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If I knew the consequences I wouldn't have done it by raspberry dreams
"Harry is surprised by the side effects of having saved Ginny in the chamber. Turns out people he trusted were lying to him. There were many people who wouldn't have done what they did if they could forsee the consequences of their actions and Harry's reactions."

seems like it should be tropey and parts of it are sometimes but mostly it's a logical and fun progression of what would happen if everyone had used logic and common sense to problem solve
i'm really enjoying this so far
updated 3/21/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  recommended 
8 hours ago by Laria_Gwyn
Elfish welfare by tyrannic_puppy / tyrannicpuppy
"Halloween 1981 and the Potter family has been attacked. But when Sirius arrives, the crib is empty. Harry is missing, presumed dead, but Mipsy knows the truth. She takes care of little master just as Lord Potter's portrait commands her to."
updated 3/16/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/hermione  wip  recommended 
23 hours ago by Laria_Gwyn
Rapture by tannintele
""Can you believe it?" Hepzibah prattled on. "Three relics from the Founders, all in my - Are you alright, dear?

Tom blinked. He fixed a bland smile onto his features. "Oh, yes. I'm very well. Just . . . wait, did you say three?"

"Oh," she flushed, fanning herself. "Yes. My most priceless possession, really. It's a bit controversial, but I suppose . . . you wouldn't want to see it, would you?"

Harry Gaunt is one of the last remaining Slytherin heirs, raised in squalor for half of his life, and raised in luxury for the rest. But he's little more than a parlor trick for his foster mother, Hepzibah Smith, speaking in Parseltongue to amuse her guests. Life is dull, until he meets Tom Riddle.

Tom once had nothing; then he had a diary. A snake. And a ring. Soon, he will have more. A locket. A cup. And a boy.

A boy just like him."

updated 3/25/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  wip 
yesterday by Laria_Gwyn
Breath of the inferno by primordial vortex
"Magic is a strange and wondrous thing. It has no leaning or even understanding of good or evil. It merely is. Harry Potter fell off the grid half a decade before, after an explosion seared the earth of Privet Drive. No magic could find him. Their final hope led them to him, but what they found was...not quite what they expected."

dragon animagus!harry done well; quite fun and with some really interesting commentary on wizarding society; creative magic and action scenes too
author is currently stalled out on motivation so likely won't be finished
last updated 2016
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  recommended  abandoned 
yesterday by Laria_Gwyn
Sweet but a psycho by luxis
"Harry Potter became entangled in Tom Riddle's twisted affairs. What followed was a whirlwind of unwilling attraction, fearful suspense, and addictive romance. Whoever said psychopaths made poor lovers, anyways?

(Or: a same age AU, in which Tom is a Beauxbatons prince and very much obsessed with a certain Harry Potter in more ways than one.)"

updated 3/24/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  wip 
2 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Lord Hermione? by alrym
"There was no troll in the girls bathroom in 1991. Hermione found no friends that night. Therefore the brightest witch of her age is on a perilous path. Because with magic it is so very true that knowledge is power. But is it also true that power corrupts? Will the only daughter of two dentists become the third Dark Lord that rises in Dumbledore's lifetime?"

concept is interesting
updated 3/3/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/hermione  wip  unread 
2 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
In search of companionship by kris799 / inevitably insane
"After the events of the Sign of Three, Sherlock falls into a bout of melancholy; Mycroft, the consummate manipulator, suggests "filling the gap" and events largely get out of hand from there."

one of the most realistic and well done sherlock adopts harry fics i've tried; great characterizations; sadly unfinished
last updated 2015
fandom:sherlock  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  sherlock:au  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  recommended  favorite  abandoned 
4 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Transcendence by aerienmyxa
"When you have to sacrifice everything you have to save your soul mate, only to enter a new world where the both of you are supposedly the Prophesized enemies, what are you to do?"

