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The Bigger Picture - dear_monday - Bandom
For a man with a mind so sharp he keeps cutting himself on it, Gerard Way does an excellent impression of a particularly vapid goldfish. A silly little ficlet starring Gerard as the detective and Frank as his beleaguered assistant
host:ao3  rated.g  #mcr  %frank/gerard  "<5k  =dear_monday  &police  *vignette  +fluff  +humor  +kissing  !* 
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Twenty Percent Down - brooklinegirl - My Chemical Romance
For no_tags 2012: "We're rock stars," Frank says firmly. "We're not moving back to live in our parents' basements." (Prompt #54 Frank/Gerard - House-hunting)
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  %frank/gerard  "05-20k  =brooklinegirl  *  *smut  *fluff  +humor  !** 
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In Sickness and In Health - brooklinegirl - My Chemical Romance
For the yobrothatssick challenge: Frank's never been one to let sickness keep him from hooking up on tour.
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  "05-20k  =brooklinegirl  *sickfic  +humor  +established.relationship  +secret.relationship  *smut  +banter  /dirtytalk  /act(oral)  !*  +fluff 
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One Hundred Percent (Almost. Maybe.) - brooklinegirl - My Chemical Romance
Frank sighed. "I'm playing tonight," he said, firmly. "It is a fucking sore throat. Luckily, I am not the lead singer. I can play my fucking guitar with a sore throat. I can play it with my eyes closed. I am fine." (11,400 words of, you know, Frank being sick. A LOT.)
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  %frank/gerard  "05-20k  =brooklinegirl  *sickfic  *romance  +oblivious  +humor 
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Two-Act Performance Art - LittleMousling - Bandom
It takes two days of “Lindsey this” and “Jamia that” before Gerard gives up and lies to Frank that they have a club rule about not discussing their personal lives. He blames it on Matt, which feels karmically satisfying. Gerard feels bad about lying, sort of, but it’s a lot more fun working with Frank when they talk about music and performance and politics instead of Frank’s hot girlfriends and how great they are at everything.
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  %frank/gerard  %lindsey/jamia  "05-20k  =LittleMousling  *romance  &art&artists  +drag  +misunderstandings  +humor  !** 
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Soon The Bells Will Start - Jiksa - My Chemical Romance
Mikey has a slight melodramatic crisis in the middle of the night, Gerard has a herd of capsized sparkly reindeer in his hallway, Frank has five minutes to apologize, and Pete's got a brilliant solution to all this nonsense.
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  #fob  %frank/mikey/pete  "<5k  =Jiksa  +hurt/comfort  *  +misunderstandings  +humor  !* 
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Quiet Time - rivers_bend - Bandom
…they are now on hour nine and coffee-pot five of Gerard and the castle backdrop that's half like the Palace at Versailles and half a Scottish ruin, and Frank needs it to stop for a while.
rated.e  host:ao3  "<5k  =rivers_bend  #mcr  %frank/gerard  *smut  +established.relationship  +humor  /act(handjobs)  /act(frottage)  /nippleplay  !** 
july 2019 by LadyLame
Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency - jjtaylor - My Chemical Romance
Pete, in Decaydance Mansion, with a yarrow stake. Frank and Gerard, in the greenhouse, with a plant of questionable origin. Bob, everywhere you look, with a gang of assassins for justice. Vampires, valets, pamphlets, haunted furniture, dub-thrall, disembodied voices, zombie couriers, and sinister rituals.
host:ao3  rated.m  #mcr  %frank/gerard  "20-50k  =jjtaylor  series:Gerard-Way's-(Vampire)-Detective-Agency  *case/mission  &fantasy  &vampires  +feels  *romance  !***  +humor  +magic 
june 2019 by LadyLame
Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future - ragingrainbow - Bandom
“Zap.” Mikey leans in close, trapping Frank against the wall as he mouths the word against Frank’s ear.
rated.m  host:ao3  #mcr  %frank/mikey  "<5k  =ragingrainbow  *smut  +humor  /gunplay  !** 
may 2019 by LadyLame
Transatlanticism - tabulaxrasa - My Chemical Romance
Gerard's a comic book writer living in London. Frank works for a record label and has a band in New York. The problem with meeting in the middle is there's a whacking great ocean there.
