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REQUEST: John/Dean, stripper!Dean
2017-12-07 08:03 pm (local)
Dean has been working as a stripper to make some extra money. John accidentally ends up at the place where Dean is working and buys a private lapdance to teach him a lesson. He's surprised when Dean goes through with it and doesn't hold back on trying to seduce him.
december 2017
Request: Sam/Dean, ABO dynamics, alpha to omega
Everyone is born an Alpha to begin with, but they become an Omega if they ever submit sexually. It's not a terrible thing - people have sex, right? And when they do, someone has to be the receptive partner - and lo and behold, an breedable Omega is made. That's why there are so many Omegas - everyone's submissive at some point. The Alphas that remain are those that have never submitted.

Sam and Dean have somehow made it into their 20s, still Alphas. They've only ever pitched, never been the catcher, which is quite an achievement. But something happens, and the two of them must breed. Maybe they go into rut, or they're forced to become a mating pair.

Suddenly the two Alphas face off, neither willing to surrender their Alpha status they've protected for so many years. Neither of them will go down without a fight...
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  alpha!Sam  alpha!Dean  fighting 
december 2017
Request: Dean/Sam, first time gay sex
It awkwardly tumbles out in conversation that Sam and Dean are both quite curious about gay sex. How does it work? Does it feel good? How do you decide who goes where?

It gets even more awkward when they consider trying it together. Purely for educational reasons, of course.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  firsttime 
december 2017
REQUEST: Wincestiel, threesome, dub con, blindfold
Dean is in a sexual relationship with Sam and more recently, Cas. Problem is, Cas disapproves of his relationship with Sam and wants him to break it off. Dean has another idea. He suggests Cas put on a blindfold during foreplay and sneaks Sam in, who has been wanting to play with the angel anyway. Cas is none the wiser and turns to mush from Sam and Dean alternating in taking turns sucking him off, kissing him, exploring every inch of him. He figures it out when he's lying on his back in Dean's arms, Sam standing between his legs, both brothers' cocks inside his hole and his cock up Sam's.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean/castiel  threesome  dubcon  blindfold 
december 2017
REQUEST: OMC/Sam, Bad Santa, public sex, cockslut!Sam
Sam and Dean are watching a drunk mall Santa's antics. Dude's completely drunk off his ass, saying suggestive things to moms, and staying maybe 50% in character. Dean thinks it'd be funny to make Sam sit on his lap, saying that Sam always wanted to do it as a kid. Bad Santa cheerfully accepts and it happens so fast that Sam gets swept up into it. Dean gets a call and runs off to leave Sam there while he does whatever, thinking Sam will have an awkward/embarrassing time and it'll be fun to find out the details later. Bad Santa flirts with Sam, talking dirty while still in-character (super jolly but also super horny), and starts rubbing up against Sam, who feels Bad Santa's fat dick right against his hole and gets helplessly turned on. Sam starts to ride Bad Santa's cock while trying (and failing) to keep it quiet, all while Bad Santa stays a little too in-character. Santa's helpers, shoppers, and anyone still lined up can either be oblivious or realize what's going on.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/omc(s)  publicsex  cockslut!Sam 
december 2017
REQUEST: Dean/toy, public exhibition, indecent use of Christmas trees
Dean goes missing and Sam and Cas are desperate to find him, looking everywhere in town for him. Everywhere except town square, which is precisely where he is. Someone with a sense of humor (Gabriel?) kidnapped Dean, switched out the star at the top of the town's tree with a huge vibrator, and stuck Dean ass-first and naked on it. The tree is slowly rotating, so Dean is being fucked for all the world to see.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/inanimate-object  toys  exhibitionism 
december 2017
REQUEST: Jack, Castiel, non-con medical, Protective!Cas
So I can't be the only one who was creeped out by the idea that the angels pretty much just want Jack as a breeder for new angels…

I'd love to see a fic where they end up capturing him and perform a bunch of invasive tests on him to see if he can create new angels or whatever and then Cas comes crashing in like a protective papa bear and rescues Jack and brings him back to the bunker with lots of TLC for the poor traumatized kid.
(no pairings, please, just Cas and Jack father/son relationship)
:spn  fps  pairing:jack/omc(s)  noncon  medicalplay  kink:protective!cas  hurt!Jack 
december 2017
REQUEST: Mary/Lucifer, rough sex
Set post 13x1 in the alternate reality.

Despite initial mutual dislike, the fallen archangel and the seasoned hunter have to admit that they both find the other intriguing. With not much to do in the apocalyptic wasteland, anything could happen... Specifically, rough animalistic sex through which they vent their frustration at being stranded.

Please no blood play, water sports, or scat. Dubcon OK.

I'll bake you cookies if Lucifer shows and/or uses those majestic wings he's so fond of!
:spn  fps  pairing:lucifer/mary  roughsex  season:13 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas/Lucifer, amnesiac!Cas, somnophilia, rape
Lucifer is the only person who can save Mary.

And he'll do it, but in return he wants to spend a little quality time with his brother. Dean agrees, thinking Cas will just let Lucifer rabble on and then bolt.

Lucifer rescues Mary and then tells Dean he should be a little more curious before signing his angel up to things.

But he'll make it easy on them. Cas won't remember any of it, so they can all pretend it didn't happen.

So he knocks Cas cold, and suppresses his memories of twenty fours of rape and abuse, and then gives him back to the brothers. Physically healed, of course.

Mary is furious at the boys. She would ever have wanted this, and she can't believe they would have done it. Didn't what happened to her teach them anything!

And Cas. Loyal, defiant, protective Cas. Who would probably forgive them even if he does find out.

Mary pretty much adopts Cas, and she is a fierce mama!Bear where the angel is concerned.

Dean and Sam are stewing in guilt though; they can't make this right, they want to make it up to Cas, but even if he does know (and Mary's made it clear he must not, too painful for him) how exactly do they apologise for this?
:spn  fps  pairing:castiel/lucifer  amnesia  somnophilia  noncon 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, Winchesters; whammied!brothers....
Additional kinks: non-con medical, imprisonment, depersonalisation, restraints, hurt!Cas

Ketch whammies the brothers into thinking they are members of the MOL. The bunker is their posting. Their latest project is the study and 'breaking in' of a supernatural entity.

Cas is delivered to them, restrained and helpless, with a list of things the brothers have to achieve and find out.

He tries in vain to gets the brothers to recognise him. According to Ketch's instructions, they have to wash him, and give him a full medical check. They have to find out if angels have biological needs: water, food, air.

They don't do it cruelly, and always try to calm Cas before, during and after, but it's a necessity.

And when Cas is exceptionally resistant, there is a tried and tested way to punish angels for misbehaving. After, Cas is left exhausted and in agony.

The only ways he can reach the brothers is in their dreams, but it takes several attempts to get through. He's desperate enough, almost dying, on the occasion he makes finally manages to get them to recognise him. In that instant, the brainwashing is broken, and the brothers realise immediately what they've been forced to do and rush to free Cas.

Ketch, now having the bunker wired for video as well as sound, has watched all of it. It's disappointing that the gig is up, but he believes he's put a sizeable wedge between the brothers and their halo.

He's wrong.
:spn  noncon  medicalplay  captivity  dehumanization  restraints  bondage  hurt!Castiel 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, vampires; bloodsucking, captivity, peril
Eve made a lot of hybrid creatures before Dean killed her. She even created a new type of vampire, immensely powerful, able to go out in the daylight, and hunger for... angels.

Eve knew the Winchesters had one, so she wanted a back up plan in case she couldn't 'bind' his powers.

Those vampires are still out there, and Cas runs into them. They catch him and keep him tied up so they can feed from him.