i like the concept; when lord tom riddle is diagnosed with a fatal illness, his bonded lord harry potter makes a plan to save him by jumping dimensions
last updated 2010
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  wip  abandoned 
5 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
When you touch me by steppenwoelfin
"Severus Snape is forced to marry a mute Harry Potter, who has lost his voice after his latest clash with Voldemort. It is through touch, in many senses, that Severus and Harry slowly get to know each other..."

updated 12/30/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/severus  wip  unread 
5 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Where do we go from here: the beginning by lilyrose9
"Morgana le Fay emerges from her millennia long stay in the Crystal Caves courtesy of Merlin to make an impact on the world, both Wizarding and Mundane, starting with the life of one young Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived."

cool concept, a lot of info dumps tho
updated 3/5/19
fandom:merlin  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  fusion  merlin:au  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip 
6 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Possession by blood.stained.fingers
"Harry knew love was a powerful emotion...but he had never imagined Hermione would sacrifice him for Ron. As a horcrux Harry is little more than a possession to Voldemort...He didn't expect to be able to manipulate the new position he was in."

very very dark; tw for very graphic torture
last updated 2013
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  abandoned 
6 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Twist of fate by firephoenix8
"Harry is taken the night Dumbledore is about to leave him with the Dursleys. With forces meddling in the timeline, Harry and Tom become the Riddle brothers. Follow the boys from the 1930s, WWII & Grindelwald, to canon years and a much changed future."

time loop idea is brilliant, pacing is very slow
ch 12
Tom and Harry Riddle
last updated 2013
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  slytherin!au  wip  RIP  unread  abandoned 
7 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Equivalent exchange by majixtrixx / majix.trixx
"The bonds between Lord Voldemort and Harry ran impossibly deep, bound as tightly as fate would allow, and the ancient Immortal should've known that, in at least one universe, Death would not be the end for them."

pacing on this one is better; i like the relationship with Death
last updated 2015
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/voldemort  harry/tom  nc-17  wip  abandoned 
7 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
The contract by debstheslytherinsnapefan
"The only way Harry can get free of those who wish to use him is to agree to an already made betrothal contract created by Dorea Black-Potter. Will this simple thing change the course of Harry's predestined - at least by Dumbledore - future? Will he remain neutral or will he turn dark after he learns everything Dumbledore's done? Will there be a wedding in future for Rabastan and Harry? Can they have a chance of happiness or will the two Slytherins by nature at least, only presume to use one another?"

updated 3/15/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/rabastan  wip 
7 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
The adventure of Harry Holmes by emerylark
"When a four year old Harry Potter was removed from his relatives care due to abuse. He is taken into the care of a very eccentric pair of brothers, who value deductive reasoning and cleverness far more then any emotion. What will become of the Boy Who Lived when he discovers who he truly is? And what will become of the Wizarding World when H. J. Holmes attends Hogwarts?"

abrupt transitions; posted content ends before any major events
last updated 2016
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:sherlock  crossover  harrypotter:au  sherlock:au  genfic  wip  abandoned 
8 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
An ace in the hole by aadixon
"Harry Potter was never raised by the Dursleys. Instead, he was raised under the watchful eye and tutelage of his mother's half-sister, Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel. When Harry finally returns to Wizarding world, he isn't quite what everyone is expecting."

dark but really interesting
last updated 3/9/19
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:dcu  fandom:batman  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  dcu:au  batman:au  genfic  harry/hermione  ivy/narcissa  frost/sirius  wip  recommended  favorite 
8 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Death's mistress by emma.wolf94
"Scarlett Potter vanquished Voldemort and won the war, but felt dead inside ever since. After being murdered by muggles, she finds out what the title of Mistress of Death really means and uncovers the many benefits that come with it. Starting again in a Universe where Grindelwald is the Dark Lord that killed her parents, what will Scarlett do differently?"

updated 6/2/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  genderswap  wip 
9 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Love of a snake by dustfactory
"After the Dursley's house burns down, Vernon blames Harry for the deaths of Petunia and Dudley and dumps him in a forest. On the verge of death, he is found by Nagini and raised as a serpent childe."

