Manage exceptions with the Visual Studio debugger - Visual Studio
Debug > Windows > Exception Settings

can have it break on certain exceptions but not others, but it can't fine-grain filter at all over custom exceptions
debugging  VisualStudio 
8 days ago
library in C#: lazily flatten a collection of collections into an IEnumerable
If we find ourselves with a list of arrays, and need to return an IEnumerable<...>, we shouldn't have to do any copying
C#  projectIdeas  from notes
8 days ago
Is cin/cout slower than scanf/printf? - Quora
consider using

9 days ago
[large PDF] Thinking in C++ 2nd edition Volume 2
page 347 explains that, contrary to most half-baked explanations, virtual inheritance does not let the compiler somehow intuit which method you mean. Explicit disambiguation is required even after you've used virtual inheritance to prevent multiple instantiations of the grandparent class.
C++  objectOrientedProgramming  ebooks 
9 days ago
Virtual Inheritance in C++, and solving the diamond problem -
"if either transmitter or receiver attempted to invoke the storable constructor in their initialization lists, that call will be completely skipped when constructing a radio object! Be careful, as this could cause a subtle bug!"
C++  objectOrientedProgramming 
9 days ago
using $search over toRecipients in Microsoft Graph
$search appears to be like 'filter' except you get only up to 250 results, it permits fuzzy matching cleverness, and it's only very narrowly available
MicrosoftGraph  Office365  Azure  webAPIs  OData 
11 days ago
I Do Not Know C: Short quiz on undefined behavior (2015) | Hacker News
C compilers are allowed to elide empty loops, even if they're intended to never terminate
C  HackerNews  discussion 
12 days ago
c# - Reading an int that's updated by Interlocked on other threads - Stack Overflow
"I'm a firm believer in that if you're using interlocked to increment shared data, then you should use interlocked everywhere you access that shared data."
concurrentProgramming  lockFreeProgramming  StackOverflow  discussion 
12 days ago
Does MS SQL Server offer a REST or OData service?
-> "No. But it's pretty trivial to build an OData service with ASP.NET Web API and Entity Framework."
WebApi2  webAPIs  OData  discussion 
14 days ago
running many instances of a simple command in parallel, with xargs
echo "1 2 3 4 5 6" | xargs -d " " -I "{}" -n 1 -P 6 echo hello

Append "{}" to have it print the arg value
xargs  Unix  scripting  from notes
14 days ago
"very good, but slow, deflate or zlib compression"
14 days ago
CompactGUI (for configuring enhanced NTFS compression in Win10)
Worth using - the command-line tool refused to compress files for me, "0 files". (Perhaps this tool compresses file-by-file rather than by folder?)


Integration is inferior than that of the old NTFS compression. "it's a limitation of Windows itself, that the Xpress and LZX functions cannot be run live on new files that are added to the compressed folders" -

Be aware of a serious Windows bug in on-disk file-size reporting. For meaningful figures where files of >=4GB are involved, check drive's remaining space before and after, rather than reported size-on-disk. ,

Windows 10's new compression machinery seems to give somewhat better compression ratios and slightly inferior read throughput, presumably slightly lower CPU load.

The 'compact' command-line exe itself is fragile: handles arguments poorly, fails to warn on poorly crafted flags, and often shows 0 files compressed (who knows what it thinks it's meant to be doing). It seems unclear how the /S flag interacts with the final filename arg/args

Example working commands: compact /C /EXE XPRESS8K c:\mine.dat

Compress a folder:

cd to it for good measure (as current dir can be significant), then:

compact /c /exe:xpress16k /s:"c:\myfolder"
Windows  Windows10  compression  fileSystems  NTFS 
16 days ago
How to clear a field using using Microsoft Graph .Net Client Library
UpdateAsync() treats null fields as 'do not update', rather than as 'assign null'. If you want to assign null, use a Dictionary.
MicrosoftOffice365  webAPIs  StackOverflow  Azure  MicrosoftGraph 
18 days ago
JSON Patch |
{ "op": "replace", "path": "/baz", "value": "boo" },
{ "op": "add", "path": "/hello", "value": ["world"] },
{ "op": "remove", "path": "/foo" }

[HTTPS not available]

Also at

See also
REST  JSON  webAPIs  MongoDB 
20 days ago
Please. Don't Patch Like An Idiot.
a not-particularly-clear post about PUT/PATCH/POST
HTTP  REST  webAPIs  blogEntries 
20 days ago
on parsing ISO 8601 date/time strings in .Net
Rejecting British and American date formats, but accepting abbreviations (to the day, rather than to the second). Surprisingly laborious.
dateTimeLibraries  StackOverflow 
21 days ago
Task.Yield Method (System.Threading.Tasks)
"Creates an awaitable task that asynchronously yields back to the current context when awaited."

return a YieldAwaitable instance

taskParallelism  concurrentProgramming  StackOverflow  asynchronousProgramming 
22 days ago
Asynchronous PushStreamContent
"The problem is, ASP.NET can’t go back in time and change the status code or response headers"
streamOrientedProgramming  webDev  WebApi2  blogEntries  asynchronousProgramming  concurrentProgramming 
22 days ago
Choosing between DateTime, DateTimeOffset, TimeSpan, and TimeZoneInfo | Microsoft Docs
DateTimeOffset just means it's paired with timezone information ('offset' from UTC). It *does not* actually mean a date/time offset. That's what the TimeSpan struct is for.
25 days ago
GlobalInterpreterLock - Python Wiki
> potentially blocking or long-running operations, such as I/O, image processing, and NumPy number crunching, happen outside the GIL. Therefore it is only in multithreaded programs that spend a lot of time inside the GIL, interpreting CPython bytecode, that the GIL becomes a bottleneck.
Python  concurrentProgramming 
26 days ago
Using an IAM Role to Grant Permissions to Applications Running on Amazon EC2 Instances - AWS Identity and Access Management

"Version": "2012-10-17",
"Statement": [{
"Effect": "Allow",
"Action": [
"Resource": "*"
27 days ago
ContinueWith is Dangerous, Too
> you should always pass an explicit TaskScheduler to Task.ContinueWith and Task.Factory.StartNew

[i.e. TaskScheduler.Default]
concurrentProgramming  asynchronousProgramming  blogEntries 
28 days ago
squirrel with nut
from the NextCloud demo
28 days ago
Regular expressions in lexing and parsing
Rob Pike makes a case for hand-coding of lexers and parser
parsing  lexers  compilers  blogEntries 
28 days ago
The byte order fallacy
Rob Pike explains that almost everyone things the wrong way about byte-order. In short: if you're asking what endianness is the host machine, you're almost certainly doing it wrong.

'Safe' languages like Java never expose host endianness but still let you do `... | (data[1]<<8) | ...`

Linked from
endianness  blogEntries  C 
28 days ago
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