Please let him escape or get rescued, though. Would love it if one or more vampires remain at large, so Cas will always have to watch his back.
:spn  fps  blooddrinking  captivity  hurt!Castiel 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas/any, attempted non-con, fight
During a hunt, Cas encounters a powerful entity: demon, deity, whatever you please.

He feels its intentions, and feels threatened, so it's no surprise when it attacks and tries to rape him.

Which isn't happening. Cas fights. He's getting manhandled, thrown down and pinned there, but he fights.

And because he's the most stubborn wee f****r to ever get kicked out of Heaven, he wins. He's a bloodied, bruised mess, but he's unmolested.

And when the Winchesters arrive, they take their angel someplace safe to clean him up and hug him.
:spn  fps  pairing:castiel/any  fighting  noncon 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas/any, mpreg!Cas, homeless!Cas
When a higher up angel decided the commander of a garrison would make an excellent bearer of his offspring, Cas lost his command, his personal freedom and all rights to his body.

Abused and beyond desperate, with no one person in Heaven to turn to, he feels. By the time he reaches Earth, he realises he's conceived, and will produce a fledgling in ten short months.

Between now and then he must find a way to survive on Earth and hide, and prepare.

Dean and Sam are hunters, following the trail of a strange light burst near a small town, and reports of odd healings. They think maybe demon deals, but when they catch themselves a PTSD!angel who's sassy, and defiant, but pretty obviously in trouble...

They have a warded bunker and both of them agree they can't just leave this...Castiel... to the streets and the father of his child.

Can end up slash between Cas and either (or both) of the bros, but please a happy ending (especially if Cas and the fledgling who could be called Jack :) stay on and Cas hunts with the brothers).
:spn  fps  pairing:castiel/any  mpreg  au 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, Ketch; confinement, imprisoment, torture
Angels in their true form do not need to breath. Angels in vessels don't need to breath.

Angels in a custom made human body, that is now theirs and theirs only....

Well, let's just say suffocation may not kill them but it would be a highly unpleasant experience.

And Ketch watches as Cas struggles and fights, but since he's trapped in the middle of a magic circle limiting his powers, he can't get out.

He also films the entire thing. Cas finally manages to free himself, but the whole thing was horrendous and traumatising.

He decides not to tell the Winchesters. He doesn't want another lecture from Dean about going off alone, and there is little they can do for him after the fact.

Ketch sends the brothers the video because he doesn't want them missing out on all the fun.

So Cas gets his lecture, but he also gets hugs, and checked over, and TLC, and both brothers sitting him down and telling him he can't keep things like this from them.

And later, when Ketch mocks Cas over it and Dean realises who did it, Ketch gets the beating of his life.
:spn  kidnapping  torture  hurt!Castiel  captivity 
december 2017
REQUEST: Dean/Cas, roleplay, bondage, rescue!kink
Dean likes a bit of roleplay. He persuades Cas, who uses his Grace to restrain himself in a way he can't escape so that Dean, after he's "killed the kidnappers and secured the area" can find his angel.

And, of course, rescue him but not before having a little fun with his helpless angel
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  roleplay  bondage  kink:rescue 
december 2017
REQUEST: Dean/Cas (minor Jack/Cas) wing kink
(Spoilers for season 13 but no particular episode)

As a seraph, Castiel's wings are pretty big. But Jack is an even higher rank and his wings are fucking glorious.
For whatever reason (Cas teaching Jack wing maintenance maybe?) Jack has his wings out and it's absolute instinct for Cas to drop to his knees, just like the lower rank angels have done to him for eons. Cas cant help it. Something about a higher ranked angel's wings forces an observer into obsequious behavior. This can be as powerful as you want. Maybe Cas can stand up again straight away or maybe he has to obey orders until Jack puts his wings away.

+1 for blissfully unaware nougat Jack
+1 for embarrassed Cas trying to pretend nothing is wrong even though he drops into a kneel whenever Jack enters a room.
+1 for Dean and Sam also being affected to a lesser extent
+10000 for Dean noticing Cas's unusual behaviour and finding it super hot leading to UST or (if established relationship) introducing some fun new elements in the bedroom.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:castiel/jack  wing 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas/any, protecting Jack
Cas has to sacrifice himself to protect Jack. Like, sexually. I don't really care if in the end someone (maybe even Jack himself) saves him before the deed actually happens, I'd just like for Jack to actually be there and see that Cas is willing to go through with it for him, even if he doesn't quite understand what's happening he can tell it's bad.
:spn  fps  pairing:castiel/any  kink:protective!cas 
december 2017
Request: Alpha!Dean/Omega!Sam, rut
OK, so I'm so used to reading stories about these two getting into a relationship because one of them goes into heat, so how about an AU where Sam's always had a crush on Dean (and maybe vice-versa, but that's up to you) and when Sam was younger Dean always used to leave before his rut hit because he needed to spend it with an omega (again, just like the stories with one of them going into heat he might not know that Sam is an omega, or he might not want to defile him like that, or he might just not be into Sam the way Sam is to him).

So cue Jess's death, when they're on a hunt and Dean has to ignore the upcoming urges to sleep with any omega he can get his hands on because peoples' lives are at stake. Cue Sam realizing what's going on and cue Dean locking himself in a room, trying to keep himself from preying on his baby brother.

Up to you whether or not this actually works.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  heat  alpha!Dean  omega!Sam  alpha/beta/omega  au 
december 2017
REQUEST: Sam/Dean, Dean/OMCs, dub con, con, feminization, manhandling
Sam and Dean come to a town, and everything is just weird. First, there are far more dudes than women, then they realize that a number of the people they thought were women were just very, very feminine dudes.

They come to find out that it's a town where everyone is either a dom or a sub, not something Sam and Dean are used to. And all the male doms keep flirting with Dean in the most degrading ways.

So why is Dean starting to like it?

I'd love to see Dean really offended/reluctant at first, but then realize that he could possibly get more information from the locals by flirting back with some of these men, then realizing he actually kind of likes being called sweetheart and fondled in public and told he's got a really sweet ass.

Maybe he even goes off and has sex with a man for the first time. Up to you if Sam, who had never realized he was attracted to his brother before, decides to stake his own claim.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:dean/omc(s)  dubcon  feminization  manhandling 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas/OMC, noncon, Dean to the rescue
AU of the babysitter ep in S9. When Cas arrives at Nora's, he finds she has made alternate arrangements in that respect. Her boyfriend (not a Rit Zein here) likes to tie up and fuck hot guys while Nora watches. They pick their targets though and Nora knows Cas is desperate. She knows he thinks Dean has deserted him. Cas agrees at first - he's living at the gas n sip, he can't get fired.

But once he's tied up and being manhandled, he wants to stop. They're having none of that and the guy breaks Cas's wrist to punish him. Dean somehow realises, and gets back in time to save Cas.

He calls Gadreel and tells him what happened and Gadreel relents and Dean bring Cas home. TLC please.

Bonus for defiant but desperate Cas and Dean feeling very guilty.
:spn  fps  pairing:castiel/omc(s)  noncon 
december 2017
Request: Dean/Sam Identity issues ABO
Identity issue:

Sam was born an alpha but since he presented he felt wrong....like wrong

It wouldn’t be until he got o Stanford what it was he was feeling…he might have been born alpha but inside he always know he was an omega.
Thank god he met Jess who help him to accept who he is on the inside….

Now he’s back with his Alpha big brother Dean…how does he tell Dean ? and his second secret that he never shared with Jess, he’s in love with his brother.
:spn  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  transgender  au 
december 2017
Request: (sam/Gabe) Prostitution,strangers to lover, Human AU, personal whore/cumdump, cbt, enemas
Gabriel's fallen on hard times. He needs money to survive, so, he starts walking the streets.

Sam's a wealthy business man but is lonely. He's driving home one night when he sees Gabriel on a corner. He thinks the older man is very handsome but probably doesn't get much work because of his age. So, Jared buys him for the night. Paying extra to do whatever he wants to him, without a condom.