this is pretty good; ostensibly hp/lv but doesn't get that far
last updated 2006
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  abandoned 
9 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Harry Potter and the strange inheritance by aridethdar
"One minute Harry was walking around, minding his own business, and next thing he knows... WHAM! He's a lovely albino snake and can't figure out how it happened! If that's not bad enough, The Dark Lord comes by and decides he'd make a perfect PET. What's a Boy-Who-Lived to do? And what's this about being a Creature?!"
last updated 2014
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort  wip  abandoned 
10 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Fidelius by rumer hasit
"Harry Potter had vanished. No note. No speech. Nothing. For two years, Lord Voldemort has been ruling the wizarding world unopposed, and then it happens. Potter is found. But the Dark Lord doesn't want to simply kill him. Where would the fun in that be?"

last updated 2015
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort  wip  abandoned 
10 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
A god father's duty by nemesis13
"James and Lily chose him to guide and raise their son if they were ever struck down, and for once in his life Sirius Black took his duty to heart and did just that. Pity for all the meddlers, for the son of Prongs, raised by his mother, at the side of Padfoot, really had no patience for the wizarding worlds pretentious idiocy."

ooh an intriguing twist; what if james' sacrifice saved both lily and harry
updated 3/25/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip 
11 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
The other Dursley by petite rogue
"Daisy Dursley wishes she'd never stepped foot in the wizarding world. Criminal masterminds, escaped convicts, Dementors, Pureblood boys and the complexity of the wizarding world are some of the things she would have never had to deal with if she'd never gotten her letter. But she did. And someone is going to have to pay the price."

i like this so far; it's well written and intense
read through first year so far
updated 2/26/17
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  oc/si  wip  unread  RIP 
12 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
far-flung hopes by wearethewitches
"The next morning, the Time Lady is gone and there is a post-it note on his lamp. He picks it up, reading the curly handwriting with a small smile.

Thank-you. We’ll come visit. Promise xxx"

updated 3/20/19
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:drwho  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  drwho:au  genfic  wip 
13 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
we're spinning but the needle's stuck by blackkat
"When an Auror mission gone wrong lands Blaise and Ron in 1989, Blaise intends to keep his head down, undo the spells that sent them here, and get them back to their own time with no changes to mark their presence in the past.

It's a shame that Ron has other ideas."

what an awesome concept, can't wait to see where this goes
updated 3/13/19
fandom:harrypotter  author:blackkat  harrypotter:au  blaise/ron  wip 
13 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Monster by phoenyx634
"What if Tom met his match in his fifth year at Hogwarts? What if someone upset the power balance before he became The Dark Lord… And changed the trajectory of history? That person is Amalia Gray."

the summary is...not great but the actual fic is really good, well written and interesting
AO3 version isn't completely crossposted:
updated 5/13/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  ofc/tom  oc/si  wip  recommended  favorite 
13 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
What to expect when you're unexpectedly expecting by riddle_me_harry
"There was a reason why a Horcrux was not supposed to be attached to a living person. Something that Harry and Voldemort learn the hard way when Lily’s protection failed after Harry left Privet Drive for the last time. But that doesn’t mean it ended up being a bad thing."

updated 3/22/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort  wip 
14 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Light up the sky by millarca
"When Uzumaki Naruto breathed his last, he didn’t expect to wake up in the world of the living again. He was old, and tired, and so, so ready to move on. And, well...he wanted to see his wife again, dammit.

But, of course, that wasn't what happened.

Why? Naruto screamed at the powers-that-loved-to-fuck-with-his-life-and-now-his-afterlife-too, with tears streaking down his cheeks, feeling cold, weak, hungry, and utterly disgusted.

Because you’re everybody’s bitch, Kurama helpfully supplied."

updated 3/21/19
fandom:naruto  fandom:katekyouhitmanreborn  crossover  fusion  naruto:au  katekyouhitmanreborn:au  genfic  wip  unread 
14 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Masters of death by nemesis13
"Arya Stark died, then she met Death's granddaughter at the crossroads. Said green eyed woman called herself Lillith, and gave Arya a choice, move on, or become the twin sister of Harry Potter and help him achieve his destiny. In exchange, when they eventually passed on the pair would be reborn as Eddard Stark's children once again, magic powers included. How could she say no?"

