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All Yours, Daddy - chemicalcandy - My Chemical Romance
The thin golden material was hugging Gerard’s hips tightly, leaving nothing to anyone's imagination as he moved them rhythmically to the music blasted from a speaker. His hairless legs were wrapped around the pole delicately, his hands clutching it as he threw his head back. Long red hair fell from his face, revealing his artful features, the upturned nose and sharp eyebrows, long eyelashes touching the pale skin over his high cheekbones as he had closed them tightly. His red bottom lip was trapped between his front teeth, leaving a trace of lipstick on them. Frank could see his beautiful neck as he kept baring it, could see his Adam's apple that the dim shimmery light made somehow stand out even more, could see the vein on the side of his neck Frank knew adrenaline would be pumped through just now because Gerard loved this. All eyes were on him, everybody was paying attention to his moves, his face, his outfit and body, and he was mesmerizing everyone watching.
rated.e  host:ao3  "05-20k  =chemicalcandy  #mcr  %frank/gerard  *smut  warning:violence  warning:minor.character.death  &crime  /daddykink  +possessiveness  /act(anal)  /bdsm  /dirtytalk  /namecalling  &strippers 
12 weeks ago by LadyLame
I'm With You (And You, And You, And You) - dear_monday - My Chemical Romance
Frank lets go of so much when he plays, it makes sense that he needs someone to pick up the pieces afterwards. And - well. Why shouldn't it be them? There's no one he trusts more.
rated.e  host:ao3  "05-20k  =dear_monday  #mcr  %gsf  $frank  /bdsm  /D/s  /spanking  /act(anal)  /act(oral)  +hurt/comfort  +possessiveness  *five.things 
12 weeks ago by LadyLame
How we are - Ischa - Bandom
There are things Mikey is willing to do and there are things Mikey is willing to do for his brother.
rated.e  #mcr  host:ao3  %gerard/mikey  %frank/gerard/mikey  =Ischa  "<5k  *smut  *angst  +possessiveness  +jealousy  /act(oral)  /act(anal)  +arguing/fighting 
may 2019 by LadyLame
shotgun sinners - WondrousTidings - Bandom
It's stupid and gross because Mikey has to piss, like really has to piss and Gerard is his brother and why would any of this be hot?
host:ao3  rated.e  "<5k  #mcr  %gerard/mikey  =WondrousTidings  *smut  /act(oral)  /sex-public  /sex-rough  /edging/orgasm.delay/denial  /omorashi  /namecalling  /dirtytalk  +possessiveness  +van.days  /D/s 
may 2019 by LadyLame
What Tomorrow Brings - Sapphy, SapphyWatchesYouSleep (Sapphy) - My Chemical Romance
Frank’s always thought of himself as a pretty alternative guy, not bound by societies prejudices. He listens to obscure bands pretty much no one else’s heard of, takes any pills people offer him, and he’s got the ink, and the piercings, and the ratty old Vans. It’s not till he meets the Way brothers, with their supreme talent for fucking with the world view of anyone who comes near them, that he realises how conventional he really is.
Or the one where Gee isn't quite an Alpha, Mikey's not your conventional Beta, and Frank kinda likes it.
rated.e  host:ao3  #mcr  %frank/gerard/mikey  "05-20k  =Sapphy  =SapphyWatchesYouSleep  *smut  &omegaverse  +gender.issues  /bdsm  /act(oral)  /dirtytalk  +possessiveness  /comeplay  +van.days 
february 2019 by LadyLame
Well Tonight, Will It Ever Come? (MCR GSF): bandombigbang
Ray didn't ever lie to his band. Not telling them he was a werewolf technically wasn't a lie. Besides, having a werewolf in a rock band is hardly a big deal.
host:livejournal  rated.m  "20-50k  #mcr  %bob/frank/ray/gerard/mikey  *adventure  &werewolves  +possessiveness  =dandy_fetish 
january 2019 by LadyLame
Everybody's Talking 'bout the New Kid in Town - romanticalgirl - Bandom
They're new in town. No one knows that they're related. And being Mikey's brother never got him anywhere (written for the Bandom Pretend Dating Festival
rated.t  host:ao3  "<5k  #mcr  =romanticalgirl  %gerard/mikey  *vignette  *romance  +possessiveness  +first.kiss  +fake.relationship  !** 
january 2019 by LadyLame
A Minute is Too Long - likeasugarcube - Fall Out Boy
I wrote this three years ago and just found it in the depths of my email. Enjoy!

Rough sex with bits of angst and fluff
rated.e  host:ao3  *smut  /act(anal)  /sex-public  /sex-rough  "<5k  %patrick/pete  +angst  +fluff  +possessiveness  =likeasugarcube  #fob  +van.days 
november 2018 by LadyLame
Blake's Corollary - pagination - Avenue Q - Lopez/Marx, Batman (Movies - Nolan), Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Done for tdkr-kink prompt. If there are any two men less likely to share their toys than Bane and Bruce, John doesn't want to meet them. Also? John is not a toy, goddammit.
rated.m  host:ao3  =pagination  series:Blake's-Corollary  !***  #dcu  *action  *futurefic  *humor  *romance  "50-100k  %bane/blake  %blake/bruce  +jealousy  +polyamory  +possessiveness 
may 2018 by LadyLame
All Promise Outruns Performance - withlightning - Inception (2010)
Eames is back. Arthur is (out of) in control. Gripping the sink with knuckles white, forehead painfully against the tap of the sink — Eames wants it all.

