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Subscribers Are Your True Fans
Why subscriptions are the best monetization option for apps worthy of true fans.
app-store  business  subscription  !sustainable-app-business  monetization  revenue 
24 days ago by MatteoM
App Store Pricing (It’s not a free market!)
More arguments against using the App Store as a marketing channel.
pricing  marketing  app-store  !sustainable-app-business 
may 2019 by MatteoM
Open Startups
Many startups and bootstrapped businesses choose to embrace transparency and share their journeys, lessons, mistakes, and progress with the world. The following is a compilation of some of these startups.
software  business  startup  !sustainable-app-business 
january 2019 by MatteoM
Surviving the App Store
This looks like a guide on how NOT to do things. It needs a more accurate read.

Never get advice from failures.
!sustainable-app-business  app-store  business  ios  app 
september 2018 by MatteoM
The online MARKETING solution you NEED
An influencer marketing company that features a way to get low cost installs for apps.
app-store  marketing  business  !sustainable-app-business  advertising 
november 2016 by MatteoM
I am an Indie Dev - Part 3
Raising app prices leads to more revenue. $9.99 seems not to be the lower bound either.
app-store  business  !sustainable-app-business  pricing 
september 2016 by MatteoM
To Update, or Not Update Apps, That Is the Question
An article that shows that updates should serve a business purpose, or they would not pay back in revenue
update  app  !sustainable-app-business  app-store  monetization  revenue 
april 2016 by MatteoM
Building a business, not just an app | Hacker News
An app with very high pricing in the app store. In the HN thread there is also a guy that consistently makes money with apps.
!sustainable-app-business  pricing  app-store 
february 2016 by MatteoM
Panic Blog » The 2015 Panic Report
Lowering the price of an iOS app did not have any impact on sales at all.
!sustainable-app-business  price  ios  revenue  app-store 
february 2016 by MatteoM
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