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How to Read News on your iOS Device with FLUD
On par with the Kindle, iPad was designed to be the ultimate on-the-go back-lit reading device. What's better: the iPad has opened the doors to exploring new social media options. With FLUD [iTunes link], you can read your favorite feeds and easily share articles with your friends. Read on to find out how.
What's FLUD?
With FLUD, you can easily share articles you're reading with your FLUD followers, or "fllud" their activity feed. Clever, non? To do this, simply tap on the heart button in the toolbar of any article. We'll get more into this a little later.
Adding News Sources
FLUD comes preloaded with several news sources, including The Huffington Post, Mashable, and a few others. To add an additional feed, tap on the "Add Sources" button in the top-right of the app.
The Add Sources pop up will appear, allowing you to easily choose a new source to add. You can browse by category, add a Facebook or Twitter feed, or import from Google Reader.
Tapping the "Manage My Sources" option at the bottom of this listing will let you easily remove, or re-arrange the order of your sources.
Viewing the Activity Feed
Clicking the small chat bubble icon in the toolbar will bring up the activity feed. From here, you can view the activity of the people you follow and what they are currently "Fludding" (reading). Tapping on any of the article titles will open the article for your reading pleasure.
Reading News ItemsOn the main screen of FLUD, you can see all of the news sources that you are subscribed to. FLUD automatically pulls in an image, and displays the title of the article. Clicking on any of the articles in the list underneath the source will bring you to  the full article and presents it in an easy-to-read format without all of the web clutter.
While reading the article, you can see the number of Fludders and readers at the top of the page next to the Close button. In the bottom toolbar, you have access to the share features, you can switch from Text View to Web View, or you can tweet, Flud, or share the article on Facebook.
Using the Share Features
When you tap on the Share button in the bottom toolbar of any article, you get access to some actions to Copy, Email, Open in Safari, or SMS the article. You can also use outside services to share the article, like Facebook, Instapaper, Read It Later, Tumblr, and Twitter.
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