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baby we'll be fine by napricot
"“Just to clarify, when you say vampires, you mean literal, actual vampires. Not, like, aliens that act like vampires,” asked Bucky slowly.

“They’re literal, actual vampires, yes,” said Blade, a combination of words that Sam had never wanted to hear outside of an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. “And I’ve been fighting them since they killed my mom.” Sam couldn’t see his eyes, but Blade’s whole face went tense and his next words came like he was forcing them out. “l could really use some superhero backup.”

This, Sam reminded himself, was his life now. Being Cap. Living with Bucky. Knowing about...vampires. He took a deep breath in, let it out slow. Vampires are real he tried, testing it out. It didn’t feel great.

Sam discovers he's got limits on this superhero bullshit. Bucky sympathizes."

this is awesome
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  genfic  bucky/sam 
20 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Stork Club, DIY style by siria
"He hadn't thought he could be any more proud of her, but that was Peggy for you: always capable of more than you even thought to ask for."

fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  author:siria  peggy/steve 
7 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
from the ashes by spikedluv
"Even now HYDRA is, unsurprisingly, still trying to create their own super soldiers. What might be surprising is that their current batch are still children and they bear a striking resemblance to Steve Rogers. AKA the one where Bucky Barnes rescues children from HYDRA and gives them to Steve to protect."

art by auntiesuze
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:spikedluv  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  bucky/steve  unread 
10 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
Reconstruction by rageprufrock
"In which Stephanie Rogers is the complicating element in the sweeping romance of Bucky Barnes and Lady Liberty."

updated 6/2/19
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:rageprufrock  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  bucky/steve  genderswap  nc-17  wip  unread 
11 weeks ago by Laria_Gwyn
though you're many years away by eyres
"When Bucky wakes up 68 years after crashing a plane into the Atlantic, his first question is about Steve Rogers.

He finds him in a nursing home outside New York City. But the story doesn’t end there.

In which, Erskine never made it out of Europe, Steve never got the serum, and Bucky is the one who wakes up in the future."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  bucky/steve  unread 
may 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
Under the lights, under the bright blue sky by inu_sama
""Asset!" A strong voice commanded and the Asset immediately halted, dropping Its weapon. The room quieted, the robed figures halting their attack at the sight of a tall man in his mid 20's standing on a raised dais the Asset had not noticed before, Its mind blanking as years of torturous lessons forced It to Its knees with Its hands behind Its back.

"Gotovy vypolnit'." Ready to Comply."

oh my
updated 5/8/19
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  harrypotter:au  genfic  bucky/tom  wip 
may 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
like heaven stood up in you by napricot
"“You said you were gonna miss him,” says Bruce slowly. “He was supposed to be back in five seconds, but you hugged him and said ‘I’m gonna miss you.’”

Bucky’s face is serene again now, and gives nothing away. “I know Steve,” he repeats. “You think you can hand him a time machine and some rocks of unspeakable power and he’s just gonna go put ‘em right back where they belong?”

Steve does put the Infinity Stones right back where they belong. He just does a couple other things too. Or: three timelines and a Reverse Time Heist."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  genfic  peggy/steve  bucky/steve  recommended  fandom:avengers 
may 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
One last time by rachel500 / catsarecool
"Steve has a mission to do."

this actually makes the shenanigans less confusing woot
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  genfic  peggy/steve  recommended 
april 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
the good fight by destina
"An early morning conversation between Steve and Bucky, before Steve completes his mission."

oh noooooo; i liked this
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  genfic 
april 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
Some enchanted evening by roboticonography
"Peggy's friend sets her up on a blind date with a guy called Steve, who isn't exactly what she was expecting."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:roboticonography  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  peggy/steve  unread 
february 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
The three-body problem by cloudatlas
"No single equation can predict how three bodies will move in relation to one another and whether their orbits will repeat or devolve into chaos."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:agentcarter  author:cloudatlas  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  agentcarter:au  bucky/peggy/steve  nc-17  unread 
january 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
Move slow, forge ahead by thepartyresponsible
"“Here’s the thing, Steve,” Dick says, suddenly leaning forward, face a few inches from Steve’s. “You only get one life, too.”"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:dcu  fandom:batman  crossover  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  dcu:au  batman:au  dick/steve  unread 
january 2019 by Laria_Gwyn
The department of special collections by speranza and alby_mangroves
"It was a messy thing of leather and papers and rope. It looked like Phillips had carelessly thrown a bunch of documents onto an old piece of black leather and then rolled the whole thing up and tied it . . . The papers inside were all different sizes, everything out of order and haphazardly stacked, like someone had been in a hurry and just grabbed it all."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:speranza  bucky/steve  unread 
december 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
One soldier, two by fringeperson
"Evangeline Potter is used to damning the Potter Luck. This time though, she's beginning to see just why no Potter ever went to a Curse Breaker about the issue. Bucky Barnes is certainly not about to start complaining."
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:fringeperson  crossover  harrypotter:au  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  bucky/harry  genderswap  unread 
november 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
fight like girls for our place at the table by napricot
"“Am I on Cap watch because of who my aunt is?” Sharon asks Fury point-blank the second she sits in his office.

