Kitty series by phoenixmaiden13 / ladyphoenix
"Harry has an accident and gets turned into a cat! If that wasn't bad, he finds himself in the hands of his enemy. Follow Harry as he tries to find a way to freedom, or will he want to?"

so fluffy idek
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  harry/voldemort  nc-17 
3 hours ago
Right under your nose by whitedandelions
"As the Master of Death, Harry should not be letting a mortal keep him as a prisoner. But it’s so amusing to see Tom Riddle try to attain the secret of immortality, and it’s not like Harry has anything else to do, so he stays put and enjoys himself."

fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom 
22 hours ago
that's my will, say it all by verity
""Was he a bad alpha?" Malia says.

"Well," Erica says. "He wasn't good.""

fandom:teenwolf  author:verity  teenwolf:au  genfic  unread 
2 days ago
A series of unlikely events by pseudonymous_entity / pseudonymousentity
"While running through the Ministry in their attempts to avoid Death Eaters something went terribly wrong. Fortunately, Harry is nothing if not resilient.

Inexplicably in the past? Your adversary is now your classmate? Sorted into Slytherin? Bring it on. Harry Potter has totally got this.

Series of one shots detailing Harry's misadventures in the past."

quite fun
updated 3/11/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  slytherin!au  wip 
2 days ago
fight like girls for our place at the table by napricot
"“Am I on Cap watch because of who my aunt is?” Sharon asks Fury point-blank the second she sits in his office.

“That’s part of the reason, yeah,” Fury says. Sharon narrows her eyes at him, and opens her mouth to object. “But not all of the reason. This isn’t a demotion.”

“It sure feels like a demotion. You’re taking me out of the field and out of intel analysis to babysit Captain America.”

How Sharon Carter gets her groove back, fucks up some Nazis, and gets the girl, with unasked for assists from a super soldier couple."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  natasha/sharon  bucky/steve  nc-17  unread 
2 days ago
En prise by rosiers
"The world is in shambles and Harry Potter cannot save it.

Desperate to do something, anything, to fix the terrible mistakes of Albus Dumbledore, Harry descends into the depths of the dark arts, trying and failing to find a spell that could help.

With Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and their new, young tagalong, Sahar Vossen, Harry performs a ritual that will send them back to the beginning of the end.

The year of 1942."

Hadrian and Hermione Peverell, Ronald Wessell
updated 11/11/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  druella/hermione  cassiopeia/ron  wip 
4 days ago
oh don't you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me by suzukiblu
"Darcy is thirty feet out of Stark-cum-Avengers Tower when she starts craving cinnamon rolls--the sticky-sweet iced-up old-fashioned kind, yummy and messy and dripping gooshy icing all over your mouth and hands and down your yuuuup, yup, that is a super, super fertile omega that she is smelling, holy shit is it ever.

“Jesus Christ,” she groans in frustration, then follows her alpha instincts (and, more easily and importantly, her nose) to go track them down. They’re in the middle of New York City; middle of the day or not, not checking on somebody who smells like that is, like, the ultimate dick move."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  author:suzukiblu  marvelmovieverse:AU  avengers:AU  bucky/darcy  nc-17  unread 
4 days ago
Red is the only colour by mongoose_bite
"A young woman walks alone through a snowy wood, her brilliant red cloak a splash of colour in a colourless world. In the distance, wolves howl. This is a night for hunting."
fandom:attackontitan  author:mongoose_bite  attackontitan:au  levi/mikasa  unread 
4 days ago
burning down the dark by seito
"There are no civilian families in the mafia.

So whether it was arrogance that he could protect them or just complete and utter stupidity, Sawada Iemitsu was one of the few who decided to fall in love with a civilian woman and start a family with her. Perhaps, being a part of Vongola and the head of CEDEF meant he could (probably) be one of the few that actually maintained a dual life.

Except he couldn’t keep quiet about his amazing wife and adorable baby son.

