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The scariest pricing idea ever. That works.
The notion is, you do the work first, then let the client decide how much to pay for it.
I know, that sounds like a sure way to end up working for nickels and peanuts. I once thought that way, too.
freelance  money  payment  pricing 
april 2010 by MatteoM
Amazon Mechanical Turk
On demand, scalable workforce. Useful to give small tasks to lots of people.
business  tools  money  work  web2.0  outsourcing  jobs  online  marketing 
november 2008 by MatteoM
Seeking Alpha
Stock market analysis (better than most financial advisors).
advice  analysis  business  Investing  stocks  money 
october 2008 by MatteoM
Investing Basics
Guides on stock market investing, balance sheet and income statement analysis.
Investing  money  guide  stocks 
september 2008 by MatteoM

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