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Hi, I haven't sean this request, or any stories like this, but I would love to see something where Sam is a top and with Dean who is obviously a bottom in the bedroom but still bossy outside of bed and they have been a couple since Dean went to get Sam out of Stanford. I would love it if the story included a scene where John finds out at around the same time that he is hit by a curse/spell/etc. and needs to get fucked, and only Sam and Dean are around to do the job. It would be great if it is John's 1st time and if he was embarrassed that he really liked it and came while Sam fucked him. Bonus if Dean joins in, or really gets off on watching. Double Bonus if Sam takes his time and fingers John for a long time before and/or after.
Thank you to anyone who writes this.
pairing:sam/dean  firsttime  bottom!Dean  bottom!John  curse/spell  :spn  pairing:sam/dean/john  dom!Sam 
january 2012 by Mayalaen

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