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Romantic Victories of Peter the Great - inlovewithnight - Bandom
They met in the library, where Pete was briefly concerned that he was actually going to have to fight this guy over a book on conflicts in the Caucasus and how they influenced Russian military policy throughout history.
host:ao3  rated.g  "<5k  =inlovewithnight  #mcr  #fob  %mikey/pete  *fluff  *humor  &college/university  !** 
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If We All Could Be So - jedusaur - Bandom
"Did you just put rainbow sprinkles on a mocha?" asks Patrick incredulously.
"Yup," says Pete. "It's a crucial step in my seduction plot. Step two is being amazing at history. Step three, blowjobs."
rated.t  host:ao3  "<5k  =jedusaur  #mcr  #fob  %mikey/pete  *fluff  *humor  +getting.together  +flirting  &college/university  !** 
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Five Times Gerard Pays For It and One Time He Doesn't - RubyTuesday5681 - Bandom
This story is a cliché rentboy fic wherein Gerard (the customer) falls for Frank (the service-provider) and can’t figure out how to go from paying-for-sex to ‘dating’ or if that’s even possible. Added to the mix are Gerard’s perpetually low self-esteem, Frank’s neuroses, and both boys’ epic communication-fails. Will these two ever manage to get out of their own way long enough to see that they’re meant for each other? With a little bit of help from a meddling younger brother, they just might.
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  %frank/gerard  "20-50k  =RubyTuesday5681  *smut  *romance  &college/university  &sexwork  +alcohol  +misunderstandings  +angst  +fluff  +pining  +happy.ending  *five.things 
may 2019 by LadyLame
colder as the years go, warm yourself again - annemari - My Chemical Romance
Mikey's fucking lucky to know so many great dudes he can hook up with. Especially Travie, who's fucking great and willing to tie Mikey up and hurt him if Mikey asks. It doesn't matter that he's avoiding Gerard and Gerard has no clue what he's getting up to. Mikey's not actively hiding it. It's just, it's kind of hard to talk to your brother about your sex life. Especially when you're in love with him.
host:ao3  rated.e  #mcr  %gerard/mikey  "20-50k  =annemari  *romance  +angst  +pining  /bdsm  +inner.conflict  +happy.ending  &college/university  +hurt/comfort  !**  +arguing/fighting 
february 2019 by LadyLame
Marriage of Convenience - likeasugarcube - Bandom
Pete wants to quit his soul sucking job at his father's firm, but he needs a spouse before he can collect on his trust fund. Patrick has just lost the scholarship to his music program at college. When a mutual friend introduces them, Pete comes up with a plan that could help them both out. What could possibly go wrong?
"50-100k  %patrick/pete  =likeasugarcube  host:ao3  rated.e  &college/university  *romance  +pining  +fake.marriage  !**  #fob 
january 2019 by LadyLame
Skin of the Canvas, by sinsense.: bandombigbang
I've always wondered why, when Gerard decided he wanted to save lives, he turned away from visual arts and started a band. This is an AU version of one answer. Gerard is still at SVA, having taken a while away to enter AA and get sober; Frank is a nude model and punk rocker who's moved to New York City. Romance (and sneezing!) ensues.
"20-50k  rated.m  host:ao3  =sinsense  #mcr  %frank/gerard  *romance  +angst  +addiction  +recovery  &art&artists  *  !**  $gerard  &college/university 
january 2019 by LadyLame
Cryptography for Dummies - melusina - Bandom
Patrick knows he's sending Pete a code that Pete doesn't have the key for. But Patrick doesn't know how much more obvious he could be, how much more prominently he could wear his heart on his sleeve. It makes Patrick question everything he thinks he knows about their friendship.
rated.t  host:ao3  "<5k  =melusina  %patrick/pete  *romance  +pining  +oblivious  +angst  #fob  &college/university 
december 2018 by LadyLame
This Seed Burst and Grown - Sena - Fall Out Boy
Nobody's in a band, but Pete and Patrick meet in the Chicago music scene, anyway. Patrick's sixteen and mostly innocent and kind of confused and Pete's older and cooler and fucked up in ways that just make Patrick like him more.
rated.e  host:ao3  !***  &highschool  &college/university  &mundane  *romance  "05-20k  %patrick/pete  +first.kiss  +first.time  =Sena  #fob 
december 2018 by LadyLame
The Substitute Boyfriend - melusina - Bandom
When you're a single college student, a fake boyfriend can come in handy. Pete's happy to play the part for Patrick and Patrick's glad to return the favor. It works out great, except that sometimes it's hard to remember they're just pretending.
host:ao3  rated.e  &college/university  *romance  "05-20k  %patrick/pete  +fluff  +fake.relationship  =melusina  #fob 
december 2018 by LadyLame
I hope I never lose the bruises - CoffeeWithConsequences - Inception (2010)
College hockey AU. Thrown in with Eames in a hockey locker room, Arthur allows the discovery of his fondness for bruises.
rated.e  host:ao3  &college/university  &sports  #inception  *smut  /act(handjobs)  /act(oral)  /bruises  /painplay  %arthur/eames  "<5k  =CoffeeWithConsequences 
december 2018 by LadyLame
The Pros and Cons of Skiing - fro_baby - Fall Out Boy
“You signed up for a ski lesson?” Joe pushes his goggles up onto his helmet to stare at Pete, as if making sure that he’s talking to the right person. “Who even are you? What—why would you do that?”“Well…” Pete considers lying, trying to convince Joe that his newfound interest in skiing is real and serious. But, well, the truth is much easier: “You know that really hot guy from the chairlift?”