“That’s part of the reason, yeah,” Fury says. Sharon narrows her eyes at him, and opens her mouth to object. “But not all of the reason. This isn’t a demotion.”

“It sure feels like a demotion. You’re taking me out of the field and out of intel analysis to babysit Captain America.”

How Sharon Carter gets her groove back, fucks up some Nazis, and gets the girl, with unasked for assists from a super soldier couple."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  natasha/sharon  bucky/steve  nc-17  unread 
november 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
The last firefly of the season by fringeperson
"It wasn't the first time he'd been defrosted for training purposes. It wasn't the first time he'd tried to escape his handlers. It was the first time he'd escaped with the person he was supposed to be training though."

amazing concept, perfect voices, ends a bit abruptly tho
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:firefly  author:fringeperson  crossover  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  firefly:AU  genfic 
october 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
A better version of our past by crackdkettle
"The Commandos find Bucky in a Hydra facility just days after Steve crashes. A few months later, Peggy comes to Bucky for help: she’s pregnant with Steve’s child and she wants him to claim the child as his so the SSR won’t experiment on it to try to crack Erskine’s formula. Over the next several years Bucky slowly learns how to navigate the life that was meant for Steve — as a husband, father, and founding member of SHIELD — while never giving up the search for the man he lost and still loves."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  bucky/steve  peggy/steve  bucky/peggy  bucky/peggy/steve  multi  unread 
october 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
a line that goes all the way by napricot
""About six months after he left Bucky in cryostasis in Wakanda, Steve got a text from an unidentified number: He is awake and well, and wants to see you."

Steve and Bucky reunite and reconnect, with some help from modern technology."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  nc-17  unread 
september 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
The retreat by boi_ginny
"After The Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes is captured and kept at SHIELD’s Retreat, under the watchful eye of Steve Rogers."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:agentsofshield  bucky/steve  nc-17  unread 
august 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
The northern lights by thischairismyhomenow
"“I can’t feel my face,” Steve shivers.

“I can’t feel my left arm,” Bucky says, deadpan. Steve barks out a laugh. It’s all white puffs of vapor in the chilly air.

“This the spot?”

“Nah,” Bucky pants, breath ragged from the long ascent up a mountain. “Almost there.”"

fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  unread 
august 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
your love is a crime by blackkat
"“Oh, fuck,” Squalo says, thankfully at about a quarter of his normal volume, as he tumbles to lean against the wall beside Xanxus. “This is like with that shitty Bronco all fucking over again, don’t you fucking dare.”"

Now with sequel!
fandom:katekyouhitmanreborn  fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:blackkat  crossover  katekyouhitmanreborn:au  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  steve/xanxus 
august 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
melted by ssstrychnine
"“Hey,” comes Steve's voice, and he's standing in the doorway, and he's frowning. He crosses the room in two strides, kneels in front of Bucky in one smooth motion. He picks up Bucky's hand, a fist, balled up and kneading painfully at his thigh. He hadn't... he hadn't noticed. Steve doesn't say anything, just gently uncurls his fingers from his palm, until his hand is flat and open, pats at it once, stands up. “Clothes off,” he says.

“You're wet,” says Bucky, through numb lips. He is, his shirt is soaking wet down the front, sticking to his torso.

“Lost a battle with a faucet,” says Steve, grinning ruefully, like he hadn't known that water might splash if you turn it high enough. It's enough to make Bucky laugh, a scratched out sound, and Steve’s expression melts into something more relaxed. “C’mon,” he says."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  unread 
august 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Ain't love a kick by roboticonography
"Steve wakes up after the crash to find his life has changed dramatically - the main change being, he's married to Peggy Carter."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:roboticonography  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  peggy/steve  unread 
july 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
in cayenne and honey, in vinegar and lime by nonymos, art by alby_mangroves
"M’Baku fought for T’Challa. But should he keep fighting for T’Challa’s vision? The king is professing change, such deep change, while the Jabari are supposed to be the guardians of tradition.

