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Sam/Dean - Mpreg, miscarriage, tender comfort sex
Through some kind of idol or curse Dean ended up pregnant with Sam's babies. Because he was a.) carrying high end multiples and b.) a man he ends up miscarrying all the babies (an outside force could be the source but I'd prefer if it was just his body resisting). I'd prefer him to be a bit farther along but if not is ok. Dean wasn't happy about the idea of being pregnant at first but between his love of Sam, family and a ton of extra hormones he eventually was so excited so he is completely devastated. Sam is very supportive and loving. Their first time after everything happens.
pairing:sam/dean  curse/spell  cursed!Dean  hurt/comfort  mpreg  comfortsex  :spn  miscarriage 
january 2014 by Mayalaen

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