The first night is amazing. Despite Sam's many sexual tastes, Gabriel finds him to be very kind and wonderful. Sam feeds him, gives him a bed, and lets him relax between orgasms.

Sam really likes this guy. He's nice and since he's new to the job, he's hella tight still.

So, Sam buys him for a month in full. The only requirment is that Gabriel's not allowed to leave the entire month. He is now only Sam's personal whore and cumdump, nothing more.

Gabriel's kept naked, walked around by Sam on a beautiful leash, and is practically a sex slave. He presents each time they enter a destination room in the house, is never allowed to clean cum from in his hole or off his skin. His balls constantly are weighted and his cock is in a cage, sounding rod in his cockhole. Each night, Sam bathes him and gives him three enemas to keep him clean.

When not being used, Gabriel's allowed to do whatever he pleases as long as he doesn't leave the property. But, if he wants to step into the yard, he has to clear it with Sam first.

By the end of the month, the two fall in love. Gabriel grows to love being treated like this. He's overjoyed when he's asked to perminantly become Sam's boyfriend but they both know he's still just a cumdump whore Sam will love, treasure, use, and live with.

Gabriel wouldn't want it any other way.
So, their daily routine continues but with the added bonus of sometimes making love instead of fucking, lots of kisses, Gabriel's allowed to dress and go places,and Sam buys him lots of presents.
:spn  pairing:sam/gabriel  fps  human  au  cbt  enema 
december 2017
Request: (Sam/Gabe) Non-con pet play, cock reduction, loving pet owner Sam, auto consent, non-con
The world is a cruel place. When someone finds another person who's pretty and doesn't own a pet, they can turn that person into a pet.

A pet is a human's who's mind is mentally broken. They're treated much like a dog but you have sex with them. Pet treatment includes: no talking, walks on leash, pissing and shitting outside or on a puppy training pad, being left outside in the backyard, forced to eat from a dog bowel, cock is snipped to an inch or so, having either one or both testicles removed unless you're gonna use your pet for breeding. And so on.


So, Sam gets Gabriel as a pet for his birthday from his brother. He automatically loves his new "dog" and wants to take it everywhere with him. He fucks it, loves it, diciplines it, and lovingly slaps it around. Not a single fuck is given by him or the "dog" that it used to be human.

What I'd love to see is Sam getting his dog and his time with it. I want you to go crazy with kinks. The only thing I don't want is bloodplay or death. And Sam has to be in love with his dog.

List of things I'd love to see:

+Sam walking Gabriel outside, making him shit and piss (in detail) on the lawn.
+Gabriel having almost no cock and a minimum of one testicle missing.
+Sam laughing as his pup is violently raped by other pets with full cocks because it's just the way pets play together.
+Sam fucking Gabriel with rough love, never letting the "dog"'s hole heal or tighten so it's just constantly sloppy with cum.
+Toys Sam uses: ballgag, tail plug, belt on Gabriel's ass, nipple clamps, spreading bar.
+At the end of the day, Sam and Gabriel go to bed and happily fall asleep together in bed.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/gabriel  noncon  kink:pet-play  au 
december 2017
REQUEST: (SPOILERS for 13.7) Sam/Lucifer, payback
The Winchesters rescue Cas from Asmodeus, and he tells them about Lucifer a couple cells down - powered down and full of important information about the AU Michael and all he's planning. So they chain him up and take him with them. They're none too kind to him along the way, but grudgingly listen to what he has to say because it really does sound like a credible threat. Then, they leave him chained up in the dungeon and go back upstairs to talk strategy.

Once they're done talking... Sam goes back to the dungeon, alone.

It's about time Lucifer was the one who was powerless. Sam's got a lot of memories rolling through his mind - memories of being helpless, at Lucifer's utter lack of mercy. And he's got a LOT of ideas about what to do now, with this powered down version of Lucifer who's almost human, chained, and completely at SAM's mercy.

If he decides to show any.

Spoiler alert - he probably won't.

Anyone else DESPERATELY want to see a scenario like this? PLEASE someone fill this for me! It HAS to happen! :)
:spn  pairing:sam/lucifer  fps  season:13 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, angel sickness, moult, nest
An angel's wings are a good general indicator of their physical health. When Dean accidentally see Cas's he gets a big shock.

He hits the books and once he fills Sam in, his little brother is eager to help.

Turns out sick angels recover in nests. So Sam and Dean make the best angel nest they can.

Cas loves it and after a couple of days snoozing in it, while the brothers assure him they'll stand guard over him, he is well again.
:spn  pairing:none  genfic  sickness  wing 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, hurt, rescue, trapped
Cas gets badly hurt during a case where the team has to split up

His phone is destroyed so he can't call for help. He's hurt, in pain, vulnerable and alone.

He managed to kill the monster but anything could stumble across him.

But he knows in his heart the Winchesters are coming for him. He just has to hold on.

Cue relieved TFW when they find each other and lots of TLC for the angel.
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  hurt!Castiel  hurt/comfort 
december 2017
REQUEST: Sam, Cas; sensory deprivation, bamf boys
A monster traps Sam and Cas in its underground lair to hunt them. It takes Sam's sight and Cas's voice and hearing. This, it expects, will make the angel and the human easy pickings.


Sam and Cas are family. They know how each other thinks and use their experience to work together to get out. Dean kills the creature meanwhile and is trying to find a way in to the lair when they make their escape.
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  sensorydeprivation  bamf!Castiel  bamf!Sam 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, cursed; hug or die
A terrible magician, upon finding himself pursued by Cas, attacks him with a spell to turn his worst memories against him. Oh, there are many. But Cas had learned shortly before that the magician had murdered a homeless man and he remembers what it felt like to be freezing in that doorway.

When the brothers catch him up, Cas is freezing cold and shaking. They get him back to the motel room and use their bodies to warm him up. Which leads to a shaking Cas, a little delirious, referencing being in the door away leading to guilty!Winchesters who hug him harder.
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  curse/spell  cuddling 
december 2017
Request: Dean trusting Sam
5 Times Sam asked Dean to trust him, and 1 Time Dean actually did.

What it says on the tin. Can be angsty or humorous. Some obvious choices would be Season 4 Sam trying to convince Dean that drinking the demon blood was acceptable because it was a means to the end of killing Lilith. Or Season 8 Sam taking on the Trials to close the gates of hell. Or kid!Sam claiming to be old enough to be ready to go on a hunt with them. I was heartened to see Season 12 Dean trusting Sam to take on the BMOL in an obviously dangerous raid and to assume the leadership role, while Dean sat on the bench (so to speak). But we should see more of Dean actually trusting his brother’s wisdom and decisions (from time to time). I realize that (in the early seasons), Dean was still very much in big brother mode, and then when Sam did try to make bids for independence, he made terrible decisions so Dean was right to veto him. But…Dean has made a lot of terrible decisions of his own, so at some point, he has to accept that Sammy has grown up.

Feel free to choose anything as your 5+1 examples - events don't have to be canon, and the ones listed above are merely examples, not requests.
:spn  pairing:none  genfic 
december 2017
Request: Winchesters vs Amityville, casefic
In 10x9, Sam and Dean tell Cas a story about their father rescuing an underage Dean from his misadventures in NYC. The lead-in to that story was that they’d been working a case in Long Island. It just so happens that Amityville is in Long Island – wonder if that’s where the Winchesters were? Sam and Dean reference Amityville in Season 1, and while it’s probably just the film….

While the events of the Amityville Horror story happened in 1976, the house at 112 Ocean Avenue went on to be lived in by other families*. As far as I know, none of them have had any complaints about supernatural activity, but, well…go ahead and make something up.  Could be vengeful spirits of the murdered DeFeo family, demonic activity, cursed objects, poltergeist moving into a place where something evil happened, taupa created by the book/films, some monster that wants to haunt the famous place – whatever you like.