It’s a complex problem, which demands a cool head. So M’Baku could really do without an old love coming back to haunt him, an obnoxious royal teenager, and T’Challa’s secret one-armed guest."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:blackpanther  bucky/m'baku  nc-17  unread 
july 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
sunshine and roses by spikedluv
"While clearing a HYDRA base, Steve, Bucky and Sam stumble upon something HYDRA calls ‘The Doorway’."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:spikedluv  bucky/steve  unread 
july 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Of dragons and alchemy by esthera2j, art by lovesfic / me23
"In a world where skilled alchemists blend magic with science, an experimental "dragon procedure" is meant to end all weakness. But something goes wrong."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  unread 
june 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
The spider, the soldier, and Steve series by die_traumerei
"In between destroying Hydra bases, Nat and Bucky fall for each other. But why have two in a bed, when three is better? A story in which Steve is understandably a little terrified about basically everything, Natasha eats pancakes like there's no tomorrow, Bucky is so not suave first thing in the morning, and lots of shit gets blown up."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/natasha/steve  unread 
june 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
If you want something done right by intheshadows
"The Asset is lost.
The Shadow heard those words and instantly knew something had went very wrong with the last mission. He also knew just what he was going to do. He was going to go get his Asset back and no one was going to stop him. Not the Avengers and certainly not HYDRA. No one was going to stop him from fulfilling his mission, not anymore."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  marvelmovieverse:AU  avengers:AU  captainamerica:AU  genfic  unread 
june 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
tezeta (nostalgia) by vowelinthug
"Steve Rogers is a terrible tourist, and a lousy house guest.

Bucky Barnes waters his plants and tries his best.

set in that sweet spot between Black Panther and Infinity War, in a little valley in Wakanda"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  nc-17  unread 
june 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Full metal sasquatch by newsbypostcard
"Bucky is walking out of Starbucks when he sees a Captain America signal hanging in the sky.

"Uh," Bucky says, stopping dead on the sidewalk. "Huh."

For one thing, he doesn't have a Captain America signal.

So… that seems like kind of a bad sign.


(Bucky!Cap, doing his best.)"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  bucky/steve  unread 
june 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
A hashtag is born by siria
"When Bucky sent him a message saying he'd met someone and needed some advice, Steve had presumed a couple of things."

i really liked this; amazing dialogue
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:blackpanther  author:siria  bucky/ramonda 
may 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
watch the world chasing to find us by spikedluv
"Steve Rogers uses his fame to help the Brooklyn Animal Shelter with their ‘cat adoption event’ and meets Bucky Barnes, who is working the PetSmart booth. For the first time since he was rescued from the ice, Steve finds himself looking forward to the future."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:spikedluv  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  bucky/steve  nc-17  unread 
may 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
sleepwalk back to the battle site by ftmsteverogers
"“I’m going to track down every HYDRA agent that’s left,” Bucky says, buckling his gun deftly to his belt. “And then I’m going to kill them.”

“Oh,” Steve says.

“Come with me?” Bucky asks, dangerous hands tucked into his pockets."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  unread 
may 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
memory, rewritten by augustbird
"The only way to remove the trigger words is by resetting the associations in Bucky's mind. Unfortunately, Steve is the only one who can help."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:augustbird  bucky/steve  unread 
may 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Night crossing by fallingvoices
" Natasha, bent over his eyes, her hair bright in the white light. "Suicide mission, Rogers," she said, in her hoarse whiskey-voice. "Here." And she tucked two coins in his other hand. "For the ferryman." Her face was a little tight, her mouth thin and bloodless. "You see Sam and Wanda … "

"All of them," he said. "All of them, or—"

"You, too," she said, and kissed his cheek, as she had once done in a cemetery, years ago. "Bring Barnes home."

Or: Steve descends into the Underworld, looking for the dead."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  unread 
may 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
o, be some other name by siria
"Steve did it all properly: filled out the Social Security forms, the bank forms, the application for a new driver's license."

fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:siria  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  peggy/steve 
may 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
watch them rolling back by napricot
"Bucky was just here, he was right here. This can’t be all that’s left.