Hadrian and Aryanna Potter
updated 3/12/19
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:gameofthrones  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  gameofthrones:au  genfic  wip 
15 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Phosphorescence by talecaster
"After growing up on the streets Harry is nothing like Dumbledore was expecting, and she won't be manipulated so easily."

the one with the surprising outcome to the quirrell confrontation
updated 3/5/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/voldemort  genderswap  slytherin!au  wip  recommended 
18 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Cloaked escape by triscribe
"After she escaped with Harry that fateful night, Lily swore to always protect her son - no matter what. "And it is with great pleasure," Dumbledore continued, his smile growing wider. "That I introduce to you your new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, the Lady Lily Evans Potter.""

i like this so far
updated 12/14/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip 
20 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
On my knees (you belong to me) by artsydeath
"He'd died, falling at her knees, breaking the bond between them in a backlash of magic that sends her back to 1937 to be sorted alongside the boy he'd been.

She isn't supposed to want him but as he grows so does the empty feeling inside of her and it all comes to a startling change in dynamics in their seventh year, inside an old unused classroom, and the reveal of a secret.


Or: Tom is in heat (but Harry is the one on her knees)."

an abo dynamic i've never seen before but it works for this pairing
updated 3/13/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  genderswap  nc-17  wip 
20 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Code of the griffin by knife hand
"From a war ravaged future, someone is sent back in time to change the course of the war."

updated 9/2/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  wip  unread 
21 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Strings of fate by knife hand
"Being raised only by his Aunt, Harry comes to Hogwarts not only knowing about the Wizarding World, but with a kind of training no one at the school is expecting."

updated 3/16/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  wip  unread 
21 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Vainglory, and other battlefields no one told you about by stapling_pages
"In a world slightly to the left, the Dark Lord rises on the final night of the Triwizard Tournament, and his grandson becomes a spoil of war.

OR: through convoluted circumstances, Harry finds himself engaged to someone he's never met. No one is particularly happy about it, but goddamn it! Harry isn't going to fuck this up!"

really interesting concept
updated 3/15/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  wip 
21 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Constant love series by sturner1805
"For Elizabeth, the joy of her marriage and honeymoon are quickly followed by the demands of becoming Mrs. Darcy, all while helping her shy new younger sister come out into society. Georgiana must deal with more suitors than she expected, when she fears nothing more than once again being persuaded to think she is in love with the wrong man."
fandom:pride&prejudice  elizabeth_bennet/fitzwilliam_darcy  wip  unread 
21 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Powerful magical artifact by kathryn518
"The Goblet of Fire is a powerful magical artifact. Powerful enough to lock four powerful magicals to a binding magical contract even when one is unwilling. What else can it do to fulfill a contract? Pull someone to fulfill a contract from a distance? Reach across space and time? Summon the dead?"

interesting so far; really cool concept
updated 3/3/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip 
22 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
anything & everything by exarite
""If you do own me, then you can have me anytime. Anywhere. That's how it works, right?"

"Anytime?" Tom asked. His lip twitched, curling into a dark smile. "And what am I allowed to do to you?"

"Anything," Harry promised. "Everything."


Featuring Sugar Daddy Tom and Trophy Husband Harry. Tom takes very good care of him, and in return, Harry gives him blanket consent.

Of course, Tom's curious as to just how far he can push Harry's limits."

updated 3/25/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  nc-17  wip 
22 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Stone throwers living inside a glass cage by cartonsofcartoons
"The Dursleys were a perfectly normal family. Vernon Dursley worked hard at Grunnings, Petunia Dursley was a right class act and Dudley was a good boy if a bit loud. The black sheep in the family, the Potter boy, was the only blight on their otherwise spotless record.

Or was he?"

updated 3/2/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip 
23 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Time and patience by flipdarkchill
"Harry Potter has grown old. While lying on his deathbed, his new caretaker just so happens to be a young Tom Riddle.

