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Subscribers Are Your True Fans
Why subscriptions are the best monetization option for apps worthy of true fans.
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20 days ago by MatteoM
Open Startups
Many startups and bootstrapped businesses choose to embrace transparency and share their journeys, lessons, mistakes, and progress with the world. The following is a compilation of some of these startups.
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january 2019 by MatteoM
Surviving the App Store
This looks like a guide on how NOT to do things. It needs a more accurate read.

Never get advice from failures.
!sustainable-app-business  app-store  business  ios  app 
september 2018 by MatteoM
The online MARKETING solution you NEED
An influencer marketing company that features a way to get low cost installs for apps.
app-store  marketing  business  !sustainable-app-business  advertising 
november 2016 by MatteoM
I am an Indie Dev - Part 3
Raising app prices leads to more revenue. $9.99 seems not to be the lower bound either.
app-store  business  !sustainable-app-business  pricing 
september 2016 by MatteoM
Slopes Diaries #9: For the Good of the Business
Good article on prompting for reviews, informing users of new features and asking them to join a mailing list in an app
!sustainable-app-business  marketing  business  email  app  reviews  rating 
january 2016 by MatteoM
How freemium nearly caused our business to implode
How adding a free unlimited plan consumed resources, increased complexity and led to worse customer service and bigger churn.
freemium  business 
december 2015 by MatteoM
iOS Game Revenue & Launch Details
Guy publishes indie game and generates 9k in one month (mostly at launch, so not sustainable long term). Standard model of promotion, waited until the last moment, notified general media. Also helped to have contacts at Apple.
business  app  !sustainable-app-business  sustainable  app-store 
december 2015 by MatteoM
Tapity is looking to sell our Grades and Languages apps—full stats released
Tapity sells their apps and shows their numbers. Interesting take away from the first chart: free with IAP generates a lot of downloads but not much revenue. Paid upfront does the opposite.
!sustainable-app-business  ios  business  sales  stats  promotion  app-store 
november 2015 by MatteoM
Lessons in App PR: How to Launch
Successful launch of an iPad app. Marketing works on niche websites. Pitching to the press is hard, time consuming and the traffic does not convert to customers.
business  launch  marketing  !sustainable-app-business  !course-topics  !blog-topics  app-store 
july 2015 by MatteoM
Anthony Green Tutoring - Business Insider
Meet The Guy Who Makes 1,000 Dollars An Hour Tutoring Kids Of Fortune 500 CEOs Over Skype
business  high-end  !zero-to-launch 
august 2014 by MatteoM
The 2010 Inc. 5000 List
List of companies growing at >1000% every year for last 3 years and have revenues in millions of dollars.
business  ideas  startup 
april 2011 by MatteoM
Hacker News | How much money can you make in the iOS App Store?
Interesting article and discussion on how to build revenue on the App Store.
iphone  business  ipad  app-store 
march 2011 by MatteoM
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