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“His business card is seven inches long”: Brian Williams, introducing a guest on The Eleventh Hour just now.
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4 weeks ago by M.Leddy
Chris Matthews and women
In the aftermath of Chris Matthews’s absurd interview of Elizabeth Warren, Laura Bassett, journalist, writes about her encounter with Matthews. Why is this guy still working at MSNBC? Oh, wait — he’s not.
4 weeks ago by M.Leddy
Matthews and Warren
Elizabeth Warren explains the ridiculously obvious to the dullest knife in the MSNBC drawer. Chris Matthews needs to take his eructations, figurative and literal, into a comfortable retirement.
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4 weeks ago by M.Leddy
MSNBC, sheesh
“Mueller subpoena’s unknown corporation owned by unknown county.”
MSNBC  sheesh 
december 2018 by M.Leddy
As if
“Is there a secret whiteboard timeline in the Mueller office?”

As if anyone talking on television would have the answer to that question.
MSNBC  television 
december 2018 by M.Leddy

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