Well, it’s not all that’s left, not quite. There, in the pile of ash that used to be Bucky Barnes, already drifting to scatter across the soil of Wakanda, to dissipate in the air, to be nothing but dust on Steve’s hands and in his gasping mouth and in his lungs—left there, in that ash and dirt, are his gun, and his left arm, gleaming dully in the sunshine."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  unread 
may 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Green by tsume_yuki
"Bucky's always been damn curious what kind of person was destined for him. After all, what kind of person are they for his words to be 'Hi, have you see a glowing cube of mysterious extraterrestrial power recently?'"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  harrypotter:au  bucky/harry  genderswap 
may 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
reverie by biggrstaffbunch
"Steve, in the silence that follows the Stones. [Post-Infinity War]"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  genfic  bucky/steve  sam/steve 
april 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
run back to you by lizzen
"Certain agony is the only certainty of his life for decades. "
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:lizzen  bucky/steve 
april 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
lacuna by alcibiades
"The Winter Soldier doesn't remember Steve Rogers, but he needs Rogers' help.

OR: The one where Bucky doesn't remember Steve, but falls in love with him anyway."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  nc-17  unread 
april 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Zhelaniye by nonymos
"That's not something he can truly accept, but maybe he has to anyway."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  unread 
april 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
No other man by roboticonography
"Peggy looks after a defrosted Steve during his recovery. But there are things she hasn't told him..."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:roboticonography  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  peggy/steve  unread 
april 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
sail away, sail away, sail away by hellbeast
"It starts out subtle: Barnes reaches up to adjust the rear view mirror, which Sam wouldn’t make much note of, if not for the fact that he does it again, a couple minutes later. And then again. Before Sam can even attempt to ask what’s wrong, his hands slip from ten and two down to nine and three, and his blank face—mouth flat, brows low, but no discernible emotion—wavers, ripples and resettles as the Murder Face™.

“Oh god,” Sam murmurs to himself, one hand gripping the safety handle. He’s going to die in bumper-to-bumper four lane traffic."

i'm crying with laughter
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  genfic  recommended 
march 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
impulse control by hellbeast
"Sam isn’t quite sure when he became the literal embodiment of Steve Rogers’ impulse control, but it’s starting to get a little ridiculous."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  genfic  sam/steve 
march 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Recalibration by hyliian
"The Asset had been without a handler for four days, six hours, twenty-seven minutes and fifteen seconds. A newspaper it had found in a bin seemed to suggest that it had not only relocated itself physically, but temporally as well, seeing as how the last time its handler had removed it from cryostasis had been 2011, not 1980."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  marvelmovieverse:AU  harrypotter:au  genfic  unread 
march 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
These American dreams (ain’t no white picket fences left for me) by kariye
"In which Bucky has a house, a dog, an herb garden, and a serious case of insomnia. Welcome to Havensport, Indiana (population 8,294), where Tom’s Neighborhood Grocer stays open all night, little old ladies call the car shop to get their refrigerators repaired, and the heat of summer days and the length of summer nights can make you think that this perfect world will last forever."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  nc-17  unread 
march 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
you know I'd quench that thirst by napricot
"Steve hasn’t exactly had the time to really examine his new and improved dick. He hopes, suddenly, that this isn’t the one thing the serum has failed to fix. Compared to not being able to breathe properly, it’s a small thing, Steve will admit that. That his dick takes forever to get hard and often fails to stay that way is—was, now, hopefully—pretty low on Steve’s list of ailments, as frustrating as it was.

Steve Rogers is very much not a virgin. Not before the serum, and sure as hell not after it, when the serum ramps up his libido along with everything else. Too bad everyone thinks Captain America is a sexless historical symbol. Or: the Sexual Odyssey of Steve Rogers, and how it begins, and then much later ends, with Bucky Barnes."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/peggy/steve  nc-17  unread 
march 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Project 27 by sheafrotherdon
"It’s bloody disorienting to wake up in your own, younger body a day after the ninety-something-year-old version gives out, Peggy finds."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:agentcarter  author:sheafrotherdon  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  agentcarter:au  peggy/steve  unread 
march 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Cupboards and cryogenics by yodeling prospector
"When HYDRA sends The Winter Soldier to bring them the four-year-old Boy Who Lived, the outcome is not what they expected."

interesting so far
updated 1/2/18
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip 
march 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
A morning in Vienna by blotsandcreases
"N'Jadaka is having coffee a block away when the signing of the Sokovia Accords is interrupted by a bombing."
i liked this
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:blackpanther  fandom:captainamerica  genfic 
february 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
Life of the party by aggressivewhenstartled
"“You know, kids,” Steve heard from the backyard, “one of the most common threats a superhero has to face is inside an active volcano! We’re going to have to work on your evasion skills, so for the next five minutes, the floor is lava!” This was met by a sudden spike in both volume and pitch from the small children as they scrambled onto every raised surface they could find and immediately launched themselves right back off.