Let the questions begin."

updated 3/1/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  wip 
24 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
With a forked tongue I lie in wait (taming snakes) by delusionalgrandeur
"Dumbledore ought to have known better than to leave an orphaned Harry Potter in the hands of the Dursleys. A twist of fate has the boy-who-lived living with criminals. Sly, cunning, street-smart, sorted into Slytherin where his housemates have been raised to hate him, will Harry survive? Or maybe it's the House of Snakes that doesn't stand a chance."

i think this is the same author who wrote the anti-heroine; there's some really great magical theory in this and interesting inter-school maneuvering; definitely worth reading even if it'll never be completed
last updated 2014
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  slytherin!au  wip  abandoned 
26 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
The games we play by respite88
"The battle with Slytherin's basilisk ended differently. Now lost in a land of Ice and Fire with a giant snake as a companion, Harry must carve out a new life in a world where survival is key. For when you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die."

last updated 2015
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:gameofthrones  crossover  harrypotter:au  gameofthrones:au  genfic  wip  unread  abandoned 
27 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Song of endings by thetawolfe
"He had slept for an age and more. When he awoke, it was to a wailing scream and gentle singing. Once, he had been known as Harry, a word worn like a crown, the burden of it mantled upon him and dragging his head down until his neck nearly snapped from the weight of it. His mother called him Drogon, the word falling from her pink lips like a prayer and a command. It did not matter what she called him, Drogon was as good a name as any and it was not shadowed with the responsibility and grief as the name Harry had been."
updated 11/6/17
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:gameofthrones  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  gameofthrones:au  genfic  wip  unread 
27 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Until you come back home by alicewasnotdreaming
"Harry has a secret Instagram account that Tom doesn't know about, and apparently Harry posts everything from Tom eating an ice cream to their sex life on it. Tom is not pleased when he discovers it. "

this is completely ridiculous but it's fun
updated 2/26/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  wip 
27 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
aut regem aut fatuum by staccato
"How did this become his life? Harry wondered, as he mutely watched the lover of his 21st life kill the birth parents of his 22nd life."

updated 2/26/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  wip 
28 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
A song of death and magic by dizzykitty
"Lily Potter's choice to save her child has far reaching unforeseen consequences, though many think the war ended the night the curse rebounded. Ten years later Holly Potter unearths a family secret that sets her on a path where she learns there is no escaping fate when fate is the beat of war drums to a millennia old war."

ravenclaw!harry who wants to cure her parents' madness
updated 12/28/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/voldemort  genderswap  wip 
28 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
few felt their brilliance cut by staccato
"Harry travels through time, convinces his younger self that it's a brilliant idea, and rules the world with his enemy/friend/lover Tom Riddle (depending what time it is).

Not necessarily in that exact order."

updated 2/25/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  wip 
28 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Shards of time: the master of death by shitsumeishi
"Harry Potter is just an eccentric school boy with some unusual talents. Lord Peverell-Black, on the other hand, is a magically and politically powerful man with the world at his fingertips and a war at his doorstep."

fairly standard, stops shortly into first year
last updated 2011
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  abandoned 
29 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Ghosts of the present by randomlyimagine
"When Order 66 goes out, thousands of Jedi die within minutes, and the balance of the Force shifts quickly, drastically to the Dark.

The Force warps and shudders. It loses the ability to reabsorb Force-sensitive souls after their deaths.

Every single Jedi killed during Order 66 becomes a Force ghost, often before their bodies even hit the floor."

updated 2/24/19
fandom:starwars  starwars:au  genfic  wip  unread 
29 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Something beautiful, in a terrible sort of way by tsume_yuki
"It all happens at a private meal.

All signs indicate that one moment Rhaegar had been sitting beside them. Then, the next moment, he was gone. Is gone.