Looking for a casefic with John Winchester hunting with his boys. Dean should be no older than 18, so story takes place before 1998.

*It was in fact sold earlier this year. Here’s the Zillow listing: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/108-Ocean-Ave-Amityville-NY-11701/32596605_zpid/

[Feel free to choose another famous haunted site on Long Island if you really want to – I just figured that the reference to the Amityville house would be more fun than Building 93 at Kings Park, but whatever you like!]
:spn  pairing:none  genfic  casefic  horror 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, Dean, Sam; emotional/mental TLC, lore
Cas is back with his humans, but the brothers can tell he's still struggling.

They find a book on angels that suggests, if they were in Heaven, Cas's siblings would swaddle him with their wings. It's beneficial to the emotional and mental wellbeing of troubled angels.

Sam and Dean don't have wings, but blankets will do.

Cas is wary, but agrees. It's a massive sign of trust, because how this works is that the angel is kind of helpless when swaddled - even in these circumstances - as some kind of automatic reaction. He'll remain so until Sam and Dean remove the blankets.

So the brother stay close, and it does all help Cas and becomes a semi regular thing.
:spn  pairing:none  genfic  hurt/comfort 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, Bobby: buried alive, bamfness
Bobby is alive and living in the bunker. On a hunt, Cas is overcome by powerful magic. Unconscious, he is bound and buried alive in the foundations of the old house their target lives in, like the previous victims. Cas comes to as the cement is pouring over him but he can't get loose. Bobby intervenes and hauls the angel out, freeing and comforted his panicked son.
genfic  :spn  pairing:none  bamf!Bobby  hurt!Castiel 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, Winchesters; angelnapping, Santa
Cas has tried really hard not to just up and go and to stop keeping secrets from the brothers. He's been doing well. But when he gets ambushed by demons on the way home, he blames himself and thinks Dean will feel he's backsliding. He wanted to get back to them for Christmas. He knows it matters.

Dean and Sam are woken by the bunker alarms and find Santa in the war room by the tree with a very large sack out of which tumbles Cas. Turns out Santa also thought Cas should get home for Christmas. And angelnapped him before the demons could.

Just kill me with the cute. Please.
:spn  pairing:none  genfic  kidnapping  fluff 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, delusion, h/c, changed timeline
A creature bites Cas during a hunt. He passes out while Dean and Sam are carrying him to the infirmary. When he awakes, the bunker is deserted. Like no one has been there in decades. Cas has to fight to get out. He discovers something has changed time. John gave the boys up for adoption and so they never became hunters. They also barely speak. But evil stalks them all the same and Cas has to save them.

In reality nothing has changed. Cas is feverish and this is a delusion. The boys have to drain the wound again and again until Cas is healed. He's very glad to see them though it takes a while to for him to accept it was all a dream.
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  hurt/comfort 
december 2017
REQUEST: Dean, cocooned, protective Sam and Cas, h/c
There's a movie called Fantastic Voyage where a team of explorers get miniaturised and are injected into a man's body.

Long story short, one character triggers the body's immune system and is attacked by these living fibres that harden across her body so she can't breathe. They save her, barely.

I'd love to see Dean in that situation. Not inside a body but maybe stumbling across a new monster and then Cas using his Grace to free Dean while Sam desperately tries to keep him from panicking. Lots of TLC please.
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  protective!Sam  hurt!Castiel  hurt!Dean  hurt/comfort 
december 2017
REQUEST: Dean, Sam, Cas: nightmares, snuggles
Ketch sets a beastie on the brothers that tries to cause sleep deprivation by giving them horrific nightmares. The only protection is the presence of an angel. So Cas lies there with one Winchester tucked in on each side so the can sleep in peace.

And waits for the beastie to show up.

When it does, Cas is going to smite it until he realises Ketch has it collared and under his control. Usually it eats the bad dreams it creates before they frighten anyone.

Cas lets it go free.

A few nights later, an exhausted Ketch turns up at the bunker. His 'pet' has decided to get its revenge. Ketch is furious but desperate enough to ask the Winchesters if he might sleep next to their angel.

I can imagine the brothers' reaction to Ketch being anywhere near Cas. But up to you if Cas either holds Ketch so he can sleep or persuades the beastie to leave Ketch be.
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  nightmares 
december 2017
Request: Teen Wolf/Supernatural crossover, Winchesters meet Scott
This may be silly, but I've really wanted to see a Teen Wolf/Supernatural crossover since the Teen Wolf finale.

With Sam and Dean running into Scott McCall and Chris Argent while on a case involving an alpha werewolf.

Scott and Chris would be trying to save one or more new betas created by a rogue alpha, and Sam and Dean would of course mistakenly assume that Scott is the alpha attacking and turning people in the area.

I'd just love to see the Winchesters' reaction to Scott, Scott dealing with yet more hunters, and trying to convince them that they're not the threat. And then of course ending up in a team out where all four of them go up against the alpha who has been causing trouble.
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  :teen-wolf  crossover 
december 2017
REQUEST: Hurt!Dean, exposure, dehydration
During a hunt in the desert, whatever monster (or even human, it's up to the writer) captures Dean and stakes him out spread-eagled and shirtless under the hot sun. Maybe Sam and Cas don't know where he is but it takes them over a day to find him and so when they finally do come to Dean's rescue, he's really badly off. It's up to the reader if anything else happens to Dean while he's out there, if he's injured in addition to his already bad position, but I mainly want to see some severely hopeless and dehydrated Dean and some TLC from Sam and Cas when they finally do find him, nursing him back to health.
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  hurt!Dean  dehydration 
december 2017
REQUEST; Dean, Cas; hurt!Cas, guilty!Dean, pain
Translating a text on how to kill their latest monster, Dean realises the weapon is 'an angel's unwilling scream of pain'.

In short, he has to wait until they've confronted the monster, and make Cas scream, without any warning, for it to be effective.

It's the only way. So Dean reasearches ways to hurt Cas without truly endangering him.

This is killing him, but he finds a spot on an angel's body where one of those spike things can be inserted. It'll be excruciating, but the angel will live though be weakened for a while after.

Dean does it, the monster dies, and then he has to take care of Cas after, win back his trust, and take a punch to the jaw from Sam who's so beyond pissed at him he can't actually form words.
:spn  pairing:none  genfic  hurt!Castiel  guilt  guilty!Dean  pain  torture 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, Dean, Sam; winged!Winchesters, h/c
A spell gone wrong gives Dean and Sam wings. There's a massive adjustment period, and Cas is fortunately there to help. But as they learn what they can do with their wings, the brothers realise one of the best thing is offering their actual angel wing hugs. Just cocooning him in their wings, and holding him. Making a safe wing nest because angels do that for themselves when they feel the need.

Cas's wings are too broken and threadbare, so the brothers do it for him.
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  wing 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, Winchesters; tickles
The discovery that Cas's wings are ticklish comes as a complete, but welcome, surprise to Sam and Dean.

When they realise they have never actually heard Cas laugh, they decide on a plan.