host:ao3  rated.e  =tabulaxrasa  "20-50k  #mcr  %frank/gerard  *romance  +long.distance.relationship  +hurt/comfort  &canon.divergence  +fluff  +humor  !** 
may 2019 by LadyLame
On the Midtown Direct - mistresscurvy - Bandom, My Chemical Romance
Gerard Way has a system: a system for managing his life as a city architect, a system for being a single man living in a house in Jersey he still thinks of as his grandmother's and not his own, a system for finding one of the four solo seats in each car on the train into Manhattan every morning. He likes his system. It works. His system derails when Frank Iero sits across from him on the 7:59 Midtown Direct one sunny morning in May. A love story, one train ride at a time.
host:ao3  rated.e  =mistresscurvy  "20-50k  #mcr  %frank/gerard  &mundane  *romance  *  $gerard  +pining  +humor  !** 
may 2019 by LadyLame
Frank the crankiest elf - Gorgeous Nerd (gorgeousnerd) - Bandom
There were two things Frank hated: Christmas, and disappointing his mom. Considering his mom's last name had been Claus ever since she remarried, it was a bit of a fucking problem.
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  %frank/gerard  "<5k  =gorgeousnerd  &fantasy  +magic  +christmas  *fluff  +humor 
may 2019 by LadyLame
Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency - jjtaylor, Pennyplainknits - Bandom
Pete, in Decaydance Mansion, with a yarrow stake. Frank and Gerard, in the greenhouse, with a plant of questionable origin. Bob, everywhere you look, with a gang of assassins for justice. Vampires, valets, pamphlets, haunted furniture, dub-thrall, disembodied voices, zombie couriers, and sinister rituals.
host:ao3  rated.m  "100k+  #mcr  %frank/gerard  =jjtaylor  series:Gerard-Way's-(Vampire)-Detective-Agency  %mikey/pete  &fantasy  &vampires  *case/mission  *romance  +feels  +humor  +magic  *slowburn 
april 2019 by LadyLame
Camp it Up - rivers_bend - My Chemical Romance
The one where Frank doesn't want to go to music camp, Gerard's an art counselor, and teenage libidos find marshmallows pornographic.
rated.t  host:ao3  incomplete  =rivers_bend  "<5k  #mcr  %frank/gerard  *romance  +fluff  +humor  &  &student/teacher  !*** 
april 2019 by LadyLame
just think happy thoughts? - Trojie - Bandom
In which Frank Iero grows wings, because apparently that kind of shit just happens on Warped Tour.
host:ao3  rated.e  =Trojie  #mcr  %frank/gerard/mikey  *smut  +humor  /act(anal)  /doublepenetration  /wings  +magic  !**  "05-20k 
march 2019 by LadyLame
publicity stunts - Trojie - Bandom
The record company thinks a few plausibly-deniable rumours about Gerard and Frank dating would be good PR, but of course, they're not contractually obligated to sleep together or anything. Ahahah.
rated.t  host:ao3  "05-20k  =Trojie  #mcr  %frank/gerard  *fluff  *romance  +secret.relationship  +humor  !*** 
march 2019 by LadyLame
Don't Fence Me In - desfinado - Bandom
We tried to have sex so great that no man should ever be able to experience it. These are the consequences."
rated.e  %frank/gerard  host:ao3  "05-20k  =desfinado  #mcr  *smut  +hurt/comfort  +humor  +established.relationship  /act(anal)  /act(oral) 
march 2019 by LadyLame
"and the moon in their net"
iphignia939's FOB fic (with fairies!). "In which it is proven that there’s a perfectly valid reason for Pete to be such a total freak, and hey, all those Emma Bull novels? Totally true."
=iphignia939  "05-20k  #fob  rated.t  host:livejournal  %patrick/pete  *adventure  +humor  +friendship  &fantasy  +magic 
february 2019 by LadyLame
sing it for the n00bs - jedusaur - Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (Album)
Gerard would be killing twice as many dracs right now if his fucking spacebar would quit sticking. (Gamer AU, wherein the Danger Days universe is an MMORPG.)
