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Request: Dean/Cas, Cas/objects, curse, oral fixation
Castiel gets cursed with an oral fixation, it's inoccuous and infrequent at first but the longer it goes on the more Cas needs something in his mouth until it's painful and he can't think of anything but how empty his mouth is.

When it's just starting to ramp up Dean notices something is up and it's kinda turning him on. The first time he pop a boner while Cas is tongueing and sucking on something Cas notices immediately and is very interested which is wrong except it doesn't feel wrong. They figure out it's a curse but not how to reverse it and soon enough Cas is begging Dean to let Cas put his cock in Cas' mouth. Cas starts giving Dean blow jobs and being his cock warmer whenever possible, even when Dean is sleeping which takes Dean awhile because he's used to sleeping on his back. But Dean also has to keep Cas in line because they are kinda scarring Sammy and if Dean doesn't keep Cas in line when he's supposed to be warming Dean's cock the guy will start distracting him from research with a blow job. He's been woken several times because Cas couldn't help but blow Dean. Dean gets him a dildo to suck on that may or may not be a clone of his own.

Then they are out at a bar working the case and Cas gets super antsy. Dean has him sit in a corner so the guy can go to town with a straw and pretzels but it just isn't enough and Dean finds Cas blowing a stranger in the bathroom. Possessive streak with Dean grabbing Cas by the hair and the other dude tucking and running. Cas is glassy eyes and drooling but Dean torments him with his cock just out of reach as he makes it abundantly clear that the only cock going in Cas' mouth is Dean. Then he lets Cas blow him and tells him to go out to the impala where the dildo is and that if Cas touches anyone else they are done. After that night Cas is gagged in public, he uses his mojo to make it look like his mouth his just closed.

And seriously no one is more desperate to fix Cas than Sam because he is scarred.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:castiel/inanimate-object  curse/spell  oralfixation  cursed!Castiel  desperation 
september 2016 by Mayalaen

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