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If your product is Great, it doesn't need to be Good.
What's the right approach to new products? Pick three key attributes or features, get those things very, very right, and then forget about everything else.
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february 2010 by MatteoM
Product Discovery not Software Development
When embarking on a new venture, your goal isn’t to implement any specific idea in the best way possible, but to iterate as fast as you can, till someone is passionate about whatever product you’ll eventually converge on.
development  startup  advice  product  iteration 
january 2010 by MatteoM
Distinguishing constructive criticism from bad business advice
The best advice doesn't come as a barrage of statements but rather from a series of questions, asked by someone playing devil's advocate.Rarely will an advisor know more than you do about your domain of expertise but that doesn't mean an outside voice is useless.
advice  criticism  business  questions 
december 2009 by MatteoM
Startup Therapy: Ten questions to ask yourself every month
What follows is your startup therapy session. Having to think through and answer these questions forces you to identify what you need to do today to seek profits and growth.
business  startup  management  analysis  advice  entrepreneurship  questions 
december 2009 by MatteoM
Stuff I've learned at Microsoft
Call them core values, things I’ve learned, lessons learned, things I scream at my friends to do more of, whatever - they’ve served me well.
entrepreneurship  advice  management  career  work  team  people 
december 2009 by MatteoM
What Startups Are Really Like
An article on the difficulties and surprises in starting a startup.
business  advice  entrepreneurship  strategy  success  startup  motivation  management 
october 2009 by MatteoM
Getting Answers
How to ask questions to mailing lists to get a hiegher aswers rate.
advice  answers  communication  development  programming  learning  asking  questions 
october 2008 by MatteoM
Seeking Alpha
Stock market analysis (better than most financial advisors).
advice  analysis  business  Investing  stocks  money 
october 2008 by MatteoM

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