Cue them lulling Cas into a false sense of security and then puppy piling him and tickling his wings while he struggles and begs for mercy and ends up crying with laughter.
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  tickling 
december 2017
REQUEST: Cas, Jimmy, Cas's female vessel, family
It's been mentioned that Cas seems to have a type when it comes to the appearance of his vessels and that his female vessel in 12X12 looks a lot like Jimmy. We know that the ability to be a vessel travels through bloodlines. Well, what if that is because she is Jimmy's however many greats grandmother. How would that have affected his choice to say yes to Cas. Were there stories passed down through the family about her experiences?
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  genderswap 
december 2017
REQUEST: Bobby, Cas; protective Bobby, Cas in trouble
Just please Bobby being a protective dad to Cas. Like fierce 'don't touch my boy'.
:spn  genfic  protective!Bobby  hurt!Castiel  fps 
december 2017
REQUEST: Dean, bondage, gag, torture, insects
Dean is gagged and tied down inside a large box. The person holding him pours hundreds of various crawlies in with him. The scuttle and wriggle about, getting under his clothes and he's yelling and screaming through the gag and fighting but he can't get loose. The bugs don't have toxic bites but this is still torture. Bobby finds Dean and gets him out and helps him wash and is there for him during the night when Dean is woke by bad dreams.
:spn  fps  genfic  bondage  gags  torture 
december 2017
Request: J2 Mob boss Jensen/ Journalist Jared
24 yr old Jared has the scoop of a lifetime, thanks to his informant, he has ring side seats to famous mob boss Jensen and his men actually making a deal with the mayor of New York!!

Unfortunately he gets spotted by Jensen and his men the chase is on. HE manages to escaped just barely,and cant help to feel cocky as he looks back and makes eye contact with Jensen and cant help but make a face at him (stick out his tongue and flip him off).

Instead of being upset, Jensen is amused by the kid, he knows they could catch up to the kid but tells his men to stand down- he will deal with it personally.

Cue the next day Jared is ready to meet with is Editor in Chief and before he could walked into the building a black limousine block his way and the driver gets out and by gun makes Jared get in the car. They arrived at Jensen's office and he is made to wait. A bottle of water is brought to him while he is waiting and Jared drink it while waiting...

When he is brought to Jensen, Jared is feeling a little dizzy, but gets hold of himself and is determine to show any weakness to Jensen. But when is brought in, he cant focus on What Jensen is saying- he realizes too late that he;s been drugged.

When he comes too, he finds himself tied and and hanging by some contraption by the ceiling and Jensen walks in just his white button shirt, rolled sleeved and black slacks- He smirk at Jared ad thats when he realizes he is completely naked!

Jensen had Jared brought her for two thing 1.get his USB chip (that has the information on about the meeting and pictures) and 2. to teach him a lesson.

Kink: please have Jensen do all naughty, hot, erotic things to Jared. Responsive Jared trying not to like it. Object insertion, rimming, Jared never been with a guy so first time

After it all over he lets Jared go, Jared is pissed but confused, why was he responding to Jensen that way? Doesn't matter he promises he will get Jensen next time. But next time never comes and each time, he gets caught and Jensen does more kinky stuff to him. What started as something fun for Jensen (cat playing with the mouse) the kid is starting to mean more and more to him. That when another syndicate kidnapped Jared. Jensen and his men rescue him and this time brings him back to his actual home...and maybe Jared is also falling for him especially after the adrenaline dies down he notice a red stain on Jensen's shirt. HE got hurt while protecting Jared...and Jared cant handle that, he breaks down crying and tell Jensen not to ever to that again because he doesn't want him to die....and finally confess "I love you all right, you win I love you"
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  mafia  au 
december 2017
Request: J2, mpreg, nesting, bottom!Jared, fluff
So I have a thing for mpreg where the pregnant one gets really instinctual as the pregnancy progresses. Gimme pregnant Jared building a nest, growling at overprotective Jensen and practically biting his face off (literally or figuratively) for whatever reason. a/b/o is fine, weres are fine, shifters are fine, as long as everything is consensual.
And if you include Jared lactating I'll love you forever.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  mpreg  kink:nesting  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  fluff 
december 2017
Request: J2 ABO Alpha Jensen/ Omega Jared
28 yr old Jared Padaleckie is one Powerful rich Alpha (he gotten everybody fool) and he loves it, destroying the competition... he loves sex, his pleasure is always beta's in his bed, because he can dominated them and are none the wiser to him....until his meeting with the Ross and Kane INC.

Chris was one of those confident oozing ALPHANESS but his partner must be his assistant a beta (Jared thinks) was something to behold Beauty and handsome rolled into one. Chris talks about their ideas and possibly partnering up while the green eyed assistant just sits there quietly ...it unnerves Jared a bit because he swears he can feel his gaze get predatory form time to time...after the meeting

Chris look over at his friend until they get outside Chris speaks "Ok you were right, that is an Omega parading around as an alpha,what worse it's male omega very rare these days, what do you want to do about it"

"Mate him" Jensen replies.

Kink: Top Alpha Jensen, Bottom Omega Jared- hurt Jared, first time with an alpha,asshole Jensen at first later caring, loving and protective Jensen, rimming, self lubrication, anal sex, knotting , biting, claiming- almost losing it all,but in the end not really gaining more than they both thought.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  alpha/beta/omega  alpha!Jensen  omega!Jared  au 
december 2017
Request: J2, Protective Jensen, past abuse, non-con, Harvey Weinstein/'Me too' campaign touches SPN
BACKGROUND- Supernatural was not unaffected by the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Many of the female members of the cast had joined the ‘Me too’, including the Js’ wives. Danneel particularly, was very outspoken about the gender bias and sexual harassment that affected young actors fresh to the industry. Jensen, while not making any comments himself, was his usual supportive self.

SITUATION- A Director, who had last worked in S1, returns to the show, and given that he had directed Jensen earlier in __; everyone assumed the two to be good friends. The assumptions were supported by the fact that Jensen didn’t leave the set till the man left ... except, Jared (who had come to know Jensen VERY well in the past 13 years) felt that something was not quite right. He tried approaching Jensen, but the man was reticent as always and evasive. Jared’s suspicions hardened when he realized that Jensen was especially careful not to leave when Alexander Calvert had scenes to shoot. Worried about his friend, Jared took to secretly following Jensen around. A few weeks later, his stalking proved fruitful when the director blew up at Jensen, saying things like he ‘still knew how to control b****s like him’ and asking if Jensen was such a s**t that he wanted a repeat performance. Jared was furious on his friend’s behalf and ready to intervene when he heard Jensen icily reply that he wouldn’t let (‘insert director’s name’) do to Alexander - or anybody else from the cast and crew-what he’d done to him. In reply, the man demanded whether Jensen would stand in for Alexander the way he had for Jared all those years ago.

As the argument continued, Jared remembered that the last serious argument they’d had was when this director was on set, and that Jensen had seemed stressed last time as well, before getting angry at Jared for messing around and ruining takes. They had made up, obviously; but Jared was beginning to wonder at the reason behind Jensen’s ill-temper before their fight last time. And given the facts, he really REALLY didn’t like the picture that was forming.

BONUS- The Director gets his comeuppance and Jared realizes that Jensen had shielded him all those years ago, getting hurt in the process, but had never told anyone of his heroic self-sacrifice, nor had he ever held it above Jared and demanded repayment of any sort.

DOUBLE BONUS- The Js tell their wives and children what had happened and Jensen being ashamed and hesitant to face the kids, but Jared telling them how Jensen was a ‘hero’, echoing the way Dean told Sam about John Winchester’s real ‘job’.

TL;DR- During S1 of Supernatural, a guest-director had blackmailed Jensen with doing something to hurt Jared and abused him. The man returns as a guest director again for S13, and this time Jensen refuses to let him hurt Alexander Calvert the way he had hurt Jensen himself.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  abuse(past)  noncon 
december 2017
REQUEST: Jensen/Misha; gagged Misha
Jensen's kink is Misha being quiet unless Jensen says it's okay. They don't do it often in public, but at home and in bed Misha has to stay silent at all times. If he slips up, Jensen has a gag that locks behind Misha's head.

Misha doesn't like it but Jensen is very persuasive.
:spn  rps  pairing:jensen/misha  gags 
december 2017
REQUEST: Jensen/Misha, bondage, a little risky
Jensen is on his way home. He phones Misha and tells him to sit down and cuff his hands, behind him, to the chair so tha he'll be nice and helpless for when Jense gets there.