(Or, the one where Pete and Patrick go skiing and fall in love.)
host:ao3  rated.m  !***  &college/university  &sports  *fluff  *romance  "20-50k  %patrick/pete  =fro_baby  #fob 
december 2018 by LadyLame
i spend my money on the regular miracles - endquestionmark - Fall Out Boy
“My mom is visiting town next weekend,” Patrick starts.
“Point,” Joe says.
“It’s a last-minute surprise trip,” Patrick continues.
“Point,” Joe says.
“I told her I couldn’t meet her for dinner because I had a date.”

(Pete and Patrick meet via a date auction for charity at their college. Fake dating ensues.)
rated.g  host:ao3  !**  &college/university  *fluff  *humor  *romance  "05-20k  %patrick/pete  =endquestionmark  #fob 
november 2018 by LadyLame
The Feng Shui of One Night Stands - teacuphuman - Inception (2010)
Arthur’s drunk. He knows he’s drunk because he’s seriously contemplating crossing the room and talking to Eames.
rated.e  host:ao3  &college/university  #inception  *smut  /act(handjobs)  %arthur/eames  "<5k  +alcohol  =teacuphuman 
april 2018 by LadyLame
The Rube Goldberg Variations - the_ragnarok - Inception (2010)
One is a rock star and one is a groupie. Extra points if it is something utterly undeserving of groupies, ie Arthur plays violin sampler loop-pedal music based around the concept of rainforest growth, or Eames is the drummer in a Dolly Parton punk rock cover band called Beg Yer Parton. And then the other one like, shows up to all their gigs with hearts in their eyes and gazes at the other's fingers/crotch/beautiful face while the rest of the audience knocks back beers and 100% hipsterishly ignores whatever's going on onstage.
rated.t  host:ao3  &college/university  &musicians  #inception  *fluff  %arthur/eames  "<5k  +feels  +humor  =the_ragnarok 
march 2018 by LadyLame
A Suitable Stain - vitruvianwatson (keepyoureyesfixedonme) - Sherlock (TV)
John imagines what they must look like--the young, gorgeous university student, naked as the day he was born, draped over the well-dressed older doctor, the muscles rippling in Sherlock's back as his slim hips roll that beautiful arse up into the air and back down again, his spine curving beneath John's hand as he moves it to the small of Sherlock's back to feel the movement. The hard outline of Sherlock's cock slides back and forth across John's body, dampening his clothes with precome, and John moves both hands down to Sherlock's arse, squeezing and pulling him in harder.
host:ao3  rated.e  &college/university  #sherlock  *fluff  *smut  /act(anal)  /act(fingering)  /act(frottage)  /age.difference  /dirtytalk  /sex-clothed  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  +established.relationship  =vitruvianwatson 
september 2017 by LadyLame
It Had to Be You - esplanade - Sherlock (TV)
The boy gave him no greeting. He only continued to stare silently at the road ahead of them. John shifted in his seat, growing uncomfortable in the silence.
“Sherlock, huh?” The boy nodded. “That's an odd name.”
“John, was it? That's rather pedestrian.”

When Harry Met Sally AU
rated.t  host:ao3  &college/university  #sherlock  *romance  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  =esplanade 
july 2017 by LadyLame
Forces of Nature - Ewebie - Sherlock (TV)
Sherlock watched as the man pushed himself out of the water and onto the floating dock constantly anchored in the middle of the lake. Oh. He was… He was quite tanned. Broad shoulders sloped into a narrow, muscular waist and tapered hips that disappeared into the navy swim trunks. Somehow the breadth of the shoulders made the thighs and legs that appeared out of the bottom of the trunks look delicate. Tanned in their own right and powerful, but oddly proportionate to the shorter stature the man seemed to possess. Sherlock watched the water run off of him, down his back, tracing a path along his spine and through the pleasing fossae lumbales laterales and lumbar lordosis into the waistband of the trunks. Sherlock swallowed. Shit.

Sherlock, on a break from studying and his family, meets John, on a trip with his rugby team. They have great chemistry. They're head over heels : >
rated.e  host:ao3  !***  &college/university  #sherlock  *fluff  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  =Ewebie 
march 2017 by LadyLame
A Little Sugar Never Hurt Anybody - beautifullyheeled - Sherlock (TV)
Sherlock's search for a quiet place to study gave him a whole new learning opportunity.
And more importantly it's where he meets his fantasy come true, part-time professor John Watson who swiftly becomes his sugar daddy.
rated.e  host:ao3  &college/university  #sherlock  /lingerie  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  +first.kiss  +first.time  +sugar.daddy  =beautifullyheeled 
february 2017 by LadyLame
The Last Costa Coffee Along the M6 - sheerrloockk - Sherlock (TV)
John’s never had sex with a bloke in a Costa loo at one in the morning before.
"Forget Coffee Shop AUs, what about middle-of-no-where diners at one in the morning AUs!" So uh. A Costa Coffee at Motorway Services along the M6. And Teenlock because why not.
rated.e  host:ao3  &college/university  #sherlock  *smut  /act(anal)  /act(oral)  /ons  /sex-rough  /sex-wall  "<5k  %sherlock/john  =sheerrloockk 
february 2017 by LadyLame
How to be brave - stillaseeker - Sherlock (TV)
Of all the places to run into his ex, it had to be at a Tesco's when he's wearing his bloody pyjamas. At three in the fucking morning.

(A Sherlock University AU...that has some pining!John to balance out our canon pining!Sherlock)
rated.m  host:ao3  !**  &college/university  #sherlock  *angst  "05-20k  %sherlock/john  +happy.ending  +pining  =stillaseeker 
october 2016 by LadyLame

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