Ultimately, it wasn’t a surprise that someone finally hired Reborn to kill them."

ooh yes; sky!nana
fandom:katekyouhitmanreborn  katekyouhitmanreborn:au  genfic 
5 days ago
Satisfaction brought it back by spiritsflame and slippin_into_darkness
"Bruce always thought that Superman's cute shtick of rescuing cats from trees was a bid for publicity—until a confrontation with a magic user leaves him stuck as a cat. He learns how mistaken he was when Superman not only rescues him, but takes him back to a small Metropolis apartment. The opportunity to learn more about the alien can't be ignored, but is Bruce ready for everything he will learn about someone he has only ever regarded with distrust and dislike?"
fandom:dcu  fandom:batman  fandom:superman  genfic  bruce_w/clark  unread 
5 days ago
110 years series by withmaximumeffort
"It took 100 years to break the willful, obstinate, stubborn, unbreakable Harry James Potter. One year was all it took for the self-proclaimed Emperor of the European Wizarding World to realise this was not what he wanted from Harry James Potter at all."

updated 10/9/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/voldemort  wip 
5 days ago
Sole survivor by voice of the nephilim
"A plague has swept across Britain, wiping out the Muggle population. Ignorant of his heritage and the magical world, a ten year-old Harry Potter is left to fend for himself against two factions, each plotting and conspiring to find him before the other."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic 
6 days ago
aimless by rebldomakr
"Voldemort captures Harry when he leaves Privet Drive with the Order on July 27th. He knows what Harry is, and his worth to him, and he intends to hold onto him. All he has to do is convince Harry is that he's a better option than anyone or anything else."

updated 1/29/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/voldemort  wip 
6 days ago
Domestic by rebldomakr
"The Dark Lord of Great Britain is a conqueror and his aim is the entire world. After a month away, his consort welcomes him home."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort 
6 days ago
Stargazer by lemonadegarden
"Jason Todd is seriously injured during patrol one night, and is forced to stay at the manor to recuperate until his injuries are healed. To pass the time, he makes a list of things he never got to do before he died.
Except there's one small problem: most of them involve Bruce, and Jason doesn't really think Bruce cares all that much about him anymore. "
fandom:dcu  fandom:batman  genfic  unread 
7 days ago
steady feet don’t fail us now by taizi
"“Nearly there,” Hermione is telling him softly. “You’ve done it, Harry, you’ve done so well. We’re nearly there, and then you can rest.”

“Hell, you can check out now if you’d like, mate,” says Ron, with a lightness he doesn’t really feel. He’s counting Harry’s heartbeats, matching his breaths, compiling this proof that Harry came back alive because it’s so much a miracle Ron almost can’t believe it. “I’ll carry you to the castle like a proper knight, and everyone will be too impressed with your victory to take the piss out of you.”

“Ron, honestly,” says Hermione.

Harry’s shoulders shake, the ghost of a laugh, and then the woods don’t seem quite as dark."

headcanon accepted
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/hermione/ron 
7 days ago
The stealing of the fire by lomonaaeren
"Draco doesn’t think it’s a big deal when Harry Potter is brought into St. Mungo’s suffering from the Stolen Fire Curse. Even Potter doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal. But that’s only until Draco sees the effects of the curse—and realizes he would do anything to cure it."
fandom:harrypotter  author:lomonaaeren  draco/harry  unread 
7 days ago
duces belli by rosiers / queen_of_no_identity
"Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding World and Master of Death, has lost everything, and he begs Death to send him back in time to save the ones he loved.

Unfortunately, returning to the past of his own timeline was impossible.

Rather, Death sends him to an alternate timeline set in 1975 to a warring Wizarding World.

At first, Harry was unable to discern what was different from his own timeline and then he discovers his new heritage - sent back as the son of the Roman God, Pluto, and the pureblood witch, Marguerite Evanesse, Harry learns that things are not quite what it seems.