There's no sign of the Prince of Dragonstone and Arthur feels his heart drop."

rhaegar gets dumped into post-war britain; interesting
updated 2/24/19
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:gameofthrones  crossover  harrypotter:au  gameofthrones:au  genfic  harry/rhaegar  genderswap  wip 
4 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Necromancers anonymous by the_iza
"Harry Potter was a normal child, aside from that whole raising the undead thing. But what are you gonna do?"

this sadly never gets past first year sorting but i greatly enjoyed the humor; the good kind of crack
last updated 2014
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  slytherin!au  wip  abandoned 
4 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Souls collide by luxis

Harry’s breath hitched as he felt the soothing, tingling sensation of the Dark Lord’s magic upon his own, and he knew he would be forever ensnared by the never-ending song of their soul bond.

Or: A soulmate AU, in which Voldemort won and Harry is a bold prodigy who fascinates the Dark Lord."

updated 2/23/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort  wip 
4 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
We are kin (I look to you, please bring me home) by artsydeath
""... didn't know where else to go."

Tom finds himself with his nemesis living in his wardrobe, bemused and disturbed but also curious about the strange fate that ties them together.

Or: life has left them both just a bit broken (but it doesn't have to stay that way)."

updated 3/1/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  harry/voldemort  genderswap  nc-17  wip 
4 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
The toy who lived by hweianime
"When Tom was a little boy, his mother gave him something beautiful."

updated 2/23/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  wip 
4 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Persephone in the spring by ladyhawk42
"You may have heard the tale of Hades and Persephone, how he could love no other and stole her way. But the often forgotten character in the story was her mother, who’s grief was so great it threatened to destroy the world.

Lily Potter loved her son, and when given the choice decided to turn her back on the world to save him. In the clutches of the Dark Lord she must navigate a deadly new world, keep her son safe and at her side and keep herself alive all while watching the growing connection between her son and a monster."

whoah what an intriguing concept
updated 3/23/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort  harry/tom  remus/sirius  lily/rabastan  wip 
4 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
When Harry met Wednesday by jhotenko
"Sirius is dead, and Harry has reached his breaking point. A chance meeting with a pale girl and her family moves Harry's life in a new direction."

truly excellent and extremely well written
tw: torture, murder
updated 2/9/19
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:addamsfamily  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  addamsfamily:au  harry/wednesday  wip  recommended  favorite 
4 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Ride by redhorse
"Harry has the opportunity of a lifetime: spending the summer with a world-renowned equestrian coach as a working student. Harry is a natural in the saddle, but he catches the eye of Tom Riddle—already an elite young rider and the only child of a billionaire—for other reasons."

updated 3/26/19
fandom:harrypotter  author:redhorse  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  nc-17  wip 
4 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
The boy with no name by darkquartz
"A child is raised in the deepest pits of Azkaban by dementors when the prophecy goes unheard and Dumbledore falls to Voldemort."

tw: torture, murder, gore, disturbing imagery
quite dark but completely brilliant. v creative and well written.
Hydrus, beloved
updated 2/15/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  recommended  favorite 
4 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Memory of stars by ownlildreamworld / morg
"Somewhere during the horcrux hunt things take a significant turn and the end of the war plays out quite differently. Secrets have been uncovered and one year has stretched into more than two. Harry is tired and decides on one last risky gambit before he calls it quits for good."

i really liked the magical theory and the characters made sense and were consistent; fantastic dialogue as well; sadly cuts off right before the moving and shaking
updated 8/4/16
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  wip  recommended  favorite  abandoned 
5 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Rebirth of the founders by dasalvatore
"The Founders found a way of putting powerful safeguards into their bloodlines. Now, as Harry faces off against the shade of Tom Riddle and the basilisk inside the Chamber of Secrets, the Sorting Hat causes one of those safeguards to activate. The result means Harry Potter is now Salazar Slytherin and the most misunderstood Founder is the Boy-Who-Lived."

doesn't pick up steam till a few chapters in; seems at first to be a standard cliche until you get to the underlying conflict of founders vs merlin ambrosius
updated 9/16/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/hermione  luna/neville  wip 
5 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Apex predators by sifshadowheart
""You either turn or you die." That's what they said about taking the Bite. Too bad that when it comes to the way things "should" be, Stiles tended to be an outlier."

updated 2/27/19
fandom:teenwolf  author:sifshadowheart  teenwolf:au  derek/stiles  jackson/stiles  danny/stiles  peter/sheriff  allison/scott  isaac/scott  multi  wip  unread 
5 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Severus was indigo blue by captivatingcapybaras
"Harry always had his Colors- they protected him when the family that was meant to do so didn't. On a rare day outside of his hell, Number 4 Privet Drive, the Colors push him to approach a tall man with a beautifully comforting Color of indigo blue. Harry approached him, but the interaction most assuredly did not end there.

