Teensy 3.1 without arduino IDE
Using teensy without Arduino IDE
teensy  dev  c  electronics 
5 days ago
How to Access Back-side Teensy Pins?
Ways of accessing the backside pins on Teensy 3.x
teensy  electronics 
5 days ago
Teensy 3.2 Breakout (Revision D) from Tall Dog on Tindie
Teensy 3.2 Breakout (Revision D) from Tall Dog on Tindie
5 days ago
Using MCP23008 8-bit I2C IO Expander on the Raspberry Pi | SK Pang Electronics Ltd
This project is to use the MCP23008 8-bit IO Expander with I2c interface on the Raspberry Pi. The software is written in C. Using the Starter Kit-C ...
dev  raspberrypi  electronics  c  i2c 
6 days ago
AVR SELF LEARNING KIT–Interfacing 16 x 2 LCD in 8 bit Mode | alselectro
  In this tutorial we shall explore how to connect 16 X 2 LCD with ATMEGA 16 on Development board. By 2 ways we can connect , first one is 8 bit mode & the second is 4 bit mode   This post is on 8 BIT MODE In 8 bit mode all port pins…
lcd  avr  electronics 
6 days ago
Lumber Dimensions
Lumber Dimensions - The actual sizes of common lumber sizes.
7 days ago
arduino-info - Nrf24L01-2.4GHz-HowTo
Nice tutorial/summary on the nRF24L01 module
arduino  electronics  wireless 
7 days ago
Arduino & Raspberry Pi talking wirelessly [Part 2]
This is the second part of my last post. In case you haven't read it yet, I suggest you do it before reading this one. If you aren't interested in the Arduin...
arduino  wireless  raspberrypi  electronics 
7 days ago
Raspberry Pi And The IoT In C - I2C Bus
Working with the Si7021 on raspberry pi in C
raspberrypi  electronics  c  i2c 
7 days ago
RF24/Makefile at master · fergul/RF24 · GitHub
This is the Makefile for the rf24 library which gives some clues as to how to create a library for some of our devices.
raspberrypi  c  electronics  dev 
7 days ago
How to set up an electronics lab/workshop at home
How to set up an electronics workshop. Has a good supplies list.
10 days ago
TTL Cookbook (pdf)
A pdf of the venerable TTL cookbook
12 days ago
Proto Advantage - Breadboards (65)
Canadian source of breadboards, SMD adapters, etc.
electronics  commercial 
12 days ago
How to Write and Run a C Program on the Raspberry Pi
Find out what C programs are and how they're used. We'll also do a "hello world" example so you can compile and run your own C programs on the Raspberry Pi.
dev  electronics  rpi  c 
12 days ago
Low Level Programming of the Raspberry Pi in C | Pieter-Jan.com
Excellent, very complete tutorial on low level programming in C on the Raspberry Pi. (Content clipped to DT on 2018-03-04)
rpi  dev  c  electronics 
12 days ago
Using the bcm2835 C library for SPI – Raspberry Alpha Omega
Using the bcm2835 C library for accessing the SPI bus on Raspberry Pi. Example for MCP300x. Note that their example is for MCP3002, not MCP3008
raspberrypi  c  dev  electronics 
13 days ago
bcm2835: SPI access
Using the bcm2835 library with C to access the SPI bus on Raspberry Pi
electronics  raspberrypi  dev  c 
13 days ago
Raspberry Pi And The IoT In C - AtoD With The SPI Bus
Interfacing the Raspberry Pi to MCP3008 ADC using C and the bcm2835 library
electronics  c  dev  raspberrypi 
13 days ago
MacOS | KiCad EDA
KiCad is an open source EDA software for Windows, OSX and Linux. Create PCB circuits for free with the most advanced features.
14 days ago
628128 Datasheet
628128, 628128 Datasheet, 628128 128Kx8 CMOS RAM Datasheet, buy 628128 RAM
electronics  commercial 
14 days ago
Grant's Z80 computer
Minimal chip-count Z80 computer
dev  electronics 
14 days ago
Arduino Wireless Communication - NRF24L01 Tutorial - HowToMechatronics
In this Arduino tutorial we will learn how to make a wireless communication between two Arduino boards using the NRF24L01 transceiver module.
arduino  electronics 
16 days ago
nRF24L01 - 2.4GHz RF Transceiver With Arduino (Code and Schematics) | Random Nerd Tutorials
This post aims to be a complete guide for nRF24L01 - 2.4GHz RF Transceiver module. I'll explain what it does, show its specs and share an Arduino project example,
arduino  electronics 
16 days ago
Fixing your cheap nrf24l01+ pa/lna module | the ugly fix
The typical cheap nrf24l01+ pa/lna is sensitive to noise, badly shielded and energy hungry. Chinese sellers advertising them with “wireless communication up to 1000 meters!”. In reality although you can call yourself lucky if you reach with a unmodified module 10 meters. Some ways of fixing the range issue.
16 days ago
teensy with esp8266
dev  electronics 
17 days ago
Teensy 3.5/3.6 Breakout (Revision A, Standard) from Tall Dog on Tindie
Teensy 3.5/3.6 Breakout (Revision A, Standard) from Tall Dog on Tindie. Allows access to back-side pins on Teensy
electronics  ★★★★ 
19 days ago
Exam class
An extensive tutorial on the LaTeX exam class
24 days ago
6 rsync Examples to Exclude Multiple Files and Directories using exclude-from
Rsync is very powerful tool to take backups, or sync files and directories between two different locations (or servers). You know this already, as we prese
dev  unix 
24 days ago
R for Public Health: From continuous to categorical
From continuous to categorial variables in R
dev  R 
25 days ago
r - Convert UNIX epoch to Date object - Stack Overflow
Convert UNIX timestamp to date object in R.
dev  unix  R 
25 days ago
GitHub - ospalh/anki-addons: A collection of Anki 2.1 addons in different states of bugginess, up-to-dateness and usefulness.
anki-addons - A collection of Anki 2.1 addons in different states of bugginess, up-to-dateness and usefulness. Lots of Anki add ons. Ideas for manipulating Anki
git  python  dev  anki 
29 days ago
Glossika Discussion
One person's discussion about using chorus repetition solo.
russian  language 
6 weeks ago
Dynamic Periodic Table
Interactive periodic table with dynamic layouts showing names, electrons, oxidation, trend visualization, orbitals, isotopes, and compound search. Full descriptions from write-up sources.
chemistry  homeschool  science 
6 weeks ago
Benjamin Franklin: How Keeping A Journal Leads To A Better Life
There is much to learn from Benjamin Franklin’s life. One of the reasons why he was so prolific in his accomplishments can be attributed to his habit of keeping a journal. His journals helped him learn, kept him accountable, and was crucial for self-reflection.
6 weeks ago
Hook and Loop Wraps
The Hook and Loop Wraps from CableTiesandMore.com are dynamic bundling solutions, designed to give you a fully reusable yet reliably secure method of managing cables and wires in a broad spectrum of applications. The tension placed on contents within is fully controlled by you, allowing the Hook and Loop Wraps to be delicate line friendly. These wraps may be open and closed repeatedly, without any degradation to the resilient material, allowing you to make long term use of these items.
8 weeks ago
How do I unlock a SQLite database? - Stack Overflow
How to deal with open locked sqlite database issue.
sqlite  dev  database  anki 
9 weeks ago
DLI Russian Courses - Free Russian Lessons Online | Live Lingua Project
This is a free Russian course created by the Defense Language Institute and brought to you by the Live Lingua Project. You can download the PDF books and audios here for free and use them at your leasure to finally learn Russian.
russian  ★★★★ 
10 weeks ago
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