With demigods living in Hogwarts, Dark Lords prowling the Earth and a far more dangerous enemy lurking in the shadows, Harry slowly begins to realize coming to this timeline was a terrible mistake."

updated 11/7/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  wip 
8 days ago
How to catch a quidditch captain's attention by whitedandelions
"Harry’s pretty sure Gryffindor’s going to win the Quidditch Cup for the seventh year running. But then Tom Riddle, Head Boy and Hogwart's resident golden boy, inexplicably joins the Slytherin Quidditch team and Harry’s suddenly sure that there’s no way Gryffindor’s going to win anymore."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom 
8 days ago
A fate touched in Middle Earth by vimesenthusiast
"Following a disastrous battle in the Death Chamber, a grief-stricken and berserk Harry tackles Voldemort into the Veil of Death. After a fight for his soul, the death dimension eventually spits him and Voldemort out into an unknown realm. There, after dispatching Voldemort for a final time, Harry finds himself meeting Thorin Oakenshield. How... interesting."

updated 7/1/18
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:lotr  fandom:thehobbit  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  lotr:au  thehobbit:au  genfic  eowyn/harry  wip  recommended 
8 days ago
Linaria bipartita by littlemissxanda
"To Harry, Tom Riddle and Voldemort had always been two different people. He had never expected to be proven right."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom 
9 days ago
Magic of the Force by vimesenthusiast
"Harry's always wondered why the Dursleys hated him. After a nasty beating breaks loose some memories, he starts to experiment only to find he really may be different. After a few a few setbacks he starts to gain control of his powers, only to receive another beating. Pleading with his magic to get him away, he soon discovers he has a great destiny and the family he always wanted."

updated 10/1/18
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:starwars  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  starwars:au  genfic  aayla/harry  recommended  favorite  wip 
9 days ago
Dearly beloved by wynnebat
"Worn down after countless demands, Harry breaks and finally goes on a date with the incredibly ostentatious, vain, and self-absorbed Tom Marvolo Riddle the Third. A few days later, he attends Tom's funeral, which goes much better."

fandom:harrypotter  author:wynnebat  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort 
9 days ago
The pretense by colubrina
"Voldemort died, but the Death Eaters live on. Hermione Granger traded herself to Draco Malfoy in exchange for safe passage for core Order members. Now he's pretending to love her, Narcissa is pretending to believe that, and Hermione is walking a tightrope behind enemy lines as she figures out what is going on. Unfortunately, people fall off tightropes."
fandom:harrypotter  author:colubrina  draco/hermione  unread 
9 days ago
Nobody's idea of a vacation by scioscribe
"Ross grinned. “As always, you’ve come to the right place. I’m guessing your overlap on ‘obviously non-Wakandan people’ and ‘people you sort of trust’ and ‘people who aren’t Captain America’ is pretty slim, but I’m always happy for a vacation.”"
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:blackpanther  author:scioscribe  genfic  unread 
10 days ago
When I fall to rise by lc2l
"Loki wakes up to ship alarms blaring, the air full of ash and Valkyrie saying she brought him back because she needs his help. She's captaining a small emergency vessel containing the last handful of Asgardians desperately looking for a place to call home. And she's having to do it sober.

Unfortunately for them, there is a slim chance that Thor is still alive. And if that means abandoning his people, crossing half the universe, commandeering an army and tearing a hole in space to reach him, well, there are some things you have to do."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:thormovie  author:lc2l  loki/thor  nc-17  unread 
11 days ago
Caught in a hurricane by wynnebat
"Harry Potter storms into his office with all the subtlety of a hurricane, knocking Tom's future out of balance once again. This time, he doesn't mind."
fandom:harrypotter  author:wynnebat  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  genderswap 
11 days ago
True chosen by swallowingink
"There was never a "boy-who-lived." Instead there were twin brothers, born into a dark legacy. One is hailed as chosen, the Heir of Slytherin; the other tries to escape certain death at his father's hands. But is it really certain?"

Scarlett Sable/Lily Evans
updated 6/12/17
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  unread 
12 days ago
Refined by fire by willowdryad
"Betrayed and torn away from home and family, Peter and Edmund have nothing to hold onto but their trust in Aslan. But has He abandoned His chosen ones?"
fandom:narnia  genfic  unread 
12 days ago
Warping circumstances by deritine
"Harry gets sent back in time and across dimensions because... well, there doesn't really seem to be a reason why. Life is kind of awesome here. But Harry's full of Horcruxes and this world is ripe for the taking- he just has to prevent himself from going insane and becoming the next Dark Lord. Helpfully, he's regressed to a child."

so cracky and yet kinda not? i only got 2/3 through
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  unread  RIP 
12 days ago
The power vacuum conundrum by spork_in_the_road
"Hermione Granger goes back in time, not to save the future Dark Lord's soul, and not kill him. Instead, she figures she'll offer him some competition for the role of World Leader. She knows that when Grindelwald falls, there will be room for a new player on the field. At least this way, Hermione knows she's the lesser of two evils.

