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Muslim convert in US killed random security guard for the pleasure of Allah
and had joined ISIS AND was reported to the police by his own mosque as "on the path to radicalization" but was not investigated. Joshua Cummins=convert to Islam
Islam  Muslims  in  America  Joshua  Cummins  jihad 
march 2017 by LadiesCanWeTalk
Website that keeps record of Americans killed by Islamists
LOTS of data about Islamic violence on American soil with dates and quick summaries
Islam  jihad  Muslims  in  America 
june 2016 by LadiesCanWeTalk
Why David Petraeus Really Wants You To Shut Up About Islamism Why corporate interests would want to to limit speech on Islamist threats.
Why David Petraeus Really Wants You To Shut Up About Islamism
Why corporate interests would want to to limit speech on Islamist threats.
Petraeus  islamism  islam  jihad  speaking  up 
may 2016 by LadiesCanWeTalk
Former Muslim tells how to defeat radical islam
He distinguishes islam and islamism, jihad and jihadism,
Islam  Muslims  jihad  defeat  radical  strategy 
december 2015 by LadiesCanWeTalk
Andrew McCarthy Gee Must be Friday Night
McCarthy points out news that Al Nusra did get arms from US troops
Al  Nusra  McCarthy  islam  jihad  arms  Hillary  Clinton 
september 2015 by LadiesCanWeTalk
Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC hit list of women who speak against islam
Claim that small list of women are behind most Islamic hatred in America
Islam  SPLC  Muslims  jihad  in  America 
june 2015 by LadiesCanWeTalk
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