It's always a little risky, but Jensen makes it worth it when he gets home.
:spn  rps  pairing:jensen/misha  bondage 
december 2017
REQUEST: Jared/Jensen/Misha, witches!J2, familiar!Misha
Witches J2 need a familiar. Unclaimed familiar Misha needs a witch (or two). (Familiars alone can't own property or have jobs, so their survival kind of depends on having a witch to care for them).

J2 snap him up, and share him... in all respects. Misha is totally okay with this.

He's a power bottom, a little needy at times, but BAMF as fuck, and worth the energy it takes to keep him in line, satisfied and looked after.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen/misha  witches  nothuman 
december 2017
Request: Jensen/Jared, simultaneous penetration
Jared and Jensen try something quite extraordinary - Jared's cock in Jensen's ass, while Jensen's cock is in Jared's ass.

Can be combined with any other plot or kinks you like.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  doublepenetration 
december 2017
REQUEST: J2M, dub con, medical play, bondage
I really want to read J2 playing naughty doctor's with Misha, maybe not talking it through properly before so it getting a little overwhelming and Misha not being able to get them to stop.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen/misha  dubcon  medicalplay  bondage 
december 2017
Request: Jensen/Jared, Olympics, rivalry, competition
At the Olympics, rivals Jared and Jensen are the focus of attention - it's really between them to see who will take out the gold medal for their sport this year. But they can't stand each other.

The night before the big day, the anger and tension between them explodes, and they end up having vigorous, carnal hate sex all over the Olympics village.

They're both insistent on being the top (at least more times than they're the bottom) - not only so they can fuck the shit out of their rival, but so that they're not the sore one the next day.

Their sex is uber competitive - who can fuck the hardest, who has more stamina, who's cock is biggest - four years of rivalry poured out in one steamy night.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  au  competition 
december 2017
Request J2 A.I dystopian world
The sex doll “JT1947” robot was once again acting up- it had hurt again a VIP member ( who was with female petite sex doll) grab the client by the throat squeezing it. When the client finally began to hang limply from the dolls hand the guards Taser but at a higher frequency - The doll finally reacted and let go and crumble to the ground his multicolor eyes still half way open with nothing but hatred directed towards them. It made one of the guards uneasy- dolls aren’t supposed to have emotions, they’re not human

Cliff been here a month an half but this is the third time this model has attack clients or even the owner of the place- he actually had felt sorry for the kid and had to keep reminding himself it’s not a real kid- it’s just a machine created by humans….until 2 months later he finds himself with the doll…no kid…what the hell is he doing…cliff is driving like a maniac down the road with the “whatever” it is huddle in the passenger side of the car they’re in.

This was out his league Cliff needed to take the Kid to a friend who is an agent. He might be able to help and send in the government agents or something to investigated and shut down the nightmare facility- Cliff used to work for the CIA- he just wanted to retire and take an easy part-time job as a security guard-SO getting help won’t be a problem; the problem is keeping the kid safe and hidden from the monsters.

Jensen is an Elite agent in shutting down corporation who are abusing AI. Machines and or capturing / testing new robots who are malfunctioning) his team and him are experts in capturing them and then either turning them back in or taking them back to their agency to be tested, observe and either get to a new better job (if the environment they were in were abusive)

The Horror of the place Jared came from: It took real humans from motor vehicle accidents ( that has less 20% of making it) or transients(i.e. homeless) did horrible “Frankenstein” medicine on them creating them with bio engineering parts, not all they had to keep at 60% to 50% human in order for the machine parts to work cohesively…this why there models were the best and close to humans as possible because they are, or once were  the hard part the scientist were having is erasing all memories- some were successful others , were not which resulted in these poor souls not adapting i.e going insane and committing suicides, Jared is the first one that does not go that route but does rebels at least every other 2 weeks: Yelling out to his captors his real name and history; not the one they’ve tried to infuse or make him believe he is not real , just a machine with implanted memories: sometimes they succeed and it looks like they broken him but 2 weeks or even 3 weeks later, he starts all over again, especially when something triggers him.

Twist at the end: Jensen is 100% bio engineered AI the first with a conscious- he thought he was real, his mother tries to convince him he is real (she is mom of the boy who died at 18)- Donna Ackles was the Chief scientist behind the creation of AI robots- but kind went obsession crazy when she lost her only son- to horrible tragedy- car accident- she had the hospital where he was at release him into her care after they said they could do nothing else for him, she needed to give permission to take him off Life Support- With her title and powers and connections she was able to sign him out and bring him home and lock herself with her son and one trusted employee/assistant for 6months.

Worried about Donna JDM friend of the family breaks into her home and finds something he was not expecting: Jensen alive and well

Jeffrey looks over to Donna “What have you done?” Donna excuse herself and talks to JD in her office and gets him to understand that it is Jensen in there just in a better, stronger body. She figured out how the neurons and synapse shut on and off how they protect all functions on the brain and if she could somehow transfer all that, then she would be saving him “ I did not implanted memories, I transferred his conscious , its him” she reiterates and she had been testing all this time to prove that it is him and not a machine with implanted memories.

These two souls somehow find answers and solace within each other, and love
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  nothuman  au 
december 2017
Request: J2 Mob boss Jensen/Jared some law official job
Jensen and Jared were close best friends and turn to dating later when They realize they were in love with one another.Cute teen stuff, holding hands cuddling while watching shows and kissing…nothing further since Jared is still young and Jensen is very protective wants to wait until Jared is older.

The thing is Jensen came from the wrong side of town- actually his family rules the town they live in- guns, drugs, money laundering and prostitution.

Jared believed since he was 10 you have free will choice you make your choices no one can force you to do something. So when 17 yr. old Jensen tells him he has to go on a mission with his dad out of town. Jared only 14 is a bit naive but knows that Jensen dad had a bad reputation, so he asked Jensen to promise he won’t do something that he will regret later.

Jared dreams of leaving this town behind but with Jensen-But later, that night (1am) Jensen shows up- disheveled and bloody and he is withdrawn/closed off but a bit distress? This would be the turning point in their relationship... both boys go in different directions in their lives......

11 yrs later Jared is now (they split up after Jared's 15th b-day) 26 yr. old and now works_____(could be distract attorney, FBI, Marshal-something in the law job) finds himself back in his old town (one of his parents ill and dying or sibling involve with wrong crowd died/killed)...just something that pulls him back and runs into Jensen, who is now the Boss man of this whole town, city and state operations...Both on opposite of the law and both still very much in-love with each other....

Jensen has taken lovers and maybe one other relationship on and off again type thing. Jared had remaining celibate since leaving this town by throwing himself into his studies and then training and his job- maybe only two other guys but never progress than a couple of month of dating and no intimacy because Jared just couldn't.......

Jared in torn between his responsibility to upholding the law and his still loyal and deep love for Jensen who is even more devastating handsome and charming but cold too.... Basically I heard the song "house of the rising Sun" by the band White buffalo and the lyrics painted this.
"There is a house in Charming Town, They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy (yeah I change "girl" to boy)
And me, Oh God, I'm one"

So yeah no matter how hard Jared tried to deny or run away, he has always belong to Jensen. Jensen always knew, it just took Jared longer to figured out..coming back and trying to shut down this town operations and failing...because he couldn't do it: the last part of the song;

"And me I wait in Charming Town
To gain my love as one
I'm staying here to end my life
Down in the Rising Sun"
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  mafia  au 
december 2017
Request: J2, dragon Jared, breeding, human incubator, egg, dragonmate
It is tradition in Jensens village to chose a child, most often an orphaned one to train for the dragon. If the kid reaches his 21. birthday without being called to the dragon the village can sell it or just let it go. the last calling was 150 years ago so nobody is really thinking the dragon is still alive. But they train the child to be on the safe site. The training is in obedience, child care, chores and the boy (it is always a boy) has to strech his hole with plugs, starting small and getting bigger and bigger. The biggest is a ridged fat thing with a knot (think bad dragon). Jensen is just 18 and even if he thinks he will never meet the dragon he kinda learned to like the training.