Still, playing politics against Tom Riddle is near suicide, especially when he has the home-field advantage. When his interest in her evolves past that of their rivalry, Hermione wonders if she shouldn't have just killed him when she had the chance."

updated 11/5/17
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  hermione/tom  wip  unread 
12 days ago
Living in the moment by renderedreversed
"Tricked into possessing a seemingly unfarmable plot of land, Tom Riddle is forced to make things work and build up his new life from scratch in Mineral Town. He expected eventual success, a lot of hard work, and several painstaking seasons of the "outsider" reputation... but no one ever mentioned falling in love with a god. "

farmer!tom, harvestgod!harry
i enjoyed this a lot
fandom:harrypotter  author:renderedreversed  harrypotter:au  harry/tom 
12 days ago
Not all heroes wear capes by soundedsummer
"Heero has no idea how to be a father, he barely knows how to be human, but the FRA (and the little boy with haunting green eyes) don't leave him much of a choice. Navigating fatherhood with the help of four fellow ex terrorists, Heero Yuy raises the Hope of the Wizarding World."

so intriguing
updated 11/4/18
fandom:gundamwing  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  gundamwing:au  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip 
12 days ago
we can't control (watch me unfold) by annerb
"It’s a simple arrangement. Between her grueling quidditch schedule and his mysterious auror duties, Ginny and Harry find time to have spectacular sex with no strings attached. It’s incredibly uncomplicated. Except when it isn’t."
fandom:harrypotter  author:annerb  ginny/harry  nc-17  unread 
13 days ago
To have and to hold by kouriarashi
"“Yes, well, you see . . .” Deucalion cleared his throat again. “In an effort for authenticity, the writer used an actual binding ceremony in the script. The casting director, wanting to make sure it was pronounced correctly, found an actual shaman to perform it. He did so.”

“You – you mean – are you saying that Derek and I are actually married?” Stiles managed to squeeze out of his rapidly closing throat."
fandom:teenwolf  author:kouriarashi  teenwolf:au  derek/stiles  unread 
13 days ago
Dark anomalies by spork_in_the_road
"Hermione didn’t touch the book from Mr. Malfoy for the rest of break. She looked at it, of course, sitting there innocuously among her other books, but she didn’t touch it. She still thought it might be cursed. And yet, she hadn’t told any of the adults about it.

AU where Tom Riddle's diary finds its way to Hermione instead of Ginny, which somehow changes everything and nothing"
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  hermione/tom  unread 
13 days ago
Moments in time by watermelonsmellinfellon
"Tom Riddle thought he was dreaming the first time, but when he repeatedly visits the same boy, he realizes that bigger things are at work. He watches the boy in the cupboard grow from a small child and into a young man. His brotherly affections begin to wane. What will he do when the boy isn't so little anymore? Could he even imagine? Those Avada eyes calling to him. "
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  harry/voldemort  nc-17 
13 days ago
Black and Potter by ecrouse
"He awoke in Godric's Hollow just in time to hear Voldemort kill James and he watched, helpless, incorporeal, and frustrated as Lily Potter made her sacrifice all over again. When Death pulled him outside (through the wall, no less) he heard a crack and thundering footsteps as someone Apparated into the front garden and dashed upstairs. The noise woke his younger self, and the infant’s wails served as a horrible accompanyment to Snape’s broken sobbing.
He coughed and wiped his eyes on his sleeve. “Harrison...Black, I suppose.”"

so much potential
last updated 2015
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/lucius  harry/voldemort  wip 
14 days ago
Manufactured softness by spork_in_the_road
"One second, Hermione is running through the Forbidden Forest with Death Eaters hot on her heels because Voldemort may be dead, but the fight isn’t over yet. And then she’s out of the woods, and there is Hogwarts: silent, beautiful against a night sky, and strangely whole. There is no fighting. There is no army. There is only the golden glow of the lit windows reflected in the lake and the crispness of Autumn air.