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  %frank/gerard  "05-20k  =jedusaur  *romance  *adventure  +humor  &gaming  !***  &danger.days  +nerdiness 
february 2019 by LadyLame
Pleathermouth Vegan Cafe - jedusaur - Bandom
Pleathermouth Vegan Cafe, says the sign in front of the next place on Gerard's job-seeking list, and he decides that it may be prudent to finish his cheeseburger before entering.
host:ao3  rated.m  #mcr  %frank/gerard  =jedusaur  "05-20k  *romance  +humor  +fluff  !***  &diners&restaurants&bars 
february 2019 by LadyLame
you wear me out - akamine_chan - Bandom
Frank was used to Gerard's...oddness. Loved him for it, actually, though sometimes he found himself totally baffled by what went on inside of Gerard's head. Sometimes late at night, he'd text Mikey when Gerard was being especially different, and Mikey almost always had a clue to offer into Gerard's complex psyche. Most times the clue made no sense, but Frank usually felt better having that clue than not.
rated.e  host:ao3  "<5k  =akamine_chan  #mcr  %frank/gerard  *smut  +humor  /act(oral) 
february 2019 by LadyLame
Too Weird - preblematic - My Chemical Romance
"I have a nice ass," he says. Frank stops kissing his jaw and giggles.
"God this is--this is so weird--this is weird, right?" Frank asks, pulling back to look at Mikey. Who is also him.
"Yeah, this is weird," Mikey says.
rated.e  host:ao3  "<5k  #mcr  =preblematic  %frank/mikey  *smut  +bodyswap  /act(oral)  +humor 
february 2019 by LadyLame
As Real as the Grave - stoplightglow - My Chemical Romance
Yes, Gerard does have fake fangs in. And damn, Frank thought he bought good fangs, but Gerard is totally giving him a run for his money. He can’t even tell where Gerard’s are glued on.
rated.t  host:ao3  "<5k  #mcr  =stoplightglow  %frank/gerard  *vignette  +getting.together  &vampires  +humor 
january 2019 by LadyLame
Won't Know 'til You Begin - Sena, knight_tracer - My Chemical Romance
In which Frank is an accidental pervert, Mikey sleeps with Fabio, Gerard is much too sincere when talking about pain sluts, Ray is terrible with women and great with guitars, and Otter's got really bad taste in music. Alternately, the one where Frank realizes he has a thing for Mikey, Mikey realizes he has a thing for guys, and they're both adorably stupid failboats.
"20-50k  rated.e  host:ao3  =Sena  #mcr  %frank/mikey  *romance  +pining  +fluff  +humor  +drugs  +friendship  +banter  !**  =knight_tracer  +van.days 
december 2018 by LadyLame
The Endearing Kind of Awkward - uglowian - Multifandom
Pete makes good on all that twitter-flirting he's been doing with Gerard.
rated.t  host:ao3  !***  #mcr  *fluff  "<5k  %gerard/pete  +feels  +humor  +kissing  =uglowian  #fob 
december 2018 by LadyLame
Long Live The Car Crash Hearts - Neery - Fall Out Boy
No-strings-attached sex with a friend you're hopelessly in love with: what could possibly go wrong?
rated.e  host:ao3  =Neery  !**  *romance  *smut  "05-20k  %patrick/pete  +humor  +pining  +oblivious  #fob 
december 2018 by LadyLame
All of These Decimals and I'm Not Doing You - acareeroutofrobbingbanks - Fall Out Boy
"Every day, for the past month, Patrick had had to re-shelve The Book, The Marvel Encyclopedia, because every single day it ended up in the biography section,"
In which Patrick is a librarian, and Pete never quite understood how subtleties worked.
=acareeroutofrobbingbanks  host:ao3  rated.g  *romance  "<5k  %patrick/pete  +humor  #fob  &bookshops&libraries 
december 2018 by LadyLame
BeWentzed - Lenore - Bandom
An AU a la the movie Bedazzled. Patrick is a bored high school student who just wants someone to take him away from all this bullshit. Pete is the Devil, AKA Lucifer, AKA Beelzebub, AKA big trouble, who just wants…Patrick.
rated.e  host:ao3  !**  &fantasy  &highschool  *adventure  *romance  "20-50k  %patrick/pete  +first.time  +humor  =Lenore  #fob 
october 2018 by LadyLame
Believe Me if You Can (The House at Pooh Corner) - gyzym - Inception (2010)
In a world where Arthur is Rabbit, Eames is Tigger, Cobb is Pooh, Yusuf is Eeyore, Ariadne is Piglet and Saito is Owl, nothing makes sense anymore.
