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what is differences between content strategy and information architecture? - User Experience Stack Exchange
Content strategy focuses on the delivery, governance and planning content creation.

Information Architecture deals with the design of an information space and to ensure that users can easily find what they’re looking for.
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4 weeks ago by LizFlyntz
User needs, and why your organization doesn’t care about them | UX Booth
In a distributed model, where lots of people are spending 5% of their time creating poor web content, you need to find a way to put a monetary value on that. If the average salary in your organization is $50,000 and you have 2,000 publishers, your organization is spending a staggering $5 million every year on extremely shoddy web content. And that’s not including hosting that terrible content and all the money spent on getting your developers to write code to keep the site chugging along despite the extremely poor structure and lack of metadata.

Instead, spend a fraction of that money hiring a proper content design team, and let the people who are amateurs at web content focus on being professionals in whatever their actual role is.
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12 weeks ago by LizFlyntz
The Why and How of Web Governance
What’s the end game—the ideal picture of your organization’s strategy for the web and for web content management?
What specific goals do you want to achieve?
Why is web governance important for the team, department, and organization?
What problems or challenges will it solve?
How will success be measured? Based on gains in efficiency? Reduced time-to-market?
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may 2019 by LizFlyntz
Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design
Page titles are also used as the default entry in the Favorites when users bookmark a site. For your homepage, begin with the company name, followed by a brief description of the site. Don't start with words like "The" or "Welcome to" unless you want to be alphabetized under "T" or "W."
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november 2018 by LizFlyntz
People and structure: the key to avoid hoarding content – GatherContent Blog
At some point, I think we can all say that we have experienced the institutional equivalent of hoarding. We all know people amass ‘useful’ things and keep them just in case.
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september 2018 by LizFlyntz
Design Thinking Comes of Age
But design doesn’t solve all problems. It helps people and organizations cut through complexity. It’s great for innovation. It works extremely well for imagining the future. But it’s not the right set of tools for optimizing, streamlining, or otherwise operating a stable business. Additionally, even if expectations are set appropriately, they must be aligned around a realistic timeline—culture changes slowly in large organizations.
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july 2018 by LizFlyntz
Introduction to Content Modelling
It is about exploring and defining howcontent can be chunked and linked up toadd value to customers and businesses
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june 2018 by LizFlyntz
Content Types: The Building Blocks of Your Content Model
Content Item A is a page of text.<br />Content Item B is an Executive Profile.<br />Content Item C is a Press Release
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june 2018 by LizFlyntz

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