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REPROMPT: Caretaker!Castiel & Little!Dean, normalized little AU
Reprompting from my original post in SPN & Other Characters

AU. Cas works at a coffee shop, and when he's closing up one night, he takes the trash into the alley and stumbles over a man in dirty clothes, huddled by the door.

The man doesn't speak, just keeps whimpering and tears stream down his face. Cas squats down to see if the man is okay, but the man pulls away, frightened. Cas finally figures out it's an adult baby who has been traumatized and left for dead.

Cas takes the time to calm the baby down, gets the baby to trust him, then gets him into his car and takes him home. He and his husband (Benny? Gabe? Sam?) give him a bath and realize that the baby is malnourished and he's got a cold. They get him fed and start him on cough syrup, but the baby is scared, so a lot of time is spent doing everything slowly and talking the baby through it, reassuring him.

It isn't until a few days later that the baby starts to trust them, and one day while Cas is changing the baby's diaper, he asks him again what his name is, just like he has plenty of other times while he's chattering away, and this time the baby says "Dean."

Go wherever you'd like with this fic. If you'd rather Cas be a single dad, that's okay too. Dean's trauma wasn't sexual and doesn't even have to be physical. He could simply be traumatized by the fact that he was left for dead in an alley. I don't want anything sexual between Cas and Dean.
:spn  little!Dean  daddy!Castiel  pairing:none  au  nonsexual  ageplay  infantilism  fps 
april 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: Rowena/Dean, dubcon, ageplay, amnesia
Rowena is able to stop the progression of the spell for a time and tells Sam that so that he has time to get the book and go on a wild goose chase for some very rare ingredients while she babysits Dean. Sweet, innocent, childlike Dean that believes anything rowena says because he doesn't remember lies or her evilness. She tells Dean that she's him momma and that they play special games together. Dean is enthusiastic because he's bored and his momma has pretty hair. He's skeptical about something's but she plays Dean like a fiddle.

When she does the spell to return Dean back to himself she makes sure to wipe Dean's mind of their time together.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/rowena  dubcon  ageplay  amnesia 
march 2017 by Mayalaen
Sam/Dean, age play
Sexual age play! Sam is Dean's baby and they take a retreat somewhere to play where they can't be bothered. Be as kinky as you want! Bottom Sam only please.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  ageplay 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: GEN: Dean and Sam Season 3/ Season 11 Crowley Crossroad Deal
Season 3 Non-Con Infantilism

Crowley has lost his throne and is on the run from Demons and Angels. He has one chance one last card to play and guarantees that he gets it all back a little earlier than the last time and maybe get a little payback on those denim clad jean wearing models hunters. BY making sure that Lucifer never gets out of his cage basically spoiling the whole attempt of starting the apocalypse in the first place.

He finds a strong spell not just to travel back in time but to merge with his younger self with all his knowledge he has now- he can now manipulate things in his favor. He knows the perfect time to go to. To a very young distraught Sam Winchester who is about to loose his big brother to a Cross Road Deal in one month-

Sam is exhausted, scared and angry and frustrated, he has tried everything he could think of getting his brother out of his deal-He is once again at a cross road hoping that someone will answer- Some one does- Demon introduces himself and tells Sam a lot of things- why no one wants to deal, Ruby's lies, Sam's psychic powers still there but dormant, demon blood and addiction, where Lilith is hiding and one thing that can kill her-but it cant be Sam it mus be his brother -otherwise one Seal will be open if Sam kills her.

Bobby and Dean are looking at Sam with disbelief as Sam finishes what "Crowley" told him. Dean is the first to be sarcastic about the information- he did this out of the kindness of his heart. Sam was quick to tell them "No he did for his own self interest' he was honest about that he didn't even hide it and he gave me this to show that he wants Lilith dead and Ruby' Sam drop 3 silver long looking blade on Bobby's desk. Angel blades Sam tells them. Bobby is smart to asked him what did he want in returned from you. I've already told you he just wants us to kill Lilith and Ruby and he will release Dean's Deal- uh huh Dean sees that is not the actual Deal and re-asked Bobby question-What did he want from you specifically to make this Deal permanently. Sam looks at both hunter and mumbles the answer- Didn't catch that Dean tells Sam.

"Look he didn't asked for my soul if that is what you're afraid of, what he wanted from me was something else actually (both hunter wait) Sam huffed he said he wanted "My stubborn independent pride and holier than though attitude, no takes back?" Sam look confused as he finished telling them. "Meaning what?" Dean asked
"I don t know Dean I didn't ask! I thought it sounded better than selling your soul and going to hell!" They end up agreeing (not much Choice since Sam already sealed the deal) Summoning Ruby and killing her, then tracking Lilith Down and killing her as well-....One month later when no hell hounds come calling- Sam is first to celebrate this was a victory and big brother is still here-

its when the next day something odd starts to happen to Sam, day by day week by week that it hits Sam what he basically gave up/agree when he finds himself having to wear diapers because he cant hold his urine and bowels too, he cant walk no more than a few feet because he keeps falling down, crawling is easier, his motor skill/hand coordination is getting harder, where he can no longer hold cups, utensils or he drops his food or spills on himself, also getting dress has become a challenge, as buttons, zipper and shoelaces are hard to use now. At first Dean and Sam believes its medical but as he lays in Bobby's Den in actual over size playpen Dean made to make sure Sam is Safe the words Crowley said to him come back. He sits up and grabs the stupid baby monitor on the pen and calls Dean that way. Once Bobby and Dean are in the room with him he tells them.

