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Making an Indie Game? Do Your Own PR!
How to do PR for an indie game. - Don't compare it to other games when pitching - Generate buzz as soon as possible on forums, reddit, etc.
marketing  games  !sustainable-app-business  socialmedia 
july 2015 by MatteoM
The official online virtual gallery of Leonid Afremov
Paintings with vibrant colors, good inspiration for game UIs
art  paintings  color  vibrant  games  ui 
april 2015 by MatteoM
Riptide Games » In-App Purchase results 2 weeks in
We have been tracking our sales and a few other metrics fairly closely since launch, and this post is the first of what will likely be several posts in the coming weeks and months sharing our results thus far.
iphone  development  games  sales  inapppurchase  app-store 
january 2010 by MatteoM
The Idiot’s Guide to Marketing Your Indie Game
In this guide, I’ll be explaining exactly what it is you, the budding games developer, should be providing me, the eager games journalist, with.
marketing  startup  iphone  games  indie  press 
december 2009 by MatteoM

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