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I have just recently created a 2012 calendar using HP’s MagCloud.  Many of the images are newly created in the past year, so those of you that know my Impressions of Light ebook, you will see fresh new images!

I want to share this with you since many of us are exploring self-publishing options, and I’ve wanted to produce calendars for sale and gifts.  I found a well-designed template, so I simply added images and captions.  It was more work than I had hoped for as I haven’t used Adobe InDesign for awhile, but all said, it was worth the effort.  The quality of the reproductions is very good.  The size is based on 8.5×11 pages, so the open calendar is 17×11.  The only issue is getting the calendar to lay flat, but with a bit of back-folding, it works fine.  If you’ve wanted to make your own calendar, this is a good option.  Here are some screenshots of the layout below.

Oh and by the way, if you like the look of my calendar, they are for sale on the MagCloud web site for just $9.99:

Start out your New Year with William Neill’s Impressions of Light 2012 Calendar!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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