“I’ve never seen actual lava in my entire life,” Steve said, vaguely offended.

“You got a superhero impersonator for The Falcon’s niece’s birthday party,” Sam said, incredulous. “The Falcon, who is an actual superhero.”"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  nc-17  unread 
february 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
carry me back by lizzen
"Steve sees the press conference and is on a plane for Wakanda the next day."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:blackpanther  author:lizzen  bucky/steve  unread 
february 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
so give 'em all to me (and i'll give mine to you) by biggrstaffbunch
"So. The thing is. Wakanda is an issue for Sam. More than an issue. An outright crisis. (Or, the one where Sam develops a crush or two in his time with the Wakandans.)"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:blackpanther  nakia/sam/t'challa 
february 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
It's gonna be a cold winter by chichirinoda and miko
"When a mysterious stranger saves his life, Len is intrigued. It's not hard to guess the guy's a metahuman, and an assassin besides. Those kind of skills could make a damn good addition to his Rogues, especially since James seems more than willing to play by the no-kill rule despite his former profession. There's got to be a way to work this to his advantage.

Alone and adrift, still trying to figure out who he is and who he wants to be, James is tempted by the idea of belonging somewhere again. He doesn't want to be the villain anymore, but he's no hero either. Maybe working with a thief who has a rule against killing isn't such a bad middle ground.

Neither of them has any idea what they're getting into."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:dcu  fandom:legendsoftomorrow  author:miko  crossover  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  dcu:au  legendsoftomorrow:au  bucky/leonard  nc-17  unread 
february 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
(Fe) by tsume_yuki
"The Ten Rings prove too dangerous to be left alone, and so the Winter Soldier is dispatched. The assassinations would have gone rather well too, were it not for the fact Toni Stark was making her grand exit that day.

In which Toni returns from her kidnapping with metal in her chest and an equally metal-armed bodyguard."
i'm enjoying this so far
updated 3/18/18
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:ironman  fandom:captainamerica  marvelmovieverse:AU  ironman:au  captainamerica:AU  bucky/tony  genderswap  wip 
january 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
got guns in my head (and they won’t go) by bysine / __sine
"By comparison, being roommates with James Buchanan Barnes, formerly the Winter Soldier, has been a vast improvement. Notwithstanding the part where people openly take pictures of Barnes (and consequently Peter) on campus. Or random people poking Peter in the back during lectures to hiss, are you really the Winter Soldier’s roommate at him. Or remnant HYDRA operatives kidnapping Peter in order to lure the Winter Soldier out (which, really, is too many levels of stupid for Peter to handle).

"You know you're not supposed to call him the Winter Soldier any more, right?" Peter says, while they handcuff him to a pipe. A pipe. "Also this whole thing is kind of messing up my schedule. My two overdue papers won't exactly write themselves.""
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:spiderman  genfic  recommended 
january 2018 by Laria_Gwyn
We still talk by roboticonography
"Newlyweds Steve and Peggy take a holiday to get away from it all - but the great outdoors might hold more challenges than they bargained for!"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:agentcarter  author:roboticonography  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  agentcarter:au  peggy/steve  unread 
december 2017 by Laria_Gwyn
the root of the root and the bud of the bud by spacenarwhal
"The doctors all advise bed rest, but the doctors all seem to be under the impression that women don’t give birth every day. Whoever began spreading the lie that women were the weaker sex were obviously never heavily pregnant in the middle of August in New York City."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  peggy/steve 
december 2017 by Laria_Gwyn
Still right here by indiefic
"Peggy gets the help to find her way back to herself, and is helping Steve do the same when they're confronted with a child that neither of them knew about. There's a lot of bumps along the way as they make a life together."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  author:indiefic  fusion  marvelmovieverse:AU  captainamerica:AU  marvelmovieverse:logan  captainamerican:logan  peggy/steve  unread 
december 2017 by Laria_Gwyn
Meridian by tippet
"The metal hand flexes now and Steve’s eyes go straight to it, then fix back on the soldier’s. Slowly, that the soldier can see every crease shifting into place, his face fills with a quiet wonder; he looks at the soldier as a beggar gazes at a banquet.

The finding goes both ways. (Steve goes missing; Bucky goes after him.)"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:captainamerica  bucky/steve  unread 
december 2017 by Laria_Gwyn
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