In China, This Bud's Not Just For You Anymore | AdAge
In the U.S. Budweiser's classic tag, "This Bud's For You" may be all about celebrating yourself. But for this Chinese New Year, the brand may be adding something new to the line with an idea that feels more like, "This Bud's For (Those Who Help You Be) You."
bud  this  is  not  just  for  you 
5 weeks ago
NPR's front row seat at the voice revolution | Podcasts - Ad Age
Nearly a quarter of the U.S. population now owns at least one smart speaker, and in the last year alone a full 14 million people in America got their first smart speaker device.
9 weeks ago
Hulu introduces attribution model | Media - Ad Age
The company expects the product to be fully rolled out by the second half of the year, in time for the upfronts selling season, where TV networks look to get commitments for a bulk of their ad time for the following season.
upfront  Hulu 
9 weeks ago
Why voice is on everyone's lips at CES | Special: CES - Ad Age
An entire cottage industry of third-party products has blossomed around the two — smart light switches and smart microwaves that boast "works with Alexa" or Google.
9 weeks ago
Gatorade and VML end eight-year relationship | Agency News - Ad Age
On the creative side, Gatorade parent company PepsiCo is deeply embedded with Omnicom.
georade  agency  relationship 
9 weeks ago
Countering the agency brain drain to tech companies | Agencies - Ad Age
Agencies respond
Agencies and holding companies like WPP and Omnicom are acquiring specialty technology companies to better compete. Omnicom recently purchased management and IT consulting firm Credera and housed it in a unit called Omnicom Precision Marketing Group.
ad  agency  coping 
9 weeks ago
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