This is not her Hogwarts."

i liked this
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  hermione/tom 
14 days ago
Start a flame in your heart by salvio_hexia
"The funny thing about wizards, Credence thought, was that normal people claimed to know everything about them when in reality they knew nothing at all.
In which Credence runs away from home to live in Newt’s moving castle and becomes a rather formidable wizard himself in the process. "
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:fantasticbeasts  harrypotter:au  fantasticbeasts:au  genfic  multi  unread 
14 days ago
Reciprocity by spork_in_the_road
"“I AM LORD VOLDEMORT,” it read. Harry stared at the words, then back to Tom—who once again looked supremely happy with himself—and then back to the words.

“What?” Harry asked, unable to keep the incredulity from his voice. Nor was he able to stop the disbelieving laughter that tore through him. “No you’re not.”"

i like the potential in this
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic 
14 days ago
Ghost theory by redpanda242
"The abuse that Harry suffers through is more than verbal. One day the Dark Lord finds a way past the wards on number four Privet Drive, but what he finds there is the last thing he'd suspect."

last updated 2015
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/voldemort  wip  abandoned 
14 days ago
The fractured throne by sol1056
"The five sacred lions are the ancestral defense of Altea, and commanded by whomever possesses Altea's royal regalia. When the Queen is assassinated and the sacred throne is damaged, the crown princess discovers it'll take two years for the coronation stone to be recarved and resanctified. With Altea's enemies gathering their armies, Allura doesn't have the time. There's one other option: if she can call up the lions, that will prove she's Altea's rightful leader. According to tradition, the lions will choose their paladins from the land's greatest warriors -- but to Allura's dismay, the mystical creatures instead choose a slave, a spy, a traitor, an outcast, and a thief.

If these are Altea's sacred defenders, Altea may be in trouble."

updated 11/14/18
fandom:voltron  voltron:au  keith/shiro  wip  unread 
14 days ago
Rule one: don't perform rituals while drunk by rosiers / queen_of_no_identity
"Daisy just wanted four things in life: to be high, drunk, to party and have fun, but the world has a habit of fucking her life upside down.

This is the story of how Daisy Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived, ended up getting magically bonded to the Dark Lord Voldemort after performing a drunken ritual."

updated 11/3/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  genderswap  multi  wip 
14 days ago
Different shades of memory by source of silence
"The ritual Voldemort performed to get his body back has some unforseen side effects.."

fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  harry/voldemort 
14 days ago
Balancing the scales by nemesis13
"Dumbledore is of the Light, Voldemort is of the Dark, and both consider the Boy-Who-Lived to be the linchpin to all their plans. What neither had ever considered was a lost and very bored Darth Revan taking the boy under her wing to train him as a Gray Knight, just because she could. Bastila is of course fondly exasperated, but at least HK-47 finds the entire situation entertaining"

works amazingly well; i like it a lot so far
updated 11/14/18
fandom:starwars  fandom:harrypotter  crossover  fusion  starwars:au  harrypotter:au  genfic  bastila/revan  wip 
14 days ago
Wide awake by slytherinmafia / soundedsummer
"Primus is desperate, Harry Potter is in the right place at the right time, and its a match made in Cybertronian Heaven. Harry has to adjust to a new body, new family, and new instincts during a war that never seems to end. When he finally makes his way to Earth with the rest of the Autobots, an alert goes off and Dumbledore finds himself more confused than he ever thought he could be. "

updated 11/2/18
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:transformers  crossover  fusion  harrypotter:au  transformers:au  genfic  wip 
14 days ago
I am coming, trust me by voldieshorcrux / casey26334
"Harry begins to hear a familiar voice while at the Durlsey's for the summer... it promises to protect him, promises that it is coming for him. It makes him feel safe, so it has to have been sent by Dumbledore, right?"

