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REQUEST: Sam/Cas, non-con, fuck or die, feral!Sam, hurt!Cas, bondage, protective!Dean
Sam get cursed and becomes a more feral version of his previous soulless self. The only cure is for him to work it out of his system by letting his baser desires run free. They have him tied up in one of the bunker dungeons, but it becomes apparent what his desires are when he won't take his eyes off either of them, but mainly Dean.

Then he gets free. Cas has a split second to make his decision; he has to save Sam, but he has to protect Dean too....

Dean is horrified when Cas shoves him out the door and seals it from the inside. All he can hear then is what's going on, and he ends up slumped against the wall listening to Sam force himself on their friend.

Cas should try and assure Sam he isn't going to fight, but I still want Sam using his curse induced strength to try and hold Cas down, maybe even using his own restraints on him at some point? And Cas telling Sam that once this is over, if he remembers it, he has no need to feel guilty or ashamed.

Please include some comfort afterwards for all the boys.
noncon  fuckordie  feral  bondage  fps  !tofill  hurt/comfort  pairing:sam/castiel  kink:no-lube  bottom!Castiel  analsex  fucking  curse/spell  dirtytalk  cursed!Sam  :spn  top!Sam  drysex  feral!Sam  hurt!Castiel  bloodplay 
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