jensen  bondage  bottom!Jensen  curse/spell  cursed!Jensen  gags  :spn  objectinsertion 
june 2015 by Mayalaen
Knockdown by mayalaen - Request: Sam/Dean, sextoy!curse
Sam and Dean aren't getting along. (can be the current canon fight or something else). While working a case, Dean kills a witch and the witch's partner curses him, telling Sam that unless he can teach Dean some humility in one week, Dean will die. If Sam tells Dean, he'll die. Sam realizes he doesn't want to lose his brother, despite their current quarrel. He doesn't tell Dean about the curse, but he tells him that if he wants to make it up to Sam, he'll do whatever Sam says/wants for a week. Sam might figure he'll just boss Dean around for a week but the witch contacts him and tells him it's not enough since Dean has always done things to make Sam happy. So Sam takes it up a notch and introduces a sexual element to it making Dean his sextoy. Up to author whether Sam has always wanted this or is surprised to find out he likes it. Kinks entirely up to author (preferably no scat) so long as there's a certain element of humiliation involved to satisfy the curse. Bonus points if they decide, once the week is over, that they want to keep the sexual aspect of their relationship. How they get to the sextoy! part is up to author. I just want to see Dean at Sam's beck and call sexually but not necessarily permanently.

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may 2014 by Mayalaen

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