Written for Trojie's prompt; If anyone has the time and inclination - can I please get Arthur/Eames where the Fischer job is the first time they've seen each other in years, and the hotel or whatever is just too far away. So. The warehouse has to have a bathroom, right? Whether or not they give a shit if Cobb or Ariadne can hear them is up to you :)
rated.e  host:ao3  =withlightning  #inception  *pwp  /act(anal)  /breathplay  /D/s  %arthur/eames  "<5k  +possessiveness 
march 2018 by LadyLame
5 Times John was Fucked By A Teacher and the One Time It Was A Nurse Instead - SailorChibi - Sherlock (TV)
John is lucky enough to go to an elite all-boys boarding school that is well renowned for sending graduates on to Oxbridge. What is less known about the school is that the professors regularly use corporal punishment as motivation, and that the students are used as fucktoys. John just so happens to be a personal favourite.
=SailorChibi  rated.e  warning:rape/noncon  warning:underage  host:ao3  warning:dubcon  &student/teacher  #sherlock  *dark  *five.things  *smut  /bdsm  /humiliation  /sex-public  /sex-rough  "05-20k  %john/others  %sherlock/john  +possessiveness  /edging/orgasm.delay/denial 
february 2017 by LadyLame
No Light Thing - philalethia - Sherlock (TV)
John wants a healthy relationship. Sherlock struggles to understand the concept.
This started as an attempt to write a story that wasn’t about kink. Somehow it turned into a story that both is all about kink and has nothing to do with kink. So… enjoy? :)

Sherlock is afraid of losing John and thinks his fantasies are ~unhealthy. So, so much misunderstandings and lack of communication but in the end, with help from Molly, they work it out.
rated.e  host:ao3  #sherlock  *angst  /painplay  "20-50k  %sherlock/john  +communication.issues  +happy.ending  +possessiveness  =philalethia  /knifeplay 
february 2017 by LadyLame
Consume, Consume, Explode - philalethia - Sherlock (TV)
The problem with sex is that Sherlock apparently can’t have it without drowning in it. He and John attempt to work out a solution.

Since Sherlock can't observe well enough during sex, he wants to watch John have sex with others. He's far to possessive though, so instead John orders a fake penis and female torso to perform with. It's funny and hot and there even is some fluff at the end.
rated.e  host:ao3  #sherlock  *smut  /dirtytalk  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  +possessiveness  =philalethia 
january 2017 by LadyLame
When Jealousy Becomes the Factor - Belladonna_Q - Sherlock (TV)
Prompt by Reapersun: Omega!John flirting with EVERYONE to see if it will make Alpha!Sherlock jealous and get him to finally make a move; it works and angry possessive bonding sex ensues (John loves it)
=Belladonna_Q  rated.e  host:ao3  &omegaverse  #sherlock  *smut  "<5k  %sherlock/john  +jealousy  +possessiveness 
january 2017 by LadyLame
With a Wolflike Sharpness - philalethia - Sherlock (TV)
In which Sherlock is a werewolf, John is not, and during full moons, they have sex.

My girlfriend asked for savage sex between shapeshifted!Sherlock and human!John. I tried. ♥
rated.e  host:ao3  &fantasy  &werewolves  #sherlock  *smut  /bdsm  /sex-rough  "<5k  %sherlock/john  +possessiveness  =philalethia  /edging/orgasm.delay/denial 
january 2017 by LadyLame
Evidence of Human Life - thesardine - Sherlock (TV)
Sherlock's sanity deteriorates while he and John are stranded on a deserted island.
For six weeks the two of them try to survive alone on a deserted island. The isolation and nothingness prove to be difficult for Sherlock as he struggles to stay sane.
=thesardine  rated.e  host:ao3  warning:dubcon  #sherlock  *angst  /sex-rough  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  +possessiveness 
december 2016 by LadyLame
Lock and Key - 221b_hound - Sherlock (TV)
John has been back at Baker Street for a year, following the debacle that ended in Mary's death. Things are good. Back almost to what they used to be. Sherlock might wish they were something else, now, but he only has himself to blame, he thinks. It's too late, now, for the things he first denied before he'd ruined any chances he might have had. Sherlock also thinks that people who get tattoos are idiots. But perhaps he's about to learn a thing or two, not least of which might be it's not as late as he thinks it is. Series, 13 parts. Friends to lovers. A lot of smut but at least as many feels. So beautiful.
=221b_hound  rated.e  host:ao3  series:Lock-and-Key  !***  #sherlock  *feels  *hurt/comfort  *smut  /kink  /bdsm  /roleplay  /sexual.fantasy  "50-100k  %sherlock/john  +possessiveness  +tattoos 
november 2016 by LadyLame
A Sense of Propriety - sweetcupncakes - Sherlock (TV)
Sherlock begins stirring, but John places a hand in the middle of his back.
“Be still. Just--” John’s mouth waters a little at the sight of the whitish fluid and he clears his throat, “Hold on.”
Sherlock looks over his shoulder and meets John’s eyes in momentary bafflement before something like recognition rolls across his features. The familiar blend of smugness and deduction, and he snuffles down against a pillow.
rated.e  host:ao3  =sweetcupncakes  #sherlock  *smut  /sex-rough  %sherlock/john  "<5k  +first.time  +possessiveness 
november 2016 by LadyLame

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