To everyone surprise the call for the dragonbreeder comes and Jensen has to be on the mountain in time for the next full moon.
They village people think Jensen will be raped and eaten but the dragon needs him for an other reason. Dragon eggs have a soft shell and to protect and warming it dragons lay it in dragonbreeders. The female dragon shoves the egg in the humans hole and the male dragon fucking and knotting the human after that, to make sure its fertilized and can grow in a soft body which holds a constant temperature. when the little dragon is born he normaly uses the human for first meal. But Jensen is in love with his belly and "his" unborn child, he talks to him and sings to him and the unborn dragon forms a bond with him.

Author can decide if Jared is daddy dragon and just keeps his little human incubator with his child as a little family or if Jared is the newborn dragon who loves and fights for his "mother".

Author can reverse roles.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  dragons  dragon!Jared  eggpreg  breeding  au 
december 2017
Request J2 Au- an anime story request
Has anyone read or watch the Anime/manga called 07 Ghost!!?? The story of an orphaned/ slaved child name Teito Klein and the great hero Frau who comes to his rescue and forms a bond with him…

Teito reminds me of Jared and Frau of Jensen and I just thought wow – wouldn’t it be great if someone could write this? Just with actually more smut, kinks and bondage-instead the teasing we get thru the show :)

In this Jensen does claim/loves Jared and helps him heal thru the heart-break of losing Chad.

Teito- Jared
Frau- Jensen
Mikage- Chad

The other characters i.e. 6 other Ghost Guardians could be divided between Christian Kane, Steve Carlson, Tom Welling, Mike Rosembaum, Jason Mann and Aldis?

Then there are the bad guys after Teito? (which is why the 07 Ghost are involve to protect him)
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  crossover  :anime  au 
december 2017
Request: (Jared/Richard) Prostitution, strangers to lovers, personal whore and cumdump, cbt, enemas
(Cross posting as Sabriel to the character thread)

Richard's fallen on hard times. He needs money to survive, so, he starts walking the streets.

Jared's a wealthy business man but is lonely. He's driving home one night when he sees Richard on a corner. He thinks the older man is very handsome but probably doesn't get much work because of his age. So, Jared buys him for the night. Paying extra to do whatever he wants to him, without a condom.

The first night is amazing. Despite Jared's many sexual tastes, Richard finds him to be very kind and wonderful. Jared feeds him, gives him a bed, and lets him relax between orgasms.

Jared really likes this guy. He's nice and since he's new to the job, he's hella tight still.

So, Jared buys him for a month in full. The only requirment is that Richard's not allowed to leave the entire month. He is now only Jared's personal whore and cumdump, nothing more.

Richard's kept naked, walked around by Jared on a beautiful leash, and is practically a sex slave. He presents each time they enter a destination room in the house, is never allowed to clean cum from in his hole or off his skin. His balls constantly are weighted and his cock is in a cage, sounding rod in his cockhole. Each night, Jared bathes him and gives him three enemas to keep him clean.

When not being used, Richard's allowed to do whatever he pleases as long as he doesn't leave the property. But, if he wants to step into the yard, he has to clear it with jared first.

By the end of the month, the two fall in love. Richard grows to love being treated like this. He's overjoyed when he's asked to perminantly become Jared's boyfriend but they both know he's still just a cumdump whore Jared will love, treasure, use, and live with.

Richard wouldn't want it any other way.
So, their daily routine continues but with the added bonus of sometimes making love instead of fucking, lots of kisses, Richard's allowed to dress and go places,and Jared buys him lots of presents.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/richard  prostitution  cbt  enema 
december 2017
Requête Jared/ jensen
The Padaleci family is very rich and bought Jensen when he is small to be Jared's servant.
At first Jared imitates his father with the servants and he is very mean to Jensen (everything you want) but as he grows up he changes and they become very peppy and at the end when Jared leaves the house he leaves with Jensen.
Focus on changing Jared and how he regrets being mean and Jensen who consoles him.
:spn  underage  pairing:jared/jensen  rps  au 
december 2017
Requête: Sam/Dean notre relate ... bad Mary
Sam lives with Jon who's a very good father. Dean lives with Mary and her husband (whoever you want). But Mary beats and belittles Dean and her husband beats and rapes him.
Dean's locked in the cellar all the time. The neighbors don't even know he exists and think Mary is a nice, sweet woman.
One day Sam discovers Dean and tells his father. John doesn't believe him but still goes to Mary's (her husband may be traveling and she flirt with John). And when he sees Dean, Mary just tells him he can take ihim, she doesn't care.
John's taking Dean and I want to see how patient they're gonna be with him. Dean's very traumatized, but John and Sam are very nice to him.
Dean and Sam can end up together.
:spn  underage  pairing:sam/dean  notrelated  fps 
december 2017
Request: Alpha Sam/Omega Dean - ABO, angst, pining, heat sex, knotting
warning: underage hinted in backstory.

Years ago John left his sons alone a little too long, a little often. Dean hid that he presented as Omega and always pretended to be a Beta. Sam had to hide his Alpha status, well ... until the night he left for Stanford. What John doesn't know is that Sam and Dean mated. Repeatly and quite often, since they aren't in danger of having kids (Dean being still too young or close relationships cause inferility).

Over the years both brothers realize that their young love was a bit hasty. Now, they aren't a couple anymore (unless a hunt goes wrong), but whenever they want to have sex with someone instincts kick in. They get possessive. Sam hates it when Dean comes back smelling of another Alpha and Dean has issues when Sam searches out omegas.

Outsiders they simply tell they're brothers, they pack. It's normal to be close.
Yet they feel a pull they shouldn't. So they both pine and think themselves unhappily in love.

Until an untimely heat/rut comes around and Dean breaks out into tears after Sam knots him, because he believes he doesn't deserve this.

(Crossposted in the Slash SPN Section)
:spn  underage  pairing:sam/dean  alpha!Sam  omega!Dean  alpha/beta/omega  angst  pining  heat  knotting  fps 
december 2017
Request: Sam/any - ABO, First Time, Virginity
In the hunting world most Alpha's are old, batshit crazy or violent. Sam is regarded the sanest of the lot and he's also the most decent one. Hence why hunters like to send their young (no younger than 14) to learn from him. Younger Alpha's Sam teaches discipline, while he helps young betas/omegas through their first heat.

Cue Sam gently fucks and knots a lot of young pretty boys or shows the alpha kids how to do it right.

Choose whoever you want as omega Sam helps out, as long as it's consensual (preference for Dean, Cas or Jack, but I'm not picky)
:spn  underage  pairing:sam/any  alpha/beta/omega  firsttime  virgin  virgin!Sam  fps 
december 2017
Request: John/Dean, pretty!Dean, rimming, body worship, dirty talk, praise kink
John absolutely loves eating Dean out.

He can spend hours doing just that and listening to the pretty desperate sounds Dean makes as he feels John's scratchy beard against his most sensitive areas. And Dean, ever adoring happily lets John tie him up and spend hours exploring his body.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/john  rimming  bodyworship  dirtytalk  praisekink  fps 
december 2017
Repost: Request Sam/Dean temperature play/torture
Repost from a prompt given in like 2012: Sam's bitched about the cold and lack of heating one time too many, so a pissed-off Dean pins him down and squirts down his underwear with hot sauce/icy hot/something similar to see how he likes it when it's not cold any more. Something that burns, anyway :). Holds him down while he whimpers and complains, won't let him wipe any of it away. Sam ending up in tears? Dean gets turned on by it and is still angry, so does something like fingers Sam with it, puts on a condom and fucks him, uses an object to push more inside him, or gets the tip of the bottle in and squirts the rest in.
:spn  underage  pairing:sam/dean  kink:temperature-play  torture  fps 
december 2017
Request: Jared/Jensen or Jeff/Jensen, Possible incest, Light Self Bondage
Jensen loves his (Dad, uncle, big brother) and wants to give him a great gift for Christmas. Which is hard when you are broke.

