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Atychiphobia, Frank/Gerard, NC-17: bandombigbang
"We’ve been trying to breed new serums and ideas, make him faster, stronger, better. Sometimes we get the formulas wrong.”
“So you need me to make sure he doesn’t go Hulk and blow us all up?” Frank asks, the question sounding bizarre to his own ears. Winters and Whittaker continue with their matching hard stares.
“We would also require you to assist some of the less – squeamish – scientists in their experiments. Some people don’t agree with what we’re trying to do here, they don’t understand the concept of progress.”
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april 2019 by LadyLame
The Only Sound That's Left - betweenthebars (butyoumight) - My Chemical Romance
Nuke, a member of the Government-sponsored 'superhero' group V5 dies under mysterious circumstances. The remaining four members of the group are barred from investigating the death, prompting them to go back to their (now illegal) vigilante ways. Along the way, they pick up a new ally (Nuke's replacement in the team), an old ally (who never went in for the government sponsored work), and end up fighting against a conspiracy that goes further than expected.
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april 2019 by LadyLame

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