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If your product is Great, it doesn't need to be Good.
What's the right approach to new products? Pick three key attributes or features, get those things very, very right, and then forget about everything else.
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february 2010 by MatteoM
The Anti-Bullet Test
If you want to not stand out from the crowd, use generic statements. The ones everyone claim. Would anyone claim to be non-innovative?
marketing  features  statements  test 
december 2009 by MatteoM
Convert shortcomings into advantages without lying
In my experience you can't hide. Oh you can try, and boy have I gone down that road, carefully selecting my words so that I'm not lying per se but still hiding the fact that I was a one-man software shop.
business  startup  customers  advantages  features  marketing 
december 2009 by MatteoM

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