half serious, half crack, always entertaining
i adore this version of nagini
Side story: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9917838/1/Using-Magic-To-Your-Advantage
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  recommended 
15 days ago
The art of strategy and peace by belleamante
"When Harry makes a deal with Voldemort, he gets more than he had bargained."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort 
15 days ago
Tantum by jessiikaa15
"He had never expected this to happen. In actual fact, he didn't know what was going to happen, but this had never crossed his mind. But fate did so like to play with her favourite person! When Sirius died, Harry went of the rails, he got himself involved with with the enemy and now he has to face the consequences. But maybe, in the end, it's not as bad as it seems!"
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  harry/voldemort 
15 days ago
Cinder by proserpinaswinter
"Harry isn't a Muggleborn servant like Hermione is nor is he free like Draco. Sold in the Malfoy household Harry has been obedient to their wishes till one day a mistake is made and Harry is invited to an annual party at Hogwarts. The spark of rebellion sets off a change in Harry. But will his act of rebellion cost him when Lord Voldemort takes interest."

fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/voldemort 
16 days ago
Stripped down to words by renderedreversed
" ...But all of my denials are blown away as he walks in, looking every bit right at home here… His eyes don't look around the club at all—no, they go straight for me and as my vision is stuck on blue, I'm left completely, utterly breathless...

Or, in which Harry steps outside his comfort zone to write a thrilling romance with a cheesy title, Tom is an actor chosen to play in the upcoming film adaption, and it's a shame that they're not in love, otherwise it'd make a kind of sweet love story. "
fandom:harrypotter  author:renderedreversed  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom 
16 days ago
The last Peverell by animerocker646
"Being the Master of Death made life difficult, especially when you need to save all of magical Europe from inbreeding its way to extinction. At least Death was enjoying watching his Master attempt this over and over again. Harry didn't find it nearly as entertaining. Well, tenth times the charm right?"

Jasmine Peverell
updated 11/16/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  genderswap  wip  recommended  favorite 
16 days ago
In matters concerning happiness by maymarlow
"After the war, Harry tries to find his place in the world. Draco Malfoy provides unexpected assistance."
fandom:harrypotter  draco/harry  unread 
16 days ago
Hidden in plain sight by shadow_riser
"Lily Potter receives a warning not to let Voldemort find out about her child; Voldemort goes to kill Neville Longbottom on Halloween, but he did not realise how unstable his soul was, which lead to a complication that weighs on his mind even as he succeeds in taking over Wizarding Britain. Follow the highly intelligent Harry as he makes his way through a Voldemort-ruled Hogwarts, the danger of discovery at every corner ..."

i love this but the tension is slowly killing me
Harrikon Evans
updated 8/2/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  wip  recommended 
16 days ago
Can't break the silence by dark_cyan_star
"Harry’s a Magus, the problem is, he doesn’t want that power and desperately tries to hide his talent. Professor Riddle, a rising Dark Lord, sees through him and tries to court Harry away from Quidditch and into Wizarding politics."

interesting politics
tw: suicidal thoughts and torture
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  harry/voldemort 
17 days ago
One way to make up by teecup_angel
"During a routine supply run, Harry and his two best friends meet two girls who could supposedly save the world if they could get into the WHO research centre in the middle of a zombie infested city.
Harry wasn’t really convinced but Ron was.
Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough manpower and supplies to even last an hour in there.
What’s worse is Harry knew a group who can.
Why was it worse?
Well… the leader of that group just happened to be his ex"
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  zombies 
17 days ago
Phaedrus by xiaq
"The kid stilled, his eyes going sharp in a way that made James want to reach for his weapon. He remembered he didn’t have one, then remembered he was talking to a 12 year old the size of a cocker spaniel and he didn’t need a weapon anyway.

“Give me access to MI6’s computers and I could take over the world,” the boy said softly.

“Not exactly what we’re trying to accomplish, but an interesting option all the same,” James said, pursing his lips. “What’s your name?”


“Because, if I’m going to recruit you that’s something I’ll need to know.”"
fandom:jamesbond  fandom:sherlock  crossover  jamesbond:au  sherlock:au  bond/q  john/sherlock  unread 
17 days ago
Moved by the law of probability by fringeperson
"The probability of Harry Potter living a completely normal life was low, but that was okay. Normality is over-rated and boring anyway. He's managed to do some pretty interesting things with his life since the war."
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  author:fringeperson  crossover  harrypotter:au  marvelmovieverse:AU  avengers:AU  genfic 
18 days ago
The Riddle and the warning star by teecup_angel
"Fate heard the Diary Horcrux's musing of how Harry Potter could have changed Tom Riddle had he been in the same time as Tom.

