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domestic kinksters - inlovewithnight - Bandom, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance
Things Pete likes to come home to:
1. His dogs
2. Dinner in a form that he doesn't have to cook
3. Mikey, any way he can have him
4. Mikey's collar sitting on the table inside the front door, a silent signal that if he's into it, it can be one of those nights.
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  #fob  %mikey/pete  "05-20k  =inlovewithnight  *fluff  *smut  *  +domestic  /kink  /collars  /D/s  /  /chastity.device  +kink.negotiation  /sex-rough  /rapeplay 
5 weeks ago by LadyLame
Worst Behaviour - shadowhive - My Chemical Romance
Frank acts like a slut onstage, Gerard decides that he needs to be punished for it.
rated.e  host:ao3  "<5k  =shadowhive  #mcr  %frank/ray/gerard/mikey  *smut  &omegaverse  /humiliation  /kink  /punishments 
5 weeks ago by LadyLame
you're my cherry pie - novembersmith - Venom (Movie 2018)
The first time Eddie suggests they have sex, Venom is, more than anything else, extremely confused.
host:ao3  rated.e  "05-20k  =novembersmith  #venom  %eddie/venom  *smut  +kink.negotiation  *  $venom  +fluff  /kink  +first.time  /tentacles 
may 2019 by LadyLame
can't sleep tonight (as long as I still) - Trojie - Bandom
Gerard is bad at asking for what he wants, or taking what he needs, or remembering what he took.
rated.m  "<5k  host:ao3  =Trojie  #mcr  %gerard&mikey  *angst  *hurt/comfort  /kink  /aftercare  +selfhate  %gen  +sad 
march 2019 by LadyLame
Sit Tight - desfinado - Bandom
Gerard's mind is blown when he finds out Frank gets bossy with the ladies. Ridiculous, indulgent, unbeta'd porn!
host:ao3  rated.e  "05-20k  #mcr  =desfinado  %frank/gerard/mikey  *smut  /act(frottage)  /bdsm  /kink 
march 2019 by LadyLame
The Rabbit Revealed - PreciselyVex (CrashEdit) - Sherlock (TV)
A mysterious stranger appears at a crime site and Sherlock is undone -- dirty little secrets are exposed and new ones are made in this slashy, porny fic (with a little bit of actual story as well, quite a shock)!

Actually the perfect mixture of BDSM (developing) relashionship and a great case fic. Brilliant OCs as well.
=PreciselyVex  rated.e  host:ao3  !***  #sherlock  *case/mission  *romance  /kink  /bdsm  /gunplay  "100k+  %john/others  %sherlock/john  +feels  +polyamory 
june 2017 by LadyLame
Bleed So Pretty: A Collection of Fight!lock Stories - PoppyAlexander - Sherlock (TV)
Sherlock and John first met when they were first-time opponents at an underground fight club. Several weeks later, they meet again, but neither of them can get on the night's schedule, so an unsanctioned bout in the car park will have to serve. John and Sherlock bring out the worst in each other, and so begins a downward spiral.
Meeting in an underground fight club has lead Sherlock Holmes and John Watson into an irrevocable downward spiral. Time to tap out.

“You’re right. It’s the end, coming. The only way out is feet-first.”
“Yeah, I’ll fucking race you."

Fighting kink rough sex. No happy ending.
rated.e  warning:violence  warning:rape/noncon  warning:major.character.death  host:ao3  warning:selfharm  warning:suicidal.ideation  warning:suicide  series:Bleed-So-Pretty  !***  &canon.divergence  #sherlock  *angst  *dark  *drama  /kink  /dirtytalk  /fighting  /gunplay  /sex-angry  /sex-rough  "50-100k  /sex-church  %sherlock/john  +alcohol  +drugs  +dysfunctional.relationship  =PoppyAlexander  warning:sad.ending 
may 2017 by LadyLame
We're All A Little Mad Here - angelblack3 - Sherlock (TV)
In this universe, Jim got a hold of Sherlock way before he ever met the ones that were meant to save him. Now, they're happy business partners. Though, according to Jim, Sherlock isn't nearly as happy as he could be. He should find someone like Jim found his dear pet Sebby. Sherlock is skeptical, until he finds an army doctor with a psychosomatic limp in a twisted sense of fate.
rated.e  warning:violence  warning:rape/noncon  warning:torture  host:ao3  series:We're-All-A-Little-Mad-Here  &canon.divergence  #sherlock  *dark  /kink  "50-100k  %sherlock/john  +kidnapping  +mindgames  =angelblack3  +stockholm.syndrome 
february 2017 by LadyLame
Immortal Beloved - greywash - Sherlock (TV)
Mostly, John just wants Sherlock to leave off the prostitutes.