They do make an attempt to summon Crowley- but a deal is a deal and there is no way to go around in his opinion he thinks is better than the alternative- he gives Dean and Bobby a peak at (and only what happen to Sam the blood addiction and releasing Lucifer being his vessel and jumping in the cage stuck for 200 years. Dean and Bobby decide to leave it alone ,its not so bad Sam is still Sam he's just needs now a little TLC_ Secretly Dean loves it that Sam needs him again and he thinks he looks freaking adorable in diapers, pacifiers, bottles and bibs and baby clothes.
:spn  fps  pairing:none  deals  timetravel  genfic  infantilism  ageplay  little!Sam 
september 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Sam, Slight Ageplay, Pacifiers
It doesn't matter what season, but Dean gets nervous at sleeping without a pacifier. Up to author if he gets into a little headspace when he needs one, but I wouldn't mind it at all. But mainly, Sam just always makes sure he has his paci with him when he needs to sleep, because his brother was never able to sleep without it.
!tofill  ageplay  infantilism  fps  pairing:sam/dean  kink:pacifier  kink:non-sexual  caretaking  cuddling  :spn  fluff 
may 2016 by Mayalaen
Regress by lovingsmutandfluff
Prompt: Destiel ageplay one where Dean regresses pretty far (like maybe a couple months) and Cas takes super good care of him. Dean always tries to resist using his diaper when regressing, but eventually gives in and wets himself. Cas praises him (like fluff and stuff) for it, and decides that if he can #1 in a diaper, then he can #2. Just like Dean resisting and Cas helping him out (non-sexual), you don't have to be graphic if you want. Sorry this is weird. If you don't want to do it, I understand.
ageplay  nonsexual  infantilism  pairing:dean/castiel  :spn 
march 2016 by Mayalaen
Oh Baby by anonymous - REQUEST: Oh Baby!, [infantilism, diapers, cursed!Dean, humiliation, Non-Sexual Ageplay]
While on a hunt with Sam and Castiel, Dean catches the witch before them. His typical smart mouth "baby" comments only serve to piss the witch off, who puts a curse on Dean. Now everyone in the entire world sees Dean as a baby, and treats him that way as well, including Sam, Castiel, and even the heavenly dick squad. Dean is stuck in diapers, and not happy about it...not one bit. Big Brother-Daddy/Sam, Daddy/Castiel, Baby/Dean, bitchy-witchy!

fps  infantilism  nonsexual  ageplay  humiliation  !filled  pairing:none  kink:no-sex  WIP  curse/spell  cursed!Dean  :spn  diapers  kidfic 
june 2014 by Mayalaen
Knockdown by mayalaen - Request: Sam/Dean, sextoy!curse
Sam and Dean aren't getting along. (can be the current canon fight or something else). While working a case, Dean kills a witch and the witch's partner curses him, telling Sam that unless he can teach Dean some humility in one week, Dean will die. If Sam tells Dean, he'll die. Sam realizes he doesn't want to lose his brother, despite their current quarrel. He doesn't tell Dean about the curse, but he tells him that if he wants to make it up to Sam, he'll do whatever Sam says/wants for a week. Sam might figure he'll just boss Dean around for a week but the witch contacts him and tells him it's not enough since Dean has always done things to make Sam happy. So Sam takes it up a notch and introduces a sexual element to it making Dean his sextoy. Up to author whether Sam has always wanted this or is surprised to find out he likes it. Kinks entirely up to author (preferably no scat) so long as there's a certain element of humiliation involved to satisfy the curse. Bonus points if they decide, once the week is over, that they want to keep the sexual aspect of their relationship. How they get to the sextoy! part is up to author. I just want to see Dean at Sam's beck and call sexually but not necessarily permanently.

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may 2014 by Mayalaen
Baby I Got Your Money by saltandbyrne
Written for this kink meme prompt: Twinkie hooker Cas has a rough night with Dean, or does he?
roleplay  manhandling  crying  humiliation  dirtytalk  ageplay  prostitution  breathplay  pairing:dean/castiel  roughsex  :spn 
july 2012 by Mayalaen
50kinkyways by flinchflower Prompts Master Post
Summary: Flinchflower's Supernatural entries for 50kinkways. The numbered table is saved here, but then the fic is saved in posting order. Summaries and info for everything after the table.

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ageplay  bdsm  biting  medicalplay  piercing  roleplay  shaving  spanking  toys  waxplay  voyeur  breathplay  pairing:sam/dean  foodplay  crossdressing  :spn  sensorydeprivation  bloodplay 
march 2012 by Mayalaen
Every Good Boy Does Fine by anonymous - Prompt Fill
John POV. Ageplay done very well. The love between them is easily seen. John knows they've had fucked up childhoods and has a realistic attitude about this being ageplay and not simply Daddy/Son play.
pairing:john(sga)/rodney  spanking  ageplay  fucking  !filled  daddykink  rimming  :sga 
october 2010 by Mayalaen

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