So she decided to... change the course of history to see how that single change would play out."

Hadrian Denebola Black
last updated 2016
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  slytherin!au  wip 
18 days ago
Transcendence by chaptereight
"Tom thought that maybe fifty years of utter isolation in a diary was a small price to pay to gain the advantages of being a living Horcrux, even if he was probably a bit mad from the experience. After all, being mad was no impediment to a Dark Lord."

updated 7/4/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  nc-17  wip  unread 
18 days ago
The dysfunctional Riddle family by teecup_angel
"The last thing Voldemort remembered was dying. The next thing he knew, he was wet, blind and back to his homunculus body.

A few days later, he realizes he wasn’t back to his Homunculus body but was actually in an infant’s body.

A few weeks later, he realizes he had been reborn and the one who gave birth to him was no one else but his nemesis Harry James Potter.

A few months later, he realizes he actually adores his new ‘mother’.

A few years later… he finds out his father is actually Tom Marvolo Riddle."

somehow works, idek; omg the angst
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  harry/voldemort 
18 days ago
brighter than the sun by taizi
"Harry stands unflinchingly between his friends and danger as if that's all he's good for, but Ron has always known why. Ron was twelve when he saw the bars on Harry's windows, but it's not as though he's forgotten."

i adored this
fandom:harrypotter  genfic  recommended  favorite 
18 days ago
The dark roses by herald_of_dreams
"Harry has been hiding something ever since the end of his 5th year. What that something turns out to be is going to rock the wizarding world and a few select members of the Order to their knees. You didn't think the Death Eaters were the only marked supporters of Voldemort, did you?"

wildly au; the concept of the roses was interesting but the patriarchal society thing was kinda ??? since there was no explanation for why
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/rabastan  severus/sirius  james/regulus 
19 days ago
Turn, archer, and heed the wild hunt by mhalachai
"In the summer of 1983, Clint Barton goes to live with his new foster mom in the middle of nowhere, Iowa. Now he just needs to figure out how negotiate this new life... and also what's up with all the strange things happening in the night."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  fandom:narnia  author:mhalachai  crossover  marvelmovieverse:AU  avengers:AU  narnia:AU  genfic  unread 
19 days ago
The longest distance between two places by rzzmg
"Time is immutable... but filled with magical possibilities. Hermione Granger discovers this truth after an accident in the Department of Mysteries leads to a series of bizarre, random, fantasy-like encounters with a strange, handsome young man donning Slytherin colours."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  hermione/rabastan  nc-17  unread 
19 days ago
The king under the mountain by rthstewart
"The War in Europe is finally ending. Doctor Indiana Jones and Agent Peggy Carter have to make sure it stays that way. They'll need ravens, a flute and a sack of grain (or maybe a bottle of 1935 Chateau Latour Pauillac)."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:agentcarter  fandom:indianajones  author:rthstewart  crossover  marvelmovieverse:AU  agentcarter:au  indianajones:au  genfic  unread 
19 days ago
Annubis by excentrykemuse
"She didn’t realize when she ran that she would turn into a rare magical being that was hardly seen in the wizarding world, nor did she bargain for being given as a pet to the Dark Lord."

fascinating concept; ending is kind of abrupt tho
Flora Potter
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/voldemort  genderswap 
20 days ago
show me where my armor ends (where my skin begins) by bysine
"“Oh my god,” says Peter, sticking his head back under the hand dryer. This was exactly what he’d been afraid of when he agreed that yes, maybe Cap should have words with Mr Stark about not going overboard with the Oscorp acquisition.

Arun has clearly mistaken Peter’s anguish for a surge of crippling inadequacy, because he pats Peter encouragingly on the shoulder. “I’m sure you’ll be fine, Pete. As long as you stop falling asleep so much. And coming in late. And getting ‘trapped in the printing room’ for two hours because you lost your key card.” Arun pauses. “Er.”