Using the guide of his Colors and the Indigo Man, Harry is saved from his hell and instead given a chance to become who he was always meant to be."

intriguing idea
updated 3/18/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  harry/voldemort  wip 
5 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Master of my soul by eighttailedfox
"The Dark Lord had taken control of the Wizarding World after the Potters had died, and now he is shocked by the appearance of a rare magical creature. He immediately desires to claim it for himself; however, he soon realizes how hard it is to tame such a wild being. But then, impossible has never stopped the Dark Lord before."

last updated 2015
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort  wip  unread  abandoned 
5 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Harry Potter and the warrior's code by bballgirl32
"An odd, dark-haired man rescues Harry from the Dursleys when he's nine years old. Harry would have been thrilled if his saviour didn't claim to be a disillusioned madman come back in time to stop his other self from taking over the world. Add to that his apparent belief that Harry is important to his plans, and things become just a little bit complicated."

in which Tom Riddle comes back through time to stop his old self from killing Harry and turning the world into a wasteland
great concept and really really fun but sadly ends halfway through first year; ravenclaw!harry, hermione and draco
last updated 2015
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  abandoned 
5 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Snake venom by rayvern
"Voldemort, instead of killing Harry, took him away."

i liked this a lot but it's sadly unfinished
last updated 2007
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  abandoned 
5 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Pull the trigger by inu_sama
"The witch hunts had started up for the third time in history, this time on a worldwide scale that left the magicals overwhelmed and with no hope of winning. It was neighbour against neighbour, friend against friend.

The magic the muggles so hated was the heart of the Earth, without it there was nothing left but a cold, dead husk just like its surface. That’s why, being the last magical on earth and arguably the most powerful, Harry Potter was to be a hero once again.

He needed to give his people one last chance, a chance to change, to survive. Sure it might save wizarding Britain, even the whole world, but in this moment Harry just wanted his friends and loved ones back."

transitions are a bit rushed
updated 12/22/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  wip  slytherin!au 
5 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
We're in this together by zugrian
"After the Chamber of Secrets, two unlikely allies bond over their similar backgrounds. Their plans for freedom take them on a different path through Harry's adventures and will bring them together in unexpected ways."

updated 3/19/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/pansy  nc-17  wip 
5 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Harry Potter: absolute psycho by hweianime
"Yeah. So. The Dursleys messed up. Big time."

this is proper terrifying, please mind the tags
updated 2/12/19
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip 
6 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
With this blood, willingly given by captainnaztypantz
"Harry, forced into willingly giving blood for Lord Voldemort's resurrection, finds that nothing is ever truly black and white."

updated 11/7/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  genderswap  nc-17  wip 
6 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Veneficus delectus semel by supernaturalhearts
"At midnight the night of Harry's 10th birthday a blank book appears from nowhere to fall onto his lap."

kinda cliche, transitions are a bit rough, lots of info dumps
updated 6/10/17
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/lucius/severus/tom  slytherin!au  nc-17  wip 
6 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Danger of darkness by foreversiriusblack
"Good girls don't win. Annie Potter knows this and makes a choice at just 5 years old. Raised with nothing but sneers and neglect she vows to become the baddest girl there is. Jaded and apathetic to the world in general she meets a boy just as bad as her. With a dark lord offering her everything she's ever wanted, will Annie succumb to the darkness that is Tom Riddle?"

intriguing start but ends before the actual action begins
last updated 2015
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  genderswap  wip  abandoned 
6 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Equinox (the master of death) by swbooker
"Harry Potter, Master is Death, is reborn as Tom Riddle's heir. With the help of his new brothers, Sirius and Regulus, Harry must choose between being the person he was and the person he is now. Shall he fulfil a destiny he thought he had long ago escaped, or will he bow to his new role in life, and become the ultimate heir?"