rated.t  host:ao3  #inception  *adventure  *crack  "05-20k  %arthur/eames  +drugs  +getting.together  +humor  =gyzym 
september 2018 by LadyLame
Provenance - rageprufrock - Inception (2010)
Eleven years ago, Dom was new to Interpol and effusive with enthusiasm, and in the thrall of his own cleverness he'd met Mal during one of Arthur's ruthlessly thorough crash-course weekends.
rated.t  host:ao3  !***  &art&artists  &crime  #inception  *action  *feels  "05-20k  %arthur/eames  %dom/mal  +angst  +communication.issues  +humor  +pining  +reconciliation  =rageprufrock  &police 
august 2018 by LadyLame
eye on authority, thumb print's a forgery - orphan_account - Inception (2010)
“Oh,” Eames says. “A potential riot. I must be going love, ta!”

“Don’t get shanked!” Arthur yells, but Eames has already hung up.
rated.t  host:ao3  #inception  *romance  %arthur/eames  "<5k  +angst  +first.kiss  +humor  =orphan_account 
july 2018 by LadyLame
I Won't Tell if You Don't - theskywasblue - Inception (2010)
It's the day after Christmas when he comes home from a trip to the corner store for bread and milk to find Eames bleeding to death in his living room.
rated.t  host:ao3  =theskywasblue  #inception  *hurt/comfort  %arthur/eames  "<5k  +humor 
july 2018 by LadyLame
Send Me the Thorns - Xela - Inception (2010)
The reason Arthur wears high collared shirts is because there's a black leather collar underneath that shows he belongs to Eames.
rated.t  host:ao3  =Xela  !**  #inception  *  /collars  /D/s  %arthur/eames  "<5k  +humor 
july 2018 by LadyLame
Team Building Activities - valtyr - Multifandom
Fury's a beautiful princess. Clint's plotting a Communist revolution. Rhodey's not sexy. Wall-E's not a documentary. Clint's not gay but he does give a great blowjob. This fic is not an AU.
rated.m  host:ao3  =valtyr  #mcu  *pre-avengers  *romance  *slowburn  "20-50k  %steve/tony  +humor  +living.together  +pining 
june 2018 by LadyLame
Robot Trip - copperbadge - The Avengers (2012)
Tony is driving from Malibu to Manhattan with a robot in the back seat and Captain America riding escort at Pepper's behest. What could possibly go wrong?
rated.t  host:ao3  !**  #mcu  *  "05-20k  %pepper/tony  %steve&tony  +humor  +roadtrips  =copperbadge  %gen 
june 2018 by LadyLame
Raising Hybrid Puppies - JayEz - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
When Tony saunters into the coffee shop, he never expected to meet Peter Parker, the incredibly hot barista with a brilliant mind and a passion for engineering only rivaled by Tony’s own. Tony always gets what he wants – which is pushing Peter up against the counter and making sure he forgets his own name.
But he can’t.
Because Peter’s sixteen.
A non-powered Tony/Peter coffee shop AU with billionaire Tony and working-class, teenage Peter. Also, Toomes has a bakery and somehow Last Week Tonight is a genuine plot point.
rated.e  host:ao3  =JayEz  !***  &coffeeshops&bakeries  &no.powers  #mcu  *romance  *slowburn  "100k+  %peter/tony  +angst  +age.difference  +happy.ending  +humor  +pining  +ust 
june 2018 by LadyLame
Sole Mates - pinkys_creature_feature - Inception (2010)
Arthur screwed over the wrong person and has a hit out on him. They can shoot him but they better not get anything on his Louboutins.
rated.t  host:ao3  =pinkys_creature_feature  #inception  *crack  %arthur/eames  "<5k  +humor  &hospitals&doctors 
june 2018 by LadyLame
Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer - eleveninches - Inception (2010)
Arthur joins the mile high club, Cobb joins the broken hearts club, Eames joins the smug extractors' club, and Yusuf just wants to club everyone. Or, Eames steals Cobb's point man.
rated.e  host:ao3  =eleveninches  #inception  *action  *romance  "05-20k  %arthur/eames  +humor 
june 2018 by LadyLame
Marked - rageprufrock - Inception (2010)
The first couple of weeks after Arthur had finally condescended to fuck him, Eames felt like he was being backed over by a lorry on an hourly basis — a lorry filled with sex.