“It's bad, isn't it,” says Peter."
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  genfic  unread 
20 days ago
the voice under all silences by toli-a / togina
"“A soulmate is …” Raylan’s mama trails off, stops walking. Raylan tries skipping backward around her, trips, and kicks himself in the knee. “They’re your conscience,” she finally says, and Raylan repeats the word, turning the unfamiliar weight of it over in his mouth. “That’s why you can hear them in your head.

“A soulmate will help keep you on the right path,” Raylan’s mama promises, running her thin fingers through Raylan’s hair. “They’ll love you for exactly who you are, love you more than anybody.”

“Hmph,” Raylan replies."
fandom:justified  justified:au  boyd/raylan  unread 
20 days ago
Fortune's wheel by maryroyale
"By accepting her inheritance, Hermione triggers certain consequences that result in her being pulled to an AU where she's compelled to fulfill a marriage contract with both Cygnus and Abraxas."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  abraxas/cygnus/hermione  unread 
21 days ago
Ambition by burning_nightingale
"Thrass and Thrawn gain their names, join the Family, and get into trouble."
fandom:starwars  genfic  unread 
21 days ago
Regeneration by hiiraeth / v_eritas
""I am water and steam, heat and poison," Sanbi hissed, "and you would melt a man's skin off before you would heal him."

Rin always knew her life was dangerous, but she still thought she'd live past thirteen. In this world, she does.

Rin struggles with a new identity, Kakashi finds unexpected reasons to live, and Minato chooses his family over everything. Far away, underground, a young boy wakes up with no idea of who he is…"
fandom:naruto  naruto:au  kakashi/rin  kushina/minato  unread 
23 days ago
All roads lead to you by rosiers / queen_of_no_identity
"Aphrodisia Chryseos was wandering along the cliffs of Corfu, Greece when a boy around her age appeared in front of her and she, quite literally, tripped over him.


A cursed time-turner sends an unprepared Harry back half a century into a period of time so different from his own.

Forced to attend Hogwarts at the same time as the rising Dark Lord, Tom Riddle, while Gellert Grindelwald terrorizes mainland Europe beginning to move in to the United Kingdon, Harry is sure that life can't get any worse.

Then the Hat sorts him into Slytherin and Harry realizes that Tom fucking Riddle is his own personal Rome."

updated 10/25/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  slytherin!au  wip 
23 days ago
The high wandering flame and the time counter by redhorse
"In a world without magic, Tom Riddle’s quest for immortality starts with kidnapping God. God -- who still thinks of himself as Harry -- has been doubting his suitability for his divine Opportunity, and his melancholy has reached such depths that his kidnapping comes as something of a relief."
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  harry/tom  author:redhorse 
23 days ago
Summoning the vanquisher of Voldemort (and other bad ideas the order of the phoenix has had) by flawlesshumanbean
"Harry Potter, Master of Death and eldritch being to his own, is summoned to a parallel universe to defeat Voldemort for the Order of the Phoenix. They didn't anticipate his position as Death's boss, his grudge that has lasted eons, or his fondness for a certain Dark Lord. This vanquisher isn't about to be lead about by Dumbledore like he had before."

complete crack
updated 10/27/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  harry/tom  harry/voldemort  nc-17  wip 
24 days ago
Only the guilty feel remose, and I feel none by nemesis13
"Haley Potter woke up in her cupboard underneath the stairs feeling very little surprise at her position. Her friends had threatened her with the prospect of doing everything they could to save her soul, it just ended up time travel was part of the deal much to her chagrin. Ah well, time to slay the multi-headed dick hydra that was her life and make it something worth living for."

updated 10/24/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  genderswap  wip 
24 days ago
Subversion by myricle
"When Voldemort was vanquished, Jim Potter inherited his magical power and was hailed as the Boy Who Lived. His twin brother Harry inherited the Dark Lord's prodigious mental abilities but hides them for fear of attracting unwanted attention."

updated 10/24/18
fandom:harrypotter  harrypotter:au  genfic  slytherin!au  wip  unread 
24 days ago
Avengers on Sesame Street by fringeperson
"Officially, it's a PR stunt. Unofficially, every single one of them loves that they get to be there. Every. Single. One of them."

The. Best. Thing. Ever.
fandom:marvelmovieverse  fandom:avengers  author:fringeperson  genfic  darcy_is_flawless 
24 days ago
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