Sherlock pays young men to have sex with him and when John finds out he can't bear it. They fight (mostly because of Sherlock's heartlessness), mistakes are made by both of them, they are cruel to each other, but in the end they find their way.
=greywash  rated.e  host:ao3  series:Immortal-Beloved  #sherlock  *action  *angst  *drama  /kink  "20-50k  %sherlock/john  +happy.ending  / 
february 2017 by LadyLame
If You Play with Fire - viklikesfic (v_angelique) - Sherlock (TV)
This is decidedly dark. John is not very nice, except that he kind of pretends to be. Not straight-up non-con, but definitely dubious and psychological. John indulges Sherlock's humiliation kink, but ends up planting a seed in his head that he can't quite shake.
=viklikesfic  rated.e  host:ao3  warning:dubcon  #sherlock  *dark  *smut  /kink  /bdsm  /humiliation  /orgy  "<5k  %sherlock/john 
january 2017 by LadyLame
Warzone - abundantlyqueer - Sherlock (TV)
After a case, Sherlock's ritual is to eat, fuck and sleep. He seduces John to join in. They both have some serious gun and danger kink going on.
rated.e  series:Warzone  host:ao3  !**  #sherlock  *smut  /kink  /gunplay  /sex-rough  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  =abundantlyqueer 
january 2017 by LadyLame
Gradual Surrender - taylorpotato - Sherlock (TV)
Mycroft Holmes spends his days telling other other people what to do. But in certain situations, he'd rather be the one taking the orders. Along comes John Watson. Who holds himself like a soldier and has a knack for barking commands. Pretty much this is just unabashed Johncroft smut.
rated.e  host:ao3  series:Gradual-Surrender  %mycroft/john  #sherlock  *fluff  /kink  /bdsm  /gunplay  "05-20k  =taylorpotato 
december 2016 by LadyLame
Sherlock Visits a Sex Shop - wendymarlowe - Sherlock (TV)
The danger of having a detective for a flatmate is that he's liable to notice *everything.* Which is why John is less than thrilled when Sherlock comes across him browsing a sex toy shop. As it turns out, Sherlock is indeed able to deduce quite a bit about John's sex life based on what toys he was looking at - so Sherlock buys all the important ones. If John doesn't take that as an overture, he's dimmer than Sherlock thought.
rated.e  host:ao3  +asexuality  #sherlock  *smut  /kink  /humiliation  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  =wendymarlowe 
november 2016 by LadyLame
Lock and Key - 221b_hound - Sherlock (TV)
John has been back at Baker Street for a year, following the debacle that ended in Mary's death. Things are good. Back almost to what they used to be. Sherlock might wish they were something else, now, but he only has himself to blame, he thinks. It's too late, now, for the things he first denied before he'd ruined any chances he might have had. Sherlock also thinks that people who get tattoos are idiots. But perhaps he's about to learn a thing or two, not least of which might be it's not as late as he thinks it is. Series, 13 parts. Friends to lovers. A lot of smut but at least as many feels. So beautiful.
=221b_hound  rated.e  host:ao3  series:Lock-and-Key  !***  #sherlock  *feels  *hurt/comfort  *smut  /kink  /bdsm  /roleplay  /sexual.fantasy  "50-100k  %sherlock/john  +possessiveness  +tattoos 
november 2016 by LadyLame
By the Pale Moonlight - alexxphoenix42 - Sherlock (TV)
Sherlock notices that once a month, John gets tarted up, slips off to parts unknown, and stays gone till the next morning with nary an explanation. Sherlock can't resist a mystery of any stripe, but certainly not one that involves JOHN.
rated.e  host:ao3  &fantasy  #sherlock  *crack  *fluff  *smut  /kink  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  =alexxphoenix42 
november 2016 by LadyLame
Cake and Other Sins - Indybaggins - Sherlock (TV)
AU. Sherlock and John meet as competing bakers on The Great British Bake Off. There’s intense baking, lush recipes and enticing food. Mycroft, guilt, past sins in chocolate and gingerbread. And love. That too.
=Indybaggins  rated.e  warning:underage  host:ao3  !**  &gbbo  #sherlock  *angst  /kink  /incest  "100k+  %mycroft/sherlock  %mycroft/sherlock/john  %sherlock/john  +happy.ending  +polyamory 
october 2016 by LadyLame

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