rated.e  host:ao3  !***  #inception  *smut  /act(anal)  /dirtytalk  /sex-rough  %arthur/eames  "<5k  +humor  =rageprufrock 
may 2018 by LadyLame
The Dust of Daily Life - involuntaryorange - Inception (2010)
Arthur takes an art class to help with his anger issues. Eames is the instructor.
rated.t  host:ao3  =involuntaryorange  &mundane  #inception  *romance  "05-20k  %arthur/eames  +humor 
april 2018 by LadyLame
What's a Little Contract Hit Between Friends? - laceymcbain - Inception (2010)
“Darling, I know we've had our differences, but did you put out a contract on my life?”

Arthur (accidentally) puts out a hit on Eames.
rated.t  host:ao3  #inception  *romance  "05-20k  %arthur/eames  +angst  +fluff  +humor  +pining  =laceymcbain 
april 2018 by LadyLame
The Rube Goldberg Variations - the_ragnarok - Inception (2010)
One is a rock star and one is a groupie. Extra points if it is something utterly undeserving of groupies, ie Arthur plays violin sampler loop-pedal music based around the concept of rainforest growth, or Eames is the drummer in a Dolly Parton punk rock cover band called Beg Yer Parton. And then the other one like, shows up to all their gigs with hearts in their eyes and gazes at the other's fingers/crotch/beautiful face while the rest of the audience knocks back beers and 100% hipsterishly ignores whatever's going on onstage.
rated.t  host:ao3  &college/university  &musicians  #inception  *fluff  %arthur/eames  "<5k  +feels  +humor  =the_ragnarok 
march 2018 by LadyLame
On Hand - fideliant - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
Or, Five Things A Gentleman Should Never Do Without

“In my defence,” Eggsy says, “It could have happened to anyone.”
rated.e  host:ao3  +established.relationship  +illness  +humor  #kingsman  *romance  /act(anal)  /act(rimming)  /bondage  "05-20k  %harry/eggsy  +feels  +fluff  =fideliant  +arguing/fighting 
november 2017 by LadyLame
Pig Latin - aerospaces - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
In Kenya, Eggsy falls off a flight of stairs. Or: lessons in cohabitation.

Eggsy discovers the joys of a home-cooked meal among many other things.
rated.e  host:ao3  =aerospaces  #kingsman  *romance  /act(anal)  "05-20k  %harry/eggsy  +fluff  +humor 
november 2017 by LadyLame
Bite - rageprufrock - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
If there is any one alpha in the whole wide world Eggsy cannot handle during a surprise, unsuppressed heat, it is Harry Hart.
rated.e  host:ao3  &film.industry  &omegaverse  #kingsman  *romance  *smut  /act(anal)  /knotting  "05-20k  %harry/eggsy  +humor  /in.heat  =rageprufrock 
november 2017 by LadyLame
Married to the Job - trilliath - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
"Hm?" Merlin asks, distracted when he looks up and squints at Eggsy's face, then catches up and resumes working. "Oh. No. Zania Bonatti, Italian artist and activist. Also Harry's wife."
"You wot?" Eggsy blurts, eyes snapping back to him, then over to Roxy like he might've mis-heard.
But he hasn't because Roxy's face wrinkles minutely in sympathy that has Eggsy's ears burning and he snaps his eyes away again in humiliation.
"Yes, Harry's married. Did he never mention that to you?" Merlin pauses long enough to frown briefly, then he shrugs. "Well, on to more important matters…"
Or: The one in which Harry is married to his friend (for entirely non-romantic reasons) and nobody explains to Eggsy that very important detail.
rated.e  host:ao3  =trilliath  #kingsman  *romance  "05-20k  %harry/eggsy  +humor  +pining 
november 2017 by LadyLame
under my skin (tried so not to give in) - venvephe - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
This is a monumentally bad idea, Eggsy realizes, in the fraction of a second between reaching out and tugging at Harry’s tie and seeing his eyes briefly widen before their lips meet.

Or: snogging is a great distraction technique for hiding in plain sight from your enemies. It is decidedly not great for hiding your growing, uh, interest in your secret service colleague.
rated.e  host:ao3  =venvephe  #kingsman  *romance  "05-20k  %harry/eggsy  +fluff  +humor  +fake.makeout 
october 2017 by LadyLame

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