So he ties a ribbon around his nude body and lays under the tree, hoping Jared/Jeff likes their new toy.

Please. No castration, scat, water sports, or death. Any other kink is welcome.

Jensen: No younger than 12, no older than 16. I would like Jared/Jeff to be at least 10 years older. If you want to make this a J3, that is fine by me.
:spn  underage  pairing:jared/jensen  rps  pairing:jensen/jdm  bondage  incest 
december 2017
REQUEST: Monsters/John, Sam/Dean/bottom!John, noncon, gangbang, mpreg, feminization
Set around the same time as the flashbacks in 1x18. John is on a hunt, only he misjudges how many there are. Badly. These don't want to eat him though, they get excited when they sense that he's not a virgin and already has children. They need to breed, so since John is a proven breeder, they all fuck him and breed him until his belly and breasts are swollen, so large his dick can't even be seen under it anymore. They leave him or he escapes, but as he waddles home, his asshole is now permanently wide open and sopping wet, so many monster young stuffed inside him that they are almost visible in his hole.

John makes it home, and when Dean sees him he immediately remembers how Mary looked when she was pregnant with Sam. He innocently decides this means that John is their mommy now, starts calling him "Mommy" and getting Sam to call him "Mommy" too. John doesn't like it but doesn't have the time for it. He wants the monsters out of him but can't bear to call any other hunters for them to find out about this, so he bends over and tries to have Sam and Dean pull the creatures out of him while he pushes. Their tiny hands in his wet ass-cunt feels too good, and he starts trying to get them to touch him here, there, stroke his shrunken cock (to his horror and their delight, now smaller than Sam's), as they pull out the creatures. The creatures see Sam and Dean as their parents and John as their breeding bitch, so they keep fucking "Mommy" and making him pregnant while Sam and Dean watch, touch, and take notes, eventually fucking him too - their dicks are bigger than his at this point and John is a moaning, wet, sloppy mess.
:spn  underage  pairing:john/omd(s)  pairing:sam/dean/john  bottom!John  top!Dean  top!Sam  noncon  gangbang  mpreg  feminization  fps 
december 2017
Request : John/Dean Sam/Dean John/dean/sam
Dean has always been sammy and John's dog. (Stockholm)
Do whatever you want with this.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/john  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:sam/dean/john  kink:stockholm-syndrome  dehumanization  fps 
december 2017
Request: John/Dean/Sam/pastor Jim - cum eating, object insertion, anal plugs
John and the pastor take turns coming into Dean and Sam, lovingly blowing large loads into John's young sons. Then they plug up Dean and Sam's holes with beef jerky and hotdogs and take Dean and Sam into truckstops where truckers pay to remove and eat come flavored beef jerky and hotdogs, and suck come straight out of their holes.
november 2017
REQUEST: Dean/Vampires, orgies, violence
Dean in the episode he is turned, tells a vampire that he will 'show him [what killing people is like] himself'. Dean has some down time before Sam and Samuel get there, so he has to keep the vamps distracted.

He weaves a story of killing humans, just waiting for a distraction so he can start hacking and slashing. But the vampires get into it- REALLY into it, and start using it as foreplay, acting out little details and begging Dean for more, until Dean eventually gets pulled into the sex.
november 2017
Request: Dean/Sam - food kinks
Sam wants fruit juice. So Dean provides. Dean takes overripe strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and places them between his own thighs and squeezes them to make juice that Sam licks up. Dean finally places the berries between his ass cheeks, right up against his hole and squeezes the berries. Would love to have Dean orgasm and cum on his fruit covered ass as Sam licks up everything. Sam can be as young as the writer wants. Dean really likes putting things against/in his ass and clenching his ass.
november 2017
Request: Jared/Jensen/others, birthday cake, cum
It is Jensen's birthday(< 18 years). On his birthday, Jensen's delighted about the vanilla cream sponge cake Jared has got him. Jared is an older cousin/uncle, etc. Jensen and Jared fuck the large cake together, their cocks plowing through the soft, heavy cake, balls cradled by the icing. Would love to have Jared paint Jensen's hole with cake or fuck Jensen while sitting on the cake. Or maybe have Jared feed Jensen cum covered cake.
november 2017
Request: Sam/Dean, talking penises, frottage
Sam and Dean are shocked one morning when they wake to find their penises can talk. It's probably due to something magical they ate, or got hit by some spell. Anyway, it turns out their dicks are quite hot for one another, and have been yearning to be together for some time now. Sam and Dean, thoroughly embarrassed, do their best to ignore their cocks. But it's difficult, especially since their dicks are hard, constantly stretching out to reach each other, and keep up a steady stream of dirty talk. Eventually all four of them agree that it's best to just let this happen. So Sam and Dean strip the rest of the way and walk over to each other, finally letting their horny dicks be together in blissful harmony.
november 2017
REQUEST: Sam/Cas, background Dean/Cas, shared sub!Cas, shower sex
Cas sleeps in Dean's bed every night, but in the mornings, he always serves Sam in the shower.
november 2017
REQUEST: Benny/Dean, size kink
Benny has a huge cock, and he is used to his partners being awed, but shying away from anything more than a handjob. Much to his surprise, Dean loves sucking and riding him hard, and still asks Benny to fuck him again even though he can barely stand afterwards.

Extra love if it hurts and Dean gets off on that as well.
november 2017
Request: Sam/Dean, revenge sex, mpreg
After waking up after their first night together, Sam is shocked and annoyed to discover that he's pregnant.

To get back at Dean for doing this to him, he fucks Dean back, making sure to cum inside him as deep as possible to try and knock him up in return.
november 2017
Request: Dean/Sam, 69 rimming, sex spell?
Dean and Sam wake up naked on the forest floor and have the strangest urge to rim somebody and get rimmed in return.

So they start rimming each other at the same time. After a time they get more desperate and heated, and it becomes a competition - whoever can make the other cum first - with just their tongue - wins.
november 2017
Request: Sam/Dean, in-denial!Winchesters, balls
Dean and Sam start fooling around with each other, but they keep telling themselves it's ok, because they're both super straight. They do all kinds of things, and Dean reassuring Sam "It's not gay unless the balls touch".

But then one time they're fucking doggy style, and their balls, swinging low between them, start clapping together loudly with each thrust, shattering the thin lie they used to protect their masculinity. They freeze, and after an awkward chat, they decide the don't care if they're gay, and decide to continue on, getting off on every mighty slap of their balls together.
november 2017
Request: Sam/Dean, bets, blowjobs
Sam and Dean make a bet, and the winner gets his dick sucked by the loser.

It's a double whammy - neither wants to suck the other off, but they both really want to see the other sucking their dick.
november 2017
REQUEST: Dean/Benny, chastity, rough sex, bloodplay
Back from Purgatory, Benny is struggling to keep his bloodlust in check. Until Dean has the idea to put him in a cock cage and keep the key... Benny hates every second of it, but has to grudgingly admit that it helps.

And they both enjoy that, whenever they meet and Dean releases him for a night, Benny gets to take his pent-up frustration out on his friend with some brutally rough sex.

Extra love for dom!bottom!Dean and Benny drinking Dean's blood while they fuck.
november 2017
REQUEST: Cas/Dean, bareback, comeplay
Cas has a fascination with coming in Dean's ass and then playing with his messy, dripping hole. (With fingers, toys, or whatever else floats your boat.)

Optional, but I'd love some dirty talk and/or humiliation.
november 2017
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