Cadmus Marvolo Riddle and Selene; brilliant concept
author has discontinued
updated 3/16/17
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  abandoned  slytherin!au 
6 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Riddle's legacy by genvievewoolf
"Miraculously, the boy hesitated. Realizing what was at stake, Tom dropped the wand and fell to his knees. "Don't do it!" The next words came very hard. "Please, don't kill me." What might have happened if Harry had not stabbed Riddle's diary?"

last updated 2010
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  unread  abandoned 
6 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Colour of souls by ariesorion
"Six years after the final battle at Hogwarts, Harry James Potter disappeared from his cell in Azkaban, never to be seen again. In 1978, Orion Arcturus Black meets Hogwart's newest Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, one Hadrian Altair Peverell for the first time. The future is in a contant flux, and nothing is as it seems. And secrets can carry more weight than anyone realizes."

updated 2015
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/orion  wip  abandoned 
6 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Magis by obsessive compulsive disorder
"In which James was more than just a Potter, Snape cared a little more, Remus was a tad braver and the Dursleys were a bit crueller. Where Harry never noticed the line dividing light and dark and later found that the Wizarding Nations was merely a small section of the Magical World."

intriguing but sadly unfinished; stops right at the tail end of 2nd year
last updated 2015
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  multi  wip  abandoned  slytherin!au 
6 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Tell me the reason why by sensiblytainted
"Harry is rescued at eight from his abusive uncle by five teen soldiers who've just won their own war. Under their tutelage, Harry comes to Hogwarts with skills the Wizarding world doesn't expect and brothers who won't let Harry go without a fight."

completely amazing and brilliant. spot-on characterizations, interesting plot, perfect blend of the worlds. occasionally heavy on the h/c with some v graphic torture and violence.
tw: child abuse, sexual abuse, torture
updated 4/18/16
fandom:gundamwing  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  fusion  gundamwing:au  harrypotter:au  genfic  quatre/trowa  duo/heero  nc-17  wip  recommended  favorite 
6 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
In which Ino and Deidara are siblings by tozette
"Ino loses her remaining family, and in an effort to keep herself out of Konoha's child welfare system, she consents to being placed in the care of her closest remaining relative. "

i like this a lot
updated 2/5/19
fandom:naruto  author:tozette  naruto:au  genfic  wip 
7 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Shifting of the plate by comma-toes
"Harry Potter is dead. At least, thanks to Wormtail, the Wizarding World thinks he is. Thirteen years later, the son of a lost Dark Pureblood comes to Hogwarts with a lightning scar that only Peter knows the meaning of."

in which peter fakes harry's death and pretends he's the one who survived the dark lord's killing curse
updated 2012
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  wip  unread  abandoned 
7 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Penumbral by insolentwrath
"A strange new player emerges from the shadows as war approaches the Republic. Inscrutable, yet tied to the mysterious events taking place all over the galaxy, he quickly becomes essential to unraveling the secrets that will define the conflict to come. As the Jedi and Sith Orders alike rush to understand his hidden agenda, Harry Potter searches deep for truths best left hidden."

updated 12/27/16
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:starwars  crossover  harrypotter:au  starwars:au  genfic  wip  unread 
7 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Masks and mirrors by knoteach
"What would have happened if Harry Potter, not Relena Darlian, found Heero Yuy where he washed up on the beach?"

this was fun and worked quite well but stops before most of the main action
last updated 2011
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:gundamwing  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  gundamwing:au  genfic  wip  abandoned 
7 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Exotic by horuseye
"In a different world Harry is drawn out of his solitude and sold as an exotic magical creature to the Dark Lord."

updated 2009
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  draco/harry/voldemort  lucius/remus/severus/sirius  wip  abandoned 
7 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
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