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Into The Woods

Dean and Sam are trapped in an enchanted fairytale book. The only way out is to successfully navigate the story they are trapped in: Snow White.

Dean is upset about the fact that he's the one that has to eat the apple, but secretly, Sam is excited about the chance to finally be Dean's knight in shining armor.
pairing:sam/dean  kink:no-sex  WIP:finished  curse/spell  cursed!Dean  firsttime  :spn  fluff  fairies  kissing 
april 2014 by Mayalaen
Sam/Dean - Stanford Era, girl!Dean, making out, first time sex, nipple play
Dean misses Sam now that he's away at Stanford, but it's not like Dean can ask Sam to come home like he desperately wants to - college is good for Sam. So when some witches (Damn Witches) turn Dean into a woman (at least he's smoking hot), Dean figures it a perfect opportunity to go see Sam.

Dean figures it will be a great joke on Sam for Dean to hit on Sam in his new form. And really Sam is such a nerd, that if a woman as hot as Dean is now picks him up it can only give Sam some cred.

Sam would know his brother in any form, even that of a hot chick, but Sam figures he will let things play out. Besides Dean would never let it go that far, right.
pairing:sam/dean  firsttime  curse/spell  genderswap  :spn  girl!Dean  kissing  nippleplay 
january 2014 by Mayalaen
You set my mind on fire
There are a lot of fics with Sam being able to read Dean's mind, I'd like a flip of that and have Dean be able to hear Sam's thoughts. And what dirty little thoughts they are, he never would have suspected his little brother would think like that...about him. Dean can't take it anymore and finally makes his move.

Underage lovesick!Sammy and schmoop please. First time for Sam.

Note: I'm re-posting someone else's unfilled prompt from 2012 blindfold.
kink:telepathy  pairing:sam/dean  bareback  bottom!Sam  curse/spell  cursed!Dean  firsttime  fingering  underage  masturbation  :spn  incest  kissing  makingout 
february 2013 by Mayalaen
Jared's Boy
This prompt is inspired by one made a few prompts up... and yes I know it's a long one, sorry about that. *g*

Jared is a man (30-32) who has a special ability; he can change at will into a dog. Since he was a teenager, he found out really quick that not only is he a pervert who likes young boys... he's a kinky one at that. Jared likes to find families to "adopt" him that have young beautiful boys and have his way with them as a dog with the parents completely unaware and nearby. He'll stay for a while and once he gets bored, he'll move on to the next family. It's his perverted version of a one-night stand.

When Jared gets adopted by the Ackles family he is immediately in lust with their son Jensen (10-13). He is beautiful, like nothing Jared has ever seen before and Jared wants to make Jensen his bitch. He thinks it's going to take a while to get Jensen under him, but it turns out Jensen isn't the sweet little blushing innocent he portrays to the world. Jensen asked his parents for a dog because he's been fantasizing of a dog fucking him for a very long time.

Jensen is Jared's perfect little bitch, exactly what he has been looking for so many years for. Cue the constant sex, knotting, doggie blowjobs, etc. I would love it if Jensen and Jared really like to go at it when Jensen's family are up and about, the risk of being caught makes it so delicious.

Also, and it's completely up to the anon if you added this in, if you can somehow fit in Jensen getting pregnant with Jared's puppies (with lactation) and the family being completely unaware even after the fact, that would be awesome
dog!Jared  kink:shapeshifter  rps  bestiality  blowjob  breeding  comeplay  curse/spell  dubcon  fingering  mpreg  oralsex  underage  comeeating  handjob  knotting  masturbation  rimming  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  groping  lactation  kissing  labor/delivery  licking  objectinsertion 
october 2012 by Mayalaen

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